"The road was dark and winding, and I could feel the trip slowly starting
to take hold of me - I had to get home before it was too late. Suddenly, in
the revealing beams of my headlights, stood frozen a dark figure; in one
claw-like hand some sort of small animal, slumped lifeless into a ball
of fur... in the other, a long blade..."

Issue 11.  June 2002.

A Symposium of Articles Pertaining to DXM Use
(c)2002 Jeffrey Sothen/gravol

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Edited by gravol, with article contributions by fellow DXMers.

DISCLAIMER: The authors of this zine do not condone the use of
dextromethorphan in any way. This text is simply used as an informative
guide to issues relating to dextromethorphan use and should be used
for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any
actions taken by anyone reading this text.


1  Announcements
2  From the Editor
3  The House of Hell and Other Articles Revisited, compiled by gravol
4  DXM in the Media, compiled by VoiD iMaGe; gravol
5  DXM in the Media - A Much Darker Side, by Robert F. Golaszewski
6  2012 - A DXM Odyssey - Part One, by Dr. Noel Huntley, Ph.D.; gravol
7  2012 - A DXM Odyssey - Part Two, by Dr. John Grey, Ph.D.; Jose Arguelles
8  2012 - A DXM Odyssey - Part Three, by gravol
9  New DXM Meditation Technique, by Vaesolis
10 On Death's Doorstep, by DrDXM
11 Simplified Agent Lemon Extraction, by Lucidity
12 Keeping DXM Users Down, by Kid
13 Ganzfeld State and Testing Your Own ESP with DXM, by gravol
14 The Church of the Brain Damage, by Reduced
15 The Cough Syrup Hypothesis, by Rhd. Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D.
16 More on the Nightmare of Coricidin, by MeLo YeLo
17 The Elixir that Glows in the Dark, by Robert F. Golaszewski
18 Product Spotlight - DexAlone, by gravol
19 The Mysterious Caller from Robitussin, by Anonymous
20 Is DXM Really a Psychedelic Narcotic?, by John E. Masters
21 An In-Depth Look at DXM's Hallucinatory Effects, by gravol
22 Groundbreaking Results with DXM Research, by Stephen Greene et al.
23 A Personal Slice of Terror, by MMX
24 DXM Poetry, by various authors
25 DXM Music and Movie Reviews, by various authors
26 Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder, compiled by gravol
27 List of DXM in Non-Prescription Drugs, by Erowid; gravol
28 Credits/Zine Information


compiled by gravol

DXM Research Project:

  I am currently in the process of contacting via email and snail mail
any company that i can find that produces DXM-containing products-
including chemical resellers, and asking them if they would be interested
in funding my research into whether or not prolonged use of DXM /
dissociatives creates brain lesions. Dr. Olney's research was extensive
and commendable- ours will be definative and conclusive.
  Myself and a corp of volunteers (fellow dexers) would submit ourselves
as research subjects, and would undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI's)
and CAT scans while we continue our DXM use, if these companies are
willing to fund our research. I suppose i have to put together a full
proposal with costs and shit, but fortunately I know a little something
about the non-profit business, and have friends who can help me write
  I figure we can recruit volunteers from the Dextroverse, Third Plateau,
Erowid, Lycaeum and usenet, and if we are successful, we should all go down
in history as legends and heroes for finally solving the puzzle, wrapped in
a mystery, inside an enigma that is DXM.
  I will update you all on the project as it progresses. If you are
willing to volunteer and submit to brain scans, I guess sign up here.
Who knows, I may even be able to pull off enough funding to pay you guys
something- I will definately include that expendature in my budget

                                                       Your bud,

[Editor's note: So far Vaesolis from the Dextroverse has been
able to raise $3800, and there will be a subsequent interview with Dr.
J.M. Olney on that site, also relating to this new research product.]


  Many of you may wonder what has taken us so long to come out with a
new issue. Well, it's rather simple. Since I am the sole editor and
creator of this zine, things get done when I have the time to do them.
Many times I have asked others to step up to the plate and either help
out or take the Zine over for a couple of months, but nobody would do it.
  I have spent several months in rehab and jail for violating my
probation, that is why I have not had nor the time nor the resources to
continue publishing the Zine. Why was I in jail, you ask? I worked in
a pharmacy as a technician in 2000 and got into some unnecessary trouble.
You see, I should've just stuck with good ol' DXM. Illicit opiates can
get you into a lot of trouble. Luckily, that is now all behind me.
  And I am pleased to present to you with this magnificent publication.
Yes, it is quite large. It's a superzine. There is no way I could've made
a smaller issue since there has been so much news in the land of DXM
to cover since we last reported to you. It should also be noted that the
Zine has found a new home - the fabulous website at the Dextroverse
(dex.kenton.org). And since this issue will eventually be HTMLized at
that site, there is no need to email me to subscribe. The Zine will not
be sent out via email anymore. New issues will be presented on that site,
so look for them there. However, you are more than welcome to email me
article contributions.
  We have a great many articles to present to you for this edition.
We cover all the media reports that DXM has conjured up lately, and
explore DXM-related deaths. All the normal stuff is included, such as
information on ordering DXM, music and movie reviews, and our comprehensive
list of DXM sources (which has been updated by Erowid).
  Many ground-breaking articles appear as well. The 2012 DXM Odyssey
piece is very informative and also VERY important. Please do not overlook
this 3-part article. Also, a great new meditation technique by Vaesolis.
  We also have a simplified Agent Lemon Extraction and a ground-breaking
piece on how DXM has shown promise in reducing morphine withdrawal and
  A lot of good articles ... too many to go into detail here. You may
wonder why so much? This is because there will not be another issue out
for some time. The enormous size of this issue is to cover all the lost
time since Issue 10 and to tide you over until the next issue comes out,
which will most likely be the 5-year Anniversary Edition later this year.
  Yes, you read it right. Five years. We started out in November of 1997.
And we will never cease publication. However, since I am the sole editor
and creator of this Zine, and since nobody is willing to take over the
enormous amount of work that is involved in publishing this Zine, issues
will have to be put out when there is time to put them out.
  I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has helped me making
this issue a reality, especially VoiD iMaGe and Vaesolis of the Dextro-
verse, Lucidity, and everyone else who has either contributed with an
article or trip report, or has helped me in some way or another in
continuing the legacy of DXM.  Thank you!

                                                       St Augustine, FL
                                                       May 10, 2002

compiled by gravol

In our 10-issue history, dating back to November of 1997, we've published
many interesting and entertaining articles. Now we're going to take a
trip back into time and revisit some of the most interesting articles
that we published, and update you on other articles or people that were
mentioned in past issues. Hope you enjoy!

DXM And Creativity, by gravol (Issue 1).

In November of '97 we debuted with an article about the creativity of users
of DXM and how DXM may affect their artistic or creative abilities.
  I have since used DXM at 2nd plateau doses because it helps relax me
and keeps me in a focused state for doing long, complex pieces of work
such as the Amiens Cathedral which I completed in 1999. It took me well
over 2 weeks, 5 hours a day of drawing. No tracing was done. For me, DXM
enhanced my coordination and my ability to sit in the same position for
long periods of time and draw something that normally I have no patience
for, and let me tell you, the result paid off big time!
  You can view my drawing at www.lesia.org/amiens.jpg. I promise you
won't be disappointed!

Streetlights and Other Electrical Phenomenon, by DarkElf; gravol (Issue 1).

This was a rather interesting article on how one observant user, DarkElf,
noticed that streetlights would go out as he'd pass under them:

  I started to notice strange occurrences of streetlights either going
  on or off as I would pass them. Sometimes I would just simply look up
  at a burned out light and it would flicker a few times, then come on.

