"When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws have freedom."
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1  From the Editor - by Gravol
2  The Road to Insanity: DXM and Salvia - by Muha
3  Tripping in NYC - by Resevoir Dog
4  Conspiracy Theory - by Gravol
5  Media Blitz - by various authors
6  Trip Back In Time - by Palaxia
7  The Day the Music Died - by Anonymous
8  Purple Haze - by various authors
9  DXM and Antidepressants - by Gravol
10 How to Know When You've Done Too Much DXM - by William White
11 Cosmic Coincidence Control - by various authors
12 The Day DXM Came to Town - by Anonymous
13 DXM on Television - by various authors
14 Smoking DXM - by DXO
15 Operation Agent Lemon - by Reverend Jim Barris, et al.
16 Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder - from compiled information
17 DXM Music and Movie Reviews - by Gravol
18 Various DXM Sources (from the PDR for Non-Prescription Drugs)
19 Various DXM Internet Sites
20 Various Trip Reports - from Internet reports
21 Credits/Zine Information

by Gravol

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  So I apologize in the slight delay in publishing the zine, and I hope
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  So sit back, enjoy, and have a wonderful trip!

                                                       Editor, DXM Zine

By Muha

Salvia Divinorum has been used for possibly thousands of years by Mexican
Cueranderos or shamans.  The leaf has recently come into public light because
it was found to contain the most potent naturally occuring entheogenic
substance known to man, Salvinorin A., which is active in doses as little
at 100-200 micrograms.  Salvia is best potentiated when smoked out of a
waterpipe, as the smoke burns quite hot and may not be all that bareable to
smoke out of a normal pipe.  Two leaves may be smoked in a row to achieve
the desired effect of the salvia, but mileage varys immensely from person to
person.  A more surefire way of achieveing entrance into salvialand is
through smoking the plants extract, which can either be ordered*, or made
at home**.

The Smoked Salvia Experience
To get the salvia to work one must take a big hit and hold it in for as long
as possible, and with leaves you must repeat this 4 or 5 times untill you get
through at least 2 leaves. Once one enters salvialand it is like being in an
alternate reality, where the reality from whence you came seems to be out in
the distance and doesn't really matter to you.  Often times auditory
sensations from your reality are amplified intensely, so it is best to
experience it in a quiet setting.  Also, sometimes open eye visual hallucin-
ations will occur, although these are less frequent.
  So anyways.. a while back I decided to try salvia, so I ordered*** a
quarter ounce from Kava Kauai. I got the leaves and the first couple times
that I tried it not much happened, until about the 4th of 5th time that I
used it, all of a sudden after holding in a big bong load It hit me, and I
didn't know where I was, and everything around me, most noticeably the clouds
took on an otherworldly glow, and that was when I fell in love with the
plant's effects.  So later on that month, after my leaf supply was exhausted,
I ordered some extract from Herbal Shaman, and two plants from Theatrium
Botanicum.  As soon as I got the extract, I set about building a bong
especially for the salvia extract, and I succeeded tremendously.. I dont
know why it works so well, but the bong that I built seems to be just
perfect for the salvia extract, and it cost me about 3 dollars to build!
(See: Salvia Bong Plans)  

Salvia And DXM
About a month after I got it I found myself at home after being out on a
night where I had taken 520mgs of pure DXM with a couple friends, and I
was still tripping pretty good, though on my way down when I remembered I
still had some extract left, so I got out the salvia bong, and smoked one
bowl of the extract.  Within 30 seconds I had to sit down, because I had
completely forgotten what it was like to be sane.  My whole world suddenly
collapsed on itself, I had no sense of time, and I couldn't remember what
it was like to be sober, nor did I care.  It was so intense that it scared
me a little.  But the salvia started to wear off after about 10 minutes,
which is much longer than my usual 3 to 4 minutes, but it never did wear
off completely. It so warped my mindset during the trip, that the entire
rest of the DXM trip it felt as if I were influenced by the salvia.  It
was one of the best experiences I have had yet with any drug.  I was sent
for a long trip in salvialand, and while I was there I was without sense
of self, or a sense of linear time... I was blown away.
  Now, every time I take DXM I always smoke a bowl of salvia extract at
the peak of my DXM trip, and it always makes me go into salvialand for a
much longer period of time than with just salvia alone... it is definitly
an experience which I recommend trying.   Not only have I tried it, but
one night 3 of my friends also tried it while tripping on 780mgs of DXM,
and they loved it, and now come back begging for me to let them experience
it again.

Extracted Salvia Bong Plans
Materials List:  
- 1 liter plastic water bottle... empty
- 1 Toilet Pipe Tubing piece... it's the part underneath the toilet which
  connects the plumbing system to the toilet.  One end is larger and has a
  threaded plastic attachment on it.  Once you have found this piece, look
  for one that has a plastic tubing piece, and is ended on one side by a
  little brass part.
- 1 Screen
- Epoxy Putty (optional)

1. Do whatever you can, and rip the threaded plastic end piece off of the
  toilet tubing pipe. Once you get it off it should have a rubber piece on
  it, take this off too, now you have a disc-like brass piece with the small
  bowl sticking out of the middle of it.
2. Cut the Toilet Pipe Tubing piece in half or whatever, depending on how far
  out you want the bowl to stick... the side which you ripped the plastic
  piece off of will serve as the bowl.
3. Make a small hole halfway to 3/4 of the way down one side of the plastic
  bottle.  Make it just big enough to barely fit the cut off end of the
  toilet tubing... Make this a TIGHT fit.. if you are able to make your
  hole round enough and just the right size then you wont need the epoxy
4. Shove the cut-off end of the toilet tubing into the hole you just made
  in the bottle. Make it barely touch the bottom of the bottle, and make
  sure you cut it long enough so that the bowl isn't right up next to the
  plastic of the bottle. If you did everything right, and made the hole
  right.. the plastic of the tubing and the plastic of the water bottle
  should seal enough so that the epoxy putty is unnessecary. You can test
  for the seal at this point by covering up the bowl and sucking out of
  the bottle's top... if it creates a slight vacuum, then all is well, if
  not, then just add the epoxy putty to the place where your hole you made
  is connecting to the bottle, and let it dry.
5. Make a "carb" hole 3/4 of the way up the side opposite the bowl... make
  this hole just big enough so that your thumb will fit perfectly over it.
6. Shove screen into bowl... it shouldn't be in there all the way, just
  enough so that it stays in place.
7. Fill screen with some extract, smoke... don't forget to carb!

          |    |
         /      \
        /        \
       /          \
      /            \
Carb-->             | _\ /_ <-Brass bowl, with screen  
Hole   |            | / /
      |            |/ /
      |            / /
      |           / / <- Toilet Pipe Tubing
      |          / /
      |         / /|
      |        / / |
      |~~~~~~~/ /~~| <- Water Level
      |      / /   |


[Editor's note: I have never tested the diagram, but I have tried Salvia
Divinorum before, and it is definitely worth a try. When I tried it,
it gave me an intense "tripping" feeling for an hour or two, then the
effects gradually went away but left a slight hangover effect. It's
similar to but not like LSD. This stuff is a lot more dreamlike. There
has also been reports of fullblown hallucinations if you smoke enough of it.
I ordered from http://www.kauaisource.com/sage.html, and there was no
problem with them whatsoever.]

by Resevoir Dog

While the first time I heard of DXM I highly doubted that it could
produce such extraordinary experiences as it did.  I started doing LSD
when I was a senior in high school, and at that time I thought it was
God's gift to man.  Me and three or four of my friends got into the acid
scene very heavily and very quickly.  We were to the point where we were
doing it four to five times per week during summer vacation and we were
just getting so burnt out from the extreme trips we experienced, and not
to mention an extreme lack of sleep as well.  
  I live about a 15 minute train ride from New York city, and on many of
our psychadelic adventures we would end up wandering the vast streets of
the craziest city in the world.  If any of you out there have ever tripped
in NYC, then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  Well anyway, these
trips were some of the greatest experiences of my life, and I will never
forget them.  
  Eventually when I began college in the fall, I learned a great deal
about different drugs to try.  The biggest craze was something they
called ROBO, and I didn't know what the fuck they were talking about.  
When they told me that it was Robitussin that they were tripping on, I
couldn't believe it.  I was skeptical at first, but after seeing how
wacked out they were while on it, I couldn't avoid the allure of trying
a new type of trip that I could buy at the local drug store.  I told
these stories to my tripping buddies one night while we were having one
of our last LSD parties and they weren't too sure at first, but
eventually I persuaded them into it and we did it a few nights later.  
  There were four of us and we went to a Rite-Aid and each got an 8oz.
bottle of some generic brand that had 30mg of DXM in it (per tablespoon).  
We got to my friends house and were kind of nervous about drinking this
nasty tasting stuff, but we got some shot glasses out and did one shot of
the stuff every minute until each our bottles was dry.  Within about fifteen
minutes two of my friends had puked, and me and the other guy were quite
nauseous.  We decided to smoke a joint and relax until something kicked
in.  We started playing a few games of Spades, and at about the fourth
game we noticed something really cool starting to happen while my friend
was dealing the cards out, we were seeing some unbelievable trails from
the red print on the backs of the cards as they were flying across the
table. My friend ended up throwing the whole deck of cards one by one
around his living room while we watched the red trails floating through
the air.  We were so entrigued by this that we all picked up a deck of
cards and eventually his whole floor was covered with cards.  We were
really enjoying these visuals, but shortly after that we began staring
into his ceiling fan which completely bugged us out for some reason, to
me it looked like the ceiling and the room was spinning and the fan was
just still.  
  We ended up leaving his house rather quickly and ventured
out on one of our usual psychedelic journies.  We decided not to go to
the city this time because we just wanted to relax somewhere, so we
ended up going down to a place we call the meadows which is in the New
Jersey meadowlands and there are miles of trails through.  We didn't go
too far because our legs felt like jelly, so we found a really cool spot
where we had a view of the New York skyline, a beautiful sight, and we
lit a big bonfire and chilled out for a few hours.  The visuals were
absolutely incredible, and I saw some things that I never saw while on acid.  
  The first thing we noticed was the moon looked really wacked out.  It
seemed like it was in 3-D or something and it was like it was right in
front of us.  We were kind of nervous and thinking about admitting
ourselves to the hospital, but we just went with the flow of the trip
and it got better.  The greatest thing to me were the colors that I
began to see after smoking another joint.  The fire we had made looked
like it had a rainbow of colors in it.  I was seeing colors from purple
to green to pink, and I just stared at it with amazement.  Eventually
the sky started to do some crazy things visually.  To me the sky looked
like it was like a reddish yellow color with a green tint, and it looked
like it had scales on it.  This was probably one of the coolest things I
had ever seen in my life, but it got cooler.  As I became mesmerized by
this sky, I began hallucinating that the colors were dripping from the
sky like giant rain drops of amazing colors.  It was so amazing, and I'm
doing it little justice in my description, but trust me, it was
  Anyway these colorful visuals started to wear off but the other visuals
still continued.  We went back to my friends house and watched some TV, which
seems to be like everything that was on was on for people that trip.  We
actually saw an old movie which had dogs dressed up as soldiers in the army
and they were talking and standing on two legs, it was really screwed up,
and we watched the whole thing without saying a word to each other.  When
that was over we put Pink Floyd The Wall in the VCR, in my opinion the best
tripping movie in the world, and we just chilled out and enjoyed it while
our trip wore off.  
DXM trips in my opinion are better because at the end of the trip you can
actually fall asleep if you want, while on LSD you can't even close your
eyes for more than 5 seconds.  All in all, it was a really amazing night
that I will never forget.  Of my other DXM trips since then, non has been
nearly as intense, but they are all a real trip.  

