1. Distribution in electronic form is permitted, free of charge, except
as otherwise specified below.

2. When distributed electronically, this document may be broken up into sections, provided all sections receive the same distribution and all are distributed within 1 day. (The exception is the Quick Reference Page, which may be distributed by itself).

3. When distributed by the author via Usenet, some sections may be omitted at the author’s discretion. Automatic redistribution (i.e., Usenet news) may legally duplicate this pattern of omissions.

4. You are permitted to make a printed copy of the electronic document for personal use, and encouraged to pay the US$10.00 license fee when convenient. Any additional printed copies may be made at a license fee of US$10.00 per copy, sent to my address (see below). You may also purchase bound, printed copies of this text for US$25.00 (including shipping and handling); email or mail me for more information.

5. Sale of this document in any form (electronic or printed) by anyone
other than the author without written permission is expressly forbidden.

6. When distribution in electronic form, this document must remain in the same format as received (e.g., ASCII, PostScriptTM, etc.). For information regarding specific formats, please contact me.

7. The HTML format hypertext files on my website may not be distributed without my approval; please use my site for them. You may, however, provide links to them.

8. Once a given version number has been released, no prior versions may be distributed without written permission. Please stick to this rule if you can; I try and keep the information in this document as up-to-date as possible.

9. This document may be cited as:
White, William E. (1995) The Dextromethorphan FAQ: Answers to
Frequently Asked Questions about Dextromethorphan, version 4.0.
Published in HTML at http://www.frognet.net/dxm

10. As I do not wish my motives to be misrepresented, no citation or
quotation of this document may be used so as to explicitly or
implicitly suggest that I am in favor of the illegal use of any drug
(legal or not), or any other illegal activity, subject to USA law.

11. No modified version of this document may be distributed in any form.

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