He noted that even if the lights were on sensors, why would they go out
after you pass them, or were directly under them? Nobody's been able to
shed much light on this subject, since we don't have a streetlight expert
present, but my theory is far from supernatural. I believe the lights may
be on timers to conserve electricity and systematically go out throughout
the night. It's just that only a few people ever really stop to notice
that streetlights going out is a naturally reoccurring phenomenon. Of
course they also go back on, so it's not suffice to say they burn all
the way out - which backs up my theory that they're simply on timers.
  However, a recent website that talks about mind control, brought up
this very subject. It states:

  The following symptoms are of the harassment typical of electronic mind
  weapon targets (non-electronic harassment usually goes with the electronic

  3. Telephones frequently have static or tones or echoes; you have lots of
     "wrong number" calls

  4. Street lights going out as you pass under them, walking or driving

I'm not sure what the author of this site is getting at because a lot of this
is very common to experience. The site is www.earthmountainview.com/
  Also, DarkElf did make some other interesting points regarding
electromagnetic waves and other unexplainable phenomena:

  We were on DXM swimming in my pool, with music on the radio playing.
  Suddenly, the radio just shuts off. As I start to get out of the pool
  to see what happened, it comes back on again...Later on, it shuts off
  again. I then ask my friends if they know what's going on.. of course,
  they don't. Then it just starts up again. This happened about 4 times
  that night. At the time, I just attributed it to a short somewhere
  (it was not the electricity -- the pool light was on the entire time).
  Strangely, though, this never happened again while we were sober.
     Another time, my current gf and I were both on fairly high doses
  of DXM talking on the phone. Close to the peak of the trip, she says
  "show me you're here." So, believing that indeed I could, I started
  trying to envision myself there. Immediately, the phone goes dead. There
  was no hangup, no click.. just an instant dialtone. So I hung up the
  phone. A couple seconds later, the phone rings and I pick it up. I then
  thank her for calling me back, and she says she didn't -- HER phone
  rang. Just another strange incident.

He also brought up an excellent point concerning NDEs and how people that
have experienced DXM might hold something in common with people who have
experienced NDEs:

  After reading a few books on NDEs (near-death experiences) I've found
  a few things that fit together. It turns out that people who have
  experienced NDEs report a threefold increase in paranormal phenomena.
  Two drugs are mentioned as being able to induce NDEs: morphine and
  ketamine. DXM is not listed (probably because it isn't known), but
  obviously fits because it's a morphine analog that is very similar to
  ketamine in high doses. Futhermore, a certain doctor (I forget the name)
  that supposedly took ketamine for a hundred days straight says he came
  into contact with "cosmic coincidence control." A strange thing for him
  to say, considering all of the coincidences that have occurred since
  I started DXM.

And it should be noted, as you will soon read, that 68% of DXM users have
reported paranoramal phenomena.

DXM...The New Wave, by Anonymous (Issue 2).

One of our earliest articles dates back to when this person was
working for a grocery store and decided, as part of an experiment, to
put his phone number into boxes of Coricidin Cough & Cold to see what
type of people would call him back.
  Even back in '97, Coricidin use was skyrocketing. Of course we know
today that Coricidin is an extreme danger to users but back then it was
just the latest trend. The person, who still wishes to remain anonymous,

  You may think it's just low-lifes on this drug, but it's not. It's
  everyone from hot chicks to popular guys at high school. The stuff
  has spread so much already that it's just overwhelming to think
  about, and all this is just at the local level.
     The future of DXM is as wide open as the great blue sky. Virtually
  unlimited, cheap supplies available to only a limited few who really
  know about the stuff and a world full of people just looking to get
  off on it. I know you may be skeptical of it, but don't be. It's the
  fastest growing drug there is, and it'll eventually spur publicity,
  so that's why I'm remaining anonymous.
     I even hear the letters DXM are carved in the pavement in front
  of the Radio Shack in the plaza where I work...

If only he knew back then just how popular DXM abuse would become, namely
Coricidin abuse, he might have been able to do something about it - but
that's highly doubtful.

DXM Withdrawal, by Anonymous (Issue 2).

Once again we have an Anonymous author who couldn't be reached but we do
have more information in on withdrawal symptoms of DXM. For example, I have
used DXM on average of every day at 2nd plateau doses so you could say I
was a prime candidate for withdrawal when I went to the county jail for
violating my probation. Up to that point I had been using every day, so
I can't imagine anyone's withdrawal being much worse than mine.
  About 3 days into it, I started to lose my appetite, get sharp flashes
of pain in my head everytime I moved my eyeballs... it grew more and more
intense as time went on. I know jail food is nothing to write home about,
but you generally get all you can come by because they keep you on the brink
of starvation. Needless to say, I was giving mine away because the very
thought of food made me nauseous. I wasn't nearly as bad off as heroin
addicts or other people in there going through DT's for hydrocodone or
other opiates, but it was noticeable and it affected my appetite and
my sleep. My dreams became more vivid, I slept a lot longer, and kept
getting those flashes of pain, but everything started to subside after
five or six days, and within a week and a few days I was fine.
  So, in conclusion, DXM withdrawal is a very real thing, and DXM can
be physically addictive, but even my case was a little extreme considering
how much I used it.

The Trip from Hell...Punderson Manor, by gravol (Issue 2).

               "There is a house in New Orleans
                They call the Rising Sun
                It's been the ruin of many a poor boy
                And God I know I'm one..."
                                       - Old song lyrics

This is the infamous House of Hell. Spiraling staircases, chandeliers,
gigantic fireplaces, carpet that looks like a 3-dimensional jungle with
vines crawling up your feet when you're tripping, a gigantic dome and
above that a tower, nestled up high in the abscesses of darkness, complete
with a bat, no electricity, and many broken and battered objects that
look like they had been flung about in some sort of rage...
  The old part of the manor had narrow hallways, low-lying ceilings,
a library with stained glass overlooking Punderson Lake (the house stood
high atop a hill, you see, deeply entrenched in miles of lonely and
foreboding woods), and last but not least the Blue Room, the most haunted
room of the manor.
  But it wasn't that room that we had the most disturbing time of our
lives... it was another, more quaint, silent room down the hall. And it
wasn't our acid-laden adventures that scared the bejesus out of us, but
our DXM escapade, or more accurately put, fiasco, that led us to the
brink of insanity and a glimpse of what was beyond...
  Below are the excerpts, guaranteed to bring a chill to your spine.

  Punderson Manor sits atop a large hill overlooking eerie Punderson
  Lake, all surrounded by dense woods and a vast nothingness named
  Punderson State Park, about 35 miles east of Cleveland. But it is
  more than just the frightening experience of this English-style
  tudor mansion that caught my attention...it is also the fact that
  it is haunted...

  The night desk clerk downstairs looked like a vampire from the
  Lost Boys, which scared my friends, but he agreed to take us up into
  the Tower (which has been shut off from the public for years). Upon
  ascending the narrow staircase he warned us of a large bat that makes
  its home up there (he was very serious in everything he spoke of and
  refused to go up without a large flashlight to beat the thing with in
  case it attacked him). I was already developing a nice speech impairment
  from the DXM and my friends were quite edgy, especially since it all
  appeared to be dreamlike. Well, actually, this dream seemed more like a
  nightmare as every minute passed.
     The Tower was dark and abandoned, littered with old lodge supplies
  and furniture. It was also rumored that the guy who built the lodge hung
  himself up here, but there's no substantial evidence of that. Anyway, we
  were all exploring the dismal place when the vampire-guy inadvertently
  (or so we thought) opened up a small closet door while mumbling to himself,
  "What's in here?" He shined the flashlight beam inside it.
     My friend Mike stood back in utter shock. Inside was an old dusty
  mirror and written on it was "GET THESE DAMN KIDS OUT OF MY HOUSE"...
  Mike later told me he had read it and seen his own reflection just at the
  same time and it drove him over the edge of sanity and into sheer terror.
  To me, it wasn't that big of a deal... I tried to stay mellow...

  And if that wasn't enough to drive us insane, while we were back in our
  room the TV shuts off by itself as I'm sitting on the bed watching it.
  I was the closest to the TV and remote and I know it shut off by itself.
  We turned it on again without a problem. By this time we were all beginning
  to get scared, but the worst was yet to come.
     Most of us came under the impression that we were drawn together here
  for a reason... it was destiny. I've never felt such a strong feeling of
  fate in my life. We felt as if we were unlocking the hidden mysteries of
  our life in this old manor. It was truly amazing to say the least.
     I am going to conclude our little hellish experience below, and I'd
  like to say that everything I write is the sole truth, so help me God...