by Gravol

We already know the US government likes to hide things from us. We also
know they are mostly to blame for bringing drugs into society in the
first place. Just look at morphine, heroin and codeine. All were released
by major pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and Parke Davis. All
gained FDA approval and were used by millions for coughs. That's
three goofs in a row. Do you really think the government is ready
to admit defeat and ban DXM?
  As far as the other drugs go, DXM is by far the safest and probably
least addicting. But it still fucks you up just as bad as most of
those drugs, and obviously the FDA did tests on what happens when
you overdose on the drug. And obviously those tests were covered
up. I'm not saying the FDA did anything wrong... even if it did
find that high doses caused euphoria, it still needed to be
released. But they just kept quiet on the euphoria aspect of DXM.
Now everyone in the medical community (or almost everyone) really
has no idea what it's all about. It would be insane to say the
FDA didn't cover up the truth behind DXM. But it's better this way
because it's still very easy to obtain and will be for some time
to come.
  However, if a show like 20/20 gets ahold of all the DXM mania
happening around the country, then you will probably notice some
serious changes. First of all, people will know the next time you
walk into a drugstore to buy some. You may get carded if you're
in one of those communities that decide to put it behind the
counter like in Utah in the 80's. It won't be as easy to buy,
and there will be some amount of embarassment, due to the
uninformed public thinking you're a cough syrup junkie. If a
cop pulls you over and finds empty Robitussin bottles, you're
liable to get searched for other drugs, or possibly a DUI.
But I'd really like to see them take DXM all the way to court...
I don't think the prosecutors will stand a chance. Afterall,
DXM is on the market and according to the government, it can't
fuck you up like a psychedelic. But if you prove that to
a court then you're going to get national attention.
  But all that is just speculation. All we can really do now
is just sit back and wait for something big to happen. For
some reporter like John Stossel to make a fool of himself
by being the first to report it.
  But perhaps with DXM, education may NOT be the best medicine.
It's probably safer to stay quiet, keep your thoughts to yourself
and just get fucked up.

by various authors

Yes, it is true.. in a few rare cases the Media has gotten hold of
DXM. But this is a long ways away from appearing on 20/20, I assure
you. And why would we not want something like that to happen?
Well, for one thing, everyone you were hiding DXM abuse from will
know, especially if you abuse it thru OTC medicines.
  And of course the government or some policitian seeking re-
election will vow to come down hard on it since it is in the
public spotlight.
  Below I'd just like to print two newspaper articles (one in
the Cheboygan area and another in the Akron area). The latter of
the two articles is not available anywhere on the Web, and since
I don't have the article in front of me (it ran earlier this
year) I will basically recap what was said in it.
  In both articles you will find a general misrepresentation of
what DXM really is. Decide for yourself if these are really
factual... Enjoy!

Cheboygan Area Tribune
"Weekend Tribune"
March 13 through March 15, 1998

The latest fix is over-the-counter
by Brenda Webb
Tribune Staff Writer

CHEBOYGAN - "Jane" sits cross-legged on her twin bed, shoulders slumped,
eyes betraying pain and fear for a friend. She's afraid for him, of what
he's doing to himself. He's A drug addict. But his drug of choice isn't
cocaine or heroin, crack, or LSD. He's hooked on DXM, an ingredient in
cold medicine, taken not to relieve cold symptoms but for recreational
  "He used to do it everyday, but he's still addicted," Jane said. "He's
trying to quit." Young people in Cheboygan and in other area communites have
been abusing DXM by taking several times the recommended dosage, she said.
Jane personally knows of about 50 Cheboygan Area Schools students who've
abused the drug. Estimates are that the total is somewhere around 100,
said Debra Turnbull of CHIP Counseling Center.
  "Several students were taken to the hospital and held for overdose,"
Turnbull said. "Several students were referred here for assessment.
Several students were sent away for resident treatment.
  "The parents were alerted to the harmful side effects, the parents
that were involved," she said.
  But for Jane's parents, "Mr and Mrs. Jones" of Cheboygan, it wasn't
enough. More could be done to prevent other familes from going through
the agony they have experienced with Jane's addiction to DXM, they said
"There's some simple things that could be done to deal with the problem,
like make it not so available," Mr. Jones said.
  It's a very accessible drug, found at any pharmacy or store that sells
cold medicines, said Turnbull. In November, when there was a high incidence
of use, area stores were asked to take it off the shelves and put it behind
the counter, where it could be available to adults on request, she said.
Some stores in town did not cooperate, and others owners have since returned
it to the shelves, Turnbull said.
  At that time, paraphernalia was confiscated from cars, lockers and
wherever it was found, and school officials were very clear that
students were not to take it, she said.
  Some kids drive to Petoskey because it's really easy to get there, and
they steal a whole bunch, said Jane.
  "A lot of kids steal it because it's so expensive," she said. "I try no
to do anything like that, because it would make me feel like a drug
  Use among students is now on the rise again, Jane said. And it's not
limited to the kids that get in trouble a lot. "Some of the kids at high
school that do it are really `good," she said. "They think it's just
medicine." That DXM s so easy to get, and kids feel it's not really dangerous
becasue it's legal are the two biggest factors with this drug, Mr. Jones
  "They have no clue, these kids," said Turnbull. "They think if you can
pick it up at a pharmacy, pick it up at a grocery store, how could it be
  Harmul side effects can include headaches, liver damage, respiratory
failure, irregular heartbeat, hemorrhaging, stroke, and high blood
  In addition DXM is an appetite suppressant, weight loss occurs and
there is no food in the stomach to absorb the effects of the drug,
Turnbull said.
  DXM is not new to Michigan, and deaths have occured in other areas, she
said. Symptoms include memory problems; strong, emotional mood swings; lower
sex drive in males, and increased sex drive in females; dried out skin and
hair; and turning a pale yellowish color after prolonged use, as listed
by Jane.
  "You can get really confused on it, like you don't know where you are,"
she said. "When my parents were talking to me, I would just stare at
them. I would be aware that they were talking to me" and would just say
anything in hope that they'd go away.
  Jane compared the high to heroin. "It makes them hyperactive, sort of like
a street speed - not exactly speed, but you know, they're getting that type
of feeling," said pharmacist Mike Flyke of The Prescription Place. "Every-
thing's racing, because of the decongestant."
  Abusers can feel the rush for 12-16 hours, followed by a deep, coma-like
sleep that lasts for about 14 hours, Turnbull said. If too much is taken,
DXM can cause hallucinations and one can have an out-of-body experience,
said Jane.
  "People that I know that have really been doing it, it's really strongly
addictive," she said. "I know kids that have gotten so addicted to it
they didnt care about anything. Some people are so addicted they take it
continuously every day."
  For some time, Mr. and Mrs. Jones didn't know what was going on with
Jane. She was impulsive, lost weight, had mood swings and lots of
energy. She was euphoric, and then would sleep and not be able to
function for awhile, they said.
  "It was really hard to detect, because the DXM doesn't have any smell
like pot or alchol," Mrs. Jones said. "I kept thinking there was
something wrong with her, but I couldn't figure out what the heck it
  Then Jane came home one night totally stoned, said Mr. Jones.
"It was obvious she had taken some serious drugs," he said. "It was
beyond acting funny."
  Jane said she'd taken some cold medicine and it made her woozy, said Mr.
Jones. Her mother called Jane's friend who had introduced her to DXM,
and pulled out of him what she'd taken.
  Although Jane stopped using DXM for awhile, she came home high again one
night, he said. "I took her to the emergency room that night and they didn't
know what to do," Mrs. Jones said. "The emergency room didn't know how to
help thses kids and they didn't seem to really care."
  If necessary, the hospital treats overdose patients for toxinism, said
Community Memorial Hospital emergency room physician Dr. Donald Ramsay,
who is aware of only one teenager treated there as a result of DXM.
That person was not in danger and did not need treatment, he said.
"(DXM) has little if any effect in small doses," Ramsay said. "It
probably requires extremely large quanities in order to cause (unusual
  "In a relative scale of things, it's probably not as dangerous as a lot
of things kids are doing out there, including alcohol," he said. "From
the emergency room standpint, what we do is, when they come in, if
they're sick we treat them."
  Drug tests are generally sent to an outside lab, and results are
unavailable for days, said Ramsay.
  In her battle with DXM, Jane has been involved in various types of
treatment for substance abuse and depression, her parents said. "We've
done everything we can to help her," said Mrs. Jones. "We just
don't know what more we can do. The longer she can go off of it, the
more she sees what it did to her.
  "What's so frustrating is ... you just want to take her and shake her,"
she said. "It just seems like so much of a choice."
  Jane lost her job, is almost 17, and doesnt yet have her liscense, has
gotten into some trouble, and has lost friends, her parents said. Now,
although the Jones feel Jane still takes DXM occasionally, their concern
is for others in the community as well, said Mr. Jones.
  "Some kid is going to die from it," said Mrs. Jones. "It's so easy to
get. Anybody's kid, it can happen to. A Cheboygan teenager took a package
of information off the Internet, according to Turnbull. It explains how to
take the drug "safely."
  Jane didn't bother to read it. And her parents and Turnbull are
concerned about youngsters in junior high and elementary school getting
involved with DXM without knowing the hazards, they said.
  "What's so frustrating is that as parents you think your going to
protect your kids from drugs," Mr. Jones said. "You don't let them go out
all the time and try to keep them away from bad influences." For Jane, it
was a matter of being bored one day, she said. Depression and a shortage
of things to do for kids not involved in sports are contributing factors,
said Mrs. Jones.
  For more information, call CHIP Counseling Center, or contact a
physician or pharmacist, said Turnbull.

Cheboygan Daily Tribune
Letters To The Editor (Brenda Webb)
308-10 N. Main ST.
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(616) 627-7144

CHIP Counseling Center
Debra Turnbull
520 N. Main ST.
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(616) 627-7148

Akron Beacon Journal
Date unknown

by Bob Dyer
Beacon Journal Columnist

I will just paraphrase what I read in that article earlier this year.
The columnist basically talked to several people in the medical and
counseling professions, and only one knew of DXM. The others suggested
that it was just a "psychological" high, and that kids just think
they are getting high on it. The person that did know about it said
he had a few cases of kids getting hooked on DXM (he works at a local
counseling center).
  The article stated that DXM effects are similar to those of LSD,
and the number one danger of DXM abuse was that it affects heart rate.
The columnist also supposedly interviewed William White, but nothing
was quoted in the article.
  The article also mentioned the brand names of the products that
are being abused, which I guess made it easier for everyone to
find out what to abuse, but in the long run the article was pretty
factual. It didn't make any wild accusations, and mainly just
warned parents to be on the lookout for what their kids are
buying at the local pharmacy.

