There are “gelcaps” (liquid or gel filled capsules) available that contain DXM, but they tend to be brand-name only. The most frequent (if not only) brand in the US is Drixoral Cough Liquid CapsTM. They come in boxes of 10 or 20 gel capsules, each containing 30mg of DXM. The gel capsule itself is red colored; the liquid inside is actually clear (and tastes very, very bad). The capsules are somewhat large, and difficult if not impossible to take without liquid to wash them down. This brand also comes with a $0.50 or $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon inside, which some have taken to calling DrixoralTM Dollars (after Camel BucksTM, a fake currency coupon in CamelTM cigarettes which could be collected and “spent” on various stuff, unfortunately not including iron lungs and chemotherapy). Note that Drixoral also makes several other liquid and capsule products, all of which contain undesirable active ingredients besides DXM.

Recently, Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps have been getting harder and harder to find. The usual story from the drugstores is that they aren’t very popular; my suspicion is that they are too popular. Look around, and you will probably be able to find them. There is a rumor going around that the “new” gelcaps have something in the coating that induces nausea, but I have found no evidence for this whatsoever. The ingredient list hasn’t changed, and changing ingredients without making it public is strictly

Absorption from the gelcaps takes some time, and can be sped up somewhat by cracking open each gelcap in your mouth before it is swallowed. Note, however, that the liquid inside is apt to spurt out, and it tastes bad. Really, really bad - sour and bitter and cloying all at once with a stickiness that won’t go away. However, if you can stand it, you can become used to it after the first few gelcaps. You can also crack open the gelcaps and try to collect the liquid, but it tends to go everywhere.

Some people have claimed that gelcap DXM “feels” different from cough syrup DXM. This may be pure placebo effect, or it may be a result of the slower absorption (and thus more DXM vs. DXO) of gelcaps. It is also possible that the “inactive” ingredients in cough syrup may affect the experience by altering blood glucose levels. Most seem to prefer the gelcap “feel”

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