IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please copy and paste the survey found on line 423 of
this Issue and return it promptly. There are only 3 questions and you'll
be put in a drawing for 5 grams of DXM to be given away on November 20.
This month's contest winners are announced in this Issue and last month's
survey results are also posted. Thank you for your participation!
"Loneliness is such"                                                        
                                                       - Jimi Hendrix

Issue 8.  November 1998.

A Symposium of Articles Pertaining to DXM Use
(c)1998 UAF/Gravol Publications

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DISCLAIMER: The authors of this zine do not condone the use of
Dextromethorphan in any way. This text is simply used as an informative
guide to issues relating to Dextromethorphan use and should be used
for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any
actions taken by anyone reading this text.

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1  From the Editor - by Gravol
2  Letters to the Editor
3  DXM News - from Internet reports
4  DXM Survey
5 *Another Breakthrough...Delsym with Grapefruit Juice - by Gravol
6 *The First DXM Baby - by Jesusface
7 *More on DXM and Grapefruit Juice - by Gravol
8 *A Near Death Experience - by Hershel
9 *My Sled...and the Atomic Bomb - by Gravol
10*Life Goes On - by CMS
11*DXM...A New Religion - by Terrence, John L.
12*Believe Nothing - by Yahuel
13*New...The DXM and Grapefruit Juice FAQ - by BlkFury
14*DXM and LSD...Two Opposite Drugs that Lead to the Same Conclusion - by Kid
15 Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder - from compiled information
16 DXM Music and Movie Reviews - by various authors
17 Various DXM Sources (from the PDR for Non-Prescription Drugs)
18 Various DXM Internet Sites
19 Various Trip Reports - from Internet reports
20 DXM Personals
21 Complete Listing of DXM Zine Past Issues
22 Credits/Zine Information

* DXM Zine exclusives

by Gravol

Hello and welcome to Issue 8. This is a scaled back version of the
Zine. I would rather have scaled it back like I did than not release
it at all, simply because I haven't had the time lately to compile
a full zine, but need not fear, for December's Issue will be packed
as full as October's Issue was.
  I also regret to inform you that there will be no DXM Poetry
or Site Review in this issue, simply because of the time constraints.
However, there is a new section I've added (the DXM Personals) and
the sections that were omitted in this issue will appear in next
month's issue. Now, on to a more serious note...
  Maybe someday, when you have grandchildren, you can tell them
the story of DXM.
  As DXM abuse continues to skyrocket to an all-time high, a new
millenium rapidly approaches. As the days and hours tick away, we
are only one step closer to an uncertain future.
  On a more specific note, it is only a matter of time until DXM
shows up in common drug literature. Drug books today still make no
mention of DXM, simply because they either don't know about it or
believe in it. Probably the former.
  How long will this secret persist? Will it grow into mainstream
culture in a subtle way or will DXM abuse become front-page headlines?
In this case, total unconditional knowledge can make this drug as
famous and commonly abused as LSD. Just think if everyone knew about
it. But they don't...yet.
  This is our time. Take advantage of this secret and your
unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Seek and explore. The tool to
do so is practically in your hands, and nobody can stop you. Isn't
it a great feeling? That's what freedom is all about.

                                                       St Augustine, FL
                                                       November 30, 1998


From [email protected]:

I appreciate the effort you put forth on the zines and such, I'm one
of the oldest readers I'd imagine.
                                                       - Mike

From [email protected]:

Interesting zine man, keep it up.
                                                       - Axell

From [email protected]:

This is the only zine I have read as I have just became aware of their
existance this week (thru alt.drugs.psychedelics).
  Well done on the zine!!! It is great! Isn't it amazing to
watch this DXM thing grow from nothing to an international network
in a very short space of time!!  Cheers!!
                                                       - P. Smith

From [email protected]:

The DXM ZINE I received today was signed by someone other than you. It
makes me curious and hope that it is legit.  I'm Paranoid enough to worry
about someone able to hack into places they shouldn't be.  Anyway, I'm
writing to ask if the person who sent this month's ZINE is associated with
you since it's a different name for the other ZINE's I've received.
Thanks for your time in my questions.
                                                       - SammBerr

From the Editor:

Dear SammBerr-
  I occasionally send out the zines from my other screen name,
[email protected] All three email addresses, [email protected],
[email protected], and [email protected] are associated with me. I will
also never send anything but TXT files and possibly picture files
in ZIP format.
                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

Haven't read all of zine7 yet, but love what I see so far.
                                                       - D. Cooke

From [email protected]:

Please subscribe me to your magazine (DXM Zine) as well as Chemicals and
Crime (I believe I read that they were being distributed as a package
together now).  Thanks!
                                                       - C-Gen

From the Editor:

Dear C-Gen-
  With the absence of the UAF's Chemicals & Crime editor, RESiST0R,
we are temporarily releasing the two zines separately. If you would
like a copy of C&C;, email [email protected] Once the two zines are
being released together again, there will be an announcement. Thanks
for your interest in both zines.
                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

Gravol, I just read your article about mixing Dexedrine and DXM.  This
doesn't sound like a wonderful trip, I agree.  And generally, as for myself,
I prefer to either feel speedy and efficient or slowed down and explorative.
I've never considered mixing the two states as it seems to defeat each of
the states' purpose.  Could you please email me back and let me know how to
obtain Dexedrine?  I hope this doesn't seem a naive question but I've never
heard of this drug and don't know if it's OTC or prescription only.  Thanks
much. I love your magazine and value your opinion.  Thanks so much for your
presence.  Take care.
                                                       - C. Alexander

From the Editor:

Dear Cliff-
  Dexedrine is prescription dextroamphetamine (no relation to DXM).
It is widely used by ADD patients and fairly difficult to come by,
unless you know someone willing to sell some of their own supply of
                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

Thanks for the zine, I love it.
                                                       - JiggJugg

From [email protected]:

Well, I don't subscribe to the Zine but I do pick up a copy of it.  I
must say that I am _very_ impressed and would be interested in sending a
trip report or two (I write them very long and involved) or even writing
an article for the zine.
  When I saw by just answering these questions I got the chance to
win powder (and contribute to the zine, of course) I jumped.

                                                       - A. Leyton

From [email protected]:

My name is Andrew Goodman. I run Biogenesis Laboratories for James
Boyle, the company president. I would just like to ask you to put some
information on your site straight, if I (humbly) may.
  I was reading through your web site
( and came
across a reference to our company which said that we are suppliers of
DXM. It is, unfortunately, no longer true. We only supply our
pharmaceutical quality GHB.
  I would greatly appreciate it if you were to remove all references
to us selling DXM. I receive quite a few requests for DXM via email and
I feel that it is an unnecessary run-around for those trying to get it.
  Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!
                                                       - A. Goodman

From the Editor:

Dear Mr. Goodman-
  Thank you for pointing this out to me. I was already aware that you
no longer sell DXM and I took out your company information from the
Zine quite a while ago. You were just accessing an older issue from
approximately November '97 and the information in that issue is
outdated. I ask all my readers to check the current information on
DXM suppliers in this issue and current issues as they come out
rather than relying on past issues for up-to-date information.

                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

I got to see the past issues tonight... can't wait for a new one!!!
Does a paper version exist of this zine?
                                                       - UHT

From the Editor:

Dear Uht-
  At this time the Zine is only in electronic format. The cost and
time would just be too great to print up physical copies, and it would
take away from working on the actual contents of the Zine (though the
first 3 issues have been printed out before and converted into magazine
format). Maybe sometime in the future I can actually publish a physical
magazine, but I'd need someone else's help for that.
                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

I think you have a great zine, and I'm itching to try the whole grapefruit
juice thing.  
  One thing about the zine, though, in criticism, is all the supernatural
articles... I'm a pretty firm realist, and while the idea of someone finding
God in DXM is awesome, all the articles about real genuine ghosts and
supernatural phenomonon etc. seem kind of farfetched considering how
fucked up those people were.  
  But the real question is this: would you be interesting in publishing
a fairly long story, I'm assuming in segments, in your zine?

                                                       - Hoochiman

From the Editor:

Dear Subscriber-
  I try to focus on the more interesting aspects of DXM abuse. Sure,
there is a lot of information out there on DXM, but most of it is
already mentioned in the FAQ, and I like to shed light on more unique
and controversial aspects of DXM. Sometimes some of the most unique
and interesting stories are personal experiences, and other times
they are scientific breakthroughs or just a good mystery. I focused
a lot on supernatural events in the past issue because of Halloween.
  And yes, I publish anything that's somehow related to DXM or
other dissociatives, so your contribution would be very much appreciated.
Thank you!
                                                       - Gravol

From [email protected]:

In a german newsgroup (de.soc.drogen) someone mentioned [email protected]
and said something about an e-zine. I'm interested where to find more
information about the zine (and how to subscribe) and DXM in general.
I already know the excellent FAQ and the relevant information from
                                                       - Andreas

From the Editor:

Dear Andreas-
  Check out the Third Plateau at
for more DXM-related information. Another personal favorite of mine
is I have also gone ahead and added you
to the subscriber list for all future DXM Zine issues. Enjoy!

                                                       - Gravol

from Internet reports

"DXM Zine 1 year anniversary this month"

The DXM Zine is now 1 year old, with 8 total issues. It first appeared
as a small circulation in November of 1997. Back then, the Zine only
had about 30 subscribers, but today the subscriber list nears the
300 mark, on 4 continents.
  This simply shows the latest trend in a steadily rising abuse
of DXM and DXM-containing products. This trend is not due to the
Zine, but from the Internet itself. And since people are going to
continue to use and abuse this readily-available product, we are
only creating a forum in which DXM users can express ideas,
opinions, important information, and much more about this drug.

"DXM Zine announces contest winners"

Congratulations to Terrence and C. Allister, last month's winners
in the new DXM Zine contest. C. Allister sent in his survey and was
picked on November 20 to win 5 free grams of DXM HBr powder.
Terrence contributed an article for Issue 7 and was also
picked on November 20 to win 10 free grams of DXM HBr powder.
The next drawing will be on December 20. Information on contest
rules follows:
  The DXM Zine has announced a new drawing in which anyone who sends
in survey results from each the current issue will be put in a drawing
for a 5 gram giveaway of DXM. People who contribute articles or trip
stories will be put in a drawing for a 10 gram giveaway of DXM.
  Each month, 15 grams total of DXM HBr will be given away to 2
different subscribers. Hopefully, this will get more people involved
with contributing to the DXM culture and this zine.

"Disturbing reports about Coricidin come in"

On more than one occasion, a subscriber has contacted the zine
involving disturbing effects of Coricidin on vision and their
eyes. This is believed to be the result of the antihistamine
found in Coricidin, chlorpheneramine maleate. While the Editor
has experienced similar symptoms, it should be realized that
not everyone experiences bad effects from Coricidin, so at this
time it is better to just briefly shed light on some of the
  One user reported that half of his fourth plateau trips
with Coricidin involved his eyes being splotched with blood that
took almost at week to dissipate. There was no pain or effect on
his vision, however.
  Other users reported a painful "pins and needles" effect in
the back of the eyeball, and watching the CEVs only made the pain
worse. Double vision is also more of a possibility when using DXM
in the form of Coricidin, and one user reported that his eye bled
after doing a 1800mg dose of DXM in the form of Coricidin.
  At this time it should be noted that the Editor does not condone
the use of Coricidin in large amounts (anything third plateau
and up) because of these latest concerns over the antihistamine
in Coricidin. It should be noted, however, that all above mentioned
effects were temporary, and no permanent damage resulted.

