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Issue 13.  August 2002.
A Symposium of Articles Pertaining to DXM Use      
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DISCLAIMER : The authors of this zine do not condone the use of dextromethorphan in any way. This text is simply used as an informative guide to issues relating to dextromethorphan use and should be used for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any actions taken by anyone reading this text.

WARNING : While the authors of this zine do not condone the use of dextromethorphan in any way, a strict warning also is warranted here regarding the dangers of Coricidin Cough & Cold. Each year, the rate of death of individuals who overdose from this dangerous medication increases, and for this reason this zine will no longer publish trip reports involving this medication, nor will we publish any information that may cast Coricidin Cough & Cold in a positive light. Anyone still using this medication should stop immediately, because of the dangers of the secondary active ingredient, chlorpheniramine maleate.



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4  DXM in the Media
5  DXM, Astral Travel, and the Psychic Sensor
6  The DXM You Never Knew
7  DXM Induced Hypoxia
8  The Crossing of the Abyss
9  Anthropomorphication
10 Mixing DXM with Tryptamines
11 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
12 Sheer Madness
13 DXM in Science
14 Tales from the Darkside
15 DXM Artwork
16 Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder
17 Acknowledgements/Zine Information




I won't take up much of your time since you have quite an issue before you. I've updated a few sections including the new "DXM in Science" section which is dedicated solely to DXM and science research. There's also a spiffy new map that tracks all the latest incidents of DXM being exposed in local media around the country.
  The Zine is currently in a period of transition - I'm trying to get the right format down with the right look - so if you have any suggestions on making things appear easier-to-read and better-looking, please contact me via email. I've also enlarged the text font so it's easier-to-read. I take subscriber comments very seriously and am always trying to improve this Zine to suit your needs. So please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think!

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by gravol

The DXM Research Project is still in its beginning stages. So far, VaeSolis from the Dextroverse has been able to raise over $4000, but the project is very slow to take birth - so please be very patient, and we will update you with any new information. Also look for a future interview with Dr. J.M. Olney by VaeSolis. If you have any comments or questions regarding his project you can contact VaeSolis through [email protected] .

by gravol

Congratulations to EvilX and Dex'd420, who won 5 grams and 10 grams of pure dextromethorphan powder, respectively. EvilX participated in the monthly survey and his name was drawn out of a hat. Dex'd420 contributed article information that will be published in an upcoming issue.
 And for those of you who are new at this, the DXM Zine will now be giving away free DXM HBr in powder form exclusively to contributors of the Zine. All articles must be submitted by the 20th of each month, and one entry per email person will be submitted for a monthly drawing. The approximate amount that will be given away will be 10 grams each month. Special thanks to the Dextroverse for help making this possible. If you would like a chance to win free DXM then please contribute and make yourself known to the DXM community!
  Upon receiving an article contribution, you will receive notification that you've been entered in the contest and the winners will be announced in each upcoming Zine. Good luck!

by gravol

I have taken the liberty of starting to convert all past issues to a viewer-friendly HTML and RTF format with graphics included. Eventually, all these issues will be located at the Dextroverse site, which is the official home of the DXM Zine. As each issue is converted, I will contact you through the DXM Mailing List and provide you with the URL. In the meantime, you can still view past issues 1-10 at Robert F. Golaszewski's site, http://www.dextromethorphan.ws/zines.

by xganon

This site is a collection of reader-submitted reports describing the effects of DXM on depression or other mental disorders. If you have used DXM and noticed any temporary or permanent relief of mental disorders, please email me. If DXM use has made any mental disorders worse, I am also interested, but readers should keep in mind that psychiatrists (and many users) are prejudiced against this drug and have a tendency to attribute any percieved ills to it. If you are writing about how DXM hurt a mental illness, please explain your logic in attributing the problems to DXM and not some other source. If in doubt, write and send the report. I'll judge whether it's applicable or not. I'll try not to be too biased. :)
   The site is at http://www.dextroverse.org/~xganon. You can reach him via email at [email protected].


Concerning Issue 11:

From:   [email protected] 

mad props for issue 11...i luv ur e-zine,man...lots of interesting articles...gotta luv that shit ;)

Concerning Issue 12:

From:  [email protected] (Robert F. Golaszewski)

Looked it over. *Very* well done. Only thing is better citations of that stuff from peer reviewed literature would have been good.

From:  [email protected] 

I noticed you've been printing various bad experiences people have attributed to DXM. That's cool, but it could give the wrong impression about DXM use to some people. It would be cool if you asked for reports of short- and long-term positive effects from DXM use, and printed them in the next issue. It would probably do a lot to clear up the prejudice against DXM that seems to underly a lot of the discussion of it.


compiled by gravol

One subscriber from Australia gives us a report about the new Robitussin commercial for Robo Honey. It states "Robitussin has combined effective dextromethorphan with soothing honey to create Robo honey," which is odd in itself because of the spelling out of the drug name in its entirety.

compiled by gravol, rfgdxm

It has come to my attention that a musician named "MC Chris" has made a song named "Robotussin," which is about abusing DXM in the form of Robitussin. It's available in MP3 format at Robert F. Golaszewski's site ( http://www.coricidin.org/mc_chris-robotussin.mp3 ) and the file size is 6.9 MB. The lyrics below are credited to Chris Ward with music by J. Fewell.

way back college boy asked to a high school dance
couldn't wait, but my date was in my friend's pants.
didn't know what to do, mc feelin blue,
til my best friend said that the red would get me through.
went to the jewel with my crew, adults only box,
in a second hand suit, bow tie, i'm a fox.
in a car on the street, in my mouth swisher sweet
down that shit at my crib in a one gulp feat.
room starts to turn like cheese,
my tummy starts to churn like grease,
on my knees like a rug burn beast
like an intern tease with a yeast (infection.)
all the while on the tile, feel like I got the flu.
think I'm gonna throw, I think this night is through
ding dong, date's arrived and her dress is ripped.
she don't know I'm on a robotussin trip.
in the back two girls going stag fat asses.
i demand from the date her sunglasses.
do a drop roll out the car like axel.
I need an angel, I need some fuckin advil.
I got a buzz bigger than a behive
cough up my cookies let loose what's on the inside

the tussin, the tussin
put it down like it was nothing
robocop couldn't stop me puking and flushin
no balls to be bustin, no fightin, no cussin
just love for a drug called robotussin

way back college boy, live on eleventh floor.
head out my window, wonder what I'm living for.
knock on my door, what's in store, it's my buddy bux
with the rabbit ear pockets saying he is out of luck.
Need a forty for party thrown by laura kang at rubin.
all he's got is snot and a box full of ludens.
Tell'm bout the tussin, we're hayden ho hustlin'
interupting discussions about reagonomic reprocussions.
Fuck'm, we're fuckin chug luggin.
soon my stomach I'm huggin I'm trippin or something
my coat I button, keep it down like a dungeon.
you could call me the cough medicine curmudgeon.
frankly, the feeling's fuckin fantastic
I'm tripping like jesus in the desert when he fasted,
Like it's the night before we all get drafted,
Like we're rowing through some rapids with Kevin Bacon, white water rafting
Like you're on epcot center on acid? Exactly.


compiled by gravol, rfgdxm, void

The above map shows all known locations where DXM has appeared in the newspaper recently, whether it be a report outlining current abuse trends, or a death. This is not meant to be an accurate depiction of actual abuse trends because of various unknown factors, but provides a glimpse into the areas where the media is drawing attention to DXM abuse. The deaths, however, which are listed in red, are very accurate, but does not necessarily reflect trends of DXM abuse in those areas. If you have a news report you'd like us to add to this section, or know of a news article that pertains to DXM abuse, please contact the Zine via email at [email protected].

Jon Ottman reports to us from Michigan that Coricidin abuse is at an all-time high. Athletes are abusing Coricidin to open nasal passages and to enhance their athletic performance. One local chain has moved all drugs containing dextromethorphan behind the counter. Other stores are beginning to follow that same route, including CVS. The store computer systems also limit the number of boxes that can be purchased at one time, and proof of age is required to buy the product from the pharmacist. There is also a new ad campaign in conjunction with Meijer pharmacies and Michigan State Police - posters will be displayed outlining the dangers of DXM abuse at both the pharmacies and at State Police posts. If we get a copy of the poster I'll post it in this section in an upcoming edition.

This comes out of Delafield, Wisconsin - A 13-year-old Wales boy became ill and was hospitalized after taking an over-the-counter cold medicine that has become popular with teens. The boy took nine tablets of Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold, which has its own street name of "Triple C." Counselors try to suppress buzz of cough tablets

In the Toledo, Ohio Blade , Luke Shockman reports that Coricidin abuse is on the rise, with abusers typically taking between 8 and 20 pills. The problem has intensified within the past two years. Nicknames for Coricidin now include skittles, triple c, and vitamin d. Some pharmacies have begun placing them behind the counter to prevent theft.

Finally, in Kansas City, Missouri, the local news reports a rise in Coricidin theft and abuse, and notes that pharmacists will only sell the product to adults that ask for it by name.

compiled by gravol, rfgdxm

An Internet report recently came by Paul M. Wax, MD of the Department of Medical Toxicology at the Good Samaritan Regional Center in Phoenix, Arizona, blasting DXM information websites. The sites he mentions includes www.erowid.org/index.shtml,6 www.lycaeum.org,7 www.dancesafe.org,13 www.ravesafe.com/, ecstasy.org/, www.bluelight.nu, tripzine.com/, and www.eztest.com , along with the Third Plateau website. You can access the full report through the Good Samaritan Regional Center's website.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) as added DXM to their website: "Nature and effects of dextromethorphanDextromethorphan (sometimes called "DXM" or "robo") is a cough-suppressing ingredient in a variety of over-the-counter cold and cough medications. Like PCP and ketamine, dextromethorphan acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist. The most common source of abused dextromethorphan is "extra-strength" cough syrup, which typically contains 3 milligrams of the drug per milliliter of syrup. At the doses recommended for treating coughs (1/6 to 1/3 ounce of medication, containing 15 mg to 30 mg dextromethorphan), the drug is safe and effective. At much higher doses (4 or more ounces), dextromethorphan produces dissociative effects similar to those of PCP and ketamine.
  "The effects vary with dose, and dextromethorphan users describe a set of distinct dose-dependent "plateaus" ranging from a mild stimulant effect with distorted visual perceptions at low (approximately 2-ounce) doses to a sense of complete dissociation from one's body at doses of 10 ounces or more. The effects typically last for 6 hours. Over-the-counter medications that contain dextromethorphan often contain antihistamine and decongestant ingredients as well, and high doses of these mixtures can seriously increase risks of dextromethorphan abuse."

And finally, it seems that attorneys are jumping on the Coricidin Abuse Bandwagon. One such site, http://www.injuryboard.com , reports this about Coricidin: "Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold tablets or 'Triple C' as young people sometimes refer to it, is a widely available over-the-counter cough & cold medication. Triple C contains a powerful dose of dextromethorphan, a substance related to morphine. While Triple C is safe and effective when used properly to battle symptoms of the flu, many young people are attracted to Triple C because of the high it produces when taken in large doses. Some middle schools and high schools have seen an increase in abuse of Triple C by their students. Abuse of Triple C can produce behavior similar to that experienced by alcohol and marijuana users. More ominously, many students appear to mix Triple C with alcohol and other drugs. Such mixtures can be fatal. Seek professional help for your child if you suspect that he or she may be abusing Triple C. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit. Attorneys associated with InjuryBoard.com will evaluate your case free of charge. In addition, you will not pay any fees or costs unless your attorney recovers money for you."


by Lucidity

I've spent the last week researching and thinking about what the possible cause of my negative physical reactions DXM recently could be. I think I realized something last night, which explained why I could have a beautiful spiritual experience two years ago on 1.5 grams, and now come close to death from 700.  I'll explain the basic grounds for the theory, see what you think:
  Some of you who may read authors like Peter Carroll might be familiarwith the term "psychic censor", used by some metaphysicists/mystics to describe the filter that is within our mind, which by nature blocks the perception of *supernatural* phenomena, and clears enough static from our mind to allow us to focus and survive in the physical world. Without the psychic sensor we would lose our minds and go berserk.  It would be like listening to 1000 radio stations simultaneously, both visually and auditory.  Some people, for a variety of reasons, have a thinner psychic sensor than others. There are differing opinions on exactly how the psychic sensor actually does its work of filtering all this information and keeping it from reaching physical sensation.  I personally view the psychic sensor as a field of dark matter, or supercondensed energy like a black hole, which lies between your physical brain and the rest of the universe.
  Our brains carry a certain amount of electromagnetic energy within them, which allows the billions of electromagnetic transmisions within the brain to occur.  People with higer IQ's would naturally have more of this energy within their actual brain. The psychic sensor is a blanket of condensed energy which surrounds the brain.  If the psychic sensor loses energy, the brain gains it. This is the basis of my theory.  The psychic sensor is a field of energy so thickly dense that its mass not only filters universal signals but also contains within it enough energy to enlighten a person fully, to the extent that their soul becomes unwaveringly strong and achieves immortality, in other words, it is a strong enough soul to retain its identity in the spiritual realm, and has also enough understanding of the nature of creation (how to turn though tinto living material) In other words, a fully enlightened person would be one who has removed the veil of dark matter around their brain, by causing the brain/mind to consume the energy of the psychic sensor, and make it as its own, energy that can be consciously accessed and used with unlimited potential.
  I believe the psychic sensor in individuals is pretty thick in alot of people, though it would be thinner in the minds of psychotics, psychics, psychedelic drug users, *alien abductees* and mystics who employ transcendental meditation and fasting in their spiritual work.People with thick psychic sensors are most likely religious fanaticists, politicians, and others who spend most of their life immersed in some sport, hobby or career.
  This is getting to the point finally.  I realized last night that I have a much thinner psychic sensor now than I did when I started reasearching and practicing spirituality 6 years ago.  It became even thinner two years ago when I used DXM for 60 days in a row.  It explains why I have eight hour lucid dreams, why I have spontaneous sober hallucinations of people and creatures around me at least once a week. When I started using DXM I did several fourth-plateau doses.  They were all very spiritual, peaceful, fully astral experiences.  I never felt scared or threatened, and had no physical discomfort and very minimal tiredness the next day.  Third plateaus were also peaceful but more insightful since I had partial access to thought. At that time my psychic sensor was still fairly thick, so I was viewing these new spiritual realms as a bit of an outsider, the filter in my mind doing its two-way job: to limit my perception andunderstanding of the event and also providing me with a type of 'invisibility' within that realm, so my energy didnt draw the attention of other spiritual entities, kind of like the 'helmet of invisibility' in Clash of the Titans (you all have HAD to have seen that, it was my favorite movie as a kid).
  So how would a spiritual experience like 3P and 4P be altered if the person experiencing it had a thinner psychic sensor, and there foremore energy in their brain for perception.  Well obviously it would be altered in at least two ways:

1. You would have a more sensory experience, that is, you would have a larger perceptive field in the mind to experience spiritual realms,thus providing a more meaningful, realistic journey, and facilitating greater memory as well

2. You would be more easily perceived by other spirits, or conciousnesses.  This is where the possible danger comes into astral travel in my opinion, because although all consciousnesse carry a will of their own, and in some that will might not be benevolent towards us.  