TRIP BACK IN TIME                                                    
by Palaxia

It was one of the strangest trips of my life. I'm still on the DXM
hangover. I can't remember everything that had happened to me yesterday; DXM
has a way of not letting you remember everything but I do remember a lot of
what I think I needed to remember so that I can make it a worthwhile trip and
learn from the experience.
  It started out in the park. My boyfriend and I (Ben) thought maybe it would
be a good idea to trip outside. We never tripped outside on DXM but we decided
a while ago that we didn't want to have just the same old trip anymore so when
we did trip it would be something different and it wouldn't be in my house
  We took 600mg of pure DXM with us each. We bought Fruit Roll-ups on the
way there and we were gonna put them in there in the park. We took 600mg DXM,
which was weighed out, and he put roughly half in 2 Fruit Roll-ups...and then
put the other 600mg in another 2 Roll-ups. One 600mg batch he gave to me. The
other went to him. After some debating (about 1:15pm or so) we decided maybe
600mg was too much to take at once, so we took 1 of the Fruit Roll-up peices
each. We figured we can take the next one about an hour and a half later so
as to spread it out a little bit.
  Around an hour after we took we both started feeling the DXM hitting a
little bit. My stomach was really starting to bother me a lot at this
point. I lied down for a while but eventually as the DXM was hitting more I
puked in some corner of the park. It was ok.. we were in a little isolated
spot where no one went to. Ben was definitely starting to trip harder than
me. And we thought about how we were doing this in the park, but he decided
that it was fine where we were at now. This is probably because although we
took one Fruit Roll-up each with the measured amount being 600mg, we didn't
know how much was in each Fruit Roll-up other than the fact that the 2 he
gave me added up to 600 and his 2 added up to 600; he probably took more DXM
than I had. So I decided to take another half of the second peice so I could
trip a bit harder. A little after that, I took much before that second
rollup was kicking in.
  We decided that we would just take the bus home, and trip inside. We
realized that DXM was just not meant to be done outdoors; acid was, but not
DXM. The bus ride was interesting but not eventful, luckily for us. Everything
just felt too weird. And you noticed all the stuff going on on the bus. It's
like I was just waiting for my stop because I wanted to get out. I was
getting a little bit paranoid. There was this guy sitting diagonally across
from me, and I don't know if he was or if it was just paranoia, but I could
of sworn that he was just always looking over at me. And his eyes looked
weird too. Like one of them went out to the side or something like that.
I really don't know if I was imagining all of this or not. It was weird
and I tried not to look at him. I was looking outside the window even though
I was on the outside seat just looking in that direction to get away from him,
because I thought maybe he knew, maybe not, I don't know, it was strange.
  When I was looking over I realized that my stop was going to come
soon. When my stop came up I just realized that it was good that we weren't
going to be on the bus for longer, I would NOT have wanted to miss that stop.
  We finally got back into my house. And the first thing we both went to do
was just pass out on my bed. About half an hour later, I took the other half
of my 2nd peice of Fruit Roll-up and Ben took his 2nd peice.
  After that things just got stranger and stranger. For one thing
at one point the landlady from upstairs wanted to use the storage thing that
was in my kitchen (I rent a basement apartment so the kitchen leads to the
storage room to the side and a boiler room a couple of feet down from there).
She just asked me if she could use it and I had to say OK of course. She said
she'd come down through the back door of the kitchen so that was fine. We
closed my kitchen door so that she wouldn't come in here. And we closed it
tight. There was no reason she should come in here, but we were paranoid
about this, so we closed and locked the door.
  After we heard that she left, I tried opening the door and the handle
fell off. This just totally set on a different direction for that hour that
we were trying to open the door. It seemed like a totally different apartment
with that door closed, and it was freaking us out. Plus my cat's litter box
is by the boiler room and I didn't want him to have to go to the bathroom
and not be able to. We tried to think that maybe we could forget about the
door and just lie down and do this when we were sober because at the time
it seemed nearly impossible, but we couldn't seem to. It's like we HAD to get
that door open.. No matter what we HAD to try and get that door open.
  So finally Ben asked for a knife and we found some scissors and he pulled
the door open. I really don't know how we got that door open. It must of been
an hour that we were playing with that door. I don't even remember what point
of the trip this was in. Maybe it was before all the other strangeness of the
trip or maybe after. I'm not so sure anymore.
  This strange occurrence was probably the oddest thing that has happened
to me on DXM yet. I haven't dexed in a few months now. But I wasn't expecting
this. I wanted to remember what it was like to do DXM again.. to remember the
feelings. But what ended up happening was much more. I was placed in a sort
of time warp.. where I was not just remembering feelings that I had but I was
living them. And I don't mean living old DXM feelings. What I mean is that my
whole thought processes, the way I view things, the way I felt, the way I saw
everything, was that I was feeling them again. I was thinking them again. As
if I was actually there, as if I was actually placed back into my old self
5 months ago.
  I went into it remembering all that had happneed in the last few months,
and I knew how I was now. But I was feeling all the old feelings about
everything. It was absolutely uncanny... it's as if it was really a few
months ago. I wasn't just remembering it. I was living it! The only difference
being that I went into it knowing what I know now.. knowing how I think of
things now. Even the TV went out like it did before.
  On one of my last DXM trips, Ben pressed the wrong button on the VCR
remote (because the TV is going thru my VCR) and we couldn't get the TV back
on and he spent the longest time trying to fix it. It happened again this
time, which was just strange that it would. Second time it happened and of
course on the trip in which everything felt like it did before, except we
tried to fix it by pressing the same button we did before because I remembered
what happened and that didn't work. This time however we turned off the TV
and decided to leave it for when we got a little bit more sober.
  But what was stranger was that the both of us were experiencing things
in a time warp. It wasn't just me. Ben was feeling it too.
  Eventually around 7pm or so we decided we had enough tripping and
wanted to go to bed. We were still tripping really hard and we knew if we
took enough GHB we'd eventually pass out. So we took the GHB. Much more
than we normally had to but you need more when on another drug like that
I think. We woke up about 4 hours later and we were still tripping.
But the mind fuck was gone I suppose. I still saw a lot of flanging.
The whole room was still shaking for me. I even threw up. I don't know
why I did when it was so late in the trip.. I think that my stomach was
feeling a bit unsettled before I went to sleep because we put the GHB in
Sunny Delight and the taste of it made my stomach churn a bit. Food was
not meant to be eaten on DXM, plus I think it was a little uneasy from
before. But when I puked that was the scariest thing ever because I
couldn't breathe. I suppose I choked on it a little, but for a short time
I just couldn't breathe. Eventually, however, I did just cough everything up.
  We took more GHB and woke up a few hours later. The GHB was
definitely helping. We felt the trip going away much faster than it should
have. As the GHB was completely wearing off we felt more and more DXMy.
So a little later we took some more GHB went back to sleep, and amazingly
enough woke up pretty good in the morning. Incredibly horribly spacey.
And things were very detailed.
  But that funny head feeling was gone. The GHB helped a lot with the
come down from our trip. I am so sure it would of been a lot worse if it
wasn't for the GHB.
  Overall it had to have been one of the oddest if not THE oddest trip,
with the time warp and all. I did get quite a bit out of it. It made be
realize how much I've changed from even just a few months back, and for
the better. Sort of showed me not to get discouraged easily because I made
progress. Ben said he realied the same things too. Which is good. I think
we needed that, to know what it was like again... to know how we felt
because it just showed me that things aren't as bad now, and makes me
appreciate it a little bit more. I think I did get a lot more out of it
by not doing it for so long. It really is a strange drug, but it's amazing
how much it can show you about yourself.

[Editor's note: Palaxia wanted it to be known that after taking the
600mg of DXM, she reached high third plateau, not the second plateau
like many people report.]

by Anonymous

I had been going on a straight trip throughout '97, the most fucked
up year of my life. Practically every other day I was doing DXM,
and almost every day I was fucked up one way or another. But it
DXM that totally enslaved me as a helpless addict.
  But it was fun :) Some of the best moments of my life happened
while I was on DXM. First it was Robitussin... I could barely stand
at all and I always got these pins-and-needles effect all over my
body when I got scared. I could barely talk, see, hear, or do anything
at higher doses of around 500mg.
  Then tolerance kicked in, the taste soured and I went for the Drixoral
Cough Caps... probably the best OTC source for DXM there ever was. But
after those were taken off the market, I started using Coricidin Cough
& Cold, and that's when the weirdest stuff happened.
  The CEVs (closed-eye visuals) got so intense that I could close my
eyes and totally SEE another place and feel like I was in it. One night
I closed my eyes and could see somebody's living room in the middle
of the night. I actually began to get afraid because I actually felt
like I was there and that my eyes were open, when they were really
closed. Another night I could say to myself "Draw a supermodel... and
make her naked!" and I'd close my eyes and see something like pixie
dust drawing perfect rendition of my favorite model. It was totally
mindblowing, and breathtaking. But the most interesting stuff was
also the most common. I'd often see people, tell them to do something
like sit down, or jump out of a window for example, and they would.
No, not by me making them do it... but just by telling them to and
that's it... and they'd do it! It was like part of my brain was shut
down and I no longer knew I was controlling my own thoughts. It was
as if there really were people there and I really was telling them
what to do. And they always obeyed.
  Where do these visuals come from?? Obviously it comes from our own
mind, but I have never had a drug do such amazing things than I have
had DXM do. It totally blows me away just thinking about some of the
things I saw while on it.
  Anyway, as time progressed the visuals began disappearing, until
eventually the antihistamine in Coricidin (chlorpheneramine maleate)
started affecting my vision, so I had to stop. After a few months of
sobriety, I returned and once again became an addict. Finally the days
of tripping had come to an end.
  Why? Because there IS a limit, at least for me. You can't trip on
this stuff forever, week after week, without eventually realizing that
the trips are becoming increasingly negative, and you end up experiencing
more negative aspects than you do positive. Think back... are your trips
right now exactly the same as they were in the beginning? Mine had
changed SOOO much by the time it was all over. In fact, the DXM hangover
was the only good thing about the DXM trip anymore.
  I eventually switched over to Delsym, but all the negative effects
surfaced. I think it fucked my stomach up somehow, but I doubt it. All
I know is that my body no longer digests any form of Dextromethorphan.
It comes right back up, whether or not I puke it out. And who wants to
be spitting up DXM during the entire trip?
  So I leave you with just one final thought... enjoy your trips now,
because while it may not get as extreme as my scenario, there's always
an end to everything. For me, it was the day the music died... and with
it, my love for DXM.

[Editor's note: For more information on this, check out the "Fifty Trip
Limit" in William White's DXM FAQ. This seems to be the scenario for
quite a few people who have tripped very frequently over a year or
two, even though it may not become as extreme as this case was.]

by various authors

Many people report a "hangover" effect from DXM the day after
they take a moderate dose. Usually you can intensify these effects
by taking a large dose late at night, and going to sleep as you
come down. Sleep almost always intensifies any "afterglow" you
may get.
  Below are several peoples' experiences and comments on DXM
hangovers. Maybe you can relate.
  Starbreaker: When I first started doing DXM years ago, the next
day I would always feel an afterglow, kind of a pleasent relaxing feeling,
the day after, and it would gradually subside, my friends and I would call
this the "DXM haze." I used rather irregularly, about a few times a month
for the last half year, and I have noticed that I no longer feel this
haze the next day. I suppose my body has in some way adjusted to this. It's
too bad, I always thought that the haze used to be an enjoyable facet of the
DXM experience :)
  Robert Golaszewski: As for not getting a hangover anymore... having to
take more of a drug just to achieve the same effect is called tolerance,
one of the hallmarks of addiction, and is usually a warning sign. The other
classic sign of addiction is dependence, which can be physical (becoming
physically ill if one stops taking the drug, causing the person to keep
taking it just to feel well) or psychological (becoming depressed upon
cessation, or developing intense cravings). While physical addiction to
DXM is quite rare, psychological addiction is far more frequent, and
increasing dosages is just the way to develop one. With psychedelics,
developing tolerance is quite common (the hallucinations just don't happen
like they used to). The way to avoid this with psychedelics is to increase
the time between doses. NEVER, EVER with any drug should you get in the
habit of increasing doses for the same effect; you'll come to regret it.
  Gravol: I do DXM very infrequently now (compared to almost every other
day in '97 when I was addicted) and almost love the hangover as much as
the trip... as long as I don't have to work the next morning. Sometimes
I can't get the words out right, and I'm very slow to the touch. People
probably think I'm drugged. If they only knew... My best hangover
experience was when I went to a friend's house during a Delsym hangover
and started drinking, doing nitrous balloons, and smoked weed. Normally,
I can handle it, but on a hangover it just amplifies all the effects
from the drugs you take... no matter what drugs you take. I could
barely even see straight! From now on I prefer to get fucked up while
on DXM hangovers than just being sober. It's just more intense.

Hopefully these experiences shed some light into what a hangover is
like. William White states:

Hangover effects reported consist of lethargy, sleepiness, amotivation,
mild sensory dissociation, muscle rigidity, muscle tics (especially in
the jaw and hands), dizziness, loss of balance, headache, photophobia,
and sharply diminished sense of taste. Some people say that everything
tastes like slightly salty tepid water, or like MSG (monosodium
glutamate, the flavor enhancer). Note that you're very unlikely to get
all, or even most, of these symptoms.
  Some of the hangover effect from high dosage trips is probably due to
residual DXM or dextrorphan, especially in individuals who lack
P450-2D6, or in whom it is inhibited (e.g., by fluoxetine).

Some users even report that the hangover is more enjoyable than
the trip itself in some cases. Usually this is not the case, but
some hangovers can give you a pleasant "stoned" feeling for the
first half of the day.

by various authors

Many people have asked, what happens if I take DXM with antidepressants?
While I have never done this, I did find a few reports of people who
have. Probably the closest experience to which I can relate is one
from RESiST0R in which he stated that by taking the antidepressant
Effexor (Venlafaxine hydrochloride) intensified his dreams to the
point that he felt like he was in a DOOM game, however I am not sure
how it affected his trip.
  Here is an experience from someone on the Internet:

  "It could be a dangerouse combination.. I've used DXM
on high doses of SSRI's with no problems, but definite side
effects... I never went over 300mg while on medication. The
side effects weren't neccessarily bad, but not great. Basically
what happened was the trip took a lot longer to start and then
lasted a lot longer. I was still feeling it for three days
after with slight hallucinations and some weird feelings.
It wasn't that bad though, but I wouldn't reccomend it, especially
in high doses. As for lithium, I wouldn't try that. I've never
heard of anyone combining DXM with lithium but it doesn't
seem like a wise thing to do. Lithium has rather dangerous
reactions with, well, everything. It reacts with a lot of things
in dangerous ways and it doesn't seem like a good thing to try.
I reccomend while on any medication that does or might react
with DXM you should stay away from DXM."
Please note that lithium alone may affect your judgment or  
coordination. It is also possible to get lithium poisoning
if you consume too much. Other antidepressants include the
  Ritalin, Elavil, Endep, Pamelor, Aventyl, Paxil, Prozac,
Remeron, Serzone, Sinequan, Tofranil, Surmontil, Wellbutrin,
and Zoloft. Note that mixing some antidepressants with certain
psychedelics such as LSD may in fact reduce or diminish the
effects of the psychedelic.

by William White

I always try to keep a sense of humor in life ... after all, it's only a
temporary stop between incarnations anyhow. In view of that, I offer
some suggestions from readers on how to know when to stop.

