No, in fact from speaking with many people who have tried it, only about one third of the people who try it ever take it again. One third seem to absolutely hate it, and the last third couldn’t care less. Among the third who do like it, the majority (around 80% of those who like DXM) take it once a month or less.

Part of the problem is that not everyone gets the interesting sets of
effects (see Section 5). To some, the DXM trip is just a moderate buzzing sensation and a feeling of being slightly drunk. So your mileage may vary.

A few people really enjoy DXM, and use it weekly; a very few (less than 5% of those who like DXM) use it more than twice a week. Keep in mind that I have not assessed the error margin on these figures, and that they reflect a biased sample of the population. I hope to have more accurate figures after completing a survey of DXM users.

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