Personally I dont like the idea of a possibly malevolent being seeing me appear on his realm, especially if I appear somewhat weak in energy and a good target for posession, mind-control or indoctrination. With this being the basic theory, I want to share with you some perceptions I have, in the form of conclusions we might possibly draw from these ideas, they are in no order, really, just some random thoughts along these lines.

Psychedelics and the Psychic Sensor

I believe that psychedelic drugs cause the brain to BORROW energy from the psychic sensor while under the influence, but not enough energy to remain once the users comes down off the drug.  When mental activity returns to normal in 4-8 hours, the mass of the psychic center draws the released energy, which was unable to fully integrate into the brain mass, back into itself.  Thus the 'spiritual' or 'rebirth' feeling one might have on a psychedelic might be almost fully forgotten within a few short days. I think LSD and the tryptamines are the most spiritually safe drugs. The reason being that they all have a built in period of TOLERANCE. Basically, they allow access to energy of the psychic sensor, but enact a period of tolerance equal to the time needed for the psychic censor to reassimilate all or most of the displaced energy.  Therefore the mass of the psychic sensor hasn't changed much when a person comes off a tryptamine. I mentioned that the energy borrowed during a psychedelic experience does not have time to fully integrate.  This can be changed by meditation and 'realization' during the experience.  If one has a spiritual revelation during their drug experience, and while still under the influence of the drug can actually understand the information shown and incorporate it into their belief system (encoding), they will be able to retain the energy when they return to normal.  Thus, using drugs like LSD, Mushrooms, and DMT can allow us to thin the psychic sensor permanently, but not if we are just using these drugs to get high.  The two keys to gaining permanent mental energy from a drug are

1. Understanding

2. Integration

These must both happen while one is still under the influence of the drug,or they may not have the energy available later to process the realizations and dismiss them as a faint dreamlike memory. This would suggest that DXM used for spiritual purposes could be a very spiritually dangerous drug.  The main reasons being that

1. It has NO tolerance for many uses, whether consecutive or not, and

2. Its length of duration.

Dissociatives induce astral travel.  Period.  They allow a great deal of energy to be borrowed from the psychic sensor.  The danger is, without tolerance, a person can redose on DXM before the borrowed energy can be returned, thus borrowing more on top of it, day after day.  The psychic censor becomes increasingly thin.  The person becomes more inmeshed in the spiritual realm than in their own world. This is why psychotic breaks are so common in drugs that have no tolerance: the information "revealed" to the individual is not necessarily the truth, or he/she may perceive a truth incorrectly.  If psychic sensor energy in the form of misunderstanding or a false paradigm is given time to assimilate into a person's mind through repeated drug use without periods of sobriety, the person will retain the energy, but in a very mentally damaging form.  This is why some people end up in mental hospitals.  And keep in mind this can happen without drugs, any time the psychic sensor is thinned, a person is a candidate for psychosis.  They also have a reciprocal opportunity for immense spiritual growth. So as I tripped every day and my psychic sensor became paper thin, my perception of the spiritual realms increased, and I was able to interact with consciousnesses and became the recipient of more information than I can even comprehend at this time.  The laws of probability became tipped in my favor, because with a thinner filter and more powerful brain, my thoughts and wishes had a greater effecton the energy of the universe. Surprisingly, I regained probably at least 3/4 of my psychic sensor within the 3 months after going sober.  The other 1/4 is part of me, a permanent effect on the encoding system that creates the way I perceive myself, the world and others.  Unfortunately, I think I assimilated some errors, and some damaging information which I now have to fight with in my spiritual pursuits.  For the most part, however, I feel that I have a pretty good comprehension of "things", basically I have my own 'theory of everything' which may or may not be correct, but my belief of it fully allowed me to retain the extra energy and thin the psychic sensor. Therefore we could argue "Its not the religion, but ones level of belief in it that makes one strong", "In the end all religions are the same", etc.  We've heard these things said, but here is an actual explanation for its truth.  Hopefully, no matter the paradigm we use to thin the psychic censor, when it is thinned we will be able to truly understand everything.  There can only be one ultimate truth, in my opinion is the truth of chaos, which in itself is a truth with limitless possibilities.  But many systems of attainment will increase our energy for perception. On opposite ends of the spectrum, you have probably two of the most powerful methods of attainment, one relatively safe, the otherlife-threateningly dangerous.  These would be meditation, andlong-term dissociative use.MEDITATION:  Must be done every day and diligently for the samereason: Successful meditation will allow energy to be borrowed fromthe psychic censor, prolonged and repetitious meditation will allowfor spiritual understanding and assimilation.  Since one's phsyicalfaculties (namely the brain) are basically intact while meditating,and not inhibited and rearranged by a dissociative drug, one can enterthe spiritual realms in a much stronger state, and will be better ableto make decisions, and not misinterpret information or fall intodelusional thought patterns.  There will be nearly full recollectionof the experience if done properly.DXM, on the other hand, when used days in a row, continues to thin thepsychic sensor AND dissociate oneself from their faculties, at anincreasingly fast pace the longer one continues to dose.  It seemsthat under principles of physics, if ones mind gained just one half ofthe energy of the psychic censor, the other half being less powerfulnow would be simply sucked up by the attraction of the mental energy,thus one would achieve the spontaneous enlightenment attributed to,say, the Buddha, or Christ at his death.  One would become an immortalsoul with energy so powerful it could only be destroyed by the "God"force itself, the extreme universal consciousness force.     Although this force gains energy as we do, so it seems natural that it would embrace our enlightenment fully. Over the last two years I have spent a huge amount of time learning about many angles of spiritual thought.  As I understand things, I continue to thin my psychic sensor.  If I were to guess, I would say perhaps it gets close to the 50-50 level when I trip now.
  So anyway, My conclusion is that my psychic sensor was alot thicker back in the beginning, during those beautiful 3P and 4P experiences. Its alot thinner now, possibly 50-100 trips later, topped with yoga, meditation and compulsive reading of spiritual and scientific theory.
  In January, the 7th day of a binge, 700 milligrams, resulted in an extreme physical reaction which I later posted to have felt like a spiritual attack from an unknown source.I went sober from DXM for 4 months, smoked some 5meoDMT, and during this time had incredibly long and lucid dreams, and spontaneous sober hallucinations.  Call it HPPD or whatever if you wish, the VEIL HAD THINNED MORE, and perceptions of the dimensions increased.
  Two months ago I got back on DXM, and had three near-death experiences, two after 4-5 day binges, and once the night after I had done DXM, during my sleep.  I woke up with heart rate over 200 and the feeling of severe hyperthermia and acidification which started in the region of my pituitary gland and spread painfully over my head and body. Each time I was convinced I was dying, but when I sobered up I could find no medical reason for what happened, as I am about the healthiest person I know.  So I wrote it off as a panic attack, dismissed the memories of the actual pain and emotion of realizing death, and tripped again.I now realize that I was in more physical danger than I accepted, and offer two explanations:

1. Spiritual attack--as my mind moved into other realms, it carried with it enough energy to be perceived by outside forces.  Perhaps they saw me as a threat, or wanted to posess my mind and use its energy tofurther their own existence or purpose.  Perhaps they simply wanted to steal my energy and I looked like a good doped up target to suck on for a while.  I dont know.  I know if I had been strong enough to actually reach this realm through meditation, I'd have been strong enough to defend myself, or at least come across as an equal, and possibly even learn something.

2. A more benevolent, less 'delusional-sounding' idea:  I left too much astral substance, energy, in the realm I visited.  

Ceremonial magickians and astral travelers are taught to always be sure to reassimilate your energy, and come back fully to this level.  You can actually lose so much energy in an astral realm that you leave a type of "double" there, which has been viewed by other people and confirmed through controlled astral projection exercises.  Many people, upon their first successful astral travel, get sick or feel extremely tired the next few days after the experience.  This is often because they panicked and 'snapped back' into their bodies, which shocks the bodily energy and temporarily weakens the person.  The thicker your psychic sensor, the more easily your energy can 'snap back'--it is attracted by the sensor.     For the same reason, most people wake up soon after realizing they are lucid in a dream.  Continuous work with dreams is agood way to thin the psychic sensor, and soon a person will have much more time and freedom, not to mention control, in their lucid dreams (which are actually astral projections).My most intense death experienced happened while I was asleep.  I have no recollection nor idea of exactly what happened, but apparently I had an astral experience during my sleep which stole a great deal ofenergy from me.  The energy that was left was doing all it could to maintain my body in a living state.  The near-death-experience itself I believe caused me to borrow energy from the psychic sensor, and I think alot of it might have been assimilated as I came to terms with life and death as the cycle that keeps the energy moving.
  The upshot, I believe it is spiritually and physically NOT FUCKING SAFE for me to do 3P doses of dxm.  Its not safe for me to do 2P doses and smoke pot.  What is probably safe if I *really* want to dex is a 250 mg dose to promote a meditative state.  I'm not sure how long this will be safe, and my goal is to simply convert my spiritual practice to nothing but meditation and creative visualization (magick).
  I honestly feel like one more 3P, and certainly a 4P would result in my mind taking over 50 percent of the psychic sensor, resulting in a snap into full enlightenment, resulting in the death of my physical body due to lack of physical control and grounding. The same way my brain consumed the psychic sensor, the energy of the spirituniversewould consume me, immediately and fully, for I would have none of thatenergy anchoring me in this physical dimension. If I had no one onthis earth to remain for, the idea might appeal to me immensely to go become a god somewhere and create my own little universe.  But I do have reasons to stay on this earth, and while I crave to move on and discover more and understand my purpose and potential, I think with these new understandings I have had, I prefer to further my spiritual growth with all my physical faculties intact. Finally, I have the fear and understanding I needed to fight the battle of DXM addiction.  Wish me well.

You may contact this individual at [email protected].


by Jim Magarey

[ Editor's Note: This is from the International Program on Chemical Safety regarding DXM. It is highly informative in some parts and I felt that it would be of interest for all the DXM enthusiasts alike. Please note that this is for dextromethorphan in its purest form, not the hydrobromide salt. My notes have been added in brackets.]

Main Risks and Target Organs:

The main risks associated with dextromethorphan are ataxia, central nervous system (CNS) stimulation, dizziness, lethargy and psychotic behavior. Less frequently with large doses seizures and respiratory depression can occur. Nausea, vomiting, constipation and tachycardia may occur. The main target organ is the central nervous system (CNS).

Summary of Clinical Effects:

Central nervous system effects include ataxia,drowsiness, vertigo and rarely coma. CNS stimulation may beobserved. Restlessness, increased muscle tone with body rigidity have been reported. With extremely large ingestions respiratory depression can occur. Gastrointestinal effects include nausea, vomiting, constipation and dry mouth. Urinary retention may be seen. Dextromethorphan abuse has been described and produces euphoria, CNS stimulation, visualand/or auditory hallucinations. There does not appear to be any evidence of dependence of the morphine type. The possibility of bromide poisoning should be considered in the long term abuser.

[ Editor's Note: I have never heard CNS stimulation as a result of DXM intoxication before. If that is true, then there essentially is no difference in classifying DXM as a true psychedelic.]

First Aid Measures and Management Principles:

Assess and support airway, respiration and cardiovascular function if needed. Gastric decontamination is recommended for recent ingestions of more than 10 mg/kg. Seizures and/or CNS depression have occurred within 30 minutes of ingesting dextromethorphan.
  ACTIVATED CHARCOAL/CATHARTIC. Activated charcoal may be given alone or with a cathartic such as sorbitol or magnesium citrate even though at this time there is no data concerning the adsorption or clinical efficacy of activated charcoal in the treatment of dextromethorphan ingestions.
  GASTRIC LAVAGE followed by activated charcoal may be indicated for the treatment of recent large ingestions, or in patients who are comatose or at risk of convulsing.  NALOXONE may be of benefit to reverse the respiratory and CNS effects of dextromethorphan although its efficacy is yet to be adequately determined.

Chemical Structure:

Chemical name: Dextromethorphan is 3 Methoxy-17-methylmorphinan monohydrate, which is the d isomer of levophenol, a codeine analogue and opioid analgesic. Molecular formula: (Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide): C 18 H25NO.HBr.H2O; Molecular weight 370.3


Odourless verging on a faint odour. Solubility in water 1.5 g/100 mL at 25 C. Soluble 1 in 10 of ethanol. Practically insoluble in ether. Freely soluble in chloroform. pH of a 1% aqueous solution 5.2 to 6.5 (Budavari, 1996).


