DXM, as well as other dissociatives, seems to prevent and even reverse
tolerance to (and thus physical addiction to) many drugs. In the case of
opiates, DXM has been used to treat withdrawal symptoms (169). DXM plus
diazepam (ValiumTM) was tested and found to be more effective at combating
the symptoms of heroin withdrawal (goose flesh, tremors, pupil dilation,
joint pains, etc.) than chlorpromazine (ThorazineTM) plus diazepam (34). A
further study verified this and found that adding tizanidine (an alpha-2
adrenergic agonist) to the DXM+diazepam cocktail was even more effective

Dissociatives have also been found to reverse or prevent tolerance to
cocaine (247), nicotine (249), and alcohol (232), and some researchers have
suggested that DXM (and other NMDA antagonists) may be universally useful
in most if not all drug addictions.

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