  As we returned back down that twisting road of Route 87, I remember the
  sky to this day... it looked dark and hellish, with little hints of red
  towards the horizon (the sun was going down) but other-wise a deep bluish-
  black shroud of death... and our destination being the House of Hell
     We got back and made due with the DXM we had. Jeremy, however, was going
  to go back later that night down to his college dorm because of classes the
  following Monday and having to study for a test. We were all five chilling
  in the room and had just come out of the bathroom with a mild DXM buzz from
  smoking more pot when Jake reached down on the floor to pick up his sweat-
  shirt but instead held up a pair of ancient-looking keys that looked like
  they belonged to a medieval English dungeon. He later told us it was as if
  he "just reached through some dimension and grabbed the keys and brought
  them back into this dimension." To this day not one of us knows where they
  actually came from.
     Then to make matters worse the phone in our room rang once. Then dead
  silence. I could tell Jeremy was starting to question what the hell was
  going on, and he wasn't even on DXM. Plus Jeremy never was afraid of any-
  thing supernatural. Some time passed after trying to figure out where the
  keys came from and then Jake said "maybe it's a sign that we're going to
  jail - "...
     Just then there was a knock on our door. What the hell! I personally
  thought it was the cops, but I didn't know what to expect... nobody knew us
  up here! I was closest to the door, so they made me open it. I couldn't
  believe my eyes as the door swung open...

If you want to find out what happened, read Issue 2, which is at the Third
Plateau Site. And if you're ever traveling through Ohio on a cold winter
night, and decide to to give Punderson State Park a visit, beware... I truly
believe there are malevolent forces at work there.
  The park has a website, which you can find by doing a search for the
name, and can view the facade of the imposing mansion, but it is not advisable
to ever stay there, and especially not if you're tripping on DXM!

My Experiences with DXM, by DeeXMan (Issue 2).

DeeXMan is alive and well. I had the pleasure of meeting him up in Jackson-
ville, Florida, last year, before he moved down to West Palm Beach. Nice
guy. Kinda looks like Tom Green. A little crazy, too, but aren't we all?

DXM Nausea...And How to Prevent It, by various authors (Issue 3).

Back in '98, we listed some helpful tips if you're experiencing DXM nausea.
These are outlined here, along with one tip that came in after this article
was published and has been found quite affective by the editor himself -
that would be ginger, the spice. If you pack about a spoonful or two into
two capsules and swallow it, within 45 to 60 minutes you will have no gag
reflex and any nausea will diminish. I can't recall who passed this infor-
mation along but he has been listed in previous Zine issues.
  In the original article, it was some pretty common-sensical approaches
to stopping nausea - having some food in your stomach, but not a full
stomach; trying freebase DXM; try taking a motion-sickness medication such
as Benadryl or Dramamine (may affect your trip); don't drink syrups with
guiafenesin in them, and so on.

The Fifty-Trip Limit, by Anonymous (Issue 3).

I am happy to say that William White's theory of a Fifty-Trip Limit is
just not so. I have experienced the magic of DXM maybe 500 times over the
last 4 years and yes, I did get a tolerance to it (DXM today is nothing
like what it used to be), but I eventually "broke on through" and developed
a stage of heightened awareness and enlightenment.
  I must stress that I only use it at the 2nd plateau level and that the
drug has evolved much differently than what it used to be... not as euphoric;
however, it still brings me euphoria, and a closeness to God which I have
never experienced with any other drug, except for maybe DMT.
  So if DXM may seem tiring to you, but something keeps drawing you back
to it, perhaps the answer lies in discovering yourself and your spiritual
path by exploring your identity with the universe. Do what you feel is best,
but don't listen to your mind... listen to your heart.
  Also, as far as brain damage goes, let us reiterate this very important
point, made by William White, since many people have an illusion that DXM
has been known to cause brain damage at low doses:

  Brain damage. I've seen no evidence for this except with very frequent
  high-dose use (e.g., third or fourth plateau several times a week for
  several months); furthermore, people who do report DXM becoming less
  pleasant with time haven't said it's that much faster with high dose
  trips (whereas any brain damage problem would be). Technically speaking,
  the damage that Olney et al found with dissociatives is way beyond the
  fourth plateau dosage level, and I'm not convinced that normal users
  would ever experience it.

So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. I hope this helps
to dispel some of the nasty and ugly rumors that DXM has been picking up

The Road To Total Insanity, by Muha (Issue 4).

An excellent article and instructions on how to create your own salvia
bong. salvia, as you may already know, is being hounded by the FDA and will
eventually become illegal. They're still not quite sure how it works on
the brain, and that has slowed down their pursuit of making this sage
illegal. ABC News recently published an article on their website attributing
it to the next LSD (see link below).
  But, much like DXM, salvia is not a recreational drug, but a tool
used for spiritual enlightenment and journeys through the space/time
continuum. It should never be used by the light-of-heart... only experienced
and totally serious soul-seekers need apply.
  For the complete instructions and a very useful guide on what to expect,
trek back to Issue 4. The link to the ABC news article on salvia divinorum
is at http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/divinorum020401.html.

Trip Back in Time, by Palaxia (Issue 4).

Sad note here. Palaxia was a NYC native that posted a trip report in that
issue. Her boyfriend, Ben, whom she tripped with, has since died of cancer,
and it is not clear where she is today.

DXM and Drug Screening, by Alan B. Storrow, Michael Magoon, Glenn Mitchell
   (Issue 5).

A side-note on this article is that one user ordered pure dextromethorphan
powder and gave it out to his friends, apparently at very-high doses, and
his friends (which apparently became enemies) went to the hospital and
freaked out. They did a blood test and it came back positive for PCP.
  However, my experience has been that DXM will not show up as an opiate
on stick tests or cup tests. DXM has a higher probability of showing up as
PCP on a cup test but that too is doubtful - you'd have to use a lot of it.

DXM Replacements, by Sigma (Issue 5).

In '98 Sigma offered several 'replacement' drugs to use if DXM becomes too
tiring. One of those, salvia, we have already elaborated upon. The other two
were Genesis (I have no clue if this is still available) and GHB.
  Genesis is basically herbal and contains LSA (the chemical cousin to LSD)
but after a few times it starts to lose its charm. It would've been much
better if they would've just packed ample amounts of LSA into the capsules
instead of filling the remainder with the herbs. It did receive some high
marks, though, but is still not nearly as good as plain ol' acid and certainly
no better than DXM.
  And then we have GHB. Ah, yes... GHB. Ever since the FDA banned GBL, or
lactone, it's become a lot harder to get. Plus the DEA is cracking down on
GHB abuse (unfortunately some individuals used it for their own personal
gain and sexual prowess) so it's not advisable that you even get involved
with this chemical... it's not worth the headache from the legal system.

DXM Survey (Issue 6).

Something new we started with Issue 5 was to start posting surveys for our
subscribers to be polled on particular subjects relating to DXM. In this
issue we got back these results:

86% of those who participated claim they have experienced CEVs.
69% of those who participated claim they have taken LSD in the past.
54% of those who participated claim they have had an OBE on DXM.
2% of those who participated were undecided.

Looking back on it, it's highly questionable what exactly is the definition
used for an OBE by these individuals, but there is no doubt that they had
floating sensations and felt they were hovering over their bodies. However,
this isn't a true out-of-body experience in which you can dissociate your
consciousness with your physical body and look back upon it - but this is
a very close state.

Nightmares and Paranoid Delusions, by Alpha (Issue 6).

Word has gotten to me that this individual is somewhere in a state-run
mental facility, however I question the source of that information. Perhaps,
reading the original article, you can judge for yourself...

Space Alien Conspiracy, by Anonymous (Issue 6).