Dextromethorphan should not be administered in patients taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (eg fluoxetine, paroxetine) (Skop et al., 1994) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (Rivers & Horner, 1970). This may produce a life threatening serotonergic syndrome which consists of: restlessness, sweating, hypertension, hyperthermia, tremor, myoclonus and seizures.
   Dextromethorphan may be associated with histamine release and should not be used in ATOPic children. Dextromethorphan should not be taken for persistent or chronic cough (e.g. with smoking, emphysema, asthma) or when coughing is accompanied by excessive secretions, unless directed by a physician (AHFS, 1992). Alcohol and CNS depressants should be avoided with dextromethorphan.

Routes of Exposure:

Dextromethorphan is usually taken orally. It has been abused orally. Dextromethorphan has been sniffed in the abuse setting. No information is available on IV DXM use.

Absorption by Route of Exposure

Dextromethorphan is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract with maximum serum level occurring at 2.5 hours (Barnhart et al., 1979).  Peak concentration of the major metabolite dextrorphan) was 1.6  to 1.7 hours (Silvasti et al., 1987).  Onset of effect is rapid, often beginning 15 to 30 minutes after oral ingestion (Pender & Parks, 1991).
   Peak levels for sustained release products generally occur about 6 hours after ingestion (Amsel, 1981) although absorption may be erratic. There is no information about the volume of distribution in humans. In dogs, the volume of distribution is reported to range from 5.0 to 6.4 L/Kg (Baselt & Cravey, 1989).

[ Editor's Note: Interesting, I guess somebody besides our subscribers have been feeding DXM to dogs. :) ]

The half life of the parent compound is approximately 2 to 4 hours in people with normal metabolism.


There is a clear first pass metabolism and it is generally assumed that the therapeutic activity is primarily due to its active metabolite, dextrophan (Silvasti et al., 1987; Baselt & Cravey, 1982). Genetic polymorphism has profound effects on its metabolism (Hildebrand et al 1989).  Dextromethorphan undergoes polymorphic metabolism depending on variation in cytochrome P-450 enzyme phenotype. The specific cytochrome P-450 enzyme is P450 2D6(CYP2D6) (Schadel et al., 1995). Fast metabolizers constitute about 84% of the population. After a 30 mg dose plasma levels are less than 5 ng/mL four hours postingestion (Woodworth et al., 1987). Intermediate metabolizers constitute about 6.8% of the population. After an oral dose of 30 mg plasma levels are 10 to 20 ng/mL at 4 hours and less than 5 ng/mL at 24 hours postingestion  (Woodworth et al., 1987).  Poor metabolizers constitute 5% to 10% of the Caucasian population. The ratio of metabolite to parent drug in 8 hour urine sample is less than 10 to 1 after a 15 mg dose (Hildebrand et al., 1989).  After an oral dose of 30 mg plasma levels are greater than 10 ng/mL at 4 hours and greater than 5 ng/mL at 24 hours (Woodworth et al., 1987). It is metabolized in the liver by extensive metabolizers to dextrorphan. Dextrorphan is itself an active antitussive compound (Baselt & Cravey, 1982). Only small amounts are formed in poor metabolizers (Kupfer, 1986).  Less than 15% of the dose form minor metabolites including D-methoxymorphinane and D-hydroxmorphinane (Kupfer, 1986).

Elimination by Route of Exposure

Dextromethorphan and its metabolites are excreted via the   kidney. Depending on the metabolism phenotype up to 11% may be excreted unchanged or up to 100% as demethylated conjugated morphinan compounds (Hildebrand, 1989).  In the first 24 hours after dosing, less than 0.1% is eliminated in the feces (Baselt & Cravey, 1989).


The toxicodynamic actions of dextromethorphan are not completely defined. Dextromethorphan enhances serotonin activity by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin (Kramei et al., 1992; Bem & Peck, 1992). Specific non-opioid dextromethorphan binding sites are present in the central nervous system (CNS) which mediate the antitussive effects, separate from codeine and other opioids (Hardman et al., 1996). Dextromethorphan and dextrorphan both affect the NMDA receptor (Carpenter et al., 1988; Reynolds, 1993).

[ Editor's Note: Well, there you have it, folks! DXM enhances serotonin by inhibiting its reuptake. Same action that antidepressants do. To what degree DXM does this is not known but it could be a powerful antidepressant tool - at least for me it is.]

The antitussive effects of dextromethorphan and the metabolite dextrorphan are secondary to binding in the CNS at non-opioid receptors. Dextromethorphan does not have analgesic or addictive properties, although abuse and dependence have been described(Hardman et al, 1996). One of the major metabolites, dextrorphan has cough suppressant activity.


Coma was reported in an adult who ingested 720 mg over 36 hours (Schneider, 1991).  Rated as lethal at oral doses of 50 to 500 mg/kg (Gosselin, 1981). Death has been reported after overdose in two cases but quantity was uncertain (Rammer et al., 1988). Long-acting products: adults have tolerated up to 960 mg/day with minor adverse effects (Walker and Hunt, 1989). Abuse: Has been used for abuse. Orally in doses of 300 mg to 1800 mg in adults it can cause intoxication with hyperexcitability, visual and/or auditory hallucinations (Dodds & Revai, 1967; Orrell & Campbell, 1986). It has been reported that sniffing 0.25 g two to three times a day over 2 to 3 months produced euphoria and restlessness for up to 2 hours followed by dizziness, nausea, depression and fatigue (Fleming, 1986).

[ Editor's Note: I thought the reports of DXM-sniffers were just urban legend, considering how much it supposedly burns. But snorting 250 mg? Wow!]

Chronic effects: It should be noted that dextromethorphan is marketed as the hydrobromide and can produce bromide toxicity with chronic use. Dextromethorphan has been abused at doses of 2160 to 2880 mg daily for up to five years producing hallucinations, euphoria, disorientation, insomnia and nausea. Withdrawal produced dysphoria and craving for the drug (Wolf and Caravati 1995).

[ Editor's Note: I have never heard of this extreme of a case involving DXM abuse - over 2 grams a day, every day, for five years? I'd love to get a CAT scan of their brains, if they're still alive of course.]

Toxicity may be variable in children. Ingestion of as little as 17 mg/Kg has resulted in signs and symptoms of toxicity.  At this dosage range some children have shown no symptoms whilst others have shown ataxia, stupor, transient fever, lethargy or nystagmus (Versie et al., 1962; Katona & Wason, 1986). Seizures have been reported. Long-acting products may be more toxic in children, producing prolonged CNS depression at 10 mg/kg (Devlin, 1985). Animal data:

       LD 50 in mice 165 mg/kg
       LD 50 in rats 350 mg/kg (Gosselin, 1981)
       LD 50 in mice 39 mg/Kg (Benson, 1953)

There was no association between dextromethorphan and malformations (Heinonen et al., 1977). Dextromethorphan is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy (Berkowitz et al., 1981).

[ Editor's Note: Once again debunking the Birth Defect Theory/Scare that was presented to you in the last issue.]

Concomitant use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors has caused toxicity leading to death (Rivers & Horner, 1970; Hansten, 1989). Not to be taken with serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (Skop et al., 1994) Alcohol and drugs causing CNS depression should be avoided when taking dextromethorphan.
  Monitoring dextromethorphan serum levels is not useful clinically in the overdose situation because a correlation between levels and clinical effects has yet to be determined (Walker & Hunt, 1989). However plasma levels may be measured to determine metabolizer phenotype.  The presence of dextromethorphan may be confirmed by qualitative determination of the drug in urine or serum.
   Plasma dextromethorphan concentrations have not been correlated with clinical toxicity. Monitoring concentrations of dextromethorphan, therefore, would not be useful (Ellenhorn & Barceloux, 1983; Walker & Hunt, 1989) Plasma dextromethorphan concentrations are used to determine hepatic metabolism phenotype.
   The presence of dextromethorphan may be confirmed by qualitative determination of the drug in urine or blood, see Section 8. Plasma levels may be used to determine metabolizer phenotype.


Oral ingestion is the most common route of acute poisoning. The most common clinical effects involve the central nervous system (CNS). Neurologic: drowsiness, lethargy, ataxia, nystagmus, CNS stimulation, vertigo, coma, psychosis and hyperreflexia (Cetaruk & Aaron, 1995; Wolfe & Caravati, 1995; Devlin et al., 1985; Shaul et al., 1977; Schneider et al., 1991). Seizures have been reported within 30 minutes of ingestion. Respiration: Respiratory depression has been noted (Katona and Wason, 1986; Shaul et al., 1977). Cardiovascular: Long-acting preparations may cause tachycardia (Devlin et al.,  1985). Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting (Versie at al., 1962) constipation and dry mouth may occur. Eye: Mydriasis, miosis and nystagmus may be seen. Genitourinary: Retention of urine may be seen. Skin: Urticaria was noted after ingestion of a long-acting preparation in a child (Devlin et al., 1985). Long-acting preparations: With 10 mg/Kg or more taken orally ataxia, lethargy, nystagmus and tachycardia have been reported.

[ Editor's Note: The mydriasis, miosis and nystagmus of the eye may be what occurred to the unfortunate young woman in the last issue who was lacking the enzyme for DXM metabolism. She was temporarily diagnosed as blind in one eye, and it probably correlates with the above information.]

Daily Abuse:

The daily abuse of oral dextromethorphan has been described as causing hallucinations (visual and auditory), dyspnea, floating and flying sensations, and increased perception (Wolfe & Caravati, 1995).

[ Editor's Note : This is very accurate, especially the "floating and flying sensations," and the "increased perception."]

Central nervous system (CNS) stimulation has also beenreported (Dodds & Revai, 1967; Orrell & Campbell, 1986). When the drug was stopped no withdrawal symptoms were noted, however, craving for dextromethorphan continued.
  It has been reported that sniffing 0.25 g two to three times a day over 2 to 3 months produced euphoria and restlessness for up to 2 hours followed by dizziness, nausea, depression and fatigue (Fleming, 1986).  This patient did not demonstrate withdrawal symptoms on cessation but did complain of continuing craving for dextromethorphan.

[ Editor's Note: There we go again with our "chronic sniffer" - I guess he didn't experience much burning from the powder. Very odd.]

Overdose/Cause of Death:

Following overdose of short acting dextromethorphan patients may become clumsy, hyperkinetic and ataxic a few hours after the ingestion. There may be vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, nystagmus, and visual and auditory hallucinations. Later unsteadiness and unstable gait are observed with truncal ataxia. In severe cases, shallow respirations, urinary retention, stupor, or coma may supervene, especially if high doses of alcohol have been ingested. The prognosis for recovery is good (Ellenhorn & Barceloux, 1988). Following ingestion of long acting dextromethorphan symptoms of over use in children include urticaria, restlessness, lethargy, nystagmus, ataxia, tachycardia and blood pressure elevation. This may require admission to an intensive care unit. Long acting preparations may produce a higher rate of toxic symptoms in children than short-acting dextromethorphan. There does not appear to be a correlation between the amount of long-acting dextromethorphan ingested and the severity of symptoms (Ellenhorn & Barceloux, 1988).
  In acute overdose ataxia, drowsiness (Devlin et al., 1985; Shaul et al., 1977) vertigo and coma (Schneider et al., 1991). CNS stimulation may be noted.  Restlessness, increased muscle tone with body rigidity have been reported (Benson et al., 1953).  Seizures have been reported within 30 minutes of ingestion. In the abuse situation it can cause CNS stimulation and visual and/or auditory hallucinations (Dodds & Revai, 1967; Orrell & Campbell, 1986). It has been reported that  Cognitive deterioration resulting from prolonged abuse has been reported (Hinsberger et al., 1994).
  After acute overdose mydriasis or miosis (Schneider et al.,  1991) and nystagmus (Katona & Wason, 1986; Devlin et al., 1985) may be noted. Nystagmus may persist from 7 to 8 hours with long-acting preparations (Devlin et al., 1985). No chronic effects were found.

Management of a DXM Abuser:

Assess and support airway, ventilation, and circulation. Naloxone may antagonize respiratory depression. Gastric decontamination is recommended for recent ingestions of more than 10 mg/kg of dextromethorphan.  Patients with respiratory depression may require admission to an intensive care unit. Others can be observed in the emergency facility for 4 to 6 hours and then discharged. A small number of patients with minor symptoms (such as ataxia or restlessness) may be sent home under careful supervision. (Ellenhorn & Barceloux, 1988) Children who have ingested a long-acting preparation should be hospitalized.
  Gastric decontamination is recommended for a recent ingestion of more than 10 mg/kg. Seizures and/or central nervous system (CNS) depression have occurred within 30 minutes of ingesting dextromethorphan.

NALOXONE may be of benefit to reverse the respiratory and CNS effects of dextromethorphan.  Although there have been reports concerning the response to naloxone (Katona & Wason, 1986; Shaul et al, 1977), in most cases improvement in, and resolution of, neurologic symptoms occurred over three to eight hours after naloxone administration, and this may represent the natural course of dextromethorphan toxicity rather than a response to naloxone (Pender,1991).  There is currently no evidence which suggests significant efficacy associated with naloxone administration (Wolfe & Caravati, 1995).
  Many references still recommend the use of Ipecac to induce emesis in dextromethorphan overdose.  However there have been reports of seizures following overdose and thus this monograph does not advocate the induction of emesis. Also, most dextromethorphan ingestions are the liquid formulation which are most likely absorbed quickly. Emesis may thus be ineffective and contraindicated due to rapid CNS depression, and may delay the administration of activated charcoal. Charcoal has been recommended without reports proving or disproving its efficacy. However it is commonly used for dextromethorphan overdose and is likely to be effective and safe. Research on this matter would determine if this is so. Further information is required before naloxone can be accepted as an antidote for dextromethorphan toxicity.  The cases presented to date do not support reversal of dextromethorphan toxicity by naloxone. This is supported by the pharmacology of dextromethorphan (Wolfe & Caravati, 1995; Hardman et al., 1996).

Case Reports Involving Overdose:

Case 1: A 41 year old female ingested 720 mg of dextromethorphan over a 36 hour period. She presented lethargic and responding only to painful stimuli. Respirations were shallow and sporadic, pupils pinpoint and minimally reactive to light. Because of her decreased level of consciousness and miosis, 1 mg of naloxone intravenous (IV) was administered with some improvement of consciousness. An additional 2 mg naloxone was administered with further improvement and ultimate return to normal mental status. Serum samples showed dextromethorphan level of 100 ng/mL (Schneider et al., 1991).
Case 2: A report is given of two young adults who died after overdose of dextromethorphan. How much was taken is uncertain (Rammer at al 1988).