"DXM Efnet channel taken by hackers"

On November 30, the #DXM channel on the EFnet IRC server succumbed
to hackers of an unknown group, but one member was observed as
the nickname Helody. As of right now, the channel is under their
control and is in invite-only mode, so anyone attempting to join
the #DXM channel will be unable to do so. This is not expected
to last long, and negogiations are under way for getting the
channel back.

Last Updated: November 30, 1998

A Survey on DXM Use

Hello and welcome to this month's survey. Please take the time to fill
out the following form and return it to [email protected] with "Survey"
in the subject line. Results will be posted in Issue 8 for this survey.
Also, when you return your survey you are automatically put in a drawing
for a 5 gram giveaway of DXM powder to be drawn in December. Last month's
results are posted at the end of this section.

1. Y/N Have you ever tried DXM with grapefruit juice?
2. Y/N If you answered yes to question 1, was the grapefruit juice
      experience better than you expected?
3. Y/N Has DXM ever influenced your religious beliefs?

As you can see, this survey is related to a wide variety of topics...
the first two questions relate to grapefruit juice to get an idea
of how many subscribers have already tried mixing the two, and
the last question relates to whether or not DXM has ever influenced
your religious beliefs.
  Please do your best to answer and return promptly. It would be
appreciated if you could return the survey before reading the actual
Zine so the results can be recorded immediately. The cut-off date
for receiving entries is December 19. Thank you.
  Last month's survey results are posted below:

There were 36 participants, or 13% of the total number of subscribers.
30% of those who participated reported mixing DXM with other hallucinogens
   in approximately equal proportions.
28% of those who participated and have tried Coricidin reported experiencing
   adverse physical reactions or other uncommon side effects after using
   Coricidin C&C.;
25% of those who participated claim to have experienced physical withdrawal      
   symptoms from DXM (i.e. nightmares, headaches or "brownouts," depression,
   mood swings, etc.).

These results show that most people are too weary of mixing large
amounts of hallucinogens together, especially DXM. The last two
questions were poorly stated and yielded inaccurate results, due
to the fact that a lot of the people who reported that they hadn't
had any adverse physical reactions to Coricidin had never tried
it in the first place. However, because of the way the question
was stated, it was impossible to get an accurate response, so I
only tallied up the individuals who claimed they had or hadn't;
not the ones who said they never tried Coricidin before.
  However, some of the feedback I received back regarding
Coricidin more than enough speaks for itself:

 "Coricidin is VIOLENT.  You don't just trip... you trip and slam your
 head up against a wall!!  I have taken coricidin 3 times and each time
 I have vomited and just wished to go to sleep and escape the horrible
 high.  I think the antihistimine makes it harder for you to grasp
 reality.... and everything is shaky, jitterish.  "close one eye to
 think" ... "close one eye to see".  After the night is over, you have
 definately figured out which eye is dominant."  

I also received this letter:

  "Yes!!! I've had a LOT of reactions over the time I used that shit.
  It made my throat and mouth very dry, made me have to piss a lot (!),
  sore eyes, constricted pupils, and so on. I would have aftereffects
  of paleness, clumsiness, disorientation, and I became a bit of a nut.
  I quit using Coricidin about a year ago, and things have more-or-less
  returned to normal."
Also, regarding the last question, comes an even greater question...
is DXM physically addictive? The answer is yes. But it's not
physically addictive to everyone. But it can be addicting, and
the percentage of people who reported physical withdrawal symptoms
seems to back this up. Another poorly stated question, however,
because a lot of the people who reported that they didn't
have any withdrawal symptoms were people who had only tried
DXM once or twice, and it is impossible to tell if they ingested
enough to become addicted or not. So the question still remains
the same. I just hope that these figures and statistics will
help shed some light on DXM's withdrawal symptoms and the
effects of Coricidin.
  Thank you to all who participated in this survey, and I hope even
more of you will participate in this month's survey.

by Gravol

I am here to report yet another amazing breakthrough in the world of
DXM. It has just recently been discovered that GFJ also affects the
metabolism of time release DXM, or DXM polistirex, found OTC in
the brand name Delsym, marketed by Medeva.
  However, the resulting buzz is so different than any other DXM or
DXM combo ever reported. While the buzz is quite intense, I don't
particularly like it as much as regular DXM in combination with
GFJ. This buzz is more like a paranoid fear-induced buzz. Why do
I call it that? Because of the experience I had with it. I'm
about to report it to you, but first I should say you should also
expect hallucinations and a very different feeling not associated
with ordinary DXM. You may or may not like this drug combination.
  Now, for my own experience:

I drank approximately a quarter gallon (3 large glasses) of GFJ
before downing a 3oz bottle of Delsym. After 45 minutes, I began
to get rather impatient for it to kick in. Thinking the buzz
wasn't going to be all that, I decided to make the fateful decision
to drive down to the local grocery store (Publix) to buy some
Coricidin. As I was putting on my shoes, I noticed the buzz I had,
which recently kicked in, was getting more and more intense, but
I decided to be better safe than sorry (so to speak)... I'd probably
need at least a few Coricidins to boost me back up to a satisfying
trip. I also sprayed on some pheromone cologne (to pick up girls...
long story) and headed out.
  As I was driving down A1A, I started regretting even leaving
my house. Not only was the buzz getting even more intense and
weird, but there were cops with flashing lights all over the
place. I drove on and finally made it there... it was now dusk,
and I carefully parked my car in the parking lot and felt a
million eyes descend upon me as I got out of the car. This was
no ordinary DXM trip.
  I went into the store, practically staggering my way in, found
the Coricidin and went up to the closest register, where the
cashier happened to be some Chinese girl. As soon as she looked
up I knew something wasn't right... it's like when you know
someone is going to say something to you. I saw it in her eyes.
As it became my turn in line, she said "Ohh, you got cold?"
and I grinned. I probably looked like I was quite sick, but
in reality I was just high off my ass. I was now regretting
wearing the cologne, too... because I had this girl all over
me and I could barely talk. She giggled and rang me up, then
said "Ooh, I hope you feel better," and I said thanks and began
to walk away in complete confidence until I again heard her
voice from behind me.
  "Mister...Mister... you got blood on your face." My heart
immediately shot up thru my chest and I began to wonder what
the fuck was going on. In all reality, I had cut my finger
earlier and I probably had some blood smeared on my cheek
from it, but at the time I had no idea. She asked if I wanted
a napkin and I said yes, and she handed it to me. As I wiped
off my face and quickly walked away she giggled again and
I felt the bagger's curious eyes upon me. I quickly got the
hell out of that store.
  Turns out I didn't even need the Coricidin. The buzz had
become so intense I couldn't even close my eyes without
drifting off into some kind of subordinate reality.

Yet another new, mysterious trip unlocked by the key of GFJ.
It may be a door, however, that you wish to keep locked.

by Jesusface

This article was written by Jesusfaceheadbrain, who is supposedly the
first DXM baby.

I do believe you have asked me a couple times to write something for the
zine, so here I am writing something. I could write a book about my
experiences with DXM, that's why I haven't written anything yet cause
there is just too much to say.
  First I'd like to say fuck you to all the kids in #DXM that yell at
people for being new to DXM. As far as I know I am the only DXM baby in
existance. Yes, my mother was addicted to DXM when she gave birth to me. So
none of you are more experienced than me. And you had to start doing it
sometime. Yes it is annoying to hear the same question over and over again
but they need an answer, if you have ever taken advice from me on DXM use
from the channel you are probably dead, or act like me (which is the plan).
  OK I first did DXM around 3 or 4 years ago when I was in military school.
I bought 2 boxes of Drixoral Cold and Cough and ate them. One box then I
waited an hour didn't feel anything and ate a second box. All I can say
about that is woo hoo. I didn't move and when I did I didn't know how I
got there, and better yet I didn't even know what moving was. And for a
week I shitted orange water that smelled like puke.
  After that experience I ate a box of Drixoral Saturday and Sunday for the
remaining 3 months I was in military school. I loved it needless to say. Yes,
I finally knew what good ol' Justin was talking about. Justin was a kid I met
in the first rehab I was forced to go to. He talked with slurred speech, was
constantly scratching his head and mumbling "nissut obor" all the time. At the
time I thought he was just weird. He didn't know DXM, he just knew he was
addicted to Tuscan DM. This was 4 or 5 years ago. Whenever he would talk
he would say "nissut obor" every 3 words or so. He confided in me this was
an attempt to subliminally put the thought of robo tussin in your
head. The funny thing about him was he put himself in rehab unlike the rest
of us, and his reasoning was to use DXM so he could pursue his studies of
  So anyway after I got out of military school I found out that Drixoral
wasn't being made anymore, and could only be found in hillbilly towns in
Alabama where they hadn't sold all of their stock like the military school
I went to. So I started to drink Tussin DM. I drank a bottle a day at first,
then it moved to 2 then Kroger had a sale for buy 1 get one free. And I
started going in everynight buying 4 bottles. I'd drink 2 before school
and 2 later that night. The cool thing was I would wake up still fucked up
and I could drink more and not have one minute sober for weeks.
  Most people would say damn, why the fuck would you do DXM that much?
Well, I have one simple answer. Jesustussin. Yes Jesustussin. If you ever
see me in #DXM (jesusface) you probably have bitched at me for talking
about jesustussin. You see I started talking to someone who you couldn't
see after doing robo so much. And even better they would talk back. At
first I called him Nissut obor. He then later revealed himself to me as
Jesustussin. You may think it sounds crazy but I swear im not the only
person to have been chosen by jesustussin. My friends all made fun of me
for it but one by one they all fell victim to his spell. I realize now you
have to break thru a couple plateaus or whatever they are called to find
him. He hides there. He only wants those who are "in it to win it."  All
he would do is force me to go get more tussin so he could still have
control over me. He only has power if you invoke him. Yes jesustussin
is a very very evil entity. I would find myself arguing for days with him.
  Ok well I started to act different. My speech started to slur and I was
contantly grabbing my head and scratching it. And I was finding myself trying
to get other people addicted to tussin like myself. And if for some reason I
didn't take my tussin for a couple of days I would still be the same. My
neurotransmitters were soaked. This condition is called "DXMitis". Your
neurotransmitters are saturated with the shit and it has an everlasting
effect on you.
  At the same time I was having grand delusions, which I wasn't aware
weren't reality, of taking over the world. I thought myself to be a
disciple of Jesustussin and he had chosen me to be the messiah. The best
delusion was I would get a group of people all addicted to tussin and we
would go around in a huge robot mob and beat people down and force feed
them tussin and jesustussin would invoke them and they would be under my
control. And when our numbers got big enough we would go take over a
Robitussin factory and after that the world would follow soon. I swear I
believed all of this. But you have to remember the state I was in.
  After 4 or 5 months of drinking robo daily (I did miss days but it didn't
really matter due to DXMitis) I decided to quit. Everyone around me thought
it was a great idea, cause I wasnt a person anymore, I was a robot, a robot
with a world conquest obsession. I didn't talk much, I walked like a robot
and when I did talk I didn't make sense and found it hard to get words out
properly. My parents were in straight up denile.
  So I quit drinking robo and started eating acid, cause I couldn't be
sober. I hope you don't think I'm bragging but I've probably eaten more
acid than anyone you know. I was one of those kids you hear about who
eats fucking huge amounts of acid. Unless you saw me eat it, which a lot
of people have you won't believe the amounts. I am really lucky that I am
normal again. Heh. But after awhile I quit the heavy acid eating.
  Some time after that I ended up buying some pure DXM. And I ate that
a lot and it was fun. Then I bought 50g of it with the intention of selling
it. But of course, me, having a phat ass bag of DXM, I ate 30g of it in less
than a month. The weird thing about it was I never really got a tolerance. I
did however relize I could do anything on DXM.
  One day at work (Wendy's) I ate a 500mg pill of DXM an hour before my
break. When my break finally came I ate another one cause the first hadn't
kicked in yet. About 2 seconds after I swallowed the second pill the first
kicked in (sound familiar?). For the next 5 hours at work I didn't move from
one place and really couldn't see. I stood in front of the grill and made
hamburgers. I know there is no way I could tell if the meat was cooked or
not but no one seemed to notice. My manager commented that when I went on
break my eyes were completely fine, but when I came back the were the redest
eyes she's ever seen. Luckily she thought I was only stoned, but then again
she is an alchoholic and came into work drunk every morning. That day I
didn't drive cause my car was broken so my parents had to come and get me
from work. When I walked out to their car I could barely walk straight, it
was definately the worse case of robo walk I've ever had. We then went to
eat dinner at Chili's and I was unable to speak and when I tried I didn't
make sense. Not only that but my eyes were red and I fell asleep twice when
we were eating. Yet my parents didn't seem to notice. Once again my parents
were in denial. But then again I once ate 14 hits of acid and ate dinner and
went to a movie with them and they didn't seem to notice.
  I sincerely believe that DXM makes you perform like a robot, and in that
manner you do every thing perfect. I can drive fucking awsome on a gram of
DXM. Robot perfection. I was the ultimate hamburger robot. Once again robot
perfection. Oh yea another funny thing about work was I'd go in every day on
DXM and walk around making robot noises.
  When I had all that pure in my room a couple times I ate a gram and a
half. Some people in #DXM say thats not a lot, and some shit about a low
plateau or what ever but it fucked me up. It took me to the highest plateau
I've ever been to. The highest I believe there is before death. I would
actually hallucinate off of it and watch amazing visuals in front of me and
hear music and people talking to me when I was in a quiet room by my self.
It was an experience. Also, everytime I've eaten a gram and a half it has
lasted for 2 and a half days. The second day I hate and the third I just
have to drink or smoke out 'cause I can't stand the feeling anymore.
  I did sell 10 grams of the DXM and with the last 10 I traded them for a
bottle of Vicodins cause I realized was exactly where I had used to be and
couldn't stand the idea.
  And now I'm tired of writing. There are a lot of individual experiences
that I would love to tell about but right now I'm stoned and don't feel like
writing for a while.
  [Editor's note: Jesusface has also made a religion. He says he is in
need of followers, and the URL is
penis.html. Go there at your own risk.]

