I have tried to make this document useful for a variety of audiences, and as such it can sometimes get fairly technical. If confused, consult the glossary; if still confused, check with a basic neuropharmacology text. I unfortunately do not have the time to answer general questions about neuropharmacology; I’m employed full time at a small ISP, trying to finish my education, and married.

This document is broken up into chapters and sections by subject, with appendices, references, glossary, and index. At present, figures and diagrams are fairly minimal; I’m trying to improve that aspect. Also, sometimes I simplify things a bit. If you take exception to anything, email me with references and I’ll consider modifying it.

This document is distributed in three forms: ASCII text on Usenet; HTML on the World Wide web (http://www.frognet.net/dxm), and in printed form. I try to keep the HTML copy the most current, not an easy task considering the length of the document. I still haven’t found an HTML editor that beats vi.

The following additional formats will be made available as I have time to create them: Microsoft WordTM PostScriptTM and PDF. Email me for requests for any other format. Requests for oddball printer formats will be redirected to the bit bucket. Again, apologies; I just don’t have much time anymore.

If this is coming to you via Usenet, please note that the Usenet version is subdivided into sections; some news machines choke on very long files. I do not post the section on what you can synthesize from DXM, since it’s mostly specialized information. Email me if you want it. Otherwise, posting is once a month, with the DXM Quick Reference being posted biweekly. If I’m eating up your bandwidth, I’m sorry; recently a lot of DXM use has been going on and I want to make sure everyone has the facts available.

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