Case 3: A 23 year old male presented with psychosis after an acute overdose of dextromethorphan. He demonstrated hyperexcitability and hallucinations which he compared to his experience with LSD. (Dodds & Revai, 1967).

[ Editor's Note: DXM being used during the Summer of Love? Wow!]
Case 4: A 26 year old female took approximately 60ml of a cough medicine containing dextromethorphan about six hours after ingesting 30 mg of phenelzine (Nardil). Thirty minutes later she felt nauseated, dizzy and collapsed. Within one hour she was brought to the hospital unconscious with rigid extremities and fixed, dilated pupils.  She was severely hypotensive with a systolic blood pressure that did not rise above 70 mm of mercury and a temperature that ranged from 42�C to 42.2�C. Despite vasopressors , anti-arrhythmics and adrenaline, approximately four hours after arriving at the hospital she had a cardiac arrest and died (Rivers & Horner, 1970).
Case 5: An 11 week old infant was given inappropriate doses of a dextromethorphan/guaifenesin mixture over a period of 24 hours. Doses were more frequent and larger than those recommended, but the exact amount was unable to be determined.  The infant was alert and noted to be hyperexcitable with intermittent periods of extremity stiffening and cutaneous mottling.  He was given naloxone 0.1 mg/Kg intravenously.  Within 30 minutes of the naloxone he was noted to be calmer and within two hours all signs had resolved (Pender & Parks, 1991).

[ Editor's Note: This is the first time I've heard of a baby being high on DXM - downright disturbing!]
Case 6: A 3 year old boy ingested an unknown amount of dextromethorphan and presented with lethargy, somnolence, ataxia and nystagmus. Vital signs were normal, and respirations adequate. He awoke after he was given intravenous naloxone (0.4 mg).  Twenty five grams of charcoal was given and during the next three hours his condition steadily improved and he was discharged (Katona & Wason, 1986).

Preventive Measures:

Dextromethorphan has been abused and care should be taken not to supply it to susceptible individuals.

About the Author:

Jim Magarey, Poisons Information Centre, Royal Childrens Hospital - Flemington Rd, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA   3052 Telephone 03 93455680  Fax 03 93491261


by Kid

There has been a lot of speculation about the meaning of self-reported cases of cognitive impairment by hypermedical users Dextromethorphan (hydrobromide).  One well theoretical mechanism of brain damage is NAN; NMDA-Antagonist-Neurotoxicity (often referred to as "Olney's Lesions").  I propose an alternative hypothesis.


In a discussion with Robert F. Golaszewski (RFG) about self-reported cases of cognitive impairment in hypermedical DXM users, he reported (if I recall correctly) that he had received a total of 14 such self-reported cases.  (Again, if I recall correctly) the average dosage of the users was 13.5mg/kg.


I am working with very restricted data.  The most important unknowns here in these self-reported cases are drug use history (especially duration of DXM use), dosing patterns (how often, standard deviation and distribution), and history of mental and physical health.
   Also, working with data that is self-reported tends to be a problem in itself, because only those who are motivated to report their cases (for whatever reason) will be likely to do so.


Since none of the data indicates otherwise (except for the fact these people take an OTC cough suppressant hypermedically ;-) I will assume that all of these people are average people, meaning that as a group (or "on average") they have no mental or physical anomalies to distinguish them from the rest of the population.  I will also assume, based on my extensive contact with numerous users of DXM over the years, that to build up to such a high average dose, they have each used DXM at least 50 times, and their dosage pattern takes the normal distribution curve.  Standard deviation will be assumed to be 1/3 of the average dose (4.5mg/kg).

Possible Cause of Cognitive Impairment:

Doses of DXM at or above 20mg/kg are cited as being dangerous doses.  Deaths from DXM HBr only have occured.  The expected cause of death due to DXM HBr overdose would be respiratory depression.
   If the assumptions above are correct, that each user has taken DXM HBr at least 50 times, with a standard deviation of 4.5mg/kg on a normal distribution curve, then 7.49% of total doses is taken above the 20 mg/kg.  Thus, if each user has taken 50 trips, they have taken about 4 trips above 20mg/kg.  The statistically highest dose the user has taken (98th percentile) would be 22.7mg/kg.


It is reasonable to believe that hypermedical Dextromethorphan users may be causing themselves brain damage due to hypoxia of the brain.  More data is required to assess the validity of the conclusion.  

To enlighten you more on the purpose of this paper I'll tell you about the origins of my hypothesis.
  In one of my many arguments with RFG about 'what else could possibly cause people to self-report brain damage from DXM use than NAN' I asked RFG for his data.  He gave me the figures found in the paper, and upon looking at the average doses of these people who are self reporting "brain damage" from DXM I came up with the idea that perhaps it is hypoxia of the brain and *NOT* NAN (a.k.a "Olney's Lesions") that is causing apparent cognitive impairment in DXM users.
  My hypothesis is specifically about DXM.  Olney's NAN was hypothetically applied to DXM by William White, and continues to be applied to DXM by RFG and many DXM users.  AFAIK, the first time J. Olney said anything about the link between NAN and DXM was long after DXM users had already made the extension of Olney's theory.
You may contact this individual at [email protected].


by Shostiru

"It felt as if a black veil were dropping from my soul, or perhaps as if an evil spell were being banished.  I could sense the life and joy around me in the trees, the clouds, the skies, and even the stars. There was life all around me, and I could suddenly see the pattern to it."

Well, I tripped this weekend and went too far even for me. Psychoactives included approximately 360-400mg DXM HBr, 150-200ug LSD, regular use of fluoxetine (dosage not recalled), cigarettes, and possibly a bit of left over harmaline from a previous night's experiment.  My body mass is 80kg.
  It started with dinner at Z. and B.'s; B. made black bean burritos and I ate two (mistake number one).  Then we all dropped; I took three hits, at I'm guesstimating 150-200ug (these weren't particularly strong hits of acid).  Then shortly after I drank about one half of an 8oz bottle of RoboMax  (yes, I know I should really be extracting the shit).  This was a combination I had done before, at lower levels, and I had been quite impressed with the results.  I also took a Coenzyme Q10 in an attempt to prevent any metabolic insult to my posterior cingulate and retrosplenial cortex, a matter about which I have recently become somewhat paranoid as a result of Olney's findings. The first 30 minutes were uneventful.  Alert came at maybe 35-40 minutes into the experience.  I felt a slight stiffness in my shoulders, or perhaps a need to move around.  Within 15 minutes I started feeling gastrointestinal distress.  I took 4mg loperamide, thanking the chemistry gods that it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier.
  At about dose+1hour, I started feeling the DXM kick in.  I remember sitting in the bathroom, looking at the wooden door. As I sat there without moving, the patterns in the wood transformed into a fluid sculpture, then into a waterfall and finally into an incredibly beautiful place, with a waterfall, small rapids, delicate ferns and plants, and life all around. At this moment I knew something different would happen tonight. For awhile after I honestly don't remember much (for reasons that will become clear later).  I started feeling a little uneasy inthe tummy, and tried more than once (unsuccessfully) to go to the bathroom.  I finally ended up wandering outside ... and then I saw the moon.
  The weather here occasionally takes on a particular form, in which delicate, wispy, and probably low-lying clouds are blown rapidly across the sky.  In the night, under the full moon, this took on the appearance of an Aurora Borealis.  Music was playing inside, and the rest of

my companions were for the most part inside playing with trip toys, but I had come face to face with such incredible beauty that I could do nothing but stare in rapture, weeping. As I regained consciousness of my more ordinary surroundings, I tried to smoke a cigarette.  It tasted terrible and I could *feel* the natural world around me, almost as if it had a consciousness. It, or they, seemed puzzled that I would waste my time (and life) on such a boring and trivial drug, and I found myself having visions of how tobacco was originally used  (when fresh, it is a strong hallucinogen and far too powerful of an experience to become addictive).I began to look around me.  I felt suddenly shocked that with such incredible beauty and energy around us, we as humans choose to spend our time in sterile and unnatural surroundings.  It felt as if a black veil were dropping from my soul, or perhaps as if an evil spell were being banished.  I could sense the life and joy around me in the trees, the clouds, the skies, and even the stars. There was life all around me, and I could suddenly see the pattern to it. I realize now that this sounds hopelessly new-agey, but unlike some I have never had the belief that nature and the spiritual worlds are some safe, harmless playground and that all entities (physical or not) are basically here to love us.  I began to realize that I as an individual, and we as humans, are just one thread in a much larger fabric, and that Nature (either as a collective or as her individual parts) wouldn't shed a tear if I were to vanish from life forever.  Yet somehow that made me feel all the more important, to be a part of some greater construct. I began to wonder about the nature of consciousness.  What if what we regard as consciousness (perhaps awareness of onesself and the ability to exert will to change onesself or ones surroundings?) was a feature of many collective entities, such as insect colonies, weather patterns, or even the entire ecosystem? Or, perhaps what we *regard* as conscious behaviour is simply a result of a complex, chaotic system which encodes (and "decides"based on) a great amount of state information kept as a feature of the nonlinear dynamic algorithm? Perhaps we as humans were unique among animals in that we truly did control our *own* destiny as individuals.  Maybe that was what the Fall of Man was all about -- we became conscious as individuals, rather than our "consciousness" (or more complex decision-making behaviours) residing in collective myths (spirits and deities).  And perhaps, in these earlier times, our "higher"decision-making systems, those that are now essential for consciousness, propagated complex decision algorithms via song, myth, and shared belief in gods.  
  But with a continuous interplay between the decision system and the observer system, consciousness became possible.  Perhaps with this constant interplay of awarenessand observation, everyday life, common aches and pains, boredom, depression, and ennui are possible because we are constantly *aware* of them, i.e., they have constant emotional (or generally, internal state state) significance.  A fall from paradise indeed!
  Then again, I had recently finished reading Jaynes, and was looking for potential explanations for the transition from bicameral to unicameral mind. Chronology becomes difficult at this point.  I remember looking atmy surroundings, lifting my point of view above, and then seeing the entire scene in three dimensions.  Three dimensions then expanded into four, and the realm of history and future stretched into a complex, four-dimensional fabric.  Different possible futures (and occasionally different possible pasts) superimposed themselves like ghost-images.  The entire thing morphed into a tremendously complex weaved fabric in state-space, each thread being a sliver of consciousness or spirit, but more fluid.  The "threads" were like rivulets of energy; they broke apart, combined, swirled around chaotically.  I felt as if I could reach down and pluck one of the energy ribbons, move it out of place, but I sawin my mind how shock waves would ripple out from the point of my contact, and potentially have unforseen consequences. I became aware that all four of us were in our own ways grasping this loom and changing the patterns around us.  I could hear Z. playing his guitar, I think (or maybe I just imagined it).  It seemed as if he were using this instrument to make changes, both in us (and our consciousness) and in his own reality (and, so it seemed, ours as well).Anyway, by this time I had started to feel a great deal of energy.
  The others came outside and Z. started to play his flute (I think I have the chronology correct here).  The faint lights that were in the trees (which I have seen before sober, although only outof the corner of my eyes) started to grow in intensity.  I noticed that the shadows were starting to move, and at first I suspected that a car was passing by (or a helicopter was flying overhead from the hospital; it was a sufficiently windy night that I thought someone might have run into a downed power line).  But I realized that the shadows were changing too fast and too irregularly.  As I looked into the sky, I thought at first I saw meteors, and then for a moment had a vague and somewhat paranoid thought that bits and pieces of meteorite were falling from the sky.  Then I truly saw them, the dancing lights, some tiny and sparkly, others like glowing, hazy balls of mist.  They seemed tofly in complex yet significant patterns, perhaps following the contours of some imaginary clouds or field lines.