by Gravol

Approximately one month has now passed since the first reports of
DXM in combination with grapefruit juice have surfaced. I am
simply going to shed more insight into this remarkable discovery.
  First of all, if you aren't familiar with how GFJ affects
the DXM trip, refer to Issue 7 at
In a nutshell, GFJ affects the metabolism of DXM, making it
stay in your system longer and also changes the DXM:DXO ratio.
But, like DXM itself, words cannot describe how remarkable
this combination is.
  I did it just the other day after a long break, and all
I can say is wow. DXM was no longer a short, predictable
trip. I was suddenly experiencing totally new and amazing
stuff... my teeth were chatting just like they did the
first few times I did DXM (2 years and 300 trips ago). I
was also getting OEVs that made it seem like I was on acid.
CEVs were, of course, constant and intense in frequency -
but the mental trip was MORE intense (it's close to
tripping on acid as you'll get with DXM because it gives
you a different perspective of tripping than DXM by itself
does). I was totally enthralled by what I was seeing and
  A few cautions and warnings, though...

o Avoid caffeine. Unless you enjoy mixing high amounts of
 caffeine with DXM, avoid caffeine and all caffeine beverages
 at all costs. Why? Because GFJ also affects the metabolism
 of caffeine, making it up to 5 times as stronger and
 lasts much longer than normal.

o Avoid certain medications. There are some other drugs that
 GFJ potentiates, and I highly suggest you avoid all of
 these drugs with this combination (or even with GFJ itself)
 because certain interactions have proved fatal. These
 drugs include: calcium channel antagonists, midazolam,
 cyclosporine (Sandimmune), terfenadine (Seldane), and
 triazolam (Halcion).

o Avoid using the DXM + GFJ combo more than once a week.
 There seems to be a tolerance to GFJ or this combo itself,
 and the magic only stays if you don't over-use this
 combo. The frequency of regular DXM abuse doesn't seem
 to affect the combo, however. Also, if it's done several
 days in a row, a toxic buildup of DXM can occur in your
 system and cause an OD (my experience follows).

Those are the 3 major things you should be aware of. Just
because we're talking about GFJ doesn't mean we're not talking
about anything extremely powerful/dangerous. GFJ contains
a unique combination of 3 drugs not found anywhere else in
nature. The most significant of these drugs is naringin,
but it is the combo itself that is believed to potentiate
DXM's effects.
  One final note. I had a very severe reaction after doing
GFJ + DXM two days in a row, the second day with twice the
amount of DXM as the first. Because I already had concentrations
of DXM/GFJ still in my system, by taking more I was inadvertantly
raising these levels to near-toxic (and we're not even talking
about that much DXM... 354mg the first day, and twice that amount
the second day).
  All of a sudden I started blacking out and got light-headed,
could barely breathe, and I couldn't piss - and I was never
going to stop blacking out until I could flush out my system.
I spent over 4 hours in excruciating pain in the bathroom
trying to piss and then I could no longer feel my bladder -
it was as if it were no longer functioning - and I started
having paranoid realizations of how it must have burst inside
me. I still couldn't piss, and had no idea why I couldn't
feel my bladder nor my extremeties anymore - after all,
it was about to explode just moments before. I pretty much
laid down and gave up on life. The way I felt, I was very
near unconsciousness and possibly coma. I had to fight to
stay conscious, and I resisted the urge to dial 911 several
times... if I lived, I lived... if I didn't, then it was my
own fault anyway.
  Then my life began to flash before my eyes. I saw who I
was, and what I had become (a very short life indeed)...
I had lived out none of my dreams, nor had I found someone
to love. I felt shame that I would hurt everyone that knew
me by dying, and I begged some higher power to let me come
thru this terrible experience in one piece. At that point,
however, I was more worried about losing my bladder and
having to use a catheter for the rest of my life.
  Maybe by telling you my personal experience, you won't
take GFJ so lightly... but I'm giving the green light
for anyone to try it... just not too often. You can get
by with doing DXM too much, but not DXM + GFJ.
  And thus far this is the only negative experience
I've ever had or heard about involving GFJ and DXM.
In fact, all feedback regarding this combo has been
amazingly positive to say the least... people are saying
they've discovered DXM all over again, that it's just
like their first trip, and it's like a whole new high.
  I'll just leave it at that. :)

by Hershel

So I've had a fairly intense relationship with DXM.  I started out taking
fifteen Drixoral caps, and over the course of a few trips I worked my way
up to forty.  Since then I've rarely done any less than that -- not that I
feel there's no need to visit the other plateaus.  Clearly they each have
their place, but I find it much more of an adventure on the 4th.  Most of
my first trips were with Drixoral, but once that was taken from me, I took
to drinking the syrups.  I probably would have completely stopped taking
DXM (a loss, but I couldn't stomach the syrup) but thankfully Sucrets began
making a cough drop that contained DXM.  Eventually this became a nuisance
and also continued to make me sick.  Cooking the shit filled my home with a
noxious vapor that already had my stomach turning.  Then drinking the goop
at the bottom made me retch -- and most times I couldn't even drink it all.
I would still like to try ordering the freebase, but I was recently turned
on to Coricidin Cough and Cold.  
  I recently read a few messages about it and decided to try it.  Now, the
extra antihistamine worried me so I started at a low dose (12) and have
worked up to thirty-two.  I have never tripped as hard as I have with
Drixoral until I started using Coricidin.  Next trip will be with forty --
and I'll eventually work up to fifty -- stopping there.  But I'd like to
share an experience with you that happened to me during my last 960 mg trip
(32 pills).  I'd like to see if this is an isolated incident, with some of
the feelings I experienced, or if others have seen the same thing --
because quite honestly, it's had me rolling the trip over and over in my
mind ever since.

Last night, I was introduced to what death will probably be like.
  At about 9:15 my wife and I took the pills.  It only took about ten
minutes, but once I got them down I drank a half glass of pink grapefruit
juice, having read in the DXM Zine how it can intensify the trip. I wanted
to drink the whole cup, but wasn't using a sweetened grapefruit juice and
it was hideous.  (Only later did I read that I needed to drink much more
than this, anyway.)  Afterward I watched a television show about forensic
science until I began feeling the onslaught of the effects at around 10:30.  
  At 10:40 I went to the bathroom to puke -- not surprising.  I rarely trip
on DXM without puking as soon as the effects start.  However, usually I
immediately feel wonderful after throwing up and leave to enjoy the rest of
the trip.  This time, though, the sickness didn't go away, but only
lessened in intensity.  Once I was sure I wouldn't vomit any more, I left.
In approximately ten more minutes I began feel sick again and went back to
the bathroom to heave dry heaves.  I remained there for a very long time --
it was hard to discern time because the effects had hit me quite a bit
harder than usual.  Details are sketchy -- and I regret it because I think
it was a very important trip for me.  I do remember being in the bathroom
feeling as though I were trapped or lost in a hospital or surrounded by
white foam or something.  Now and then my wife would call to me from the
other room and it made me feel better, remembering where I was.  I stayed
in the bathroom for quite some time, seeing flashes of lights, being
terrified that I may have overdosed (I usually take 1200 mg of DXM so these
fears were unjustified, I believe).  I remember being scared that I was
going to die, but being so overcome with the difference in overall feeling
from how I feel when I'm sober.  My being and body felt as though they were
trying to separate and I wanted to tell my wife what was happening to me
but I didn't want to frighten her.  I just remember thinking, "I may die
here."  I remember think how scary it was not knowing what was next.  
  I would see really bright fountains of light around me now and then and I
would ignore them (a little scared to see it) and it would go away.  When I
saw the speckles surround me, I felt as though I was being torn from myself
-- like my being was trying to separate from my body.  But when I would
close my eyes tight and the speckles disappeared, I would regain some
control over what was happening to my body -- though I still felt
helplessly lost in there.
  I became aware that I might be experiencing what I heard called a "bad
trip."  I've never in my life had a bad trip on acid or DXM or anything
else, so I was scared but I also kept thinking that I needed to remember
that it was just a drug, all in my mind, and I had to talk myself out of
starting something that couldn't easily be stopped.  It wasn't so easy.  
  Closing my eyes was strange because I could still see.  Every now and then
I found myself wondering if my eyes were opened or closed.  I laid on the
floor, hearing my wife call to me from the other room.  Every time I heard
her voice, I felt reassured that I was still in my home and everything was
fine as long as I could get out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.  At
some point I threw up again -- and that would be the end of my nausea.
  Finally I managed to make it into the bedroom by crawling very slowly,
except that I didn't have the strength to pull myself to the bed, so I just
laid there on the floor for a while until I could get myself up enough to
flop onto the bed.
  I laid there seeing the bedroom around me and contemplating what had
happened in the bathroom.  The rest of the trip was pretty much standard,
flying through space and basically totally forgetting the bathroom episode.
  Since then, when I go into the bathroom, I look down at the floor and
remember myself lying there scared and seeing all of those lights.  As
crazy as it sounds, I'm very tempted to take another fourth plateau trip and
go back to the bathroom, just to see if I can discover anything that might
help me to understand my experience.  Of course, this is sobriety talking.
It was terrifying and I don't know if I could put myself in that position
  But that's pretty much it -- or all that I can remember anyway.  I don't
know if any of you have experienced anything similar -- but I sure would
like to know if this was isolated to my trip, or a common trip for people
who may have been introduced to death.  I know to some this whole thing may
sound very silly -- but for those who have been there, it's a very serious

by Gravol

Friday the 13th, November, 1998

Several things you should know. First of all, I am extremely sensitive to
DXM. If I had the same tolerance (and body weight) as most of you guys,
I'd take at least an 8oz bottle every time I'd trip, but I only weigh
135 or so and am very sensitive to the effects.