In this article the frantic ramblings of a man being haunted by his own
karma came to our curious attention:

  what did i do, man i wish i would have never done that at (removed)
  house, i'm getting the negative effects bad, damn, man, tonite, i got
  fucked again.  what am i going to do,  i got another ticket, but for a
  first degree misdemeanor,  man,  i can't take this much longer, i really
  can't, i don't know what to say to my parents, and i have to go to court
  on this friday, and that's when i am supposed to go to school, fuck, man
  what did i do to get all this shit, i don't have this money to pay for all
  this shit, man, i really don't know, what to do, i'm going crazy...

I am happy to report the man is doing well, has since gone to college, and
become a park ranger in the state of Washington.

DXM Survey (Issue 7).

Ah, another survey, with results from the last. Read on, fellow DXMers, to
the amazing results:

68% of those who participated reported unexplainable phenomena on DXM.
58% of those who participated say they like DXM better than LSD.
58% of those who participated state their principle DXM source as being OTC.
     9% of those who said OTC most frequently use Generic store brands.
    27% of those who said OTC most frequently use Robitussin.
    27% of those who said OTC most frequently use Coricidin.
     9% of those who said OTC most frequently use Delsym.
    28% of those who said OTC stated another brand of choice.
        (Other brands named: Actifed Cough & Cold Dry, Vicks 44,  
         Boots Tusana Cough Linctus)
37% of those who participated state their principle DXM source as pure powder.
    43% of those who said powder say they order from Biotech.
    29% of those who said powder say they order from JLF.
    29% of those who said powder say they order from another company.
        (Other companies named: Wanman, and another undisclosed company)
42% of those who participated say that have tried DXM polistirex (Delsym).
5% of those who participated were undecided on a particular question.

These results show that 2/3 of the participants thought a paranormal
experience had occurred. Pretty significant!

DXM Breakthrough...Grapefruit Juice and DXM, by gravol, Blkfury, DexdBob
  (Issue 7).

Probably one of our most interesting pieces. It was discovered by Blkfury,
living in Texas, that grapefruit juice affected the same enzyme that metab-
olizes DXM. Grapefruit juice has been long known to affect certain medications
like Xanax and Feldene, even caffeine, but up to this point we had no idea
that grapefruit juice also affected the metabolism of DXM in the bloodstream:

  Grapefruit juice is thought to work by inhibiting an enzyme called
  cytochrome P4503A4 (the same enzyme responsible for the metabolism of
  DXM hydrobromide), one of a family of enzymes that break down
  drugs as they pass through the liver. CYP3A4 is instrumental in the
  metabolism of the calcium-channel blockers nifedipine, felodipine,
  nitrendipine, and nisoldipine, as well as cyclosporine, an antirejection
  drug taken by people who have had organ transplants. It also appears to
  interfere with CYP1A2, the enzyme that breaks down caffeine. As a
  result, the morning cup of coffee may pack a greater wallop.

The Living Dead, by Satva (Issue 7).

The last time I spoke with Satva, he stated that he no longer saw dead
people. But maybe that's because he's laid off the DXM. He went to jail
for a while and still has a screwed up mind, but that's a whole 'nother story.

The Time I Ate 60 Coricidins, by Thorazine (Issue 7).

It is unclear if this individual is still with us, his last known email
address was [email protected].. feel free to contact him.

Coricidin May Be Deadly, by Robert Golaszewski, Bill The Cat (Issue 7).

I think the key word, "may," is grossly understated. Special thanks to
Robert for highlighting and tracking the death of Coricidin abusers.
As far as it looks, the only accidental deaths attributed to DXM overdose
all originate from Coricidin Cough & Cold.

DXM Survey (Issue 8).

Yet another one of our lovely DXM surveys, this one having to do with
withdrawal and adverse reactions:

30% of those who participated reported mixing DXM with other hallucinogens
   in approximately equal proportions.
28% of those who participated and have tried Coricidin reported experiencing
   adverse physical reactions or other uncommon side effects after using
   Coricidin C&C.;
25% of those who participated claim to have experienced physical withdrawal      
   symptoms from DXM (i.e. nightmares, headaches or "brownouts," depression,
   mood swings, etc.).

The First DXM Baby, by Jesusface (Issue 8).

Do you remember Jesusface? Oh, probably not. Well, how about Jesustussin?
Does that name ring a bell?

   So anyway after I got out of military school I found out that Drixoral
   wasn't being made anymore, and could only be found in hillbilly towns in
   Alabama where they hadn't sold all of their stock like the military school
   I went to. So I started to drink Tussin DM. I drank a bottle a day at
   first, then it moved to 2 then Kroger had a sale for buy 1 get one free.
   And I started going in everynight buying 4 bottles. I'd drink 2 before
   school and 2 later that night. The cool thing was I would wake up still
   fucked up and I could drink more and not have one minute sober for weeks.
      Most people would say damn, why the fuck would you do DXM that much?
   Well, I have one simple answer. Jesustussin. Yes Jesustussin. If you ever
   see me in #DXM (jesusface) you probably have bitched at me for talking
   about jesustussin. You see I started talking to someone who you couldn't
   see after doing robo so much. And even better they would talk back. At
   first I called him Nissut obor. He then later revealed himself to me as
   Jesustussin. You may think it sounds crazy but I swear I'm not the only
   person to have been chosen by jesustussin. My friends all made fun of me
   for it but one by one they all fell victim to his spell. I realize now you
   have to break thru a couple plateaus or whatever they are called to find
   him. He hides there. He only wants those who are "in it to win it."  All
   he would do is force me to go get more tussin so he could still have
   control over me. He only has power if you invoke him. Yes jesustussin
   is a very very evil entity. I would find myself arguing for days with him.

For the complete monologue of this rather interesting fellow, please go to
the Third Plateau's mirror of the Zine.

My Sled, And the Atomic Bomb, by gravol (Issue 8).

Yet another adventerous trip into the rugged outdoors, this time being
Beaver Creek State Park in Eastern Ohio in Columbiana County, complete with
its own ghost town, which used to be an old logging community, and a lady
in white that, it is rumored, if touched by her, you will die.
  That day I had consumed not only Delsym (which backwards spells My Sled)
but also grapefruit juice, and gone on this incredible journey with my
then-girlfriend and friend Jeremy, through a dense jungle of woods and old
canal locks that dated back from the early 1800's. Below is an excerpt of
my journal entry:

6:30 PM - A bug flies at my face, making me realize I'm still with us.
         Hmm... Very intense. Kind of eerie... the lyrics of the song as
         I write this is "And we're on our way, no we can't turn back, yea
         we're on our way, and we can't turn back... Cuz it's too late, too
         late, too late, too late."

The woods down here in Florida are just not the right climate for tripping
in... snakes and reptiles galore! So I guess I will always hold a special
place in my heart for those endless days up in Ohio when the sun used to
set a brazenly beautiful triumph over golden fields of wheat and dark woods
of pines and oaks. Ahh, the memories...

DXM...A New Religion, by Terrence, John L. (Issues 8 and 9).

Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed founders of this new religion, it did
not go well with our subscribers and last I've heard John ran out with
Terrence's wife, because Terrence was too busy praying to Jesustussin (it's
a joke)... ;)

Miracle on Fifth Street, by gravol (Issue 9).