Then as I watched I heard them sing.  They were singing to me, to us, and I heard them calling to me.  A door opened up ahead of me -- not in real space, but a spiritual door, one that I could not assign an image to but was aware of nonetheless.  I reached forward for it with my mind and the world was flooded with light. I became aware of other entities with me.  The world changed and took on form, although I felt it was more for my benefit than that of the entities with me.  Strangely enough I pictured myself in an ordinary-looking classroom, and the entities had become professors and were telling me that I was free to take the test if I liked, but that the price would be dear if I failed. Awareness of my surroundings returned suddenly and I felt a gradual but steady buildup of energy.  With it came a sudden nausea, and I managed to make it to the sink before puking my guts out.  
  In my mind came the thought that there was a *reason* people often puked on psychedelics (at least the natural ones), and that somehow having food in one's system during this sort of experience was a bad idea.  I still felt bad for puking in B.'s sink though. After puking my guts out I sat and felt miserable for a few minutes in a fit of self-loathing.  I felt terrible for having taken essentially my own trip rather than participating with my friends and my wife, all of whom I love and care about deeply.  I felt selfish, and yet I remembered the dream I'd had the night before where I was told I was to learn an important lesson and that all would be made clear to me.  I don't often put stock in this sort of thing, but I figured I'd be better to say, what the hell, I'll try, rather than ignore a potentially useful message from my subconscious (or wherever). The energy buildup continued more quickly now.  I felt that the food had been holding me back somehow.  
  My entire body began to vibrate in a new way, not necessarily in any of the three dimensions we are accustomed to.  A part of it was time-vibration (I felt as if I were vibrating forward and back in time very slightly, so that the net effect was alternating rapidly between sudden jumps forward in time and pauses).  And a part of it was something entirely different.  The vibrational states seemed quantized in that there were sudden jumps from one frequency and mode to another, rather than gradual transitions.
  Eventually I noticed that I was twitching and then starting to shake along with the music (didgeridoo).  The entire world was turning into pure light and color, and everything was dissolving into increasing power.  I saw again the entity (or entities) I had seen before.  They were gentle, like parents almost, and they seemed to be telling me something fairly complex.  As near as I could tell, the message was that, if I truly wanted to be able to grasp the fabric of reality directly and learn how to shape it without unexpected consequences, I must first learn how to let the energy flow through me without it overloading me. The energy suddenly turned up and I felt like I had just plugged my spinal cord into a light socket.  Every experience became excruciatingly painful, all sensory input was maximal in intensity. It was beautiful, profound, overwhelming, and terrifying.  I felt an increasing throbbing in my head and increasing intestinal pain,and my skin felt like it was being constantly shocked.  I remembered then about the potential for serotonin syndrome from this particular combination (given the Prozac I was taking) and started to become truly afraid. The entities returned. I got another empathic message, that if Iexpected to be Awakened I'd have to risk my life to do it, and I realized that perhaps I'd gotten myself into more than I'd expected.  Normally I do not have a great fear of death, but somehow I felt like the penalty for failure wouldn't be death per se, but something infinitely worse.  Brain damage sprang to mind.I decided at this point I was ready for the trip to stop.  I couldn't take the amount of sensory input, my psyche was overloaded, and while I felt I had come to some very important point, I didn't think I was necessarily ready (or that the Prozac was a good mixer in this cocktail).  
  I took a clonazepam, dreading the thought but nonetheless definitely ready to finish the trip even if it meant slamming into a wall.  The entities told me thatit wouldn't really help me anyway, that the duration of the testwas unimportant, but by then I'd already taken it. The next hour or so (and it felt like twenty) was a constant struggle to keep full control of my mind and soul.  I felt like I had to hold myself together by sheer force of will, and I came in contact with countless hidden parts of myself, little piecesof my character, soul, thoughts, and memories, that I'd never faced before.  And suddenly I had to hold them all together.  I tried to make a very few simple changes to the overall pattern, strengthening my will in particular areas and perhaps hoping that out of this would come a new ability to shape my own behaviour,but I wasn't hoping for much. Gradually I regained control and the trip ended.  Like I'd predicted, it was like slamming into a brick wall at light speed.
  My soul felt ripped out of my body and shoved into a hole, and the glorious energy and life drained out of me.  Looking back on it I wish I hadn't taken the benzo, but I don't think I anyone was sober enough to be my spirit guide at that moment and I wasn't very coherent either.  The rest of the night I struggled to stay awake, and began to get confused as a result of the benzo, but I managed to hold on to most of the bits and pieces.  I still regret not having been able to stay with my friends, though, and I think I'd have been better off to just drop acid and save the cocktail for some other time when I was ready. Looking back on it all, I have found that, if nothing else, confronting death that directly has changed my outlook on life. Although it is not terribly powerful yet, I have a growing feeling that I can make changes in my life and in my behaviour that will last.  In some ways it's like a part of childhood is over.


by Xtrovert

"I mean, you don't expect to sell your soul over a bottle of cough syrup, but I guess psychedelics have a way of sneaking up on you and saying 'boo!' at just the right moment and changing your perspective."

It is now 9:26.  I took 15 gel-caps from 7:00-7:10.  I am thinking right now that I should spread the dose out over a longer amount of time next time, as the nausea over the past half-hour has ranged from unpleasant to extreme.  It appears to be fading away, so it doesn't seem like I'll be forced to yak, but the nausea has really inflated itself with molten rivers of lipidinous downer-karma and sat its wiley yang on my ying or vice versa.  Anyway, I'm feeling better and want to get out in nature where the action is at.  Had a brief conversation with Renee about "car spirits" -- those wily succubi that inhabit the physical frames of our cars.  We must appease them, by washing their car-home and maintaining it, lest they grow angry and sabotage our vehicle.  I have paid very little attention to my car spirit, no matter how she has cried out to me with rattles, squeaks, and grinds. I guess that's why my baby is in the shop right now.  

[ Editor's Note: The "car spirits" thing reminds me of Stephen King's Christine. And to add credence to the story, a man in Jacksonville actually drowned while working on his car in a freak accident - he was underneath the car working on it, it started rolling, catching him underneath it - and rolled all the way down into a pond and drowned him.]

I have neglected her profoundly, and with a single petulant stamp of her foot, her angry cobra spirit made my car undriveable.  Ah, well, I do love her and now I will shower her with my gifts of belts, hoses and specialty hydrocarbons such that she will see my sorrow and love me again, returning to her home in the box of metal Ginger calls the "Blue Cobra."
  ANTHROPOMORPHICATION is going to be my mantra tonight.  I will explore the process of becoming human. It is as if I have broken through a barrier and am standing on the other side...  All is clear here, exquisite and idyllic.  The dreariness and nausea have been left behind me in some nearby universe.  I love this new place I am in.  I will explore its heavens. This world that I have come to has all of the outward appearances of civilization, but they are a very primitive people.  They do not understand how the spirits in the machines around them function, and they seal themselves in little boxes they call "homes."  Very fascinating.  They are filled with fear of the natural world around them and refuse to admit that they are a part of it, rather insulating themselves in a mind-fuck trance called "television."  I think this planet is suitable for colonization by human lifeforms. There are bearded ones in the sky -- troglodyte shamans, observing usand mixing the weather with our earthly stew. I call this planet "Thirst" since it has so much water no one has truly appreciated the Platonic ideal of drinking.  I do not want to return to the mother ship -- I am in love with Beauty.  No one on this planet sees Beauty but I, so she consorts with *me*.
  With anthropomorphism, all things are in the image of God. Diana has such a beautiful face ... so fair ... so pale ... peekings hyly out behind the clouds.  Immortal she is; we are but tears in her eye. 12 pills = 12 disciples = 1 bottle.  Come, Jesus Christ. I have descended into the netherworld, Hades, where the saphrophytes [don't know why I chose this word while tripping, but I thinks aphrophytes are actually some kind of bacteria or something] play their dream-flutes to carry my visions.  The illumination spirits are sailing west in their crystal ships, running from the charred homes and overworked fields they have left behind.I have found the wand of power!  Fly away, brilliant elven ones!  Take with you all you have given!  
  Now, with my new found power I can command my nubile goddess sisters to humor me with their muse.  Play your flutes for me, oh Sapphic soul-mates, towering obelisks of Nubian nicturation!  As your bat-winged membranes vibrate, let me hear thesound of your secret ecstacies!  Let me see the visions of your soul...Wow, I just came out of a divine trance, where everything was the ultimate connected meaning.  There was no "me" -- it was just the universe.  Static embracing an hour glass.  I explored alien landscapes... I *was* alien landscapes.  The word "I" is only useful on paper; it has no real meaning here.

I = ALL.  ALL = I

There is no such thing as difference.  I saw the factory where humans are produced. Gaia's treat -- mass production and subsequent suckling of humaniform creatures.  Humans all look the same.  My head was an expansive cathedral.  Jesus is dead, but love is still alive.  All music comesfrom the magic place.  I have been there and have communed with it. Death is nothing to fear.  The soul is everlasting and the universe is complex.I have seen past barriers I have not passed before.  The tripping hymen has been sweetly penetrated once again.  It's good my mentalmaster is gentle with my vulnerable body, because when you have an immortal soul it's too easy to be cruel.  Karma can cut your spirit. I have seen the other-side where the spirits whirl in the tower/well and generate the energy of the universe by spinning in orbit in their space.     "Step out into the universal singularity and feel my Nirvana, baby," says God's angel. A point is the ultimate order.  Tepid bathwater -- what the universewill become.  In between we live in chaos and complexity.  But I have seen all sides of the equation.  I have been there.  I have been the point.  I have been the bath water.  Just an intermission in this life-long movie.
  12:21 -- There is a schism between the visual and the imagined.  The imagined is more detailed, but the simple visual overloads it.  For instance I see a red, alien landscape rather than imagine the complexity of life.  15 is obviously not a sacred number.  12  is, butnot 15.  There is another number larger than 15, possibly prime, thatis the magic number for Stage 3.  12 is the magic number for Stage 2. Going outside again.  Roommate and gf are back again.  Had to familiarize myself with myself again in the mirror before the grand exposition. They are arguing about their relationship again.  Oh, wheee...Interesting experience this has been.  I hit some kind of threshold dose and ended up in netherland.  Will do the full trinity right when the time comes -- for now, the 12 will do.
  1:09 -- I can see the potential for some serious astral travelling, however.  I am currently reeling in my silver cord and hauling myself back into reality.  There were a few moments when I wasn't sure I knew the way home.  But now I'm sure I'll find my body where I safely left it.  I'm mostly in it right now.  The come-up on this was fascinating as soon as I passed the nausea, and the peak was spent in some other dimension.  The visions were very different from before, however --mostly blank space, static, fuzz.  The things I saw, I *saw*, but not very clearly.  Whereas the "visions" of earlier trips were absent.  I think I was nibbling on the 3rd plateau, but not really experiencing it, which was tempting, but kind of a bust. Seeing the realm of the spirits, however, and glimpsing a fragment of the afterlife was very rewarding, and I will have to explore these places further.  There are so many worlds out there, it is hard to know where to begin.  Of course, one must also consider that most humans are not prepared to visit these astral planes very frequently, myself included. Well, this trip has been subject to some kind of spiritual hijacking, obviously.  On the one hand, I feel compelled to explore the new vistas that have been shown to me, but on the other hand, my human body has its own societal life which it is content in.  This trip was more than I expected.  I didn't expect a call to shamanism to materialize from this experience, and truthfully I don't have the resources to answer that call anyway.  I mean, you don't expect to sell your soul over a bottle of cough syrup, but I guess psychedelics have a way of sneaking up on you and saying "boo!" at just the right moment and changing your perspective.
  2:49 -- This extended sludge-headed feeling is beginning to get on my nerves, but I guess it comes with the territory.  I've still got a reasonable amount of exploration to do with DXM, but I will probably be moving on in a month or two to other prospects.  I wouldn't advise recreational dosing of > 360mg for the average Joe, but it was certainly interesting! Sleep is calling ... bye!

You may contact this individual at [email protected].


by gravol

[ WARNING: Do not attempt to mix DXM with any tryptamines, as most tryptamines can be powerful MAOIs and cause life-threatening effects when mixed with dextromethorphan.]

I have often wondered what mixing DXM with tryptamines would be like. Very few people have done it. For one thing, mixing DXM with AMT can be life-threatening since AMT is a suspected MAOI. However, the other commonly abused tryptamines, DMT, DIPT, DPT, and 5-MeO-DMT, are more questionable.
  According to Bob Wallace ( [email protected] ), DMT is available in two forms: ayahuasca and smoked. The ayahuasca contains a higher level of MAOI activity since it has harmaline alkaloids. Smoked DMT only lasts about 20 minutes so if someone were to mix DXM with DMT, that would be the preferred M.O.   Since both DMT and 5-MeO-DMT can send users into varying degrees of hyperspace, I've often wondered what exactly the difference was if someone would also take DXM with them, which sends users into varying degrees of "Tussin Space."
  Personally, I don't recommend it because DMT by itself is the most powerful hallucinogenic in the world, and it's far from a recreational drug. Unfortunately, most people who use DXM use it recreationally with no interest in it as a spiritual tool, and this combination can be very dangerous for those individuals, let alone having them do DMT by itself.
  I have done done various tryptamines, such as 2C-B, DIPT, DPT and 5-MeO-DMT, but I have never mixed them with DXM, because they are powerful enough as it is. Upon searching Erowid.org for experiences involving DXM with any of these tryptamines, I found only one. DMT is the ultimate experience in life, even for a dissociative user ... I guess you could say it's the last realization in a long journey of spiritual thirst. DXM is more of a psychic tool that should be used mainly for meditation purposes (and many thanks to VaeSolis for opening up that door to so many dexers).
  So take from the following experiences, which were somewhat difficult to come by, what you can. When asked on Usenet for tryptamine+DXM reports, I got flooded with LSD+DXM reports (which we have published many times in this Zine). LSD for me, however, has never been a spiritual drug, just like AMT hasn't, and LSD also isn't a tryptamine, so that's why I'm not including it in this section.
  If you have mixed DXM with any tryptamine (even Melatonin), please contact me. And enjoy these reports.

by Catfish Rivers

[ Editor's Note: This individual mixed DXM with two tryptamines, DPT and DMT, along with cannabis and a muscle relaxer, methaxalone. His body weight is 245 lbs, and the dosage of DXM was 450mg, with 45mg of smoked DPT 45 minutes later, an unknown amount of smoked DMT 5 hours later, mixed with more smoked DPT and smoked cannabis.]

Blowing my mind had not been on the agenda for the evening, despite the fact that I had already ingested DXM and smoked DPT concurrently. I have been fiddling with mid sized doses of DXM as a base point from which to propell my DPT experience lately, which worked rather well. I had some left over cannabis that had become saturated in the DPT freebase oil of an previous experiment. I had saved these left overs in a plastic container for several weeks, so as not waste anything. I fear that all too soon these compounds will dissipate into the fog of memory, in light of recent developments in the research community. Perhaps the general malaise in knowing that the scene is dying had led me to a recent lapse in maintaining any semblence of scientific methodology to my 'experiments'. A sort of anomie of the soul, letting myself swish wistfully away in the chemical currents of the last wave. Why bother keeping notes if these substances are soon to whither up and dissapear?
  It was that type of thinking that led to the following experience, as I had not properly labeled the contents of that plastic container. Ahh, but I am jumping too far ahead of myself.

9:42 PM:

Aprx. 450 mg DXM was swallowed in a gelcap with diet pepsi. I had taken 2 muscle relaxers (Skelaxin 400mg) earlier in the day (5.5 hours prior to the DXM) that was perscribed by my doctor for muscle spasms in my back. I am not sure if they influenced the experience or not, but they were in my system nonetheless. I am planning on smoking some DPT freebase oil once the DXM kicks in. I am hoping that this night will yield an outburst of music creativity, as both DXM and DPT have that effect on me on their own, as well as together. Previous experiments at lower levels of DXM with DPT were successful, but were rather unengaging in terms of intensity.