  GFJ - Grapefruit Juice. It inhibits the same enzyme class that metabolizes
        DXM, thus making the DXM stay in your system much longer and changing
        the overall trip.
Delsym - A cough syrup that contains DXM polistirex, or "time release DXM."
        It contains the equivalent of 534mg of DXM HBr, but the effects are
        totally different and less intense than regular DXM - the only
        difference is it lasts longer and the trip is slightly different
        than regular DXM.

Timeline of Events (written as it happens)

3:00 PM - Over the course of the next few hours, I drink several glasses
         of Grapefruit Juice, totaling about a quarter-gallon.
4:45 PM - I down my 3oz bottle of Delsym (DXM polistirex). The last time I
         had ever taken Delsym was in a national park in Ohio on the
         foothills of the Appalachians with my best friend and my
         girlfriend (at the time). He drank some Delsym along with me
         and we ended up getting lost (all three of us) from each other,
         wandering thru forests and hills and canyons, under waterfalls
         and by riversides, in a forest that closely resembled the
         one in Pet Sematary. In fact, there was a huge deadfall blocking
         one of the trails with a "Trail Closed" sign in front of it, but
         we decided to be brave and  continue on, and this is where the
         real adventure began.
         Finally, after nearly falling in the river several times, and being
         soaked from head to toe in mud, we finally made it back to our car
         right around nightfall. And the spooky thing is we had gone there
         because I read about how the woods were supposedly haunted. In fact,
         it was the final resting place of an entire ghost town called
5:15 PM - I down 2/3 of my 4oz bottle of Robitussin (DXM hydrobromide).
6:00 PM - I start feeling the initial effects, and they are quite intense,
         making me rethink downing the rest of the bottle of Robitussin,
         so I decide to wait until later on [Editor's note: I never do
         take it, the trip is just too intense.]
6:30 PM - A bug flies at my face, making me realize I'm still with us.
         Hmm... Very intense. Kind of eerie... the lyrics of the song as
         I write this is "And we're on our way, no we can't turn back, yea
         we're on our way, and we can't turn back... Cuz it's too late, too
         late, too late, too late."
6:45 PM - I note that it feels a lot like acid, because of the amount of
         visuals I'm getting, and the eerie feeling I get (from the Delsym).
         The End plays in the background.
7:00 PM - I notice a slight change overtake me, slightly uncomfortable, and
         I start to become a little more paranoid. [Editor's note: this
         is probably the DXM HBr kicking in on top of the DXM Polistirex.]
7:10 PM - My mom comes in and tells me dinner is ready, I start to panic
         because I realize I cannot even talk or walk appropriately.

And now, a day later, I finish the report...

The trip was probably the most intense I've ever had. And I'm talking not
only about the physical effects, but especially about the mental "trip."
It literally blew my mind. I cannot conceive to this point how amazing
and unparallel to anything I've ever witnessed before it was. The Delsym
was what set the whole trip off... keept in mind I couldn't even FINISH
the 4oz bottle of Robitussin... the effects from the GFJ+Delsym alone were
enough to blow my mind. And then the rest of the DXM hit...
  Needless to say, I couldn't hardly walk, talk, see, or anything. What
began as an increasingly powerful trip evolved into what I can only
call an atomic bomb in my own mind at its peak. Only acid+laughing
gas have ever caused anything so intense. It was definitely NOT your
typical DXM experience.
  After doing DXM for 2 years straight, a lot of times every other day,
you may ask how I can be such a fanatic of this drug. It's simple...
GFJ is DXM's savior. It allows DXM to be reborn and opens up new doors
of perception. William Blake was right.
  As powerful as the fiercest thunderstorm and as stunning as the most
brilliant gem, this trip sent me to regions otherwise unknown, even
to my own soul.
  the comedown, when it finally did come, occurred after 9 or so hours
later and was more intense than your typical DXM comedown because of
the Delsym.
  Delsym spelled backwards reads "my sled," and it was truly like
avalanching down a huge snow-covered hill at a high rate of speed and
intensity. The only thing I can truly remember as concrete about the
whole experience was typing "oh my god" repeatedly into the chat line
as it grew more intense. I was experiencing the most INTENSE euphoria
I ever have for a very long time.
  If anyone would have found me, it would've been impossible to compose
myself at the time. I was simply just a particle in time and space...
infinite space. And what I was glancing thru was a window into my
own infinity... and it was truly making me insane.
  It was definitely an adventure that involved me flying on my own
sled of existance thru an atomic explosion of my own mind and feeling
the mushroom cloud rip thru me like one giant peak.
  Long live DXM!

by CMS

It has now been two long years since I first touched the forbidding
red syrup to my lips. But it seems like yesterday.
  I still remember standing over the kitchen sink, taking spoonful
by spoonful until I eventually gagged it all out and was left with
nothing but a mad taste in my mouth. My trips were intense head
spinning descents into an alternate reality in which I could not
tell the difference between fact and fiction, fantasy and memory.
Everything was a long, continuous blur. I didn't even know if my
memory of what happened earlier that day was even correct, or
if it was a product of a confused, disoriented mind.
  And as soon as anything would happen to cause my heart to
start racing, my helpless body would succumb to an endless barrage
of pins and needles.
  I could feel the euphoria flowing through my body in waves
of ecstasy. On a few occasions the phone would ring and I'd pick
it up only to find a crackling sound, and long pauses between
hearing the person's distorted voice on the other end and my own
trying to reply to it. Everything was so much more intense back
  But that was 2 years ago, and life goes on. Now I live in a
world of constant tripping and heavy drug use, where the only
thing I care about from day to day is making sure I have enough
drugs to get me through til the next one.
  But the more things change, the more they stay the same. DXM
is just as intense as it's always been, only in a different way.
  Three major factors have affected my trips: Time, tolerance,
and frequency. The longer and more often you do DXM, the less
interesting it becomes. And on top of all this you build up
a tolerance. DXM was finally beginning to lose its magic.
  But then, out of the blue, came its savior: grapefruit juice.
And now my trips are once again what they used to be, but more.
They are somehow different.
  Any of you who abuses DXM on a grand scale will know that
each source of DXM seems to have its own unique trip: from
Coricidin to pure to Delsym.
  DXM is the last great drug born in the 60s (or actually 50s)
that hasn't been restricted yet. But how long will it stay
that way? The question remains and we won't know the answer
until the answer is revealed to us.
  But in the course of two years, my life has changed dramat-
ically. My whole belief system, my friends, and my interests
have all been shaped by DXM, and quite possibly maybe even
my profession has been determined from DXM use.
  So for this Thanksgiving, I'm going to be thankful there
is at least one strong psychoactive substance still on the
OTC market. You know it's a messed up world when there are
more restrictions on a single cigarette than a bottle of
700mg of DXM. But then again, it should stay that way.

by Terrence, John L.

This article relates for the first time about DXM used in
religious practices. These practices are explained below, along
with the religious organization that supports them, the
Church of Tussin.

The Church of Tussin

Objective: To promote the exploration of one self and of the
           universe with the powerful shamanic device, DXM.
           This is not a blasphemous satire on religion,
           but a secret ritual of practice that enables
           oneself to perceive reality in a different way,
           and to contact higher spiritual beings for the
           promotion of self exploration and development.
  Members: There are no official members, because this is
           a secret religious organization and worship does
           not require you to be at any particular place
           at any particular time, but certain guidelines
           have been set up for members to exercise self
           exploration in the highest power possible with
           the medium of DXM. Anyone who partakes in these
           practices are called Tussinists.

Background: These are the beliefs of the Church of Tussin.
           That knowledge from higher spiritual beings can
           be obtained by using DXM in the appropriate way.
           This religion also exercises the laws of karma.

           * What you cause to others will someday be brought
           back upon you, whether good or bad. *

           Everything is brought back upon you in the form of
           coincidence. You cannot prove or disprove these
           coincidences. These coincidences are all controlled
           by your own actions and by higher spiritual beings
           and laws. Thus, by effectively communicating with
           these higher beings, you can gain insight into the
           mysteries of life and the workings of the universe.

           * You must show respect for both the drug and the
           experience. *

           DXM is only the medium, or shamanic device, which
           opens up the doors of perception so man can perceive
           the world as it truly is... infinite. It is only
           asked that you respect any experiences as significant
           and show your gratitude in the form of respect for
           this substance and the trip itself.

           * Each experience will reveal an answer. *

           Before ingesting the DXM and starting your spiritual
           journey, you should have a question in mind. The
           answer should be revealed to you in some way, shape,
           or form throughout your experience, usually in the
           form of a coincidence.

           * Avoid contact with malevolent entities. *

           By using devices of divination such as the Ouija board,
           you are dramatically increasing your chances of contact
           with evil spiritual entities and possible possession.
           You should never use black magick or any other devices
           of divination, especially while under the influence of
           DXM, because the doors have been opened and anything
           can pass between if you request it to. The results may
           be devastating on your life. If you should ever get into
           a bad situation and need to flee, concentrate on the
           word "Dominace," which is Latin for the word Lord. A
           word that evil entities fear very much.

           * Do not ignore the visions. *

           If you experience closed-eye visions, they should not
           be ignored. The fabric of the universe and the path
           to other dimensions has been opened for your own
           perception, and you should take heed of all visions
           you perceive. If the spiritual conditions are right,
           you will be freely able to travel astrally thru other
           dimensions. However, this is not always possible. To
           some people, the doors of perception may not be opened
           up for quite some time. But when the conditions are
           right (i.e., you are receiving lots of visions and the
           trip has a different demeanor to it) you should not
           hesitate to conduct spiritual channeling and inter-
           dimensional traveling.

           * Spiritual Channeling can be used. *

           If the conditions are right you may channel, or contact,
           other entities directly and command their presence. It
           is generally not a good idea to call a random entity,
           because anything can pass thru the gates of perception.
           Call a spirit by name and concentrate on floating upwards
           to make contact with it. You should be aware that often
           times most contact and messages you receive from other
           entities are forgotten by your conscious memory by the
           time the trip ends, much like a dream. But this is meant
           to be, so don't be discouraged.