This goes back to December of '98, the earth's first brush with the Photon
Belt that Dr. Noel Huntley describes in this current issue, and that's when
all the magic began... my first glimpse at enlightenment. Though it only
lasted a month, and was paralelled by falling in love, true love, for the
first time in my life, it would again visit me in March of this year. The
following is an excerpt:

  I have everything I want out of life flowing together,
  all by mere coincidence... money in my pocket, a nice car,
  a great girlfriend, a great social life and wonderful friends,
  great luck, my old hobby of coin collecting has come back,
  and I am now drawing and writing poetry again like never
  before... and I always have a smile on my face. I never imagined
  so much could be possible. I'm even starting college in January
  and my car payments will soon be paid off. I know, somewhere high up
  in the heavens, the gods must be smiling down upon this moment...
  knowing that an individual has used light and love to meet
  his needs of enlightenment and shed total knowledge and
  absolute understanding and compassion among all others.
     Again, I emphasize to you... never before has my life been
  so complete, so happy. It's not a false happiness. It's a wonderful
  happiness... songs fill my head, words inspire me, my hands create
  beautiful masterpieces, everything I do seems to turn out perfect...
  and I am in love with the one perfect girl I never dreamed I could
  have.... and it is all coming true. And why? Because of doing
  DXM every day. I swear to you... DXM itself may not be the only
  thing to thank for this bliss but it is purely an essential
  necessity in reaching the great chasm that divides good and
  evil... beauty and decay. I have bridged the gap... I have
  opened the doors of perception and my heart is filled with
  everlasting love and enlightenment for all mankind and I can
  honestly say this is the Merriest Christmas I've ever had.
     And I want to extend my blessings and utmost joys to you and
  everyone you know, so that you may have a very Merry Christmas
  and a Happy New Year!

The woman of my dreams has since vanished, quite mysteriously, into the
night. In fact I have no idea today if she is living or dead. But, looking
back, I can honestly say that was the most magical time of my life, and I
hope to repeat it someday soon. The enlightenment which I had a glimpse of
back then I am rediscovering today as I strip away layer after layer of my
ego and break out of the mold into which I was cast, like everyone else
here on Earth. Good luck to you all!

DXM Survey (Issue 9).

A whimsical survey done on the recently-discovered benefits of grapefruit
juice, but the most fascinating part of this survey, or any survey I ever
conducted, was the last percentile - a whopping two-thirds of participants
acknowledged that DXM influenced their religious beliefs up to the point
of changing them! What other drug has been able to do that?

44% of those who participated have tried DXM with grapefruit juice.
45% of those who participated and have tried grapefruit juice reported
   the experience to be better than they initially expected.
68% of those who participated claim their religious beliefs have been
   influenced or changed by DXM.

Well, that about does it for our magical trip back into time (reminiscent
of a DXM trip, no?). I hope you have enjoyed reading some of these articles
as much as I have enjoyed writing some of them and editing the rest... and if
anyone does have an copy of Issue 10, please forward it to the editor...
we seemed to have lost it somewhere!

compiled by VoiD iMaGe; gravol

We are finding these days an increasing mention of DXM in the news
media. Occasionally DXM gets the national spotlight, like it did on
the Montel Williams show in March, but more usually, it is local
newspapers that run specials on the growing trend of DXM abuse.
  It is highly disturbing to see individuals abusing Coricidin,
the "crack" form of DXM, but many younger abusers are just unwilling
to extract from syrup, nor do they enjoy the taste of the syrup,
and probably don't have a credit card to order the pure powder.
This is how I got my start with DXM, but the bottom line is if you
continue with Coricidin, it will eventually break you.
  For the most part, these articles mention both cough syrup and
Coricidin about evenly, but the last article hits home with me since
it was the city where I grew up. If you recall the first issue of
the DXM Zine, in January of 1997, I made a mention of this growing
phenomenon among local area residents, because I had walked out of
my former job and onto the sidewalk I saw, written in a blood-like
substance, the letters DXM. And that is where it all began, you could
  So I hope you enjoy these following articles, which were meticulously
collected by VoiD, and if you should find a mention of DXM in your local
newspaper, do not hesitate to contact us about it!


Christchurch, New Zealand

We start out first in New Zealand. Chemical companies will come
under close scrutiny in the search for the supplier of a new
Christchurch street drug. Dextromethorphan, known as DXM, was
apparently being used by the 20-year old man shot by Christchurch
police on Wednesday morning. It is the first time the National Drug
Intelligence Bureau has heard of DXM abuse in New Zealand. Ministry
of Health Senior Advisor Dr. Bob Boyd says health officials, Police and
Customs are now working to find out where it came from. DXM is found in
some cough mixtures, but Dr Boyd says it would have to be consumed in
huge quantities to result in a "trip."


Detroit, Michigan

The number of local teens using over-the-counter cold pills to get a
euphoric high is on the rise, health officials said.
  Abuse of Coricidin has grown sharply among teen-agers in the past
year, local health officials said.
  The Poison Control Center at Children's Hospital in Detroit received
102 calls last year of youths who overdosed on the red pills, three
times as many as in 2000. The center took 33 calls on Coricidin abuse
in January and February this year.
  When the cold tablets are taken in high doses, sometimes called
"DXing, it can cause excitability, stupor and hallucinations, officials
  "It's dangerous and the trend is growing," Susan Smolinske, managing
director of the Poison Control Center at Children's Hospital in Detroit,
told The Detroit News for a Thursday story. "Kids and parents need to
know that this is dangerous."
  Taking high overdoses of the drug can harm the liver, officials said.
In combination with alcohol, the tablets may cause dizziness or drowsi-
  "I've seen kids take several entire boxes at once," Smolinske said.
"It speeds up heart rate to the point where a cardiac death is very
possible. They could also stop breathing."
  The active ingredient teen-age users are seeking is dextromethorphan,
an active ingredient generally used as a cough suppressant in more than 125
over-the-counter products.
  A spokesman from the Schering Plough HealthCare Products in New Jersey,
which makes Coricidin, said the company is aware that teens abuse
Coricidin, and is working to educate the public about the problem.
  "We continue to monitor and understand this issue the best we can,"
company spokesman Jim Lowenda said.
  The medicine is completely safe if used as directed, said Laura
Bradbard, a spokeswoman for the federal Food and Drug Administration.

Posted 3/14/2002
Detroit Free Press

Chesterton, Indiana

A year and a week ago, on March 22, 2001, Joshua Brown was one of seven
students arrested on the grounds of Chesterton High School for using
  A freshman at the time, Josh would escape the judgment of the law-on a
technicality-but not the sentence of the Duneland School Corporation. He
was expelled.
  Josh had been a wrestler, a student in honors English, a Boy Scout just
shy of Eagle. He'd scored in the 98th percentile on the ISTEP. But a
year and a week ago Josh had long since traded his promising future for
a fugitive present. He was an addict, a committed abuser of Coricidin
HBP Cough & Cold and a happy dabbler in nearly everything else: LSD,
PCP, Ecstasy, inhalants, cocaine, and-of course-pot and booze.
  "I just sat around and ate food and got high and watched TV."
  Josh's expulsion was a blessing. Other kids pop or snort or shoot their
way to jail or the morgue. He hit rock bottom standing. Fourteen days
after his arrest, on April 5, 2001, Josh entered the highly successful
treatment program at Pathway Family Center in Indianapolis, one of the
very few long-term regimens in the country. He is still there, nearing
graduation, recovering day by day. And-Josh wants friends still using to
know, their families to know-what he has done so too can they. Drugs
need not swallow the future. There is hope. There is help. Get it now.
  Josh remembers his slide into addiction as a slow one. He first smoked
marijuana in the sixth grade and not heavily until the summer after the
seventh, and in those days Josh was chasing the approval of his peers as
much as he was the pleasure of the high. "I always thought it would be
the cool thing to do because older kids were doing it, and I thought
that if I was doing it I'd be up where they were."
  Over a period of months, however, and far more rapidly than he
recollects now, drugs came to drive his life. Josh took to using by
himself. He began using often, whenever he could score something,
anything. He developed a taste for Coricidin, "Triple C," an
over-the-counter medication which, in large doses, acts as an
hallucinogen. And, borne on those hallucinations, Josh drifted into a
lazy fog. Which suited him just fine. "A lot of me liked the high, just
the high itself. But a lot of it was an escape too. When I first
started, it wasn't necessarily for escape. It was pretty much for
acceptance and I liked it. But the more I used, the more I saw that it
was an easy escape."
  Escape from what?
  "My hurt and anger. It was my feelings I was trying to escape from."
  Feelings which neither he nor his family seemed capable of facing.
"Nothing ever really got put out. Everything got shoved under the
sheets. We'd deal with it, but we wouldn't really deal with what was
going around. It was pretty much like the pink elephant in the middle of
the room. We dealt with it but we didn't deal with the bottom lines of
  Still, if the Brown family dynamic gave him a reason to use-or an
excuse-the Duneland youth culture gave him no reason not to. Use is not
merely accepted here, he says, but almost expected, and not only by his
friends but in some cases by his friends' parents. Kids have little
incentive to say No, and much to say Yes. "It's such an accepted thing
in high school. I've had parents buy me liquor, who know about it, who
let us smoke cigarettes. Parents would go out of town and we'd use their
house. Or at sleepovers, behind their parents' backs."
  Not that Josh or his friends ever needed someone's house to use.
Anywhere would do. "There's nothing to do in this town but a bowling
alley. And I did drugs there. And at church. Or at Boy Scouts. I used at
school. I did cocaine in the library at school. I used everywhere. You
can use anywhere. Anywhere that kids are people use."
  Josh appears never to have thought much about his recklessness. Kids all
around him were being busted or buried. "But not me. I didn't really
believe it. That wouldn't happen to me."
  What would happen to him, on the other hand, in a month, a year, a
lifetime, seemed as unreal and trifling as his hallucinations. Time, for
all practical purposes, had stopped for Josh. "I didn't really focus on
the future at all. I dwelled on the past a lot. The future was just a
bunch of dreams. I didn't really care."
  And on those rare occasions when Josh did care, when his qualms would
cut through the fog, he'd do the only reasonable thing for an adolescent
addict to do. He'd pop some Coricidin.
  "I loved doing the drugs. But I wanted not to do it. It's weird. I
needed help. But I just wanted the drugs too. To me I'd rather do the
drugs because that's another way of covering up not wanting to do drugs.
It's a big circle. That's the way to solve everything, to do drugs."