12:33 AM:

I am in the thick of it. I smoked aprx. 45 mg DPT freebase oil on top of cannabis in a glass pipe. My mood was a bit off prior to smoking the DPT. I felt somewhat removed and also slightly depressed as well. I attributted this emotion to the dissociative aspect of the DXM. Without cannabis, DXM usually puts me in a somewhat depressed mood at the mid 2P dosage levels. After smoking the DPT though, my day to day sense of mood was instantaneously erased as a topic of thought in my concept of reality. I laid on the couch an listened to some Sound Tribe Sector 9 in the dark and felt myself levitating above the couch. My eyes were closed and I had the distinct sensation of entering into another place, as if passing through a dividing membrane of sorts. The state of mind I was in was quite comparable to that of a mid level ketemine experience, the only differnece being that my head did not feel awash in warm mind-juice. Surprisingly, I felt rather lucid. I had strong sense that my thoughts were directly connected to my enviornment, to what I perceived. I would stare at the walls and strange geometric cords would branch out towards me, slowly groping towards my third eye area, and connecting to the locus of my thoughts. The scenario reminded me of an airplane refueling in midair, how the refueling hose is manuevered to connect the two planes. This was a very reassuring and much needed confirmation of a general belief that a tangable connection between the self and the world exists. Music sounds quite nice at this point. This is a wonderful and powerful combination.

2:45 AM:

I decided to smoke cannabis that had been soaked in DPT freebase left over from a previous experiment. I did not know the exact quantity used during the last exeriment, but I figured that whatever I was going to smoke now, it was roughly half as much as what I attempted last time. So, I assumed I was within the realms of caution. It turned out to be foolish of me to be so flippant in my consumption of drugs as I took a large hit, and held it for 20 seconds or so. I held the smoke in, and I began realized that this weed had also had a decent amount of DMT left in it as well. The sensation of DMT was easily discernable from the other experiences. Everything had a much more intense flavor than DPT + DXM alone. I had not labelled the contents of the plastic container, and I completely forgot that I had used both DMT and DPT in that experiment. I could easily have landed myself in some trouble here, but something was watching out for me, as I was able to keep my cool and maintain a steady heart rate and breathing rate without any detectable levels of anxiety. Usually, if my heart beats fatser than normal I automatically grow anxious and concerned. This time, perhaps due to the dissociative qualities of the DXM, I was removed from my fears. I was unable, however, to remain standing for long after I exhaled. I was flat on my back on the couch within 45 seconds. I did so with a sense of urgency, as I thought I might black out.
  My visual field seems to be hypercharged! Everything beams with twice the clarity of my sober vision. I feel everything emitting a sense of importance or meaning. I formed vision of myself as an apple floating in the middle of a still lake, under a starless midnight sky fills my mind. I am having no thoughts outside of this image. It is a rather splendid and engrossing thought, I feel myself almost sinking and growing warmer[note: the temperature in the room of the experience is quite cold, in an unheated basement in the winter]. I feel the link between my mind and the enviornment stronger than ever before. What I felt earlier this evening seems like a mere trickle in comparrison to the tidal flood of connectivity that I was experiencing now. What I wrote at the time was, 'Visuals twist in time to the music, which syncs up perfectly with the pocket of pleasure, the orb of glowing delight swaddled in the cradel of my mind, like an apple floating in a calm midnight lake.'
  I felt myself let go more than I ever have before. I thought to myself,'If I die, then what can I do about it now?' I then suddenly relaxed into the experiemce completely. This is when I began to have the above mentioned apple vision. With the thoguth to let go, I felt myself swell with a warm glowing sensation, as if the insides of my body were being washed with a warm spray of water. As this was going on, I became aware of the knotted up, spasming muscles in my body that I had seen my doctor earlier in the day about. They felt like separate entities to me, almost like foreign intruders. They did not feel as if they were a part of me. I was floating in sense of lightness and light, everything was exhuberant and glowing, but then these clusters of muscles seemed greyish brown and overly solid. I was amazed at how easily I could stop my thoughts and focus entirely on my body. I was able to relax and charge msucles with bio-energy currents with almost nbo effort or cocentration. These acts of self healing came naturally, and without verbal thought.
  After about 15 mins, the experience drops down several levels in intensitity. That was the most intense psychedelic experience I have ever had. Far surpassing a particularly mindblowing salvia 10x experience I had had a couple of years back(which is also posted here to erowid). I have never felt such an obvious and intense connection to my body, the world around me, or my thoughts ever before. It was not complete union, but it was as close as I have ever come.
  I am grateful that the Powers That Be which guided me to and through this wonderous experience safely. I feel a renewed connection to my life and feel thankful for having been given a taste of the energy that I am part of.

You can contact this individual at: [email protected].

compiled by gravol

What follows is various reports and comments by people in the DXM community regarding the use of tryptamines and DXM.

Boris Gjenero ( sympatico.ca [email protected] ([email protected] goes first) ) writes: I have a theory about what happens when you combine a dissociative and a tryptamine.   The tryptamine generates trippy input like visuals, unusual ideas, etc. and the dissociative dulls external normal input so you're more totally in the trip. [He wrote this at 11:11 AM EST - which is unusual in itself!]

Jacob Jarnigon ( [email protected] ) writes: A couple weeks ago I ingested 850 mg DXM powder. During the peak i had a friend of mine load up a pipe filled with 30 mg DMT freebase. I inhale the toke... next thing i remember 3 minutes have passed. "did i just smoke DMT? " , i said "yeah, what happened?", he said "Are you sure?" "yeah" "i dont remember"...from there every 3 minutes or so i would ask my friend if he was sure i had smoked DMT. basically i lost awareness and experienced a missing time effect.  a waste of dmt.

Unfortunately, even after searching Google, I was unable to locate any other DXM/Tryptamine experiences. Perhaps that's because most of the people who mixed the two ended up in hospitals D.O.A.


compiled by gravol

"To understand the living, you've got to commune with the dead."

[ WARNING: The following reports are anecdotal and used for entertainment purposes only. The mixture of DXM and magick can lead to potentially disturbing results if not used properly. In fact, the use of magick by itself is not condoned in any way by this Zine, let alone DXM use. So if you must do something, find somebody experienced in the use of magick and proceed with caution.]

Reports have been coming out of Usenet's alt.magick over the past decade about DXM as a powerful magick tool. This is interesting because DXM is also popular in lucid dreaming newsgroups and out-of-body newsgroups. It seems DXM is the leading drug for paranormal research and endeavors. Which can send entirely the wrong impression about the drug and lead the wrong people to do the wrong things with it. However, I am going to attempt to shed some light on its use in Wicca and magick. This article is inspired by the movie that Clint Eastwood directed, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , which is a true story about a man who used Voodoo to alter the outcome of a murder trial, and who later died under mysterious circumstances. It is for reasons such as those that magick should be approached with extreme caution, especially if you are attempting at doing harm on someone else.
  If one were to attempt magick with DXM, as many people reportedly have, a first-plateau dose would be the most reasonable. Higher plateau doses are too dissociative and can lead to total confusion and loss of muscle control. The last thing you'd want is to invoke some type of demon by mistake and have no control whatsoever of your body. Spirit possession is definitely an issue here as well with higher doses, since DXM is a highly dissociative drug, and the act of invoking spirits by themselves without being on psychedelic drugs can be very dangerous and life-altering.
  In a past issue, I tried to shed light on the use of DXM and the Ouija Board, and this is sort of along the same lines for people who are attempting to do black magick with DXM or cause harm on other people - that is why I do not recommend it. Doing white magick or spells for personal healing is a much better option, but because I try to be objective as possible, both types of magick will be revealed here.
  Upon trying to interview people who have used DXM in the commission of magick rituals, I found that most people are very timid about coming forth. In fact, everyone remained tight-lipped in the magick community, afraid of skepticism and perhaps something more - I really don't know.
  But I was directed to some helpful Internet sites and people who did help me shed some light on magick and DXM use. Since this was inspired by Voodoo and the above movie, and since according to some people who practice Voodoo the half-hour before midnight is the "good" time to practice magick (I cannot attest to the validity of this statement), I will focus first on white magick and candle magick, which is the preferred method of magick for beginners.


First of all, before attempting magick of any kind, one should learn about the elements of visualization, calling the quarters, casting the circle, and some basic Wiccan ethics before attempting these spells. Wicca is not something you can jump right into. With magick comes a certain responsibility. As the author of these spells wrote, "Please feel free to enjoy any of the spells on this page, but DO NOT use them to infringe on the rights of others. Remember anything you send out shall be returned to you threefold."
  Before going into some of the spells, I would like to comment on visualization. Perhaps one reason why DXM is so popular in the magick community is that typically when someone is on DXM, visualization becomes very powerful and perception is increased. Simply by closing your eyes you can see CEVs and rotate objects in your head in a 3D format, as if watching television. Or if you don't experience CEVs, it is still easy to visualize (think) about an object much clearer than you normally would. And visualization is very important in magick. The most common form of magick that people use is blowing out the birthday candles. They are told to make a wish, visualize their wish, and then blow out the candles (perform the magick) - that is the simplest and most common form of magick that is practiced. Some people are naturally good at visualization, but it is not clear if the better you visualize something the more powerful the results will be.

Candle Magick - The Basics

I did not write the following but found it very valuable. It comes from The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft which of course does not mention DXM being used, but I have annotated the text to include necessary comments concerning DXM in the use of Candle Magick.

Here is a taste of magick you may use as soon as you complete the Self-Dedication period. This type of candle magick is very basic, yet quite effective. Lesson Four will deal solely with magick, but this being an introductory lesson, it is only fair to include a taste.
  This is a good time to iterate how closely Karma and ethics are intertwined. If you cast an evil spell, you may be in for some Karma even though you might call yourself a white witch. You choose your own color of magick, not once, but each time you practice. Some traditions believe in Karma as "What you do comes back to you". Do you? This is your own moral choice. The magick you will learn from this course and the magick you will learn to create on your own can be used for any purpose.
  Keep in mind that for any magick it is best (though not necessary) to do calling magick, such as money, love, health, luck or anything that brings something to you, during the waxing moon (first quarter) to the full moon. Banishing magick, such as bindings, quitting bad habits, curses or anything pushing energy away should be done during the waning moon (last quarter) to the new moon. These are optimal times, but you cannot always base your magick around the moon.
  Basic candle magick deals only with two colors, white and black (Lesson Four will have a complete list of color or meanings). Envision the white candle as the waxing to full moon and the black candle as the waning to new moon. For any calling purposes, use the white candle. For any banishing purposes, use the black candle. (Note: Always use candles that are one solid color throughout. Scratch some wax off to test this if you are not certain.)
  You Will Need: One white or black candle; Candle holder; Matches or lighter; Olive oil (a small amount); DXM (low-plateau dose).
  Meditation is very useful on DXM, and DXM is very useful for meditation. For more information on meditation and DXM alone, see VaeSolis's Meditation Technique that involves the invocation of kundalini energy (which is more advisable than experimenting with magick, though Candle Magick is probably the safest of all magickal forms).
  For white candle: Rub oil from the tip of the candle towards the base, while humming and visualizing your reason for doing this spell. Continue humming and visualizing for about five minutes.
  For black candle: Rub oil from the base of the candle towards the tip, while humming and visualizing your reason for doing this spell. Continue humming and visualizing for about five minutes.
  Continue for either candle: Place the candle into the holder and light it. Chant your chant for as long as you can while visualizing your purpose. To chant, use a monotone humming voice. (You should create a specific chant for your purpose. It can be as simple as one word or as complex as you wish.)

[ Editor's Note: Chants are very similar to mantras. An example of a chant would be "bring love" or "money come to me"; an example of a mantra would be "OHM" or more complex words that are used to meditate and hum. Again, VaeSolis is the leading expert on Meditation techniques so please check out his message posts at http://dex.kenton.org for more information.]

When you cannot chant and visualize any longer while under the influence of DXM, put the candle out and repeat the spell the following night (or day).
  After you see the first glimpse of the results of your spell, let the candle burn all the way out (I usually use small white candles).
  Remember, after the completion of any spell or ritual, always say: "So mote it be." (This simply means "It is over.")