- You can identify a dozen different brands of cough syrup ... by the
 smell alone
- The local pharmacist starts asking about your tuberculosis problem
- The checkout clerk calls you "that Robitussin junkie"
- When you take out your recycling it's all brown glass bottles
- You ran out of excuses at the supermarket and now just tell people
 you like that cherry taste
- If Drixoral Dollars were real you'd own a Ferrari
- You haven't slept in two weeks, haven't eaten solid food in days, and
 you've just told your parents that you're marrying an alien from the
 desert planet Zolgar
- You've gotten so used to your eyes moving independently that you
 think you're actually a cleverly disguised lizard
- You just made your fifth Christmas ornament out of those little
 plastic shotglasses
- People ask you why you're walking around in shorts and a T-shirt
 sweating like a horse ... in the dead of winter.
- Your native language now consists of grunts and bizarre gestures
- Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, etc., come knocking at your door offering
 a night of passion and you tell them you aren't into "meat pleasures"
- You think you're on the Internet ... physically.
- You're sure you're actually a Jedi Master, but for some reason your Jedi
 Mind Powers don't seem to work on the cop that just arrested you for
 walking naked down Main Street.

On a more serious note, if you do start finding reality breaking down,
your friends avoiding you, or your grades or work performance dropping,
it's time to stop. DXM may be a lot of fun, but it just isn't worth
losing something truly important over.

by various authors

What is Cosmic Coincidence Control, or Coincidence Control Central?
Why is it related to both DXM and Ketamine? Basically it means
everything in the universe is controlled by both good and bad
forces. These forces can't act directly, so they work through
coincidence. Have you ever been really lucky and thought "wow,
I really needed that," or had a very bad day, with everything
around you just falling apart? It's all related.
  You also can't test it. Since it works through coincidence,
there's no way you can prove anything. They're all coincidences...
but they are really controlled by some outside force. It also
somehow relates to Karma, what goes around comes around... you
cause something bad to happen, and something else will happen
to you that will even things out. Have you ever noticed you
have about as many really good days as really bad days? That
in the end, everything is equal... the love you make is
equal to the love you take.
  Here are some thoughts on CCC:

  Muki Bear: The guy who explored altered states with ketamine, Lilly..
Didn't he say that everyone who took K had the same experience, of an
orbital hyperdimensional station that controls luck and coincidences
on Earth? Weird shit, but I says that tripping on DXM makes things
happy, lucky, cool things.
 Sparkie Bear: Okay. I decided it was time to make amother visit to
the CCCP. So, Sparky swallowed 3 or 4 his magic homebrewed caps and
snuck his way (along with mate Muki) into a grand cemetery. After
having a long shamanic crawl (really!) through the night forest;
Thorns and mud and the rich smell of earth in my claws and paws, layed
on the grass and opened the hyperdimensional gate. No great battles
this time, just some recog. Okay, the CCCP exists at the nexus of 5
dimensions. Much like the Way of Taoism (Sparkie's belief system),
when one is in sync with the CCCP, things just go your way. And you
can feel it. A great ESP power, truly, to feel the pull and molding
of life and fey working for you.
  As I observed last night, the actual orbital sat. of the CCCP
is ruled and ran by the lavender aliens that look like the mountains
of ancient chinese paintings. They were allied with the blue macaroni
aliens and the green/gold dust-cloud aliens. They were defending the
station from the ebony tendril behemoth of dissolution, the date-head/
suckered-mouthed aliens (they like to hide behind illusions and appear
as the greys) in their red gas cloud space ships and the red, feathery
lawn-dart aliens. Fortunately, I helped to destroy the lawn dart aliens.
Beware the date-heads, they are very deceptive and powerful. The lavender
aliens used my brain after the battle to scan the multiverse for any
surviving lawn-darts. They're weren't anyway.
  But that's weeks ago. A great change is in the planning for the
multiverse. Can't you feel it in the air? Peace out and explore.
  I've been to the CCCP, as you well know Muki. On 750 mg of DXM I had a
fantastic cosmic battle with the DXO aliens. I helped them win their war
and protect the station/nexus. Since then many good things have happened
to my life and I can feel the CCCP on my side.
  Sure they still use my brain to augment their machines, but oh well,
life is very sweet still.

And people say DXM doesn't make you crazy ;) Actually, we cannot begin
to comprehend the forces out there. Perhaps DXM is a gateway to other
worlds... or just to other thoughts and perspectives. Maybe there really
is a gate. But how do we manipulate it to achieve all this good luck?
How does this all work? Perhaps we'll never know until we're dead...
perhaps we'll never know at all. Or perhaps everything really is just
a coincidence... it's up to you to decide.

by Anonymous

It started out calmly enough... I heard over the Internet about this
stuff called Coricidin, so I finally got two friends to try it with
me. I had already done it, but they didn't believe it was real, so
I said hey, take about 8 of these...
  We were cruising down the expressway in my mom's '96 Camry
(they were out of town for the weekend and we had the house to
ourselves) and the DXM starts to take hold. Nighttime. Total
amazement from my one friend... the other didn't take enough.
We managed to make it back to my house and smoked some funk...
lets just say me and the guy who took the DXM was floored for
the rest of the night. That was so long ago...
  Because now DXM is everywhere in this town of a half-million.
Of course, back in those days of '97, word spread slowly. It was
only used in our group of friends (or so we thought) and we
gradually suggested it to other people. We'd have DXM parties
where we all got fucked up on it among other drugs and trip out.
But we started noticing it makes you different. Have you ever been
sober a long time after doing DXM constantly? Have you ever
noticed that your thoughts and actions during the days you were
doing DXM were so much different than when you were sober?
It almost turned into crack for a few people...
  A friend of mine started taking it every night and day it
seemed. At the same time, it was practically ruining him...
everything was different, and he seemed cracked out. My
original friends who did it stopped doing it and went to
very occasional use, but my use skyrocketed. Then I ordered
the powder, pure DXM HBr, from an undisclosed source... I
remember my parents finding out about it and the struggle
just to get the box out of their hands... I quickly hid
my DXM and gave them baking soda instead... but that false
facade would only last so long...
  I would come home "drunk" and have to talk to my parents,
only to have them eventually find out about the DXM addiction.
Of course, to everyone else, I was drunk. And they seemed to
think it was ok... because alcohol is such a great drug, you
know? But mention drugs and you're a possessed demon who needs
to be put into a straightjacket and your destined to fall
like Rome did.
  But anyway, I started putting the powder in capsules and
giving out free samples. One friend took it to school with
him and got everyone there fucked up. People didn't believe
it was such a great drug, so they all ignored the warnings
about not taking it in school and eating greasy foods, etc.
Well, almost every one of them puked... one kid had to run
out of class and started vomiting all over the bathroom. But
by the time it was over they all liked the buzz... they all
wanted more. Let's just say my powder soon ran dry...
  I was to the point of stealing Coricidin from work and
other places. I'd get anyone hooked that I could. I even
tried putting my phone number in boxes of Coricidin before
and it turned out that really weird people would call my
house and start explaining to me about triangles and the
way the universe worked. Truly weird. Not for me, I thought...
what was all this hoopla surrounding this monstrous drug?
  Soon DXM use started to grow up by where I work (near
the mall)... I'd walk outside and see DXM scribbled on the
sidewalk in fake blood. I'd see DXM carved into fresh
cement. I saw the cops bust people in my store for stealing
boxes of Coricidin. I even know 12-year-olds hooked on
the shit that found out in school from people I don't
even know, but almost all of it traces back to me when
I introduced it to a couple of friends. Just turns out
they were pretty popular. That's what got it spreading
like wildfire.
  Now everytime I go into a store to buy DXM I fear that
the cashier knows, somehow. I fear it has grown so much
that people really know what I'm up to when I buy a box
of Coricidin. I don't know... perhaps it even has ME
cracked out now.

by various authors

There are seemingly many references to cough syrup on TV these
days. Since I don't watch too much of the boob tube, I figured
I would compile some stuff other people have reported seeing
or hearing about on TV. Here goes.
  Hed's goat: You people have to watch the Simpsons, the DXM
references in it are unbelievable! Two of them off the top of my head...
deliveryguy wheels in a couple cases of cough syrup and Krusty says "I
got hooked on this stuff in Korea!" Also Nelson says in one of them
"ever since my mom got addicted to cough drops her breath has never
been so fresh." There are tons of drug references in Simpsons and
it's an awesome show so watch it the next time you trip!
  Oh yeah, here in tampa on 98 Rock sometimes this dj plays this
skit about cough medicine and at the end it says "caution may cause
hallucinations." It's an obvious drixoral spoof.I am hearing DXM
references all over anymore... I can just see it now, Geraldo doing
shows about DXM chic and robo abuse in hollywood and shit.

  Anonymous: Or how about South Park... Stan: "but it was all here!
there was big gay animal sanctuary, a big gay boat ride, a techno dance
club..." Cartman: "you need to lay off the cough syrup. Seriously. I'm
worried about you, man." And I saw in some jay leno book once some shit
like "average people in the DMV line" and one of them was "this guy is
thinking that the third bottle of cough syrup wasn't such a good idea."

  Anonymous: The allusions go way back to the early days of the Simpsons.
I remember an episode in which a new bar drink became the new sensation
in town (If memory serves me well, it was called "The Flaming Moe", but
had in fact been created by Homer.) It turned out the "secret ingredient"
that made it so special was "Crusty The Clown Grape-flavored, Non-narkotic
Childrens' Cough Syrup". At the time, I didn't get the joke. After
discovering DXM's recreational potential, I FINALLY got it.

I've also heard of other shows and movies that have cough syrup references.
Most of them probably pertain to the Nyquil theory that Nyquil-like
cough syrups fuck you up because of alcohol content and cheap OTC
drugs. But you never know... especially on current hip TV shows like
South Park and Simpsons. Those shows are the most likely to really
be relating to DXM. I guess we'll have to wait and see until it's
really mentioned to know for sure...

by DXO

Just some background information. I heard that you cannot really smoke
DXM, just DXO. To obtain DXO, you must extract it with Hydrochloric
acid and ammonia (both easy to obtain). This still is not a perfect
method of ingestion because you have to smoke quite a bit of it, but
I've heard quite a few reports of people smoking DXO and getting high.
It is basically the only way of ingestion even closely related to
smoking. Please see the FAQ for details.
  One person on the Internet, however, states:

  "DXM could be smoked if it is in the freebase form. This can be
obtained from the syrups by extraction (see the FAQ or other areas),
and will probably be created if you cook up DXM HBr (your typical
powder) with some water and baking soda.
  I definitely advise against smoking it. Two main reaons:
(1) DXM is a MAJOR mucuous membrane irritant and can really tear your
lungs up. Look at the doses you have to take orally: 250 mg to
500 mg. An extra-strength Tylenol weighs 500 mg, if you crush it
up to powder you get a MUCH larger volume. Vaporization will
produce 1,000 times the volume. That's just a whole shitload of
noxious fumes to suck into your lungs- even if you only did 100-200 mg.
Heroin is just as bad, but it is so strong you only need to
vaporize/inhale maybe 10 mg to get a nice toasty feeling.
For the same reason, snorting is not a good idea. Someone earlier
had suggested doing it in an enema. This would also work, but don't
you think that is going about it ass-backwards?
  (2) DXM itself doesn't have much of an impact on your brain. The DXM
has to be converted to DXO by the liver before doing much. This
takes time. That's why it takes so long to affect you and doesn't
peak for about 3 hours. Smoking the DXM will speed the initial absorption,
but it still has to circulate thru the liver (over and over and over...).
You won't get that magic "hammer-knock" on the head like smoking heroin or
crack. Just won't speed it up fast enough to put up with abusing
your lungs."