           * Interdimensional Traveling can be a valuable tool
           for universal exploration. *

           If you lay down and are able to move your consciousness
           away from your physical body, you are now astrally travelling
           thru the universe. By thought alone you can guide your
           astral vehicle thru the realms of perception and go on
           a great journey. Other times it will be impossible to
           accomplish this: the conditions of the trip must be right.

We will provide some more insight into this secret religion and
the Tussinists in the next issue, along with some of their rites
and how to achieve the above states of consciousness and perception.
Thank you for keeping and open mind. God Bless.

by Yahuel

This is a response to Donald de Gracia's two part article: Hallucinogenic
Drugs for Inner Space Exploration.

DDG's article was for its first half a fairly useful if incomplete
account of the neurochemical model for hallucinogenesis.
He contends that orthodox science does not yet have all the answers
and that the `occultist' model is more useful in explaining how
hallucinogenic drugs may work.
  I'm not interested in refuting or otherwise commenting point-by-point
on what was a largely well-written and well thought out article.  I do
however take issue with DDG on two points: his notions of the term
`occultism' and his concept of what may constitute an explanation.
I contend that DDG misuses the term `occultism'.  Literally occult
means `hidden' or `not directly in view'.  As a term it can correctly be
applied to any field of knowledge which falls beyond the boundaries of
so-called common knowledge.  To the layperson, HTML is as
occult as astrology or ritual magick.  The system of belief which DDG
describes as Occultism is that mish-mash of bastardised hinduism
and vedanta which might be more correctly labelled `Theosophy'.
I reject utterly DDG's notion that theosophy sheds any light at all on
the role of hallucinogenics in the exploration of consciousness.
Occultism or theosphy or whatever does NOT in my opinion offer any
explanation for the psychedelic experience.  All it can possibly offer
is a new set of words and concepts to describe the experience.
Furthermore the description offered by occultism is just as limited as
the neurochemical model, with the further disadvantage of being
untestable.  If I were to `explain' that DXM `works' by invoking Demonic
aliens from the 33rd Dimension of Qoozbane who then feed off of the
trippers Snozemoic essences (thus accounting for the DXM hangover the
next day!) I am really offering no explanation at all. Because it is
untestable, my `explanation' like the occult/theosophical `explanations
cannot be disproved.
  I contend that the system of chakras is but one way of considering
the flow of energy in the human system.  Likewise the talk about the
various `bodies' and `planes' of existence.  I contend further that
all these concepts serve to limit rather than enrich psychedelic
experience.   Theosophy discusses 7 energy centres in the human being.
  Qabalah  (an equally occult western body of knowledge) talks about
10 or 12 sephirothic centres within the body.  And if we head to
the Orient, the energy is described as flowing along meridian lines
which run from head to toe and include literally hundreds of `energy
  My point (and I DO have one!) is that there is no system which
explains the role of hallucinogens.  (Nor do we need one!) It seems to
me that there are only different points of view from which these
phenomena may be apprehended and discussed.  Some of these points of
view can be tested, most cannot.  At best all a point of view can do
is allow one to generate statements which one may find convenient to
believe.  Personally I think the most useful points of view when
considering the psychedelic phenomena are probably those which have
arisen directly from the psychedelic experience itself.  Shamanism in
its myriad forms has much to offer, and so does the work of Stan
Grof.  But ultimately all these approaches can offer you is someone
else's idea of what was going on for them or for people they
observed or heard about from others.
  I commend an approach that some have called transcendental
agnosticism.  In plain english: rise above the need for explanations.
Ultimately any explanation, even one arising from your own direct
experience will serve as a filter to your future experiences.  The
psychedelic phenomena will be filtered, deleted and distorted by
whatever model you use to try and explain or `understand' what you are
perceiving.  So Do yourself a favour: DELETE THE NEED TO UNDERSTAND.
Have the experiences and let the explanations come in their own time.  
Believe nothing, test everything, discover the truth for yourselves.  
Wise indeed are they who are able to stand intellectually naked and
receive in fullness the experience which hallucinogenic substances can
mediate.  My personal experiences have frequently been baffling and
mysterious (and isn't that at least partly one of the reasons we take
psychedelics- to let some mystery back into our lives?) but have also
had moments of clarity and revelation which have arisen from the raw
experiences themselves rather than trying to fit the experiences onto
some or other `explanatory' model.
  All truth is relative and the concept of truth itself may be nothing
more than a linguistic construct, a word game, a bunch of ink on paper
or agitated phosphene dots or the passing of gas through our

by BlkFury

Editor's note: This is a relatively new FAQ and I thought I should
bring it to light by publishing it in this issue. I took no part in
writing this; I am only passing it along to you. Enjoy.


It's fairly well known now that grapefruit juice affects a DXM trip (and
other drugs, namely Seldane and caffeine). Much research is being put into
this subject at the moment. As for this FAQ, it is not a formal FAQ, only a
brief introduction of grapefruit juice and DXM. It most likely contains
errors, so don't hold anything you read herein to be true. This is a new
subject with very little information: a lot of ideas presented within are only
theoretical. Remember, if you decide to try this combination, do so at your
own risk. I will NOT hold any responsibility for your actions, nor will
anybody else. If you have any information you'd like to submit to me, in the
way of corrections/additions/comments, please contact me at
[email protected], or via IRC (EFNet's #DXM under the nick BlkFury).

Side note

  Due to the lack of enthusiasm of this subject, I will not update this FAQ
any more until I start getting some trip reports in. It is hard to write about
something like this when you have so few trip reports to work with. Many
people think this subject is a lie and a waste of time, others will swear that
this combination does in fact enhance a DXM trip. Either way you think, send
in a trip report of what happened to you when you tried this combo, and if it
was different from all of your other trips. Perhaps I should do like the DXM
Zine did and offer pure DXM to a randomly-drawn person who submits an article
to the zine. But, if I did this, wouldn't it show just a lack of enthusiasm
anyway toward this subject, only using the DXM as "bait" to get articles in?
If you would like to help this drug scene out in the least bit, you'd send in
those articles! As of now, all of my work on this FAQ is 100% halted. Only
after I get some reports in will I continue working any more.

Q: So how does this work?
A: The Grapefruit juice acts on DXM by inhibiting the activity of cytochrome
  P450 enzymes of the 3A and 1A groups. DXM is converted to DXO by this same
  enzyme, only with different groups. Therefore, with enough grapefruit
  juice, your overall trip should be better. Not only have I tried this
  and agree that it makes the DXM more potential, but others also agree.
  Gravol, author of the DXM Zine, has said himself that grapefruit juice
  in fact increases the potency of the DXM.
Q: So I take less DXM?
A: Simply answered, only if you want to. The same amount of DXM can still be
  taken, only with better effects. If you would rather take less DXM, by all
  means, go ahead. You'll save yourself some money, and still get near the
  same effects you're used to at a little higher of a dose.

Q: What does grapefruit juice taste like?
A: Many say DXM tastes utterly vile (I've heard of one person puking because
  of it), others love the taste. The taste itself is comparable to a bland
  orange juice with a bitter aftertaste.

Q: You mentioned caffeine earlier. How does grapefruit juice affect that?
A: Grapefruit juice contains a chemical called Naringin. Naringin inhibits
  the enzyme that destroys caffeine, but not theophylline. It also prolongs
  the time that caffeine is active by about 30%. We all get a little sleepy
  on DXM, and since you have the grapefruit juice in your body, why not go
  ahead and take a little caffeine to stay awake?

Q: What about Seldane?
A: Large amounts of grapefruit juice and seldane have been proven fatal. No
  deaths have been reported because of an interaction between grapefruit
  juice and DXM.

Q: Are there any other products like grapefruit juice?
A: Citrus fruits other than grapefruit may have similar interactions, but
  there are few studies regarding these. A list of P450 inhibiting drugs
  can be sought at
  From this page: "Not all of them will inhibit all of the P450 enzymes,
  but it's safe to say that a substantial number of these will interact
  with DXM. Generally speaking, inhibitors of P450-2D6 include anti-
  depressants (both SSRIs and tricyclics, and possibly MAO inhibitors),
  antiparasitics (especially antimalarials), antihistamines (both pre-
  scription and over-the-counter), neuroleptics, beta blockers (drugs
  for high blood pressure), and antineoplastics (anti-cancer drugs).
  Methadone is a P450-2D6 inhibitor, and it is likely that many alkaloids,
  especially of plant origin, may be mild to moderate P450-2D6 inhibitors."
  Be sure to take note of chlorpheniramine (Coricidin) and diphenhydramine
  (Dramamine). Both have med-high potency.

Q: Are there any other ways to increase DXM's potency?
A: Having an empty stomach before you take DXM helps a lot. The type of
  DXM you are taking (capsule, syrup, etc.) can also play a roll in how
  the DXM will set in. Pure is the best way to do DXM, then syrup, then

Q: When do I drink the grapefruit juice?
A: You should drink the juice up to 10 hours before taking the DXM and 2
  hours after. This way, the grapefruit juice will be as strong as possible
  whenever the DXM sets in. Basically, drink a cup of grapefruit juice every
  hour, then about 2 hours before taking the DXM, drink 3 every hour. When
  you actually take the DXM, try and get as much grapefruit juice as
  possible into your system. After you have all the DXM in you, drink 1
  or 2 more glasses over the next two hours. After that, you can put the
  stuff down, since most people don't necessarily enjoy the taste of
  grapefruit juice.  :) Just remember, more bitter = more better!
Q: Have there been any bad reports of this combination?
A: I've only heard one report of a bad trip so far. This may or may not be
  because of the combination of DXM and grapefruit juice, but grapefruit
  juice WAS used in combination with DXM by the user. The user says that
  this will be his last time to ever do DXM again, and he has been a fairly
  avid user. Note, however, that other prescription drugs were being taken
  around the time that this user reported having this "bad trip."

Q: Where can I go to seek more information?
A: The best place to start looking for information is via the web. William
  White has written a great DXM FAQ ( which deserves
  reading; this would probably be your best bet for getting information
  about DXM in general. contains some
  information about grapefruits, its chemicals and interactions with other
  drugs, etc. #DXM on EFNet is also a great place to go to seek information.