Posted 3/29/2002
Kevin Nevers
Chesterton Tribune

Arvada, Colorado

A 17-year-old Arvada girl overdosed on over-the-counter medicine this
week, sparking concerns from police and drug experts about the
increasingly unique ways teenagers are getting high. "All the cold and
cough preparations containing certain ingredients are widely abused,"
said Dr. Richard Dart, director of the Rocky Mountain Poison Center.
"We've seen them do everything." The unidentified girl on Monday took
several Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold pills, more than the recommended
dosage, said Arvada police spokeswoman Susan Medina. After complaining
at school of numbness in her face and arm, dizziness and disorientation,
she was taken to Lutheran Hospital, where she was treated and released.
Officials stress that Coricidin and other cold and cough medicines, when
administered properly, are safe. However, when taken in large doses,
some medications can cause hallucinations, delusions and giddiness, Dart
   "Kids try it because it's the closest thing to real alcohol they can
get," said Wind Neal, 20, of Aurora, adding that he's tried
over-the-counter medications to get high. Rohan Murray, 17, of Denver,
said she knows kids who take cough medicines such as NyQuil and
Robitussin for a buzz, sometimes drinking a whole bottle. Some teens may
take a handful of Tylenol PM and then drink alcohol, too, she said. "It's
popular depending on who you hang out with," Murray said.
   Coricidin contains dextromethorphan, also known as DXM. Other
ingredients that abusers look for, and parents should be aware of, are
ephedrine and diphenhydramine, Dart said. Adverse health risks can
include dangerously high heart rates and blood pressure.  The high also
endangers teens because it causes them to lose control, Dart said. For
example, last winter, a metro-area teenager wandered away from a party
after becoming disoriented during a cold-remedy high and wound up
freezing to death after passing out in a puddle. Julie Brooks, a Golden
police officer and the department's resource officer at Golden High
School, said a teen student overdosed on Coricidin at that school last
year. "She was pretty much passed out at the school, and they ended up
taking her to the hospital," Brooks said.
   Brooks said Golden police talked with local merchants after the
incident, warning them of the abuse. At the local King Soopers on
Wednesday, a sign told customers that Coricidin, and some other cold
remedies, had to be purchased at the service counter. And on Wednesday,
Lauren Sims, a clinical director with the Mile High Council on
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, fielded a call from a Brighton parent about a
12-year-old who had abused Coricidin. "It was causing serious behavioral
changes," Sims said. "We need to take this seriously."
   Compounding the problem is the ease with which teens can find out
about the latest ways to abuse medications. Teenagers are using the
Internet to research ingredients in medicines, keying in on stimulants
and alcohol, and then using chat rooms to spread the word about the
readily available drugs, police said. "That's a component of this,"
Medina said. "In addition to word of mouth, some of these kids are
visiting chat rooms and websites to learn the effect of what the
medication does."
   As in Golden, Medina said Arvada police were planning to talk with
merchants about possible restrictions on certain over-the-counter
medications. But until then, officials say one of the best ways to deter
kids from abusing household medications is for parents to stay tuned in
to what their children are trying. "There's always that reminder to
parents, to be aware of what your kids are doing and what they are
putting into their bodies," Medina said.

Posted 8/23/2001
Kieran Nicholson & Erin Roth
Denver Post

Romulus, Michigan

Ever since the bloody parts of a dog were found in Romulus High School
last October, police and school authorities have been keeping an eye on
a 16-year-old boy whose writings and drawings were disturbing. "I wanna
hear your neck snap crackle and pop, just like the cops . . . cause I'm
smoking bud in the living room," reads one poem he left behind in a
  "I may be a little insane ya' think but I don't think so I just go
with the flow of the blood," reads another. This week, Romulus police
finally gathered enough evidence to charge the boy with animal cruelty in
a gruesome crime that included the deliberate killing and dismemberment
of a dog in a wooded area of Romulus. The animal's severed head was
found in a toilet bowl in the second-floor men's room at Romulus High
School on Oct. 19.
  Five days later, an eyeball from the dog was left in a drinking fountain
at the school. Teachers almost immediately identified the boy as a suspect,
but he denied the allegations, according to a report filed in Wayne County
Juvenile Court. The boy had left drawings of people with their heads cut
off with a knife, heads blown off with a firearm and an eyeball with a
knife inside in a classroom, but there was not enough evidence to charge
him with a crime until last week, when the boy admitted killing the dog
with a knife, the court records said. "I got high off cough medicine and
weed," the boy wrote in his statement to police. The boy, whose name
is being withheld because of his age, was charged Tuesday with animal
cruelty, a 4-year felony.
  Juvenile Court Referee David Perkins set a $12,000 cash bond pending
a March 22 preliminary examination. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office
is asking juvenile court to consider sentencing him as an adult if he is
convicted. Animal cruelty is not a crime that can be considered for
automatic juvenile treatment. The boy's parents were at Tuesday's court
hearing and said they could not afford to bail their son out of the juvenile
detention facility. "He got messed up on drugs a couple of years ago, and
we got him help with that," his mother said after the hearing. "You know,
he was starting to do better recently. . . . It was like a group thing --
him and some of his friends. I guess they got bored and were just
having fun."
  Romulus Police have charged only the one youth with the crime. The boy
said the dog was a stray he had befriended and took into the woods.
Ownership of the animal has not been established. The boy is a sophomore
at the school and has been getting failing grades, his mother said. "We
have a cat and we have a hamster, our pets, and he's never hurt them,"
the mother said. "For a while there, he was getting suspended" from school,
she said, "but he hasn't for quite a while."

Posted 3/13/2002
Jack Kresnak ([email protected])
Detroit Free Press

[Editor's Note: While this is a horrific case, I'm sure DXM was not the
culprit. Most users become more empathetic when on DXM, not the opposite.
However, like LSD, if someone has underlying mental problems, these may
be brought out into the open when under DXM.]

