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As many of our regular users know we have been without our beloved community forums for quiet some time now. We apologize for that and want you to understand that the history of the Dextroverse is safe. We are having some technical issues converting our old forum database to the platform we want to use now (phpBB).

The original plan was to re-open the forums after the conversion but because of the technical issues standing in the way, we have decided create a brand new forum for the community to start on. It’s part of the new beginning of the Dextroverse that started with the update to the front page.

I will continue to try to convert our old database and if it is feasible, it will be meshed backed into the community. But at the moment, it may only be able to remain as a read only forum.

Thank you for understanding!


Welcome to the new Dextroverse!

Site News

Greetings! We are a harm reduction community that is designed to inform people with factual information about DXM. We do not promote the recreational use of it, but we believe that people who are doing so, should have access to unbiased facts about what they are doing.

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