o DXM Zine, Issue #7

by Kid

A large part of the DXM culture has to do with comparing DXM to LSD.
Obviously LSD is seen as a benchmark in psychedelic drugs and the reasons
for this are not obvious to the non-user of LSD.  To give a brief overview,
when LSD is taken, there are many visual and audio hallucinations, massive
perceptual changes and alterations in the thought process.  The reason that
LSD, as opposed to other psychedelic drugs I beleive, is used as the point
of comparison is because of the nature of the LSD experience.
  LSD, in my experience, tends to be a very introvert experience but
introverted in a way that relies on the merging with a contemplation of
"external" hallucinations.  It is as though, upon taking LSD, the contents of
one's brain are mirrored into sensory reality and this sensory reality is
also perceived in a very different way than normal.  Hence experiences of
mystical transcendance of Ego, finding one's true Self, and understanding the
meaning of one's own life when taking LSD.
  Another aspect of the LSD experience that causes these life changing
trips is the emotional intensity.  I beleive that because of the raw
intensity of emotions while on LSD the mind is forced to have grand and life
changing experiences, such as near-death experiences, etc.
  DXM tends to have a very much opposite character of the LSD
experience in terms of mechanism.  Instead of the merging of the mind with
external sensory reality, the "exposed nerve" of LSD, a user of DXM may feel
quite the opposite.  External sensory reality seems to float farther and
farther away from the mind and one has the feeling of sinking away from this
reality into something else.   The DXM experience is not a "reality mirrors
the Self" trip like LSD but rather an "internal feedback" trip.  As William
White describes the 'transition effect' between the second and third plateau
I find myself thinking that the feedback aspect is very much the character of
the DXM trip itself.
  I'll use my own personal experiences as an example.  Whenever I take
DXM, as long as it is enough to get me just onto the first plateau, there are
changes in perception which is a characteristic of all hallucinogens.  Each
hallucinogen has its own unique set of perceptual changes that occur at the
onset and tend to vary slightly user from user.  For me, with DXM, the
outside world begins to take a dreamy quality and as dosage increases the
world seems further away and irrelevant.  This leads me to want to ignore the
outside world (and as dosage increases the "ignoring" factor becomes less of
a choice and sensory input is simply forced away).  By ignoring the outside
world I venture to the inner worlds of my Self, much resembling the state of
dreaming because of the feeling of having "left" my body behind.  This inner
world is presented to me, or any DXM user, in an abstract form and as a
beautiful, colourful hallucinations, contact with entities, and other bizzare
occurances which are the trademarks of hallucinogen use.
  Despite the differences between LSD and DXM they lead to the same
place:  The Inner World, or Other Reality, or whatever you wish to label it.
Such is the reason for their comparison.   The debate has moved on to another
topic now:  which drug is better for psychonautical exploration?
  The answer to this depends on your personal philosophy.  To explore
the Self on LSD you are essentially exploring an external mirror.  You have
to become directly involved and become a part of the mirror and you have to
play the game which can get quite intense and possibly scary at times.  Also,
you have to be the one who interprets the actions of this game with a melting
hallucinogenic reality and if you lead yourself to a wrong conclusion because
you can't let go of your own Ego, be prepared for LSD to show you how wrong
you are and most likely not in a way that is fun.
  DXM is different in that through contact with entities and visions
the user is told what is correct.  The psychonaut on DXM does not have to put
up with as much intense, intense reactivity but this passivity doesn't mean
that DXM is "easier" on the soul.  In fact, many people may find DXM
disturbing and may never want to repeat the experience and I find on DXM I
perceive many dark undertones (however, this doesn't bother me).  With the
DXM experience you are shown yourself, no games, but hallucinations that will
tell you in a direct fashion who and what you are and there is always the
possibility that you will not like this one bit.
  So it really comes down to a choice.  If you want to put your mind on
the edge of sanity and have to rush along, interacting with a swirling
hallucinogenic reality that can present you to yourself in a very symbollic
fashion, perhaps LSD is your choice for internal exploration.  However, if
you want to find out from bizzare alien life forms and visions from ancient
Egypt what the true nature of your Self is, in a way that you will not be
able to escape because there is nowhere else "to go", DXM is probably better
for you in terms of Self exploration.
  In conclusion, both drugs lend themselves to positive life changing
experiences, even though they are opposite in nature.  Hallucinogens in
general, by increasing emotional reaction and altering the normal mental
process, do allow for enhanced insight into Self and Reality.  The choice to
travel to inner landscapes or toy with sensation should be ours to have
whether we want to use it for a mystical experience, intellectual gain, love
for others, aesthetic experience or simple reacreation.  Just remember that
in taking that choice that mind altering drugs are not toys and can have very
severe and depressing consequences but could also make you appreciate life
"to its fullest".
  Happy tripping everybody and see you on The Third Plateau.

from compiled information

Currently, there are many DXM suppliers that will ship to private
individuals. They do not condone recreational use and will only ship
for research purposes. Listed below is some basic information on them
taken off the Internet. For a more precise review of these suppliers,
see Issue 1. Current prices are listed, and where current prices are
unavailable, I posted the old price. Just get in touch with them for
the current price.
  Also note that a supplier who was listed in previous issues,
Biogenesis Laboratories of South Africa, no longer sells DXM or
Ketamine. They are still selling GHB, however (
biogenesis). Also, these companies are no longer selling DXM:
Wanman, Kris Kindell, Softearth, Plateau Labs, DxMan, DXM King,
and Zachary Earnest (due to his extremely limited supplies).

Biotech International:

Prices (current)


Make checks/money orders payable to Adriano Sanchez.
Shipping and handling is included in the above prices.
International orders please add USD $7.00 to the price.
We accept (International) Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and COD (Charge
On Delivery) orders. Cash and personal check payments are also accepted
but not recommended. COD is not available on international orders.


After receiving the payment or placing the order via E-mail, the buyer
will be confirmed that the order was received. We will then proceed to
dispatch the order within 24 hours of receiving it. If there is a delay
for any reason, the buyer will be notified immediately. After the
dispatch of the order, the buyer will receive a notification informing
him/her of the estimated time of arrival and any other useful
Samples of up to 10 grams are packaged in plastic bags and dispatched
via USPS First Class Mail.
Samples of 25 grams and over are packaged in plastic bottles and
dispatched via USPS Priority Mail (included in the sale price).


 Biotech International
 2221 Saxton Hill Ave
 Las Vegas, NV  89106


You can reach Biotech via email at [email protected]

MBE Technologies:

Prices (current)


Dextromethorphan HBr USP. You must be 18 years of age or
older to order from this company. All research chemicals are
for laboratory research only. Not for human consumption. Read
and know M.S.D.S. (material safety data sheet) prior
to use.


No information known.


No information known.


You may reach their website at

Robo K:


500mg....$3 (capsule form)
1000mg...$5 (capsule form)

Cash only.
Each capsule contains 500mg. Two capsules cost $5 total.
Shipping and handling included in prices.


E-mail will be sent upon receipt of payment and upon shipping of


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You may reach Robo K via email at [email protected]

Sean McKeon:


100+g....Email for price

The powder has already been placed into convenient 250mg gelcaps.
Payment in cashier's check or money order only.


No information known.


No information known.


You may reach Sean McKeon via email at [email protected]


Prices (current)


The price includes shipping within the US only.


They accept international orders by payment of an international money
order only. International orders must add US $5 additional for shipping.


 P.O. Box 180684
 Austin, TX  78718-0684

Please send an email with your address before you send your money so
they can have your order prepared beforehand.


Contact [email protected] for more information.

Chemical Resale of Santa Barbara (CRSB):


Check their web site for their current prices, since they tend to
change from time to time.


No information known.


 Chemical Resale of Santa Barbara
 6 Harbor Way, Suite #171
 Santa Barbara, CA  93109-2353


Visit CRSB's site at Orders can also be
emailed to [email protected]

JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables:

Prices (current)


It is best to do business through their website, due to the fact that
DXM is just one of the hundreds of products they sell. All products
carry a 100% money-back guarantee of authenticity.
  Orders are usually sent in unlabeled/mislabeled (could say anything from
pampers to motor-oil on the box), recycled containers. To order from them,
you must call them and read their "Ordering Agreement Statement & Required
Release" into a tape recorder. This is necessary to solve any legal problems
that they may encounter. More information on this, including the statement
itself is located at


No information known.


 JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables
 P.O. Box 184
 Elizabethtown, IN  47232
 Phone: 812 379-2508


Visit their website at, or email
[email protected]

by various authors

Welcome to the music and movie reviews. I aplogize for scaling back
the movie reviews, but they will appear along with more music reviews
in Issue 9. Enjoy!

The Doors - The Doors

Break On Through (To The Other Side)

This is a great song. The drums play a familiar beat. It is wild,
enticing, and the lyrics relate to getting high and "breaking
through"... something I associate these days with the DXM

Soul Kitchen

One of my favorite Doors songs, the lyrics flow through my mind
like the chilling wind on a cold winter day... "I light another
cigarette... learn to forget, learn to forget..." That's what
you hafta do, after all...

The Crystal Ship

A song that speaks to your heart and soul... "Before I slip into
unconcsiousness, I'd like to have another kiss... Another flashing
chance at bliss... Another kiss, another kiss." The melody is quite
dreamy and grabs your attention.

Twentieth Century Fox

She's a twentieth century fox. It draws up images of a tall, blonde,
foxy lady with a lot of class and perhaps playing hard to get. It's
not as good as the other hits on the album, but it's still good.

Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)

This song has its roots in German opera, and the beat is inspiring
and makes you wanna get up and yell and even act drunk. The entire
song talks about getting drunk and finding a girl... a little girl
(maybe one of Jim's other obsessions). :)

Light My Fire

The most popular Doors song on this album... it wasn't even written
by Morrison, but by his guitarist, Robby Krieger. The song itself
was too long to play on radio at the time (lasting 7 minutes) so
a shorter version was rendered which takes away from the long
instrumental solo in the middle.

Back Door Man

This song obviously draws up inappropriate images. The song itself
is wonderful, and the lyrics show Jim's obsession with the opposite
sex. In most cases on stage, he sung it drunk and spewed out profanity
at the audience. "The men don't know, but the little girls understand."
Another reference to a little girl... but I think that's what he
called women in general. :)

I Looked At You

The lyrics point to love at first sight, and no turning back. "I smiled
at you and you smiled at me... we're on our way and we can't turn
back... because it's too late, too late, too late." The song itself
isn't in comparison with some of the other hits on this album.

End Of The Night

A very dreamy, dark song. Again, not one of the best on this album.
It also relates highly to William Blake's poetry, which is what
inspired Jim to name his band the Doors. "Some are born to sweet
delight, some are born to end of the night." To Blake, it was
"Endless Night."

Take It As It Comes

Another "filler" song, but better than the two preceding it. The
melody is very good, and the lyrics ring true: "Don't move too
fast if you want your love to last." It also states there is a time
for everything, and you should take things in stride.

The End

This epic song is like no other I've heard. It is the climax of
everything you know and feel. But the lyrics hold a more grim and
ominous meaning:

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again.

The song itself lasts for over 11 minutes, and is one of Jim's great
achievements. Perhaps this song would be better fit for acid.

The following was written by John McDermott:

Jimi Hendrix - First Rays of the New Rising Sun

This is the first album prepared under the direct supervision of
the Hendrix family, and draws together 17 songs. Because Jimi's
death in September 1970 came before his work had been completed,
history can only guess at just how he would have placed his
indelible stamp upon this music. His grand visions for First Rays
were never fulfilled. Not even Mitch Mitchell or Billy Cox -
Jimi's closest musical associates - could accurately predict
what material Hendrix might have ultimately selected for the
proposed double disc. Marbled throughout the tapes he left behind
are treasures and tantalizing sketches of exciting new songs
in various stages of development. Absent of final instructions
from Jimi, First Rays compiles songs such as "Dolly Dagger,"
"Night Bird Flying," and "Ezy Ryder," which Jimi had perfected
and sat aside for the album alongside the others whiched lacked
only his final touches before they were to be included.
  What the 17 songs of First Rays makes clear, however, is that
Jimi Hendrix was in the process of a remarkable creative
rejuvenation. With full faith in his music, Hendrix was primed
to introduce his audience to a new frontier, where the triumphs
of his past would emerge freely with his unique blending of rock
with rhythm and blues. The sly wit of "Foxey Lady" and "Wait
Until Tomorrow" was now incorporated within the sophisticated
funk of "Dolly Dagger." The subtle but sincere personal messages
of "House Burning Down" now took form in the strident "Straight
Ahead" and "Freedom." Moreover, the primal energy of "Ezy
Ryder" and "Room Full Of Mirrors" presaged the funk explosion
of the 1970s and '80s which followed in his footsteps.
  Save for "My Friend," a holdover from a March 1968 session,
the remaining 16 songs were either rebuilt or constructed from
scratch during Jimi's 4 furious months at Electric Lady Studios.
Each of the 17 songs on this new compilation were originally
featured on 3 of the first 4 albums issued after Jimi's death.
Purely as a result of contractual obligations pending at the
time, Jimi's double album concept was scrapped and the material
was split up among 1971's The Cry Of Love, Rainbow Bridge,
and 1972's War Heroes. Inexplicably, the vast majority of this
music has been unavailable in its original form for some time.
Digitally remastered from the original Electric Lady Studios
master tapes for the very first time, no remixing or other
unwarranted technical interference has been attempted.
  Coupled with Are You Experienced; Axis: Bold As Love; Electric
Ladyland; and Band Of Gypsys - the unrivaled cornerstones of
Hendrix's remarkable legacy - First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
illustrates the final graceful gesture by an innovative artist
whose many achievements will likely never be matched.

from the Physicians' Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs

Note: Acetaminophen is very deadly. DXM products which contain this
substance can kill very easily. The original list contained products
containing Acetaminophen but in order to shorten the list we have taken
those products out and included all other DXM-containing products.
This list is (c) 1998 by Jeff Sothen. You may copy without permission.