And as far as snorting DXM goes, it can cause major nosebleeds. So
basically we come to the conclusion that smoking and snorting DXM
are not good ideas. It's just too much trouble, with too little
result, and it can be harmful to your lungs. If you have any
additional information on smoking or snorting DXM or DXO, please
forward it to the zine and we will post your reports.

by Reverend Jim Barris, Reverand Indole Ringh, Reverend Anastasia Albert

The Agent Lemon process is a newer and in all honesty a much better
method for extracting DXM. It takes less time, doesn't involve playing
with flammable and toxic fumes, and doesn't require sodium hydroxide.
Here is the Agent Lemon method as posted on Usenet. I have inserted a
few comments in italics, primarily with regards to separating the
organic and water phases. They use a siphon tube, but I believe that the
Zip-LockTM bag separatory funnel is a better idea...

After establishing control over 80% of the world's Drixoral supply, our
troop was in a position to change the face of DXMology forever, in the
interest of accelerating human transcension.

The Mission: extract DXM from cough syrups with materials and equipment
that one could buy without any trouble at your nearest Woolworth's.


The DXM FAQ [1] describes an acid-base extraction method that requires
materials (specifically Sodium Hydroxide) that are difficult to get in
pure form for many people. Read it for the theory. Now, after you read
it, we'll add on the following:

The "acid-base" extraction in the FAQ does not actually use an acid
stage. We can add an acid stage, to remove the DXM from the solvent.
Therefore, we can avoid the need to evaporate a lot of solvent -- we can
just throw it out the drain. Thus, you can do this without producing
vapors that will lead your neighbors to think you are running a meth

The Materials: (this will blow you away)

DXM-containing cough syrup. This process will probably produce a
dangerous product if you use a syrup that contains any active
ingredients other than DXM or Guaifenesin. DON'T! We used Robo Max Cough
because CVS was closed. �Ordinary Household ammmonia (clear, not lemon
or some other scent) �Lighter Fluid (we used "Zippo"; check criteria in
FAQ [1]). Make sure it evaporates with no residue. �Citric Acid.
Available as a canning supply at your neighborhood supermarket. We used
lemon juice on the first attempt, but we switched to citric acid after
consultations ([1], personal communication).


A brief interjection here. This paper suggests using a siphon to
separate the layers. However, I think the plastic baggie separatory
funnel is a superior method, for two reasons. First, rubber tubing (and
many types of plastic) are attacked by organic solvents, and can
degenerate, or (worse) dissolve into the solvent and possibly muck up
the extraction. Second, you get much better control with a separatory
funnel, even a kitchen chemistry version. I will follow up their method
with my suggestion.

Some containers and flexible rubber tubing to use as a siphon. We cut
ours off our vaporizer because we don't know where we stashed the
tubing. Two large zipper-seal (e.g., Zip-LockTM) plastic freezer bags,
unpleated (if you want to use the separatory funnel concept instead of
the siphon).


Prepare ahead of time a solution of the citric acid in water. For two
bottles of tussin (8 oz each) we used 3 tablespoons of citric acid in 8
fluid ounces of water.

Add ammonia to DXM. DXM converts from hydrobromide salt to freebase and
precipitates out of water. Since it is now nonpolar it wants to go into
a non polar solvent. Now you add a nonpolar solvent and shake hard. Free
base goes into solution in solvent. Let solvent float to the top.
(doesn't mix with water) Physically separate the layers. Now the DXM is
in the nonpolar layer, mix that with the acid and shake well. The DXM
converts back into the acid salt (since lemon juice has citric acid in
it, we make DXM hydrocitrate). This is so beautiful because the DXM is
practically pulled across the oil-water interface by the hydrogen ion

Now you throw out the oil layer, and the DXM is now acid salt in the
lemon juice. Boil it for a few minutes in the microwave, stir it good,
so any volatile solvent that remains will evaporate.

You are left with "Agent Lemon" or "DXemon juice", a highly concentrated
product, which is superior to cough syrup -- if you really wanted to,
you could probably boil away the water -- with no danger, since the
amount of solvent is almost nothing, and get a crystalline product that
might be cut with anhydrous citric acid. I wouldn't suggest it, since it
might irritate the stomach.


1. Put cough syrup in 2 liter bottle.
2. Pour in a lot of ammonia. Excess is not a serious problem. The ammonia
  volume was about equal to the syrup volume.
3. Stir.
4. Pour into a tightly sealable vessel. A funnel is good to have.
  Incidentally, you can probably just use the same 2-liter bottle and pour
  the lighter fluid into that; the plastic won't dissolve.
5. Add about a 1/2 inch thick layer of lighter fluid.
6. Shake the hell out of the vessel. We did it for about five minutes.
7. Pour the liquid back into 2 liter.
8. Let the organic solvent layer separate, it wil float on top of
  the water.
9. We used a siphon to separate the layers. We filled the siphon (a
  flexible rubber tube) with water, and while covering one end,
  plunged the siphon deep into the water layer. Hold the free end
  of the siphon below the other end of the siphon, and let go of
  the end. Let the liquid drain into a jar. Throw out the watery layer.
  The other way to separate the layers is with a separatory funnel, or the
  approximate version (a plastic bag). Pour the entire contents of the
  bottle into the sealable plastic bag, seal it, let the layers separate,
  version (a plastic bag). Pour the entire contents of the bottle into the
  sealable plastic bag, seal it, let the layers separate, clip off the
10.If you want to minimize the amount of water-ammonia-cough syrup inactive
  ingredients, add more water, let separate and siphon (or separate)
  again. We were paranoid and did this four times. The product we got
  towards the end didn't even taste like ammonia.
11.Now mix the solvent layer with the citric acid solution.
12.Transfer to snapple jar.
13.Really shake the hell out of it. We shook it for 5 minutes, splitting
  the work between the three of us.
14.It takes a few minutes to separate. Wait. Some have reported a soapy
  layer forms in between the two layers; if so, just let it sit until
  the soapy layer is completely gone (it may take a few hours).
15.Next stage. Use the siphon again, we recommend being conservative
  and not letting any solvent get into the siphon at all, so we left a
  little water layer. Or use a new plastic storage bag, and this time
  keep the water layer and discard the organic layer. Be friendly to
  the environment and let it evaporate outside; don't just pour it
  down the drain.
16.Boil the lemon juice for a few minutes (we did for seven), the theory
  is that if a little bit of the organic solvent is there, it will boil
17.Drink the Agent Lemon. We have not deterimined the best method, we think
  you could mix it with something, or maybe drink it straight. It tastes
  really bitter (that's the DXM).


(Note: This was a previous trial with 4 oz. of syrup and with lemon
juice instead of citric acid. This may give an inferior product.) One of
us (I.R.) volunteered to assay the material extracted. Since I am a 105
kg. male in good health (except for the tail end of a nagging cold) I
was considered to be the best subject. I thinned the material from about
1 fl. oz. to about 8 fl. oz. and added six tablespoons of sugar. I
consumed the material at approximately 4:20 in the afternoon. The
extracted product seemed to have a washed-out lemon taste (some flavor
oil probably went into the organic phase). There was a bitter taste
which I believe is DXM. I tasted (very carefully!) a few microliters of
the lighter fluid, and that didn't seem to match the weird taste.

After about 15 minutes (while the other investigators smoked a bong) I
noticed significant pharmacological effects. At about 5:30 I was
experiencing effects consistent with a dose of about 3.0 mg/kg. This
suggests a yield in the 90% range. (about 315 mg of 350 recovered). At
about this time, I took a couple of small bong hits myself, which
produced instant second plateau effects. This backs up my assay of the
dosage. At this time (9:30) I am still experiencing light effects.

The new citric acid product now sits in Mr. Barris's refrigerator. We
plan to test it soon (possibly this weekend, Mar. 1 1996) and will

[1] http://www.frognet.net/dxm

This research was sponsored by DDD Grant 3125-5-23. The Department of
Dirty Deeds is an equal opportunity employer.

from compiled information

Currently, there are many DXM suppliers that will ship to private
individuals. They do not condone recreational use and will only ship
for research purposes. Listed below is some basic information on them
taken off the Internet. For a more precise review of these suppliers,
see Issue 1. Current prices are listed, and where current prices are
unavailable, I posted the old price. Just get in touch with them for
the current price.
  Also note that a supplier who was listed in previous issues,
Biogenesis Laboratories of South Africa, no longer sells DXM or
Ketamine. They are still selling GHB, however (http://www.pix.za/
biogenesis). Also, these companies are no longer selling DXM:
Softearth, Plateau Labs, DxMan, and Zachary Earnest (due to his
limited supply).

WANMAN Enterprises:

Prices (current)

50g.....$125 (up $25 from 1-98)
100g....$225 (up $45 from 1-98)
200g....$400 (up $75 from 1-98)

All prices include shipping and handling.


Will only ship to the US, Canada, and England. All orders shipped within
24 hours (Sundays excluded). USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day).


 WANMAN Enterprises
 7620 Vance Rd.
 Kernersville, NC  27284

Please send money orders or certified checks only. Please enclose a
letter stating how many grams of DXM you want.


Contact [email protected] for more information.


Prices (current)

The price includes shipping within the US only.


They accept international orders by payment of an international money
order only. International orders must add US $5 additional for shipping.


 P.O. Box 180684
 Austin, TX  78718-0684

Please send an email with your address before you send your money so
they can have your order prepared beforehand.


Contact [email protected] for more information.

Chemical Resale of Santa Barbara (CRSB):


Check their web site for their current prices, since they tend to
change from time to time.


No information known.


 Chemical Resale of Santa Barbara
 6 Harbor Way, Suite #171
 Santa Barbara, CA  93109-2353


Visit CRSB's site at http://www.sb.net/wirehead. Orders can also be
emailed to [email protected]

Kristopher Kindell:

Prices (current)

All prices include shipping and handling to the continental United
States. Please make check, cashiers check or money order payable to:
Kristopher Kindell


Orders will be shipped within three business days if payed for with money
order or cashiers check.


 Kristopher Kindell
 8340 W. Markley Rd.
 Ludlow Falls, OH  45339

Please enclose a letter stating how many grams you want.


Visit his web site at http://members.tripod.com/~dxmsale/index.html,
or email [email protected] for more information.

JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables:

Prices (current)

It is best to do business through their website, due to the fact that
DXM is just one of the hundreds of products they sell. All products
carry a 100% money-back guarantee of authenticity.
  Orders are usually sent in unlabeled/mislabeled (could say anything from
pampers to motor-oil on the box), recycled containers. To order from them,
you must call them and read their "Ordering Agreement Statement & Required
Release" into a tape recorder. This is necessary to solve any legal problems
that they may encounter. More information on this, including the statement
itself is located at http://www.jlfcatalog.com/disclaim.html.


No information known.


 JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables
 P.O. Box 184
 Elizabethtown, IN  47232
 Phone: 812 379-2508


Visit their website at http://www.jlfcatalog.com/, or email
[email protected]

DXM King:

Prices (current)


No information known.


 Phone: 860 291-9206


You can email him at [email protected]

by Gravol

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

A great tripping movie, it relates to drugs perfectly. It can be long
at times, but is almost always funny. However, if you're not into all
major drugs, then you probably won't find the entire thing humurous.
It consists of doing sheets of acid, huffing ether, smoking pot,
drinking, taking mescaline, taking pure adrenaline, snorting coke,
and whatever other downers and uppers they do.
  A lot of newspaper reviews are bad because obviously the person
who reviewed the movie did not relate to it because they don't do
drugs. After all, how can you make a good movie like Braveheart
and have be drugs as the main story? It just doesn't go well in
a traditional sense of movie-making. You've got to have a wacked-
out movie... and this is just the movie to see while on DXM, acid,
or any other mildly enjoyable psychedelic.
  The first time I saw it was on GHB but I later went back tripping
on DXM. It's pretty intense in some parts but you may not want to
sit through the whole thing on just DXM. Two hours is a long time :)
  It's based on a true story and stars Johnny Depp and Benicio
Del Toro. Basically they're driving around Las Vegas in a convertible,
abusing the locals, high off their asses, going to casinos all high
and tripping. It's just funny to see.