The Moon

Because of the very nature of magick, each working should be highly individualized and personal. Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you. Understanding the basics of spell construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire.
  Preliminary planning is necessary. The very first step is to decide precisely what your desired end result is to be. Before you can start, you must decide where you are going. You must be very explicit.
  It is important, also, that you choose your time carefully. You should take into consideration all astrological implications, energy currents and moon phases.
  The moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, it is very important to choose a time when the moon is in an astrological sign which is appropriate for your working.
  For example: Aries -- action -- enthusiasm; Taurus -- renewal -- sensuality; Gemini -- communication -- curiosity; Cancer -- emotion -- nurturing ; Leo -- vitality -- determined; Virgo -- organizing -- studious; Libra -- balance -- cooperation; Scorpio -- sexual -- philosophical; Sagitarius -- strength -- humour; Capricorn -- authority -- ambitious; Aquarius -- innovation -- social; Pisces -- sensitivity -- idealistic.
  Bear in mind that magickal workings for gain, increase or bringing things to you, should be initiated when the moon is waxing (from dark to full); when the moon is waning (from full to dark), it is time for magickal workings of decrease or sending away.
  The highest energy occurs at the full moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. The new moon is the next most powerful time for magick.
  Whenever possible, follow nature's natural energy currents. There is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things (a harvest time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.
  Flowing with these currents will make your magickal work much easier. remember to plan your project for a time of uninterrupted privacy. It is important that you have no distractions. Generally speaking, it is best to work as late at night as possible. A time when there is less frantic energy is most appropriate. You might consider midnight or later.
  In choosing a place to do your magickal working pay particular attention to your needs, for you must be comfortable. Your place should be private, quiet and secure. If at all possible, set aside a special place for this purpose only. An unused room, a special corner of your bedroom, a quiet, secluded spot in your garden. A place that is yours. A place that you can come to whenever need arises and that is as free from intrusion of others as possible.
  Prior to the night of your magickal working, gather together the things that you will need. All of the things used are tools. They have no inherent magick. They are to help you create a mood. If correctly made and used, they will trigger primitive responses from deep within you. They should be chosen with care. Consider the purpose of your ritual and choose your tools accordingly. If your magick is to be sexual, your candles, oils, incenses and so forth, should bring forth a sexual response. If the desired result of your magick is tranquillity, then the tools should make you feel calm, peaceful and serene. Any candles you might use should not have commercially added fragrances as these may not be appropriate for your working.
  Prior to your ritual, prepare yourself and your equipment by any means necessary to clean and purify. Historically, people have fasted, followed meticulous and detailed bathing practices, practiced chastity and used many other methods.
  Most often a ritual bath is the preferred method. A bath frequently utilizing candlelight, fragrant herbs, bath salts or sensuous oils. A sumptuous hot bath, special bathing preparations and appropriate lighting, combined, can create the soothing effect which will help in the very important step of relaxing and clearing the mind completely of all mundane thoughts and experiences of the day. Your ritual bath should, also, begin to set the specific vibrations conducive to your purpose into motion. You must not only cleanse and purify but must, also, begin to create the type of energy necessary. Once your purification process has been accomplished, you are now ready to begin. Proceed to the special place you have previously chosen in which to perform your magick. If at all possible, you should make use of the primitive responses set into motion by a well chosen piece of music. Your music should start slowly and build to a rousing climax.
  As you use your oils, light your candle or incense (or utilize any other tool you have chosen), you should begin to further intensify the energy that you have set into motion around you. A high degree of intensity is vitally important.
  The altered state of consciousness that you must reach is not a meditative state. Anything that interferes with your ability to concentrate upon, reach and control the high energy state necessary to perform magick should be avoided. Such as, screaming children, a sink full of dirty dishes, use of alcohol or drugs, etc.
  Do not scatter your energy by attempting to do more than one magickal working at a time. Remember that magick is the manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form of energy. Your visualization can be a method used to intensify further and direct your will. Your visualization can be the method by which you control the magickal energy you have produced. You must know what you want. You must see it. You must feel the high energy flow. You must direct it.
  One of the most important elements in the practice of any form of magick is the universal law of cause and effect. This means that whatever you do (or don't do) you cause something to happen.
  The most important consideration is the universal law of retribution. this means that no matter what you do, it comes back to you in like kind. It is the nature of things that as you send something out it gains momentum, so that, by the time it comes back to you, it is stronger.


[ Editor's Note: Again I must but the highest cautionary warning here - it is highly dangerous to perform any of these rituals and I am only passing them onto you to be objective and for entertainment purposes only. I bare no responsibility in what you choose to do or what happens to you or another individual after performing any of these spells, either on or off DXM.]

Santerian/Voodoo Spells for Revenge

Take a low-plateau dose of DXM. Begin to meditate after you feel the effects and pay homage to the spirits that surround you. Visualize your intent and focus your abilities on what you want accomplished. To completely dominate a persons actions, write the persons name on a small piece of paper. Take a brand new spool of black thread and the paper with you on a long walk on a Tuesday evening. As you are walking slowly wrap the paper in the thread until, when the spool runs out, you have completely encased the paper in black thread. Take the black thread cocoon and throw it under a bush or tree where it will not be easily found. Now walk home by a different route than you came. The person is now under your complete control.
  This is another spell for domination used under the influence of DXM. In a medium sized black bottle mix some ammonia, esencia dominatne, esencia amanza guapo, esencia de menta, the name of the person written on a piece of paper, and some of your urine. To this add a personal article from the person you wish to dominate. Cork the bottle and place it in a dark place where it will not be found. Whenever you feel the need for domination over this person simply shake the bottle a few times to activate the magickal ingredients and reestablish your dominance.
  To separate a man and a woman write the names of the two on two pieces of paper after taking a low dose of DXM. Place the pieces of paper in a clear bottle along with some milk, some vinegar, and a small plant known as a morivivir. Cork the bottle and bury it in a place where sunshine never reaches. Their love will not last a month.
  To separate close friends write the names of the two on two pieces of paper and place them in a glass of water (water, and not cough syrup, must be used) - but it is helpful to be under the influence of DXM. Tie a black cloth over the glass and place it in the furthest corner of the freezer. As the water freezes so will the friendship.
  To get rid of an enemy...Mix garlic powder, cumin seed, precipitado rojo, polvos voladores, salt, and cigar ashes.  The resulting powder mixture is then sprinkled at the doorstep of your enemy. It will not be long before the person moves from that abode. You may also wash a lodestone in a very dry wine. Take the wine and pour it at the doorstep of your enemy. The person will shortly become very ill.

Death Spell

 The following spells were compiled under the Alt.Magick FAQ and located at http://www.luckymojo.com/altmagickfaq/owspells.html.

Death: First you must decide whether or not you would REALLY want to destroy your target.  It is the responsibility of the magician to be certain of his intent, and yes, I believe you must seek her annihilation if you want a full-blown curse to succeed.  If not, then perhaps your magic should be more self-directed and of a healing nature.
  Gather some minor possession of the subject, preferably hair, fingernail clippings, etc.  Since she was an ex-lover, use the power of psychosexuality to your advantage and take a pair of her underwear.  This will serve to connect you emotionally with the target of the curse, and aid in your visualization.
  Using some flamable material (colored tissue-paper will do the trick), fashion a simple doll, using the hair (or other material) as stuffing. You don't need to create a work of art here...just something that you can identify as the target.  While creating your effigy, recite a mantra you have made based upon the target's name.  (Info on creating mantras can be found in Carroll's book _Liber Null_).
  Pick a remote area on a moonless night, bring a candle (black), needles, chalk, a sharp knife and some flamable liquid (lighter fluid works).
  Light the candle. Chalk a "destructive" power symbol on the ground.  Some people use the Satanic baphomet, some use the counter-clockwise swastika...use whatever you like, the more personal, the better (I prefer a skull and crossbones).

[ Editor's Note: Just walking into the woods at night under the right amount of DXM can be mind-blowing on its own; I tried it several times with friends up in Ohio and a sort of possession seemed to overtake my friend Steve and he wandered around like some sort of animal through a thick forage of trees and scrub with only the moonlight to guide us. It kind of frightened me, but I kept up as long as I could and we eventually built a huge fire. So again I must stress, know what you're doing. ]

Place the effigy in the center of the symbol. Invoke Abaddon the Destroyer.  You must write your own invocation here, but be certain to make a good case for calling this Lord of Wrath into being.  Be formal about it, and be certain to mention his all his titles and deeds (The monsters of the pit can be extraordinarily vain!)  Inform him of all of your target's crimes, and your malevolent desires. The more impressive you make your invocation, the more likely it is that Abaddon will take heed.   Do not expect him to appear in physical form, but if you are confident in your invocation, rest assured *he is there*!
  Now invoke every bit of rage and hatred that you can summon. Everything.  I mean it, focus all your being on this tiny range of emotion, and direct it onto the effigy.  The effigy (and hence, your target) is responsible for all of it. With loathing and distain, plunge the first of the needles into the effigy's abdomen.  This is for fear.  Concentrate on the terror you want the target to feel.  Take as much time as you feel you need to express this desire.
  Repeat, this time put the needle in the head.  This is for confusion. Invoke an image of blurred hysteria and insanity.  Concentrate.
  Stick the final needle into the effigy's heart. Twist it a few times if it makes you feel good.  This is for the anguish that has been caused to you. May it return to your target a hundred-fold.  Concentrate on anguish. Using your knife, slice the effigy open from head to groin, being certain that the cut connects the pins you have placed in the effigy.  This is the action that will send the target on her way to complete annihilation.  Be passionate about it.
  Place the effigy in the center of the chalk symbol.  Put the lighter-fluid on it (be sure you are careful that there is nothing else flamable about, like grass, etc).  Call on Abaddon to work your will, and release this curse onto the world.  Set fire to the effigy.  As it burns away, imagine all your anger and hatred dissipating with the smoke.  Let it all drift away with the smoke and flames. You have set your desires into action, now you must release those desires.  (Imagine a magic curse to be like throwing a baseball; it only works when you let the ball travel away from you. The more you hold back, the less successful the throw.)  Forget about her, and get on with your life.  Rest assured that the curse will take root in time.

You may contact this individual at [email protected].

A Simple Curse

  If you do manage to throw a curse on this person, be prepared for the kickback you will eventually receive. It's one thing to curse or hex someone who is threatening your life or the life of a loved one or your property (in this case it's protective... I keep a curse on my car in case anyone is stupid enough to break in to or try to steal it), but it's quite another to do so because you're jealous or out of revenge.
  Throwing a curse is easy enough. Just gather a jar, any and all nasty materials you can think of (rusty nails, broken glass, roaches, herbs [especially those with noxious odors], etc), and a picture of the person or their name written on a sheet of paper.  Put the ingredients into the jar one at a time while visualizing and concentrating on your intent.  Put the picture or name into the jar. Say a rhyme or chant that indicates your intent and what you want this to accomplish. Close the jar and bury it where it won't be disturbed. Then wait for the results (WARNING: if your intent was caused by jealousy or revenge, then the results will not be pleasant for *YOU*).
  Or you can do it the old-fashioned easy way. Go stand near the person and yell out your curse at them (yell their name and point your finger at them to make sure you target the right person). Make sure you include what you want to happen. Same warning applies.
  Normally I don't post any type of spells on a newsgroup, but I'm making an exception in your case. If you're stupid enough to do this for the wrong reasons, then you deserve what you get.

You may contact this individual at [email protected].


by Fed

"I'll never forget what happened that day, it was the most gone my mind has ever been."

[ Editor's Note: The dose of DXM was 240mg, with MG extract being taken 3 hours later along with 50mg of insufflated ketamine powder and 1 hit of smoked salvia divinorum in the form of 5x extract. His body weight is 200 lbs.]

I have smoked salvia many times, at least 15 or so. I have always used the 5x extract, and i almost always get the same results. Accept for this time. Every time I smoke salvia I have an experience of dejavu, its like a 'salvia-space' that is basically there no matter what setting I actually am in. Its realy hard to put into words what its like, but I can honestly say that salvia is the MOST potent (albeit shortest acting) psychedelic around.
  Given that, I am usually able to keep my mind pretty straight during the trip and so I don't freak out and basically keep in mind that Im just fucked up. However, the other day, me and two friends were at the one kids house. The kid whose house it was , Ill call him R, and me had drank some of the morning glory extraction we had made as well as snorting about 50.
  T suggested that me and him smoke some of the salvia I had, R was fucked up from the morning glory and K so he passed. Getting a lighter was an ordeal cause I had ruined mine cooking up the K earlier, but anyways. We took out R's bong (very cool might I add) and I filled the entire slider up with the shaky salvia 5x. I lit it and held the flame to the material. I inhaled a huge hit of the hot (nasty tasting shit) smoke and held it in. As I held it, T took his hit off of what was left. I saw him finish his hit, and then somehow the bowl got blown on R's bed causing a ball of glowing ashes to explode on the covers. It was after that when I started to lose it. Instantly I was in the salvia space.
  This time was totally different. Perhaps due to the ego dissolving dxm and K, I started believing that the entire world, all things I considered real, were just facades for some big trick to make me think I was real, and now it was all coming apart. I looked around my friends room and thought that everything was really fake and I couldn't believe that I had fallen for it. T was fucked up now too, and he seemed to be in on the game, he kept laughing, which made me freak a little and I think I was trying to say something to him. R was just watching the two of us, and I realized that he was fake too. I kept trying to pick up a sweater that was on my lap to see if I was real or not, but it didn't much work. It felt like I had to proceed through a system of hallways and doors or perception to enter the scene of reality,which I did, but it was a never-ending cycle.
  Thankfully the experience wore off before I went nuts, and me and T talked about what happened. He said that he felt like he was in my head and could tell what I was thinking. The scary part was that what he said was true. After a bit, we decided to smoke some more, and had a more traditional experience.
  I'll never forget what happened that day, it was the most gone my mind has ever been. In the words of T, 'salvia is way too narly for some people, so they don't get it.'


compiled by gravol

The following reports highlight the many uses that DXM has in the medical community. It is far from being banned in this country due to its many uses in everything from aiding people with CNS disorders to testing for certain types of cancer. This is a new monthly section that is devoted entirely to the scientific aspects of DXM. For further information on these articles, you can find them at PubMed online.

More Information on MorphiDex and other DXM+Narcotic Medications

This came to us via N.P. Katz at Brigham & Women's Hospital, Pain and Management Center, Boston, MA 02115, USA.
[J Pain Symptom Manage 2000 Jan;19 (1 Suppl): S37-41]: "Preclinical and double-blind single-dose placebo-controlled studies demonstrated that MorphiDex (MS:DM), a 1:1 ratio of morphine sulfate (MS) to dextromethorphan hydrobromide (DM), provides significantly greater analgesia than an equal dose of immediate release MS, with a faster onset, and a duration of > or = 8 h. The analgesic effect of MS:DM compared to MS was evaluated in 2 double-blind, multiple-dose studies in 321 patients with cancer and other chronic pain: a crossover study that consisted of two 2-wk periods and a 4-wk parallel study. As specified in the study protocols, patients took sufficient MS or MS:DM to achieve satisfactory pain control. In the crossover study, the MS:DM group required half as much morphine as the MS group to achieve satisfactory pain control (80 mg and 162 mg, respectively). The interval between doses and the time from the last dose of the day to the first dose of the next day were significantly longer for MS:DM compared to MS. In the parallel study, MS:DM also provided pain control at a significantly lower dose. After four weeks of treatment, the mean daily dose of MS increased, while there was little change in the MS:DM mean daily dose (P = 0.025) to maintain satisfactory pain control. More patients preferred MS:DM to run-in MS than preferred MS to run-in MS (P = 0.026). The addition of DM to MS did not increase the incidence of adverse events, which were those commonly associated with opioid use. These studies confirm that MS:DM provides satisfactory pain relief but at a significantly lower morphine daily dose."
  As you know, MorphiDex flopped out on Phase III trials which caused Endo's stock to come crashing down. It is not certain whether this unfortunate news will affect other DXM/Narcotic Medications which are due out soon, like HydrocoDex (hydrocodone/DXM/acetaminophen), OxycoDex (oxycodone and DXM), and PercoDex (oxycodone, DXM, and acetaminophen). For the status of drug trial phases, goto http://www.phrma.org/searchcures/newmeds/webdb/drugs.phtml?indication=215html?indication=215

Oral Administration of DXM Prevents the Development of Morphine Tolerance and Dependence in Rats.