Included below are 48 non-prescription medications containing various forms
of DXM. Listed are the active ingredients, any relative notes or cautions,
and a rating of the medication. Ratings are based on the amount of DXM in
the medication and if any harmful ingredients are available. Ratings range
from one * to 4 *'s, with no *'s being the worst rating; if something is
rated with no *'s, you should avoid taking it, probably because of the
presence of Acetaminophen in the medication or very low amounts of DXM.

1. Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine
  by Miles Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Aspirin 325mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, Phenylpropanolamine
  Bitartrate 20mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its
  soluble ionic form, sodium acetylsalicylate.
  Rating: *
2. Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine
  by Miles Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Aspirin 500mg,
  Doxylamine Succinate 6.25mg, Phenylpropanolamine
  Bitartrate 20mg, DXM HBr 15mg.
  Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its
  soluble ionic form, sodium acetylsalicylate.
  Doxylamine Succinate is an antihistamine.
  Rating: **
3. Benylin Adult Formula Cough Suppressant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
4. Benylin Expectorant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 5mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Notes: Guaifenesin may cause nausea in high doses.
  Rating: *
5. Benylin Multisymptom
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Rating: *
6. Benylin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating: *
7. Buckley's Mixture
  by W.K. Buckley
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 12.5mg
  in a sugar-free base.
  Rating: **
8. Cerose DM
  by Wyeth-Ayerst
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg, Phenylephrine HCl 10mg,
  Alcohol 2.4%.
  Rating: **
9. Cheracol-D Cough Formula
  by Roberts
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg, Alcohol 4.75%.
  Rating: *
10.Cheracol Plus Cough Syrup Multisymptom Cough/Cold Formula
  by Roberts
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 20mg,
  Phenylpropanolamine HCl 25mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
  Alcohol 8%.
  Rating: *
11.Children's Vicks NyQuil Cold/Cough Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
12.Coricidin Cough & Cold Tablets
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
  DXM HBr 30mg.
  Rating: ***
13.Cough X Lozenges
  by Ascher
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 5mg, Benzocaine 2mg.
  Rating: *
14.Dimetapp DM Elixir
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Brompheniramine
  Maleate 2mg, Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: **
15.Dorcol Children's Cough Syrup
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudoephedrine
  HCl 15mg, Guaifenesin 50mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
16.Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps (No longer available)
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg.
  Rating: ****
17.Drixoral Cough + Congestion Liquid Caps
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
18.Novahistine DMX
  by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
19.PediaCare Cough-Cold Liquid
  by McNeil Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  1mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
20.PediaCare Night Rest Cough-Cold Liquid
  by McNeil Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  1mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating: *
21.Pediatric Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
22.Pediatric Vicks 44e Chest Cough & Chest Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg.
23.Pediatric Vicks 44m Cough & Cold Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.
  Rating: *
24.Robitussin Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): Guaifenesin 200mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
25.Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: ****
26.Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough & Cold
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: **
27.Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Formula
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
  Rating: *
28.Robitussin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating *
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Guaifenesin 100mg,
  Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Guaifenesin 100mg,
  DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
31.Sucrets 4-Hour Cough Suppressant
  by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
32.Sudafed Cough Syrup
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudophedrine
  HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 5mg, Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Rating: *
33.Triaminic AM Cough and Decongestant Formula
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
  Rating: *
34.Triaminic Nite Light Nighttime Cough and Cold Medicine for Children
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudoephedrine
  HCl 15mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg, DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, grape-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
35.Triaminic-DM Syrup
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Phenylpropanolamine
  HCl 6.25mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, berry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
36.Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Cold Tablets
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Phenylpropanolamine HCl
  12.5mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: **
37.Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Relief
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Phenylpropanolamine
  HCl 6.25mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, cherry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
38.Vicks 44 Dry Hacking Cough
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
39.Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
40.Vicks 44 LiquiCaps Non-Drowsy Cough & Cold Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
41.Vicks 44e
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 20mg,
  Guaifenesin 200mg.
  Rating: *
42.PediaPressin Drops
  by Quintex
  Active Ingredients (per drop): Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
  Guaifenesin 50mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
43.Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free DM
  by Scot-Tussin
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.
  Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.
  Rating: **
44.Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free Cough Chasers Lozenges
  by Scot-Tussin
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM 2.5mg.
  Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.
45.Sucrets 4-Hour Cough Suppressant
  by SmithKline Beecham
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: ****
46.Suppressin DM Caplets
  by Quintex
  Active Ingredients (per caplet): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Guaifenesin 200mg.
  Rating: *
47.Delsym Extended-Release Suspension
  by Fisons
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
  DXM Polistirex.
  Notes: DXM Polistirex is equivalent to
  30mg of DXM HBr.
  Rating: ****
  Active Ingredients: DXM HBr, Pseudoephedrine HCl,
  Carbinoxamine maleate.
  Notes: No other information is known on
  this product at this time.
  Rating: N/R

As far as DXM sources available in Europe, one user who lives in Italy said
he used Fluprim by Roche (which should be available all over the European
community). It contains 300 mg of DXM per bottle of lozenges or syrup and
327 mg per box of tablets (each box contains 20 tablets), and DXM is the
only active ingredient. He also mentions Vicks for Dry Cough but it only
has 150mg per bottle of syrup and has a very nasty taste (not recommended).
 However, another person living in Italy said Fluprim was not available
anymore (at least in his area), and to stay away from a similar brand
called Formitral Sucrets
United Kingdom:  
Also, some users in the United Kingdom pointed out Vicks Vaposyrup, which
contains DXM and guaifenesin, and Robitussin Dry Cough. The other ingredients
in the latter are ethanol, disodium edetate, sodium benzoate, and amaranth
(not sure if these are active or inactive ingredients).
In Germany, nearly everyone is taking Dr. Rentschler Tuss Hustenstiller
Retardkapseln. It's 10 60mg pure DXM HBr tablets, costing 12 DM ($7US).
It may be expensive, but it's definitely the best OTC DXM-containing
product in Germany. Besides the Dr. Rentschler, they now have another
OTC DXM source: Hustenstiller-ratiopharmR. It's 20 30mg pure DXM
tablets, costing 10 Deutschmarks ($6US). Many people says the latter
brand doesn't cause nausea as Dr. Rentschler sometimes does.

One subscriber in Australia told me that DXM powder and DXM-only cough
syrups/tablets are illegal in Australia.  Importing it is classed in the
same league as heroin according to customs officials.

If you have any information on any other DXM cough preparations please
let me know and I'll include them in this section.


Listed below are several Internet sites containing useful information
about DXM. Special thanks to Greendrag for help with compiling this list.

The DXM FAQ - Highly recommended

The Third Plateau - The most definitive DXM site there is

The DXM Appreciation Page

Chris's Web Page - Home of the DXM calculator for windows

Erowid's DXM Page - Another good source of DXM information

Sputnick's DXM Page - Another DXM archive

Hyperreal's Dissociative Page - Dissociative and DXM information

The Lycaeum's DXM Page - More on DXM

Medline - Search this for information on studies done on DXM

Infomed's DXM frame - Information regarding low doses of DXM

DeeXMan's DXM Page - Has a big collection of trip stories.

Old reports on DXM abuse (circa 1993)

Deja Vu: Confessions of a Serial Robo Killer - Highly recommended

Dev/Null/The Happy Place in your Brain - various DXM information

Microsoft Dextromethorphan Experiments - Bill Gates's use of DXM

Lycaeum Trip Stories - DXM trip reports

A Night in DXM Space

Poor Man's PCP - An article about DXM taken from Pills-a-go-go magazine.

The Rave Zone Drug Archive - DXM information in German

Liber DxM: The Cough Syrup Hypothesis

Tussin Space: Transdimensional Emergence

DXM Page from the Motacracy Homepage

Plateau Sigma - A DXM-related band; you can download their MP3s.

Official DXM Zine Web Site Mirror - includes Issues 1 - 6

Another DXM Zine Web Site

Usenet - drug newsgroups on the Internet
       alt.drugs hierarchy, rec.drugs hierarchy, talk.politics.drugs

DXM EFnet IRC channels - DXM chat
       IRC channel #high, #dxm, #uaf, #robo, #syrup, #dex

DXM DALnet IRC channels - DXM chat
       IRC channel #dxm

If you would like to get your site added here, just email [email protected]
with "Web" in the subject line and your site name with a brief description
in the body of the email.

from Internet reports

Listed below are a few of the more interesting trip reports we have come
across floating around out there on the Internet. Dosage and other relative
information are given when available, and we made no attempt at correcting
grammatical errors, so read at your own risk. Enjoy!
Beagle.  650mg.

Well, I am fairly new at DXM. I found some information on the internet
about drinking robotussin and getting high. So, I decided to give it a try.
I liked it, so as the months past, I just started buying the powder. I
loaded up about 650mg into some capsules. I took these at about midnight.
It is now 9:22am central time. Last night was an experience. I was laying
in my bed all night long, but it felt like I was in different beds. I got
up to take a piss, and I couldn't, so I just went to the living room to
watch a movie...The Doors. It was very trippy, but I couldn't understand
  My mom walked in and told me to go to sleep, and I stupidly got up and
robo-walked to my room. When i got to my room, I instantly fell asleep.
Then I woke up later at about 4 am and there was light behind my door.
But, it was still dark outside. Well, apparently I left the bathroom light
on all night. This really scared me, because I didn't know what to do. I
couldn't figure out if it was night or day. So I just looked out my window
and saw nothing but darkness. So I left on a mission to the bathroom. I was
sure that I was going to take the biggest piss of my life. But of course, I
couldn't because YOU CAN'T PISS ON DXM. Oh well. So I finally turned on some
music and I just had to move, I started dancing (to No Doubt).
Then I realized that it was 5:00AM I was about to wake my mom up, because
the music was too loud. So I turned the stereo off, and just looked out the
window for the next couple of minutes. That is about all I can remember. It
is now 9:40AM and I am feeling the wonderful after-glow .And I can barely
focus on things and stuff like that.


