Good question. Part of the reason DXM isn’t terribly popular is that
drinking cough syrup is, well, disgusting. However, here is a suggested
method courtesy of “JR”:


* 2 glasses
* A sink with COLD water
* cough syrup
* toothpaste


1. Fill one glass with water, the other with Robo. Keep the water running
(it makes the sensation less gross for some reason). Do not allow Robo
to be smelled under any circumstances!
2. Pinch nose shut with one hand
3. Sip water
4. Take 5-6 deep hyperventilative breaths
5. Slam the entire 8oz bottle of Robo at one time.
6. While still holding nose, drink remainder of water
7. Refill glass with water and drink the entire glass of water.
8. Repeat again, for a third glass of water.
9. Still holding your nose, spread toothpaste in your mouth, thoroughly
coating the inside of your mouth.
10. Release your nose, and exhale through both nose and mouth.

Minty fresh!

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