As for the rest of this section, I have devoted it to Aphex Twin
because of several people who weren't able to send me music reviews
on time. So here goes...
  There are lots of techno producers, but there is only one Aphex Twin.
Richard D, James (which is his real name) is one of the most influential
and progressive producers the music scene has ever seen since the
creation of music! Ever since a guy in my class gave me a tape with
'Universal Indicator: TB303 - TR606' I have been hooked to the music
from Richard! I buy everything he releases and he has never let me down!
The sheer variation in style of his music always offers new insights
into music. From his experiments in Ambient on his two 'Selected Ambient
Works' cd's to the strange and twisted Drum&Bass; and even some of his
singing on the 'Girl/Boy' EP he always surprises with every release! How
about the classical remix done by Phillip Glass of the song 'ICCT
Hedral'!? Aphex is always ready for some experiments!

CD reviews - Albums - these reviews are cronologically ordered

Analogue Bubblebath

This is a cd from an EP that came out quite a while ago! This is the
first thing that Richard D. James (Alias Aphex Twin/Polygon
Window/AFX/TheDiceman/and lots more) released! It's very, very cool!!
There's one ambient song (Analogue Bubblebath) and three hard ones. This
cd is only about 30 minutes, but it justifies the costs!

Selected Ambient works '85 - '92

This is an absolute classic, described by critics as the best cd in the
genre!! It features some of the best ambient songs ever made. Richard
said that it features music from when he was only 14! Well... don't read
this, just buy this bloody cd! :)

Polygon Window - Surfin on Sine Waves

This is an old cd, which I just forgot to include on this page. It's an
early work of Richard D. James, alias Aphex Twin! It's in the same style
as Selected Ambient works '85-'92 (see above). It's still one of the
better techno cd's on the market and it deserves .a place in any

Selected Ambient works II

This is the follow-up of SAW '85-'92, but that's where the comparison
ends. This cd is much less accessable than SAW1. It features almost no
beats, has no titles and has some of the most depressing music ever made
(I mean this in a way!). Another classic by the master.


This is a cd with releases by R&S; records. Aphex wasn't pleased with the
release of this cd, because all of the 12"'s could have become
collectors items!! But for us it's very good that this cd has come out,
because it is of incredible quality!! This is a pretty hard cd, so be
sure to listen to it before you buy (but I think you'll buy it anyway,
because it's just sooooo cool!!).

Donkey Rubarb (CD-single)

This is a pretty cool cd-single featuring two 'not so good' songs (the
first two on the disc) and two very, very good onces (the last two
naturally). Song number three is a 'remix' of a song from his album I
care because you do' (I forgot the title of the song). He has recorded
the song with the London Philharmonic Orchestra! Yes, it sounds really
cool (better then the original if you ask me!). Too bad for the first
two songs, but the last two make up for those!

I care because you do...

This cd is another masterpiece delivered by the master Himself: Aphex
Twin! It containes a whole lot of different types of house (Techno,
Ambient, TripHop) and is reccomended to anyone with money to spare (and
an appreciation for house of course :)

Mike & Rich - Expert knob Twiddlers

It has been on every techno lovers' wishlist. It's been awaited by every
techno lover alike! And it's finally here! The co-produced cd by Richard
D. James and Micheal Paradinas!! It's been worth the wait if you ask me!
The mixture of styles from these two great artists really works very
good! The cool happy melodies of �-ziq combined with the dark(ish)
strings and beats of Aphex Twin and the combined humor and pleasure in
making music make this cd really worth listening to! In my idea these
two guys just got into a recording studio and wondered how idiotic and
stupid they could make this. Even the cover art (on which they are
playing a game, of which I don't know the English name) is very
humorous. The use of samples and even a burp in one song is very funny!
It's definately cool!

Girl/Boy EP

Oh boy, finally a new cd from Aphex twin and it doesn't dissapoint! If
you've heard his experiments in Jungle on the Hangable Autobulb EP (on
Vinyl only) or if you've heard the incredible rhythems of Squarepusher
then you'll know what to expect. Incredible rhythms, very cool melodies
and even some singing performed by Richard himself! ('I wish the milkman
would deliver my milk... in the morning'. How's that for a lyrick! :)
Aphex Twin has entered a new level!

Richard D. James Album

Only a few weeks after the release of his latest EP (The Girl/Boy EP)
comes this album. This is one hell of an album! The beauty of his
melodies combined with some freaky beats and samples! There's one very
cool ambient-styled song (called Fingerbib (?)) and even a song which
you can describe as some sort of Christmas song (called: Goon Gumpos).
Beautiful! The only let-down is the fact that it's only 30 minutes long!
But it's worth the money!

Rubber Johnny - Jamrolypoly

As the title suggests this is by far the least accessable cd (also on
vinyl) Aphex has ever released. If you listen to the song 'Peek
82454520' on the 'Richard D. James' album then you'll get the idea. It's
all freaky beats with even freakier melodies. Brilliant as ever, but not
for the faintharted...

Aphex Twin - Come to daddy (8 track EP)

If 'Jamrolypoly' is strange then this is ultimately bizarre!! It starts
with an excellent Prodigy styled song complete with screaming guitars
and shouting, which has a very scary looking and very cool video-clip in
which all people have Aphex' face and run around screaming and looking
  If you are lucky enough to have the RealPlayer plugin you can view the
clip on-line (and listen to it of course..) at the WARP site...
Then onto a very 'gentle' song with a very nice melody. This cd is so
full of different styles, it's amazing! It's also full of little
humoristic touches. Such as a little bit of singing (like on the
'Boy/Girl EP') and some shouting and freaky samples of (we think)
someone who came to visit Aphex in his studio. Very bizarre, very
excellent, a must-have for any Aphex Fan!!

Various - TheMikeFlowersPopsMeetsTheAphexTwin

Mike Flowers Pops are known for their 70's style pop-covers of hits like
'light my fire' from the Doors. The first song on this mini-album (or
EP, whatever) is the original song bye MFP called Freebase. The next 6
songs are remixes bye names as Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and The
Mellowtrons. Especially the Luke Vibert mix is very cool and I can
safely say some of the best Jungle on the market! If you want Jungle,
then buy this cd!! (It's cheap too!!)

The gentle people - Journey (CD-Single)

This cd is the ambient version of the current hype: Easy Tune. It's very
spacey and very 'seventies'. Cool melodies, cool rhythems, and cool
vocals! It's also got a mix by Aphex Twin! Well worth your dough if you
ask me!
C D reviews => CompilationsCD's with songs from Aphex on them

Various - Artificial Intelligence 2

This cd features a collection of songs from the label Warp. It's high
quality and very relaxing. There's also a video of this cd with cool
video-clips. I myself think it's cool, but nothing really special
(except for the songs by Speedy-J and Aphex Twin), but decide for

Nav Katze - Don't mind the distortion

This cd is from a Japanese group, but contains mixes by Aphex Twin,
Blackdog, Reload and a few more. Very cool and relaxing stuff with even
in two of the songs a few (Japanese) vocals!!
Vinyl reviewsLots of stuff from Aphex is and was released on vinyl,
here's some we have...
Some of the reviews where done by Erik

AFX - Hangable Autobulb EP (Warp; WAP 67)

AFX is Richard D. James and he usually releases his records under the
name AFX on his own Rephlex lable. With this EP Richard comes to new
hights, that of jungle. Never before has ony record of him sounded like
this one. This EP sounds different from any other Jungle record ever,
but this shouldn't be a surprise, because everything he does sounds
different then other things! On side A you have 'Children Talking' with
a very strange sample and 'Hangable Autobulb'. The ending of this song
is very strange and is more of an audio-experiment than music really.
Another audio-experiment is to be found on side B. The track 'Bit' is
only 6 seconds long. Every song has his own little peculiarity and this
makes this a very good 6-song 12"!

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 4 (Rephlex Cat 019EP)

No titles on this one for a change. Not that it matters, because a title
doesn't make a song any better. Four tracks, that - again - differ very
much in style. A very hard song in which it seems that an elephant (!?)
has been sampled, an acid number, an ambient number (the best one in my
opinion) and a happy techno-song with a very happy melody (this one is
Teccie's favorite). It's all very different from the last Ananlogue
Bubblebath record (number 3 in case you where wondering). This record
has got all styles covered, so this is no boring 12" whatsoever!

GAK 1-4 (Warp; WAP 48)

This record was released in 1994, but the songs are from 1990. It is
said that Richard D. James made them and that isn't a strange conclusion
if you hear the songs. The four songs that this 12" holds sound very
different from your main-stream techno. All the numbers are at about the
same level of quality. GAK1 is a piano-song with a good melody, GAK2 is
a easy song with a relaxed melody. GAK3 is a bit harder, the hihats
sound very distorted and GAK4 is again a bit more relaxed with a
melodious bassline that continues through the whole song.

Please note that the above was not written by me, so ignore any
grammatical errors ;)

from the Physicians' Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs

Note: Acetaminophen is very deadly. DXM products which contain this
substance can kill very easily. The original list contained products
containing Acetaminophen but in order to shorten the list we have taken
those products out and included all other DXM-containing products.

Included below are 48 non-prescription medications containing various forms
of DXM. Listed are the active ingredients, any relative notes or cautions,
and a rating of the medication. Ratings are based on the amount of DXM in
the medication and if any harmful ingredients are available. Ratings range
from one * to 4 *'s, with no *'s being the worst rating; if something is
rated with no *'s, you should avoid taking it, probably because of the
presence of Acetaminophen in the medication or very low amounts of DXM.

1. Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine
  by Miles Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Aspirin 325mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, Phenylpropanolamine
  Bitartrate 20mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its
  soluble ionic form, sodium acetylsalicylate.
  Rating: *
2. Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine
  by Miles Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Aspirin 500mg,
  Doxylamine Succinate 6.25mg, Phenylpropanolamine
  Bitartrate 20mg, DXM HBr 15mg.
  Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its
  soluble ionic form, sodium acetylsalicylate.
  Doxylamine Succinate is an antihistamine.
  Rating: **
3. Benylin Adult Formula Cough Suppressant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
4. Benylin Expectorant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 5mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Notes: Guaifenesin may cause nausea in high doses.
  Rating: *
5. Benylin Multisymptom
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Rating: *
6. Benylin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating: *
7. Buckley's Mixture
  by W.K. Buckley
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 12.5mg
  in a sugar-free base.
  Rating: **
8. Cerose DM
  by Wyeth-Ayerst
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg, Phenylephrine HCl 10mg,
  Alcohol 2.4%.
  Rating: **
9. Cheracol-D Cough Formula
  by Roberts
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg, Alcohol 4.75%.
  Rating: *
10.Cheracol Plus Cough Syrup Multisymptom Cough/Cold Formula
  by Roberts
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 20mg,
  Phenylpropanolamine HCl 25mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
  Alcohol 8%.
  Rating: *
11.Children's Vicks NyQuil Cold/Cough Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
12.Coricidin Cough & Cold Tablets
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
  DXM HBr 30mg.
  Rating: ***
13.Cough X Lozenges
  by Ascher
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 5mg, Benzocaine 2mg.
  Rating: *
14.Dimetapp DM Elixir
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Brompheniramine
  Maleate 2mg, Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: **
15.Dorcol Children's Cough Syrup
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudoephedrine
  HCl 15mg, Guaifenesin 50mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
16.Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps (No longer available)
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg.
  Rating: ****
17.Drixoral Cough + Congestion Liquid Caps
  by Schering-Plough HealthCare
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
18.Novahistine DMX
  by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
19.PediaCare Cough-Cold Liquid
  by McNeil Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  1mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
20.PediaCare Night Rest Cough-Cold Liquid
  by McNeil Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Chlorpheniramine Maleate
  1mg, Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating: *
21.Pediatric Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: *
22.Pediatric Vicks 44e Chest Cough & Chest Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 10mg,
  Guaifenesin 100mg.
23.Pediatric Vicks 44m Cough & Cold Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.
  Rating: *
24.Robitussin Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): Guaifenesin 200mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
25.Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: ****
26.Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough & Cold
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.
  Rating: **
27.Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Formula
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
  Rating: *
28.Robitussin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Rating *
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Guaifenesin 100mg,
  Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
  by A.H. Robins Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Guaifenesin 100mg,
  DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: *
31.Sucrets 4-Hour Cough Suppressant
  by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
32.Sudafed Cough Syrup
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudophedrine
  HCl 15mg, DXM HBr 5mg, Guaifenesin 100mg.
  Rating: *
33.Triaminic AM Cough and Decongestant Formula
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 7.5mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
  Rating: *
34.Triaminic Nite Light Nighttime Cough and Cold Medicine for Children
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Pseudoephedrine
  HCl 15mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg, DXM HBr 7.5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, grape-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
35.Triaminic-DM Syrup
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Phenylpropanolamine
  HCl 6.25mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, berry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
36.Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Cold Tablets
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per tablet): Phenylpropanolamine HCl
  12.5mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg, DXM HBr 10mg.
  Rating: **
37.Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Relief
  by Sandoz Consumer
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): Phenylpropanolamine
  HCl 6.25mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Notes: In a palatable, cherry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.
  Rating: *
38.Vicks 44 Dry Hacking Cough
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: **
39.Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
40.Vicks 44 LiquiCaps Non-Drowsy Cough & Cold Relief
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per softgel): DXM HBr 30mg,
  Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.
  Rating: **
41.Vicks 44e
  by Procter & Gamble
  Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL): DXM HBr 20mg,
  Guaifenesin 200mg.
  Rating: *
42.PediaPressin Drops
  by Quintex
  Active Ingredients (per drop): Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
  Guaifenesin 50mg, DXM HBr 5mg.
  Rating: *
43.Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free DM
  by Scot-Tussin
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL): DXM 15mg,
  Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.
  Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.
  Rating: **
44.Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free Cough Chasers Lozenges
  by Scot-Tussin
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM 2.5mg.
  Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.
45.Sucrets 4-Hour Cough Suppressant
  by SmithKline Beecham
  Active Ingredients (per lozenge): DXM HBr 15mg.
  Rating: ****
46.Suppressin DM Caplets
  by Quintex
  Active Ingredients (per caplet): DXM HBr 15mg,
  Guaifenesin 200mg.
  Rating: *
47.Delsym Extended-Release Suspension
  by Fisons
  Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
  DXM Polistirex.
  Notes: DXM Polistirex is equivalent to
  30mg of DXM HBr.
  Rating: ****
  Active Ingredients: DXM HBr, Pseudoephedrine HCl,
  Carbinoxamine maleate.
  Notes: No other information is known on
  this product at this time.
  Rating: N/R