New Boston, New Jersey

Alcohol remains the most abused drug among today's youth. But in recent
years, an expert on alcohol and drugs said, another dangerous trend is
rising to the forefront in scary numbers among teens - so-called "club
drugs" used at rave parties.
  Among the most alarming trends is the growing experimentation with
over-the-counter drugs and medicine that can be found at most drug-
stores. In the past year, three teen-agers - including one Monroe
youth - have died from taking overdoses of Coricidin cough and cold
pills. In each case, the victim took an average of 10 to 30 pills.
  "It's happening in epidemic proportions all over the country," he
said. "There was a high school, I won't say where, that had 37 kids
skip first hour. We found out they had taken Coricidin together."
  He said residents can help prevent tragedies by asking drugstore
owners to move products like Coricidin, Vicks vapor inhalers and
Benadryl to areas not readily accessible to teens.

Posted 3/21/2002

Miami, Florida

A camouflage-clad National Guardmember pokes his head into Kulchur's
car window. Are you here for the special event? he asks gruffly. I'm
here for the drug-free rave apparently is the correct password. The
guardsman motions to drive on to a parking spot past his hulking
military truck outside Coconut Grove's Peacock Park. There a half-
dozen tents and a DJ booth have been erected under the auspices of
the Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug-Free Community, which hopes
to unmask the risks and realities of the rave scene.
  Inside one tent, which features the federal Drug Enforcement
Administration insignia on its flap, the Miami Coalition's director
of communications, Bernie Diaz, remains unruffled by the sparse
audience. Since the National Guard is used as part of the government's
anti-drug strategy in schools, and as Guardmembers have finished the
grunt work of setting up these tents, why not educate them? As one
guardsman listens intently, Diaz launches into performance mode,
motioning to a table strewn with glossy rave-party flyers and what
he terms dangerous rave paraphernalia: pacifiers, Charm's Blow
Pops, and Vicks VapoRub. He's in the middle of vividly relating how
Ecstasy-addled ravers are transfixed by the glassy effects of glow
sticks when the guardsman interrupts, pointing to a glovelike ball-
studded object on the table: What's with the brass knuckles?
  Ahh, Diaz purrs with a knowing smile. This is a massager, he
explains, rolling the suspect device back and forth on the soldier's arm.
It heightens the sensual effects of Ecstasy. Total strangers massage
each other, which leads to sexual contact. He pauses for effect and
adds, They'll do anything with anybody!
  Diaz moves on to a bottle of Robitussin, describing how thousands of
kids are now chugging entire bottles of cough syrup when they're short
the $25 needed for a hit of Ecstasy. It has MDA in it, he says -- falsely --
as a woman looks on with a horrified expression. He taps the bottle's label:
See, cherry flavor. It tastes like candy. They like that. And just where
is Diaz getting this insider information on the hordes of Robitussin-
swilling ravers? Oh, we've done studies; there's lots of anecdotal
evidence, he answers confidently. We've got an epidemiologist right
outside you can talk to. As Diaz's eyes begin burning with the light
of a true believer, Kulchur carefully backs out of the tent and heads
for the rave candy. Scare tactics, uniformed soldiers, clueless social
workers -- hasn't anything changed since the failed Just Say No drug-
policy tactics of the Eighties? Actually times have changed, just not
in Miami. That was the message at the Third Annual Harm Reduction
Conference as 1100 physicians, health professionals, teachers,
scientists, and community activists from around the nation gathered
at downtown Miami's Wyndham Hotel from October 22 to October 25.
  Their shared philosophy is a pragmatic rejection of what conference
organizers term the prohibitionist-abstentionist model: We may not
like the idea of teens (or even premarital couples) having sex, but
instead of simply preaching abstention, we're also going to make
condoms available. We may not approve of people shooting heroin, but
rather than let the use of dirty needles continue to spread AIDS,
we're going to set up clean-needle exchange programs. Back in the
Nancy Reagan days, such a conference would have been unthinkable.
Prominent members of the medical and scientific establishment were
too intimidated by the threat of losing grant money, or of being
publicly stigmatized, to challenge the official orthodoxy of the
drug war. No more. The conference's four days featured freewheeling
and open discussion of a number of responses to both drug abuse and
the AIDS epidemic. Drawing special attention were the members present
from Dancesafe, a self-described nonprofit harm-reduction organization
promoting health and safety within the rave and nightclub community,
whose headquarters are in Oakland, California.
  One of Dancesafe's main activities has been the onsite testing of
Ecstasy at raves around the nation. By using a chemical reagent, Dancesafe
members can quickly determine if the pills in question truly contain MDMA
(actual Ecstasy) or are fakes filled with potentially lethal (and more
easily obtainable) adulterants such as DXM or PMA. Fake Ecstasy is rapidly
spreading as dealers attempt to cash in on the real drug's popularity;
indeed toxicology reports confirm that most of the fatalities
attributed to Ecstasy overdoses were in fact the result of PMA
(a legal stimulant that can cause seizures or cardiac arrest in
high doses) or DXM (found in cough suppressants and a potential
cause of heat stroke in high doses). Regardless of what Dancesafe
members discover from their testing, members of the group's thirteen
nationwide chapters do not seize pills. They say doing so would
discourage people from ever having the drugs tested.
  Their immediate goal is to prevent more PMA- or DXM-related deaths,
not to pass judgment. A controversial approach? To some. But not that he's
feeling deterred in the slightest. As soon as the conference ended, he was
off to the Midwest to help set up a new Dancesafe chapter.

[The previous article has been
edited for content and space.]
Brett Sokol
Miami Herald

Akron, Ohio

They're little red pills that send users on a trip similar to an
LSD high. They're cheap. They're easy for teen-agers to get. And
they're perfectly legal. Authorities say a growing number of teens
are abusing an over-the-counter medicine called Coricidin HPB Cold
and Cough.
  As many as 85 percent of the teen-agers undergoing treatment for
chemical dependency at Edwin Shaw Hospital for Rehabilitation in Lakemore
admit that they've abused Coricidin, said Kathryn Andreozzi, the hospital's
adolescent assessment counselor.As word of the drug spreads, Children's
Hospital Medical Center of Akron has treated teen-agers who were rushed
to the emergency room with Coricidin overdoses. The problem has gotten so
bad that some local drugstores have pulled the product from the shelves and
stashed it behind the pharmacy counter to keep it out of teen-agers' hands.
  ``There has been a new infatuation with Coricidin,'' said Dr. Chris
Van Devere, a child psychiatrist at Children's. ``It's kind of becoming
the drug of choice. We've been seeing in the past year or so a marked
increase. It's such an easy thing to try.''The active ingredient that
teen-age users are seeking is dextromethorphan, a narcotic derivative
commonly found in over- the-counter cough suppressants. The medicine
also contains an antihistamine.
  Experts say Coricidin still trails alcohol and marijuana in popularity
among teens. But the fact that the cold drug is legal, easy to get and
affordable -- typically $5 to $6 for a box of 16 tablets -- makes it
appealing, particularly to middle-class, suburban teen-agers. The discovery
of a box of Coricidin won't raise the suspicion of unknowing parents.
And users will pass urine drug tests.``If you find a Coricidin, it's
a cold medicine,'' Edwin Shaw's Andreozzi said. ``You don't think
of it as an illicit drug. There are so many kids getting into trouble with
it because nobody watches for it.''
  One 15-year-old Summit County girl who used Coricidin daily last summer
said she and her friends had no problem getting the drug. When they couldn't
buy it, they'd steal it. She often would swallow all the pills in a box,
wait a couple of hours, and then down another box to keep her trip going
through the next morning.``Everything gets kind of blurry, and it feels
like you're in a different state of mind,'' said the girl, who asked not
to be identified. ``You can feel your bones. You get all numb inside.
You get lightheaded. Your heart goes real fast.'' When taken at the
recommended doses, Coricidin is considered so safe that many doctors
and pharmacists recommend it for people with high blood pressure, a
condition that limits the cold remedies people can take.
  Taken in large amounts, however, it can cause serious problems,
including an accelerated heartbeat, high blood pressure, hallucinations,
slurred speech, sedation, tremors, seizures, temporary blindness, dilated
pupils, severe flushing or coma. Some Coricidin products also contain
acetaminophen, which can cause liver damage in excessive doses. Those who
are abusing Coricidin daily have reported taking an average of 51 tablets
per day, according to a study by the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information
Center, which handles calls from this area. Teens who took it as a one-
time experiment took six to 23, the study said.
  ``There's a misconception that just because they're over-the-counter,
they're not potent,'' said Earl Siegel, co-director of the information
center. ``Over-the-counter things can be very dangerous in overdose.''
  In fact, several teens recently have shown up in the Children's Hospital
ER suffering hallucinations and having endangered themselves after taking
too much of the drug, said Dr. Maria Ramundo, a pediatric emergency
medicine physician at the hospital.``They do come in agitated,'' she said.
``They appear acutely psychotic. They can also be very jittery.'' The
15-year-old girl who regularly used Coricidin, or ``Core,'' as she calls
it, could feel no pain after taking large doses. One time, she put out
a cigarette on her arm. Another time, she let someone carve a name into her
leg.``I say that it's fun, but it's stupid,'' she said. ``You can be more
than what that is. You can be somebody better than that.''She said she
hasn't taken the drug since her friend had a bad trip earlier this year.
  ``She thought she was crying blood, and she wasn't,'' the girl recalled.
``I just tried to calm her down. I was about to call 911. I was that freaked
  A Juvenile Court judge recently ordered the girl and several of her
classmates into a treatment program after a school official found several
teens with the drug.
  Dextromethorphan abuse isn't new. For decades, teens seeking a
cheap buzz have downed over-the-counter cough syrups that contained
it. But the new fad is to pop Coricidin pills instead of drinking a
bottle or two of cough syrup, which often causes nausea.
  Each Coricidin pill contains 30 milligrams of dextromethorphan,
while most over-the-counter cough syrups have 15 milligrams or
less per teaspoon. The Internet, a vital source of information for
many teens, has many Web sites offering tips for abusing the drug,
which is commonly referred to as DXM. For example, one user writes:
  ``DXM is fun and easy to get so I recommend trying it if you want
to get bent and have some fun that's a lot harder than weed. Just
be careful with Coricidin because it can hurt you and/or make you
throw up (although I am always fine after a quick puke).''
  Some drugstores have responded by putting the product behind the
pharmacy counter and selling it only to adults who ask for it.
Discount Drug Mart, a Medina-based chain with more than 50 pharmacies
in Ohio, started keeping the drug behind the counter at all its stores
a couple of years ago after noticing a high number of thefts, said
Pete Ratycz, its director of pharmacy. But teen-agers are resourceful
when it comes to getting drugs, said Raynard Packard, a counselor in
the Akron Health Department's adolescent program. He urges parents to
look for signs of drug abuse, including discarded medicine packaging;
children who are disconnected from school and their peers; and
children with a flat expression or a glazed-over stare.``We always
encourage an open and honest dialogue,'' Packard said. ``Educate
your children, and stay aware.''