This comes to us via J. Mao et al [Pain. 1996 Oct;67(2-3):361-8. PMID: 8951930] from the Department of Anesthesiology, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond 23298, USA. Mao et al state "Combined oral administration of morphine sulfate (MS) and the over-the-counter antitussive drug and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist dextromethorphan (DM) prevented the development of tolerance to the antinociceptive effects of MS (15, 24, or 32 mg/kg) in rats. This combined oral treatment regimen also attenuated signs of naloxone-precipitated physical dependence on morphine in the same rats. A wide range of ratios of MS to DM (2:1, 1:1, and 1:2) were effective for preventing the development of morphine tolerance and dependence. In addition, we provide evidence that under certain circumstances DM increases the acute antinociceptive effects of MS. All of these results indicate that oral treatment that combines DM with opiate analgesics may be a powerful approach for simultaneously preventing opiate tolerance and dependence and enhancing analgesia in humans."

Dual Effects of DXM on Cocaine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference in Mice.

This comes to us via W.K. Jhoo et al [Neurosci Lett. 2000 Jul 7;288(1):76-80. PMID: 10869819] from the Section of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Korea Institute of Drug Abuse, Kangwon National University, Chunchon, South Korea, and states "Dextromethorphan (DM) at supra-antitussive doses might produce psychotomimetic effects in humans. In order to understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for the behavior induced by DM, we examined the effects of DM on cocaine-induced conditioned place preference (CPP) and locomotor pattern in mice, and Fos-related antigen immunoreactivity (FRA-IR) in the striatal complex (nucleus accumbens and striatum) of the mouse brain. The effects of DM (20 and 40 mg/kg, i.p.) on the CPP for 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mg cocaine/kg, i.p. were assessed. Pretreatment with DM dose-dependently decreased the CPP for 20 mg cocaine/kg. Similarly, pretreatment with DM appeared to reduce the CPP for 10 mg cocaine/kg, but increase the CPP for 5 mg cocaine/kg. This finding was more pronounced for 2.5 mg cocaine/kg; DM significantly increased the CPP for 2.5 mg cocaine/kg in a dose-related manner. Furthermore, these results were correlated with alterations in the locomotor pattern (marginal activity) and FRA-IR in the striatal complex. Thus, our results suggest that DM exhibits a biphasic effect on the cocaine-induced CPP and locomotor pattern."

Evaluation of the Reinforcing Properties and Phencyclidine-like Discriminative Stimulus Effects of DXM and DXO in Rats and Rhesus Monkeys.

This is a full medical report and comes to us via K.L. Nicholson et al [Psychopharmacology (Berl). 1999 Sep 1;146(1):49-59. PMID: 10485964] from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Virginia, Box 980310, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23298-0310, USA. The Rationale of Nicholson's report is that "Dextromethorphan (DXM) and its metabolite, dextrorphan (DXO) have neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties through their activity as N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor channel blockers. Based on this receptor activity, coupled with reports of DXM abuse, both were evaluated for abuse potential and phencyclidine (PCP)-like behavioral effects in two animal models."
    OBJECTIVES AND METHODS : The discriminative stimulus properties of DXO and DXM were tested in rats (3-56 mg/kg DXM, i.p. and 2.2-40.9 mg/kg DXO, i.p.) and rhesus monkeys (0.3-10 mg/kg DXM, i.m. and 0.25-8.0 mg/kg DXO, i. m.) trained to discriminate PCP from saline using a standard two-lever drug-discrimination paradigm under a fixed-ratio (FR) schedule of food reinforcement. In a second set of experiments, i.v. self-administration of DXO (10-100 microg/kg/infusion) and DXM (10-1000 microg/kg/infusion) were tested under a FR schedule of reinforcement in monkeys trained to lever press for infusions of PCP during daily 1-h sessions.
   RESULTS : In rats, both DXM and DXO produced a dose-dependent substitution for PCP. When tested in monkeys, DXM yielded partial (1 monkey) and full (2 monkeys) substitution for PCP, while DXO substituted fully for PCP in all four subjects tested. In the self-administration study, in five of the six subjects, at least one dose of DXM served as a positive reinforcer, maintaining infusion rates above those for saline. For DXO, at least one dose maintained infusion numbers well above mean saline infusion numbers in all subjects.
   CONCLUSIONS : Taken together, these data show that DXM has some PCP-like effects in rats and monkeys, but that they are more reliably produced by its metabolite, DXO. Thus, high doses of DXM may have some PCP-like abuse potential in humans but this potential may be associated with, or enhanced by, metabolism of DXM to DXO.

DXM Attenuates Ethanol Withdrawal Syndrome in Rats.

This comes to us via B.F. Erden et al [Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1999 Mar;62(3):537-41. PMID: 10080248] from the Department of Pharmacology, Kocaeli Medical Faculty, Derince, Turkey. Erden's abstract states that "The effects of dextromethorphan (DM), a noncompetitive antagonist of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, have been investigated on ethanol withdrawal signs in rats. Ethanol (7.2% v/v) was given to rats in a liquid diet for 16 days. DM (10, 20, and 40 mg/kg) and saline were injected intraperitoneally at the third hour of ethanol withdrawal. DM (40 mg/kg) and ethanol dependent saline were also administered to ethanol naive rats. DM (40 mg/kg) did not produce any significant change in locomotor activity in ethanol naive rats. The effects of DM on locomotor activity and total ethanol withdrawal score were evaluated at the fourth and sixth hours of ethanol withdrawal. DM inhibited locomotor hyperactivity at these periods. DM also reduced total ethanol withdrawal score from the fourth hour to the sixth hour, and it significantly decreased audiogenic seizures. Seizure susceptibility after chronic ethanol exposure may be dependent upon sensitization or upregulation of NMDA processes and NMDA receptors. Our results suggest that inhibition of NMDA receptors by DM alleviates signs of ethanol withdrawal."

The Stimulus Properties of Two Common OTC drug Mixtures: DXM + Ephedrine and DXM + diphenhydramine.

This comes to us via D.V. Gauvin et al [J Psychopharmacol. 1998;12(1):84-92. PMID: 9584972] from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City 73190-3000, USA. [email protected]. The abstract states " Two groups of rats were trained in a two-choice drug discrimination procedure under a fixed-ratio 10 schedule of food reinforcement. One group of rats (n=12) was trained to discriminate the presence and absence of a drug mixture containing 10 mg/kg dextromethorphan + 10 mg/kg diphenhydramine. The other group of rats (n=12) was trained to discriminate the presence and absence of another drug mixture containing 10 mg/kg dextromethorphan + 10 mg/kg ephedrine. Cross-generalization tests conducted with each of the stimulus elements demonstrated that (1) the drug mixtures were not perceived as new entities distinct from their component elements and (2) the stimulus element saliency may be a factor determining the nature of discriminative control by drug mixtures. Cross-generalization tests conducted with the psychomotor stimulants, cocaine and amphetamine, engendered complete generalization to the training cues in both groups, whereas, pentobarbital engendered predominantly saline- or default-lever responding. These data suggest a potential abuse liability for both of these common over-the-counter drug mixtures and cautions against the use of such combinations in pediatric patients."

The Combination of Tizanidine Markedly Improves the Treatment with DXM of Heroin Addicted Outpatients.

And finally, this by H. Koyuncuoglu [Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. 1995 Jan;33(1):13-9. PMID: 7711985] from the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Capa-Istanbul, Turkey: "According to the hypothesis implying that the main mechanism underlying opiate addiction is the blockade by opiates of NMDA receptor functions and subsequent upregulation and supersensitivity of the receptors, noncompetitive NMDA receptor blocker dextromethorphan (DM) has been successfully used in the heroin addict treatment. As the stimulation of NMDA receptors modulates the release of neurotransmitters and hormones such as NE, D, ACh, GH, LH, LSH, ACTH etc., all of which have been found responsible for the manifestation of abstinence syndrome signs including craving and neuronal death by excessive stimulation of NMDA receptors, the incomplete blockade of the NMDA receptors minimizes the intensity of the abstinence syndrome and provides the downregulation of the receptors. In the present study, tizanidine (TIZ), which inhibits the release of endogenous excitatory aminoacids by the agonistic activity on alpha 2-adrenoreceptors, was combined with DM to obtain further benefits. Forty-four male and three female heroin addicts were the subjects of the study. Their daily mean heroin intake was about 2.28 g street heroin. The main duration of heroin use was approximately 3.4 years. Two to three hours after abrupt withdrawal, the outpatients were given 15 mg DM every hour, 25 or 50 mg chlorpromazine (CPZ) + 4 mg TIZ every six hours and 10 mg diazepam + 10 mg hyoscine N-butyl Br + 250 mg dipyrone every six hours three hours following CPZ. The addicts were controlled twice a day. Yawning, rhinorrhea, perspiration, piloerection, restlessness, insomnia, emesis, diarrhea, craving, rejection of smoking and pupils were observed and/or questioned. Two of the 47 outpatients took heroin on the first days.

[ Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the Abstract was cut short after 250 words by PubMed. If you wish to view the full article, please go to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez. ]

compiled by gravol

The following will be a monthly section that appears in the Zine highlighting some of the strange behaviors of DXM users. This is not to poke fun at the drug or the users, but to give you a little taste of "shock therapy" so-to-speak. While some of the reports are rather incredible, it is not advisable that you follow any advice given in this section. It is simply meant for entertainment purposes only. In fact, most of the stuff reported here is downright disturbing...

Coricidin Hospital Stay:

Apparently one user's girlfriend, which we will conceal to protect his identity, ended up either stealing or purchasing some Coricidin from Big Lots and took an undisclosed amount, and ended up in the ER. We will update you on her condition in future issues.

Update on Mental Patient:

The user we informed you about last time, "cykros," had a relapse and returned to the psych ward. He states: "IT FUCKING HAPPENED AGAIN!  I can't believe it, not even out 2 days and i had yet another week at the public psycho ward, and a week at a private one (and yes, the difference was noticible, but not all that great). I'm too tired to write about this one, if you wanna hear about it, just ask me on aim, i'm cybershaded."


compiled by gravol

The following pieces come courtesy of the Third Plateau Website and the Dextroverse, which are all highly based in the arts. If you would like a piece submitted, please contact the Editor at [email protected].

Below: Oil painting by Mad Hatter (left), computer image by Dextrometh (center), and computer painting by Ace (right):


And in the Artist Spotlight section this month is belly, who is from Belgium and does some spectacular work. You may contact her at [email protected]. Below is a rose (left), self portrait (center), and a bunch of curves (right).


compiled by gravol

There are only two reliable sources for obtaining dextromethorphan powder for research purposes. One is Chico Chemical and the other is LTK Research Products. Neither of these companies are affiliated with the Zine. Information, taken from their website, follows.
  If you are a company that sells DXM powder and would like to be noted in this section, please contact the Editor. Unfortunately, we've had many cases of fraud in the past years so we're only posting the most credible sources.

Chico Chemical

Chico Chemical is a chemical reseller based in Winston-Salem, NC -offering fine chemicals and bulk actives with a market focus on small research entities that require special attention and personalized service. We purchase only the finest quality product in bulk enabling smaller customers to get the product they need at an affordable price.
  Our inventory is growing, and options for payment are being added everyday so feel free to email us about how we can be of service to  you.

Mail: 353 Jonestown Rd. - Suite 169 - Winston-Salem - NC - 27104
Email: [email protected]

       25 grams  $45
       50 grams  $79
      100 grams $139
       * $5.00 S&H on all orders                                                

LTK Research Products

LTK Research Products is a research chemical company located in Minot, North Dakota . We currently offer Quality research chemicals  at a low competitive price. We are now offering our products over the web as well as by mail
If would like to contact us you can:

by mail:  LTK Research Products
             2001 8 th Ave SE Suite F
             Minot, ND 58701
by Phone: 1-866-LTK-PROD/1-866-585-7763 between  10am  and  4pm cst
by Fax:     1-701-839-0891
by e-mail:   [email protected]
Orders by Check or Money orders: If the web page ordering system does not fit your needs you can order anything from this site by Mail.

Please send your order to :

LTK Research Products LLC
2001 8 th Ave SE Suite F
Minot, North Dakota 58701

Please include the following :
- A return address
- Enclose a check or money order
- Make payable  to:
 LTK Research Products
- Include a $15.00 fee for shipping and handling
- There is a $9.00 added charge for express deliveries
- Name of chemical(s) you want
- Amount(s) of chemical(s)
- Photo copy of ID on all orders over $500
- We do not deliver to P.O boxes
- An e-mail address would be helpful to let you know
- If there are any problems
- No COD
Shipping:  Paypal  Shipping Rates: $50.00 - $99.99         
  $15.00 Priority mail/Delivery confirmation
  $100.00 - $199.99          $20.00  Same as above
  $200.00 - and over         $30.00 Express Mail delivery

If you need overnight delivery you will have to call for a price quote. We send overnight deliveries via Fed Ex or Airborne Express. We will only ship to a confirmed address. If you place an international order you may be subject to additional fees and verification before you order is sent.
Credit Cards orders by phone: coming soon
30 grams.....$ 65.00
50 grams....$ 125.00
100 grams...$ 197.00

* If you are interested in a bulk price quote for Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide  please  e-mail for price and  availiblity

Our Goal @ LTK Research  Products is 100% Customer SatisfactionIf for any reason you are unsatisfied please contact us @ 1-866- ltk-prod or 1-866-585-7763


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