It depends on what you consider “enjoyable”. Roughly one third of the people who try DXM like it enough to ever repeat the experience; one third hates it, and one third doesn’t enjoy it enough to drink cough syrup. Among those who do enjoy it, most report that their more “profound” DXM experiences were in many ways also very unpleasant, challening, and have a strong dysphoric undertone. Experienced psychedelic users seem to enjoy DXM more than the inexperienced. Generally speaking, enjoyable DXM experiences require putting a lot of emotional and psychological energy into the experience.

DXM does not provide a simple high like marijuana, and it is not a
substitute for other psychedelics. Many people will not enjoy it; before considering DXM, remember that you may hate the experience. If you are looking for a cheap buzz or a gentle ride, you probably won’t like DXM.

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