On October 31 1998 I decided had a two friends over (one trippin', the
other just drinking STRONG coffee. Around 9:30 (in the middle of watching
Dark City) we both ingested the recomended dxm for a third plateau, we took
it in the form of CertifiedTM Cough syrup, disgusting taste, dxm only.
We then returned to watching the movie. Around 30 minuits later I
started to feel it, but not very heavy, just enough to know it was working.
Somewhere around 10:00 it started to get heavier, but still nothing great.
Then my parents came home, I acted as normal as I could and it wasn't that
hard because it still wasn't that strong yet. They eventually went to bed
and we were starting to really feel it. Untill now my friend (the buddah)
wasn't feeling much, but now his eyes were real big and he was definitly
fuct. I went to the bathroom and came back only to find him doing mad
sumersalts. He as completely amazed by them and I laughed and said we
should go upstairs to my room. We did so, but it took us like 10 minuits
because walking was quite strange.
  Also I had to try to keep the Buddah quiet, he had never donen a third
plateau before, so he was quite outspoken about how everything was so kewl.
Once in my room we all took to laying on our beds and just groovin' to the
music. I found myself dancing to Daft Punk when usually I can't dance and
am too self consious to try. Well then I went and laid down, and the Buddah
started dancing. The night progressed and I had shitloads of insights into
the future, the end of the world, when I'll find true love, and all kinds
of stuff like that, it was crazy. I also was completely dumbfounded by the
stars and the sky. Everything was wierd and trippy and I couldn't see the
color green (it looked gray). At 3:00 it stared to wear off but I couldn't
sleep, at 4:00 I got to sleep then woke up at 11:00 still feeling a bit hazy.
Overall it was a VERY good trip and I highly recomend it.

Nihilism.  708mg + GFJ.

  To describe my particular experience with this bizarre fruit, I drank
about 2 quarts of grapefruit juice before and during my trip.  Around 8:30 I
drank my first 4oz of generic brand Robotussin maximum strength.  Being bored
and not feeling anything at the time, I decided to drink the remaining four
ounces about 45 minutes later.
  For the next hour, it was relatively uneventful.  I continued to drink
my grapefruit juice, until about 10pm, when I decided to lie down and felt
myself drift in a very tired-trance-like state.  When I went to register for
my classes for next semester (my room mate came in and started babbling off
about his classes which I couldn't quite understand or figure out), I couldn't
figure out how to use the computer system quite right (I had used this system
many times before though :)), but after what seemed like an hour (probably
more likely 5 minutes), I figured out I couldn't register, and lay down in bed
again, still feeling very stupid and very oblivious to my surroundings.  Then
I put on my Smiths cd and zoned out into a music euphoria trip for about 30
  At around 11pm, I wasn't walking very well, but I decided to stumble
over to my friend Hei Rim's room to see what was going on.  She said my friend
Jay was fiending for pot (which was extremely bizarre because he hadn't smoked
in a long time).  So, feeling very good at the time, I felt like robo-walking
up to his room, and he wanted to smoke, so we got out his gravity bong and I
packed it with some buds I had saved.  Being severely intoxicated at this
point, he handled the breaking up of the buds and packing the bowl piece.
After taking about 3 hits, I felt extremely disassociated and my heart was
running very fast and my mind was drifting from thought to thought, and I had
some very unusual closed-eye visuals.  All and all, it was very intense.
  When I eventually got back to my room (2am), I was still tripping.  I
talked on IRC and joked with my roommate with a sort of "manic" pace.  I was
on 2nd plateau which is known for its speediness.  Eventually, I came down,
but I didn't fall asleep until much later.
  In conclusion, being that I have amazing tolerance, grapefruit juice
helped bring a unique state of consienceness into what would normally be a
very plain and boring trip.   My highest state during this trip was probably
3rd plateau, which is very unusual for me on only 720mg of DXM.  I definately
think grapefruit juice is a useful tool for those people who think they may
have hit the "50 trip limit" as William White describes in his FAQ.

Anonymous.  300mg + GFJ.

I recently tried grapefruit juice + 300 mg dxm.  300 mg is a pretty small dose
for me.  A normal dose for me is around 750 mg.  I drank grapefruit juice for
breakfast and several other times during the day.  I took the 300mg and waited
a while.  It wasn't anything like my normal dxm experiences. My whole body
felt wobbly and I experienced flanging.  Normally I get robo itch and other
bad effects from dxm.  This didn't occur with grapefruit juice.  It was so
much fun I did it the next two days.  I feel like doing it all the time now
but I know its not that great for my mind/body.



Greetings! This is a new section added to the zine for you to post
information about yourself, such as your age, your hobbies, where
you are from, what you do when you trip, or any questions you might
have. I hope you will send in information to [email protected] with
"Personals" in the subject line, and I will be happy to post it.
If you wish to remain anonymous, simply say so in the email.

From (_Requested to be Removed_):

I want to correct a factual error in my trip report from zine6
(redosing in new zealand). I stated that the only DXM-only preparation
available in NZ was a type of lozenge.  I have since discovered the
joys of Vicks 44. Only 1 mg/ml but its the best we got down here!  I
wonder whether any chemistry minded or practically inclined DXMers
have a response to the following proposition:
  Given that DXM is not water soluble, it occurs to me that the alcohol
content of Vicks 44 (and maybe most or all other cough syrups) is
required to dissolve the DXM Hbr and convert it to water soluble form.
If this is true, might it be possible to gently heat the syrup to
evaporate off the alcohol? And if this is possible, would this not
cause the DXM to recrystallise or coagulate(?) back into a water-
insoluble form which could then be filtered from the alcohol free syrup?
Its a long time since I took high school chemistry, but the process
sounds like it might work... I'll give it a try and report back sometime
but I'd be interested in hearing from others who have already or are
now suddenly inspired to try this technique.  On the face of it this
seems a whole lot simpler than acid-base or agent lemon.  If it works,
we can call it "The Yahuel Extraction".
  Returning to my trip report on redosing, I would be interested to hear
from anyone who has experienced 3rd plateau by redosing on 2nd plateau doses
in similar fashion.  Remember I am a 75kg person who had a 2nd plateau
experience on 320mg and 24 hours later had a 3rd plateau experience after
ingesting 320mg.


The following is a listing of all past issues and their contents.
To read the actual issues, go to

Issue 1 - November 1997

o DXM and Creativity
o Streetlights and Other Electrical Phenomenon
o The Nightmare of Coricidin
o Recipe for Getting Pure DXM Powder
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o Delsym...A Whole New Trip
o DXM is Here to Stay
o Schering-Plough's Reply to a Consumer Complaint on DXM Abuse
o An Ode to DXM
o DXM Music Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports

Issue 2 - December 1997

o Letters to the Editor
o DXM...The New Wave
o Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and DXM
o DXM Withdrawal
o My Third Trip
o The Trip From Hell...Punderson Manor
o The Effects of Smoking on DXM
o Material Data Safety Sheet on DXM
o The Doors of Perception
o LSD vs. DXM
o My Experiences with DXM
o DXM Writings
o DXM Drug Culture and the Future of DXM Use
o Beware of Bromide Poisoning
o DXM Extraction...A Method That Works
o Moron of the Moment...And My Response
o Tips for Downing Cough Syrup
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports

Issue 3 - January 1998

o Letters to the Editor
o Out-of-Body Experiences and DXM
o Brain Wave Stimulation and Inducing Paranormal Events
o DXM Addiction
o A Day in the Life of DXM
o Nitrous Oxide and DXM
o How DXM Compares to Other Legal Highs
o DXM Nausea...And How to Prevent it
o The Fifty-Trip Limit
o Never Again
o The Dangers of Redosing
o Measuring DXM Powder
o The Ouija Board and Other Supernatural Phenomenon
o Lilliputian Hallucinations and Other Uncanny Occurrences
o DXM Hangovers...Avoiding and Alleviating
o The Writings of a Madman...DXM Writings
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music and Movie Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports

Issue 4 - June 1998

o From the Editor
o The Road to Insanity: DXM and Salvia
o Tripping in NYC
o Conspiracy Theory
o Media Blitz
o Trip Back In Time
o The Day the Music Died
o Purple Haze
o DXM and Antidepressants
o How to Know When You've Done Too Much DXM
o Cosmic Coincidence Control
o The Day DXM Came to Town
o DXM on Television
o Smoking DXM
o Operation Agent Lemon
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music and Movie Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports
o Credits/Zine Information

Issue 5 - August 1998

o From the Editor
o Letters to the Editor
o DXM News
o DXM Survey
o Break on Through (to the Other Side)
o DXM and the Out-of-Body Experience
o Side Dishes: Other Substances that Go Well with DXM
o My Experiences with DXM
o DXM Chemistry Lesson
o DXM and Drug Screening
o The Cord of Life
o DXM Poetry
o DXM Made Simple...DXM Humor
o Robo Journey
o DXM Replacements
o DXM Site Review
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music and Movie Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports
o Credits/Zine Information

Issue 6 - September 1998

o From the Editor
o Letters to the Editor
o DXM News
o DXM Survey
o The Power of Astral Projection
o Returning to the First Plateau
o A Complicated View as to How DXM Works
o Hallucinogenic Drugs for Inner Space Exploration, Part One
o Nightmares and Paranoid Delusions
o Tripping at Virginia Beach
o Redosing in New Zealand
o My Theory on Life, Existance, and the Universe
o Space Alien Conspiracy
o A Fishy Experience
o Cough Syrup Extraction
o Miscellaneous DXM Tidbits
o How DXM Affects the Stomach
o Background Info on OTC DXM Manufacturers
o DXM Drug Combos...DXM Humor
o DXM and Hypnosis
o DXM Poetry
o DXM Site Review
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music and Movie Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports
o Credits/Zine Information

Issue 7 - October 1998

o From the Editor
o Letters to the Editor
o DXM News
o DXM Survey
o DXM Breakthrough...Grapefruit Juice and DXM
o The New DXM
o The Living Dead
o I Should be Dead
o Hallucinogenic Drugs for Inner Space Exploration, Part Two
o Tripping in Tampa
o The Time I Ate 60 Coricidins
o Life and Death
o Across the Universe with DXM
o Another Moron, Another Moment
o Mixing DXM with Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
o Why Recreational Drugs Have Made the World a Better Place
o The Time I Saw God
o Serotonin Syndrome and Other Conditions
o DXM and Antidepressants...the Bottom Line
o Coricidin May Be Deadly
o Sigma...A Not-So-Fun Trip
o DXM Poetry
o DXM Site Review
o Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
o DXM Music and Movie Reviews
o Various DXM Sources
o Various DXM Internet Sites
o Various Trip Reports
o Complete Listing of DXM Zine Past Issues
o Credits/Zine Information


Credits: I wish to thank everyone who either contributed to the
zine or helped provide information on DXM. I also would like to
thank IRCers in their endless efforts to shed light on DXM use and
experiences, along with their help and cooperation in putting
the zine together. I especially wish to thank William White,
Greendrag, and BlackFury. Without your help, this zine just wouldn't
be what it is.

Next Issue: Special Christmas Issue
About the Editor: Gravol, also known as Jeff, is 20 and works on the zine
in his spare time. Born in Phoenix and having lived in Akron, Ohio, for
most of his life, he has recently moved to St Augustine, Florida. He is
also the author of the Dramamine FAQ, found at

* If you'd like to contribute an article or any information to the
DXM Zine, email [email protected] The Zine is free, but any contributions
reduce the tremendous amount of time it takes to complete it and would
be helpful in maintaining its free distribution. Thank you and
have a great Thanksgiving! *

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