As far as DXM sources available in Europe, one user who lives in Italy said
he used Fluprim by Roche (which should be available all over the European
community). It contains 300 mg of DXM per bottle of lozenges or syrup and
327 mg per box of tablets (each box contains 20 tablets), and DXM is the
only active ingredient. He also mentions Vicks for Dry Cough but it only
has 150mg per bottle of syrup and has a very nasty taste (not recommended).
 However, another person living in Italy said Fluprim was not available
anymore (at least in his area), and to stay away from a similar brand
called Formitral Sucrets
 Also, some users in the United Kingdom pointed out Vicks Vaposyrup, which
contains DXM and guaifenesin, and Robitussin Dry Cough. The other ingredients
in the latter are ethanol, disodium edetate, sodium benzoate, and amaranth
(not sure if these are active or inactive ingredients).
  If you have any information on any other DXM cough preparations please
let me know and I'll include them in this section.


Listed below are several Internet sites containing useful information
about DXM. Please note that these may be outdated, they were current
as of 1-98, and I was not able to update them in time for this issue.

The DXM FAQ - highly recommended

The Third Plateau - highly recommended site

The DXM Appreciation Page


The Lycaeum - DXM

Infomed Drug Guide - DXM pharmacology

Experiences in using DXM as a smart drug

Home of the DXM calculator for Windows

Dextromethorphan in the treatment of a child's epilepsy

Hyperreal's Dissociative Page

Big Fun Glossary - gives an idea of the DXM drug culture

Deja Vu - Confessions of a Robo Tripper

The Dextromethorphan Defense - what to do about drug tests

Medline - search this for studies done with DXM

BURR Online - Abusing Cough Syrup article done by KSU college students

DeeXMan's Dextromethorphan Page

The Happy Place in Your Brain...DXM Stuff

Official DXM Zine Web Site

Usenet - drug newsgroups on the Internet
       alt.drugs hierarchy, rec.drugs hierarchy, talk.politics.drugs

A DXM Zine Web Site

DXM EFnet IRC channels - DXM chat
       IRC channel #dxm, #high, #uaf

from Internet reports

Listed below are a few of the more interesting trip reports we have come
across floating around out there on the Internet. Dosage and other relative
information are given when available, and we made no attempt at correcting
grammatical errors, so read at your own risk. Enjoy!

Satva (male).

Monday 4/20/98

I was visiting my friend Jami at college in Indiana when we decided to dex.
I have dex'd at least 100 times, possibly even 200, and Jami has around 4
maybe, I don't really know.  But anyway, it must have been around 5 or 6pm
on Saturday night when we took about 500mg of pure dxm.  We may have each
taken another cap, I really can't remember, but I think we took it later in
the day.  Right after that we wandered around campus for a short time.  Then
we went and had water in some coffee shop.  I started to feel the trip come
on, so we decided to leave.  Walking back to her dorm we noticed how the
outlines of the trees and buildings were much clearer and brighter.  I noticed
the trees had the most outline to them, they seemed to have much more 3
dimensional shape than usual which was really cool considering how everything
normally looks dark and boring to me.  I don't really remember what happened
after this.  We must have met up with Jami's brother, Lee, and his friend
Jamie.  We went to the hotel room we had rented for the night where Lee and
Jamie were each going to take 500mg.  This was their 1st time dexing.  I
have no idea where time seems to have gone now, because I can't remember
getting to the hotel and I do not remember meeting Jamie there.  Anyway, I
remember standing outside of the hotel room on the walkway looking down at
the cars in the parking lot.  I don't know why, but there were lots of people
standing in front of their rooms doing the same.  I guess the police came next
and asked us if there was a party, probably because of all the idiots on the
porch.  Lee still thinks he made the cop go away somehow, I don't know why or
how, but he thinks he did.  I'm not really sure what I remember next but
somehow we ended up with a few of the kids that were standing in front
of the rooms in our room partying with us, there must have been like
5 or 6 of them.  I remember walking to a different room, but I don't
remember what it looked like or where it was.  I later learned it was the
kids room that we had met.  I remember walking back to our room from wherever
we had been and thinking it was a hallway containing a showroom of new cars,
with a lot of flashing colors and loud music playing.  There was one kid who
had long dark hair and he was weird acting, like always laughing and pointing,
I guess his name was Chad.  I remember him saying he was 18 (although he
looked about 14) and that he lived in a town in Michigan called Dowagiac.
Another one of the kids was a fat one named Bob.  I also remember two
Mexican looking kids.  One looked older and for some reason he reminded me
of someone's uncle, I'm not sure who's though.  I thought those two were
gay for some reason and I remember both Jami and Jamie making fun of them for
what I thought was being gay.  Which they weren't, Jamie was just laughing a
lot, I think she was itching a lot also, but that has nothing to do with it.  
The only other one I really remember was some drunk guy laying across from
me on the other bed, but I do not remember him saying anything or doing
anything.  I only remember getting a few words out that night, like I kept
asking those kids for acid, and telling them I would buy a sheet if they
could get it.  I don't think I was speaking very clearly, and it must have
sounded very slurred.  The next morning I learned that I only got a word out
like every other hour, and it sounded very slurred and very impaired.  I
also remember Jami being really concerned about my heart beating very fast
and she seemed scared and worried.  We also cuddled a lot, but I think she
must have been the one cuddling with me because I don't remember moving off
the bed very much.  Later I remember Chad coming in with a video camera and
laughing at me.  I'm not sure how long he videotaped us for or for what
reason.  the next thing I can remember is Jami puking in the bathroom and
me laying on the floor next to her where I found another 250mg cap that I
took. I think it was my 5th one. I don't remember taking the other 2 that
somewhere in there I had taken but I know for sure I did, because that was
my plan, and they all tell me I took them.  Nor do I remember anyone else
taking theirs, but Jami had taken a 3rd one and Jamie and Lee had each taken
2. I guess I bugged Jami a lot to take a shower with me. which we were going
to do, but we never did for some reason.  The next thing I can remember, well
I think it is the next thing (but the order that I remember everything in may
be scattered), I remember the drunk guy laying on the bed across from me and
they were trying to get him to leave. I asked Jami if they were sleeping in
our room because I didn't want them to stay with us. I felt kind of em-
barrassed that they were with us. I don't know why. its just the way I felt.
I also remember the room feeling like a freezer (not cold, but the shape
and the way the hotel door looked (heavy and like the door to a walk in
freezer would look).  It also felt like we were still at the school in some
ones dorm. I even forgot at times we were at a hotel. I just didn't know
where we were or what I was. It was extremely weird.  I also remember
thinking Bob was jacking off under a blanket. I don't know if he was or
not though.  The next thing that comes to mind is that I found myself with a
bloody nose, and it would not stop. I guess Jami was trying to help me, but
she had to leave because she got extremely scared that I was going to die or
something (I think she was about to faint) it must have finally stopped
though I really don't remember.  After this I think I heard music and I told
them, "sometimes when I'm on dxm I can hear music playing in my head" both
Jami and Jamie laughed at me and said it was the radio. I'm like, "Oh, why
are they outside with a radio?"  I though Chad and his friends were outside
playing with a radio, but it was the radio in our room right next to us, and
I had totally forgotten that we had brought one.  After this I slightly
remember watching some movie called Stranded.  It seemed like a really cool
movie at the time, but I totally forget what it was about.  It could have
been a horror movie, but I'm not really sure.  I think by this time both
Jami and Jamie were asleep.  Oh yeah, I took some melatonin and a sleeping
pill in here somewhere before Jami had gone to bed, but I'm not sure when.
I could have even woke her up to get it for me, but I think she may have
given them to me before she went to bed. I think I talked to Lee too and
asked him what the movie was about, but I'm not sure what he said. I just
think he told me the name of it. I don't remember any parts of the movie,
and I barely remember it ending. I don't even think I knew it was over. I
just asked why we weren't watching it anymore and I think Jamie woke up and
told me it was over, or maybe Lee told me I really cannot remember.  A while
went by, and I think this is when I started panicking. I remember Jami
sleeping next to me and grinding her teeth, which sounded very loud at the
time, and she kept rubbing her nose in her sleep, she also looked like an
old man.  The atmosphere was really dark, and I even wondered if somehow
had ended up in the wrong room next to some weird-o.  It really scared me,
because I had really thought that I might have. I even looked at her face
really closely and I still couldn't make it out to be her.  I couldn't see
Jamie on the other bed, or Lee, but he was sleeping on the floor, and I
didn't know that at the time.  As the hours went on I started hearing
voices saying shit like, "your gonna die" which I thought was that Chad
kid and his friends hollering outside somewhere, and I started to believe
that they were going to kill us. I also heard, "kill, kill, kill," but it
had no meaning to me at the time. the more I thought about that 1st voice
saying, "your gonna die" I started to believe that it was true. I started
thinking that Chad and his buddies had rigged the air conditioner in the
room to somehow poison us with carbon monoxide. I woke Jami up quite a few
times, bugging her to believe me, but I could not get her to.  She was also
very tired which intensified my thoughts more, because I thought that we
would have gotten tired and lazy from the carbon monoxide in the air. I
looked around the room somewhat and saw a busted smoke detector on the wall,
which I thought had something to do with the poisoning.  So, I woke up Jami
again.  She was just like "whatever Jake, it's a smoke detector fucking go
to bed."  I'm not really sure how much time passed after this, but I went
outside a couple times. I think by then it had started getting light out.
I also remember hearing someone yelling "HEY!" and hearing a car squeal off.  
So, I went outside to check it out, and saw nothing.  But a little while
later I heard more talking, so I went outside again to find a policeman
talking with some guests down a few doors. I think that actually a car may
have been stolen, but I'm not sure.  I think Jami also heard that guy say
"HEY!" so I know it wasn't a hallucination. I still really believed that we
were being poisoned and I didn't know what I should do. I tried getting Jami
to go outside with me, but she wouldn't.  She had gone out with me two other
times, but I think she just got tired of dealing with me.  This time she
said that she was too tired, which made me believe my thoughts more and more.  
At one point I heard gun shots and people screaming, but I think I just hall-
ucinated it.  Later, I went outside again, and saw another cop car there.  
This made me start to believe that the police knew something was wrong with
the air conditioners or something, but I was too embarrassed and shy to go
ask what was wrong.  I also wanted to tell them what I thought Chad and his
friends did to us, but I thought I might look stupid (not because I thought
that my thoughts might be from the drug, but because I thought I might look
stupid freaking out).  I totally believed we were going to die though, and I
thought for sure I was going to hell.  More time went on, and I thought I
could hear someone outside messing with the top of our door, so I went and
looked, NO ONE! I was starting to get really freaked and just wanted to lie
down, go to sleep, and just die in my sleep (I thought I would anyway) after
I lay there for a while. I saw someone look in the window, so I went outside,
and it was Chad, and the rest of the kids from the night before, they were
leaving.  They asked why we were not up yet, because check out time was in
about an hour. I guess it was already like 11am.  I think for a while after
this I still believed our room was full of carbon monoxide, but my fears
eventually faded.  Once we were all awake we talked for a while.  I couldn't
speak quite clearly yet, but I managed. Jamie told me that she has had a bad
trip before and that they are really scary. I don't think Lee and Jami
understood totally what I was feeling like, but at least they were not mean
about it.  After we talked, I took a shower, and we left the hotel. I was
very tired by now, but Lee and I were leaving in about an hour to head back
home to Michigan (about a 6-7 hour drive), so I figured I would just sleep
then.  On the way home I didn't sleep, but I became very energetic and really
started becoming very happy.  I felt so good to be alive. I was the happiest
I had been in a long, long time, and I thought to myself, "I bet this is what
ecstasy is like."  Once I arrived home, I explained to my mom what had
happened, and told her how good I felt, and that I thought that I was going
to be a lot happier about life from then on.  She was kinda mad that I had
done dxm, but she was happy that I thought I was going to do better. I asked
her if I could go drop a movie off that I had forgotten to take back from the
week before, so she let me use the car.  On the way back from the video store
I started feeling weird; like an lsd trip but without the thoughts, just what
everything looked like.  I still felt energetic though.  I got home and
couldn't park the car in the garage right.  I tried three times, but no luck.  
So, I just left it and asked my mom to park it for me.  I said, "I feel
like I'm too speedy for some reason to do it." I went to bed in about an hour,
but when I laid down I started hallucinating again (dxm hallucinations) I
thought I was in a weird castle of some sort or somehting. I really can't
remember exactly, but I started feeling really dizzy, so I went downstairs,
and asked my mom to take me to the hospital. I started panicking again, and
thinking that maybe those voices that I had heard were real, and that Chad
and his friends had maybe poisend us somehow. I wasn't really sure though.  
Just as we were about to leave I started feeling better.  I went in and laid
down, and we talked about what was going on.  I started beliveing that it was
just a flashback of some sort, so I calmed down quite a bit.  I still felt
like it was similar to lsd (just the way everything appeared even my thoughts
somewhat).  I called Jami and she told me to go to bed.  I fell asleep about
an hour after that.  This morning I woke up and felt great. I thought to
myself, "I am going to remember how I felt yesterday, so I don't start
getting depressed, and how I normally felt before Saturday night, and I'll
see how the next few days go"

