Possibly. There may be laws making it a crime to use OTC medicines in any
way other than directed on the label. Not that this stops people from using
ephedrine (a bronchodilator) as a stimulant. Nor are you likely to get
caught and/or prosecuted; the authorities are much too busy infringing upon
our civil rights looking for the illegal drugs. But, remember - I
SPECIFICALLY instruct you NOT to use any medicine in a manner inconsistent
with its labeling.

Furthermore, suggesting to someone that they use DXM as a recreational drug
could also be violating a law - against prescribing drugs as a layperson.
Again, it’s not likely to happen, but it is possible.

DXM is a prescription drug in Sweden (9). It is prescription and scheduled
in Australia unless combined with other active ingredients. It may become
prescription in other countries. In drug stores in some areas it is kept
behind the counter, must be requested, and is only sold to adults.

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