Wednesday 4/22/98

I still feel really happy today, and this past week has gone by very well.
I'm not sure what happened to me on Saturday night.  Why I had those
feelings of death, I'll never know, but I do know that it changed me for
the better.  It's a very noticeable change too. I feel 100% better, and my
friends and family have even told me that I have been acting a lot happier.  
I feel like I appreciate everything more, and I never want to go back to
how I was feeling before the trip (depressed, tired, lonely, etc.).  I am
also never doing dxm again... or any drugs for that matter... at least not
for a LONG time.

Torch. 570mg + 2 friends, 675mg each

I had a very interesting experience with DXM last Friday night. I had
two friends over and we split 16 ounces three ways - 157 mg each. We
started watching an old movie we remembered from out childhood - The
Last Unicorn. About halfway through the movie the effects set in, and
the story became very hard to follow, but watching all the animation was
cool. After the movie we started talking and had all kinds of
conversations... We thought about a cure for AIDS, discussed our fears
of being 'big people' (growing up, going to college), and many other
things I can't remember. A few hours later my two friends split 75 mg
more each; I didn't want any because I was feeling nauseous from
drinking the syrup earlier. About an hour after that we each took three
pills, but one of my friends took 4.

That fourth one seemed to push him over into the third plateau, because
he talked about all of his weird feelings and all of the other things he
could not explain. About half an hour into his being on the third
plateau the sun began to rise and we decided it was time to sleep. We
laid down and my friend started talking about all the strange things he
saw when he closed his eyes - I don't remember exactly what he said. A
little later he started saying some really weird shit - "I'm gonna ram
your boat! Watch out!" We'd say back to him, "Ram it! Ram it!"

Then he started babbling about how he was a mescalibur worm. We didn't
know what the hell he was talking about but I was extremely tired so I
told my other friend to tell him a story that ended in him sleeping. At
this point my tripping friend was flying through space as this worm, so
my other friend told him a story about going into a space station and
seeing NASA beds. He laid down in the NASA beds, they were very
comfortable, and he fell soundly asleep.

He was quiet for a little while and we thought it worked, but then he
started screaming "Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" We were worried about him so we
tapped him trying to wake him up but he wouldn't stop and he kept
talking about how he was a mescalibur worm and his job was to go through
the green tunnels very fast. We stood him up and he still thought he was
that worm, so we started to freak out recalling stories about people who
have tripped on acid and thought they were a dog or an orange for the
rest of their life. We held him and started saying "Your name is X, and
you're not a worm, your a human being. You're a HUMAN BEING. Now what
are you?" And he would reply "A human being." We said "Not a mescalibur
worm.." and he would gasp and look really scared... It took us about 30
minutes to convince him that he was a human and not a worm.

We turned on the TV and had him watch it, explaining that the animals he
saw on it were humans, just like he was. Then we started playing Piggy
by NIN and let him sjust like he was. Then we started playing Piggy by
NIN and let him sing along to it so he could participate in something
familiar to him (we got kind of worried when the lyrics were 'nothing
can stop me now, 'cause I don't care, any more' It turned out

This whole time I was scared out of my mind... I didn't know how to
explain to his mother that he now thought he was a mescalibur worm and
all he talked about was flying through tunnels. When he finally came out
of it he told us about the experience of going through the green
tunnels, and then flying through space and sleeping in NASA beds.

The whole experience was frightening but fun to look back on. After we
brought him back I tried to sleep and saw some interesting things
myself. I saw this strange string made up of many long, intertwined
fibers, and I was that string. I had to destroy all of the squares of
the quilt I was covered with or else I couldn't fall asleep. And if I
couldn't even do that, some voice told me, I was worthless. And later as
I was asleep I had to put my head on red glowing squares or else my body
wouldn't metabolize the DXM. It did this, but the squares disappeared
one by one until there were none left, and then I was worried that I
wouldn't be able to get rid of it.

I slept 'till two the next day and when I awoke I felt strange all day.
The next day (today) I felt fine, and my bad-trip friend seemed to
suffer no ill-effects from his experience, but he is reluctant to try
DXM again.

S. C. 700mg.

The dosage was about 700 mg - the most FOAF had ever choked down. After
experiencing the normal start-up body stone and perceptual distortions,
he fell asleep. Now picture yourself waking up in the Abyss. You are an
amnesiac. You can remember only the following facts:

1.You are something called a "human being" (although you're not quite
sure what that is). 2.Your name, and how to spell it. 3.The name of your
employer. 4.The fact that it is something called "Saturday night" - or
is it "Sunday night"? This is important because you must be back to
something called "work" on Monday! Except for this disconcerting notion,
the concept of time is irrelevant to you. 5.Vague awareness of the fact
that the reason you are here (in this Abyss) is because you took some
sort of drug. 6.Vague awareness that there is another reality somewhere,
where your body is located (in which you belong). If you do not get back
to it, eventually it will be found and taken to an place called a
"hospital" and there will be much unpleasantness when at last you

Now picture yourself spending several hours lapsing between
unconsciousness and consciousness, your amnesiac trip through the Abyss
seemingly beginning anew each time you wake up. You have no idea how
many of these cycles you have gone through, or how many more you must
endure. Perhaps this is the whole of existence? But no, you vaguely
recall the fact numbered 6 above. This nightmare existence lasts until
eventually you begin realizing you are finally coming back to that thing
called "reality". Next time you wake up, you are almost there and the
amnesia is gone (for which you are most deeply relieved).

As for the physical appearance of this personal hell - well, it a series
of enormous, dim dingy rooms through which you float. They look like
giant basements, often streaked with stains and filled with rubble.
Sometimes you see something else to break up the monotony. FOAF won't
bother describing them, but suffice it to say you don't appreciate the
strangeness of them at the time (since you've lost the memories of
reality by which you could compare them). Flowing columns of streaky,
stainy gunk are common, dismal sights. Yuck.

This is experience FOAF is not eager to repeat. The amnesia was
definitely something he'd not experienced (at least, not to the point of
crises) in previous trips. FOAF intends to lay off the "dark
hallucinogen" for a while.

AN17016. 720mg.

It hit pretty fast (within a half an hour) with light headedness and
slight disorientation. After an hour there was SEVERE disorientation and
depersonalization. He felt almost as if he were outside himself looking
in. There weren't especially harsh visual effects as in real
hallucinations. Things were very grainy and somewhat distorted. Unable
to keep focus on much of anything. He got severe itching fits several
times (the only way around it was to ignore the itching, stop and wait
til you forget about it). Breathing often felt slightly constricted as
if you were wearing a tight shirt collar. There were severe heat flashes
so that we had to turn a fan on high in an air conditioned house.
Walking was very difficult. Hard to keep a balance. Time was VERY
distorted. The whole trip lasted about an 1.5-2 hr. for the strong
effects but it seemed like FOREVER. He was also very dehydrated and
found it hard to get the damn cherry taste out of his mouth. Also, this
person has taken many trips on acid and several shroom trips and has
never had anything as scary as this experience. Several times he
wondered if he would make it through it alive. Probably due to the fact
that it was an unknown experience. 4 hr. after taking the tussin he was
driven home from the friends' place he was at. He through up twice
between the stairs and the door to his room. Apparently the car ride had
disturbed his stomach. Luckily almost all he had in his stomach was
liquid from drinking. Coming down took a while. Effects were very
similar to coming down off of acid. Unable to sleep, small muscle
jitters. All in all something he would never do again and which is
really going to turn him off of drugs for a while, if not forever.

Anonymous. 720mg.

By the time I finished the second bottle things started getting weird, I
felt like I was getting hot flashes in my head (sort of like doing 500mg
Niacin) shortly after that all hell broke loose, I was projectile
vomiting, thank god I made it to the can, the next two hours were spent
just trying to get over the nausea. I have been hesitant to repeat this

Anonymous. 720mg + 3-4 beers + 1 joint cannabis

Needless to say, many of my would-be companions to the outer planes of
consciousness faltered somewhere along this path-not many could keep up
past step 2. In fact, once we were watching the "Grateful Dead Movie"
and, at the first there's this little animation sequence that's kinda
neat but not too heavy, and, just as the robo was beginning to take
effect, one unfortunate traveler arose suddenly, and proclaimed that he
"could not take it anymore", then fled from the room at approximately 4
am, alone. To this day, neither I nor my other companions of that
fateful night have seen him since. Wherever he is, may his road be clear
and burdens be light.

Roto (98kg male). 800mg (8.2mg/kg), "some" cannabis

Friday evening I took about 800mg of DXM HBr. About one hour later I
smoked some marihuana (I could feel the effects of DXM coming) and some
minute later my heart rate jumped to almost 200 and stood there for
about one hour. I was really scared and had some moments of true panic.
Afterward my pulse stabilized at about 130.

Now... Since Saturday morning I feel a pain in my chest and in the back,
between the shoulders. I saw three (3) doctors, had an EKG and
everything seems to be OK. Anyway, I have an appointment for tomorrow
with a fourth doctor and I wanna ask for a EKG under load. Today my
situation seems improved a bit.

By the way, I weigh about 98 Kg, am pretty fit and absolutely healthy
(until Saturday, at least). During this experience I've never lost
consciousness, I never felt any acute pain (at least not acute enough to
be felt in the conditions I was), I didn't bleed from the nose neither I
had blood in the urine/feces or broken blood vessels in my eyes.

[Note: it's my general conclusion that Roto suffered from a panic
attack, and that the chest and back pains were a combination of muscle
soreness and possibly indigestion. The physicians basically came to the
same conclusion, and eventually told him that he had probably not been
in any serious danger. One physician pointed out that stomach pain can
appear to come from the chest area.  - W.W.]


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the zine together. I also wish to thank my wonderful girlfriend.

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