Posted 3/2002
Cheryl Powell ([email protected])
Akron Beacon Journal

If you have any articles to contribute, please contact the editor.

by Robert F. Golaszewski

Below are news reports about cases of death from recreational DXM use.
The first 3 I have no doubt are indeed such. (Note: In the case of the
first, I was the sole public reporter of this death as being from a DXM
overdose. The death certificate lists the cause of death as being "accident-
al" and due to "ingestion of a lethal amount of dextromethorphan". Thus,
officially it is listed as a recreational DXM use death.) With the second
death it should be noted this also involved concurrent abuse of the anti-
cholinergic chlorpheniramine maleate. The third involved an 18 year old
college student who was abusing Coricidin with two friends. Apparently he
freaked out and tried to jump out a window on the third floor of his dorm.
His friends, who were intoxicated on Coricidin also tried to restrain him.
While restraining him, they asphyxiated him. Apparently they were too wasted
to remember he needed to breathe. The fourth involves a case where somebody
reported that a person who used to post in the Usenet drug newsgroups
(augusta1313) had died of a DXM overdose. I have not been able to absolutely
confirm that this is true. However, based on all I do know, in my opinon it
is extremely likely that this person did die of a DXM overdose. The last one
I am including for completeness, but I seriously doubt that death was at all
DXM related. I am referring to the part: "Deputies became alarmed when they
learned of Adam's death and then recalled that a 15-year old boy who
commited suicide by hanging Nov.28 is believed to have been abusing Coricidin,
Shea said." That is all kinds of vague, with just "believed to..."; and no
reference that he was under the influence of DXM at the time of his death.
Most likely they have causation backwards with that case. Being depressed
led to drug use, and not the other way around. I include that here for
completeness only.
  I also know of a number of cases of near death that involved DXM use.
All of those involved Coricidin abuse. DXM + anticholinergics, taken at
recreational levels, is extremely dangerous. And doubly so when the
anticholinergic is also a 2D6 liver enzyme substrate which metabolizes DXM,
like chlorpheniramine maleate or diphenhydramine are. However, the first
death ("Ed") was due only to use of just DXM, and that is my understanding
was also the case with "augusta1313". Statistically, death from recreational
DXM use appears quite rare. DXM has been on the market since the 1960's, and
likely the number of people who have used it recreationally at least once
over all these years is at least 100,000 in my estimation. Of course, it
really sucks if you become one of the rare statistics. Thus, if you must use
DXM recreationally, please learn about the drug and its dangers, and take
appropriate precautions like having a sober trip sitter around.

The Sad Case of Ed

On November 14, 1999, an 18 year old Nevada man became the first known death
associated with the recreational use of the drug dextromethorphan (DXM.) The
cause of death was listed as accidental by the coroner, and not as a
suicide. He was known to post regularly at an Internet bulletin board about
his use of this drug as a psychedelic.
  This man posted frequently on the Internet about his use of DXM, under
names such as "Ed", "eds", "edso", or similar variations. The real name is
being withheld from this report at the request of a family member concerned
about privacy. Notably, "Ed" posted about DXM at a bulletin board located at
the website "The Third Plateau", owned by a person known as Greendrag, at
http://third-plateau.lycaeum.org. This bulletin board is moderated by me.
"Ed" frequently posted about his use of this drug, and at doses that are
very high even by recreational user standards.
  DXM is a drug commonly available in OTC medicines sold in the US, and
around the world, as a cough suppressant. At doses much higher than the
recommended dose, it is a psychedelic. It is in a class of drugs known as
dissociative anaesthetics. DXM, at high recreational doses, acts as a
powerful psychedelic. It causes hallucinations and altered states of
consciousness. A thorough description of these effects can be found on the
Internet at The DXM FAQ by William White, http://www.frognet.net/dxm. A more
brief description can be found at http://pages.prodigy.net/rfgdxm/dxm, a
Beginners Guide authored by this reporter.
  Unknown at this time is whether or not any other drugs may have been
involved in this death. The full data from the autopsy is not yet available
to this reporter, and has not been reviewed by any independent scientists
for full analysis. Although the official finding of the coroner was
"accidental death from ingestion of a lethal amount of dextromethorphan",
without knowing what toxicological tests were actually conducted, or their
results, some question remains as to whether other drugs may have
contributed to the death. While DXM was no doubt involved, it is possible
that other drugs played a part in the death. It is hoped that these results
will become available, and can be reviewed and analyzed by experts for their
validity. However at this time it seems highly likely that DXM played a
substantial role, and possibly the sole cause, of his death.
  "Ed" was found alone dead in his apartment by family members, according to
one of them. Such use of DXM alone, and at high doses, is considered to be
inadvisable by many of those familiar with the recreational use of the drug.
At such high doses, users are recommended to use a "trip sitter", who is
there to provide for first aid and call an ambulance if needed. "Ed" often
posted that at use of DXM at high doses (usually called "upper plateau" by
users of the drug), a trip sitter was unneeded. According to a family
member, "Ed" was not known to be at all depressed, or in any way to be
suicidal. Thus, it appears likely that this death was an accidental
recreational drug overdose, and the official finding is consistent with
  "Ed" was an experienced and knowledgeable user of DXM. The doses he was
known to take were very high, even by standards of recreational users
(called "third plateau" and "fourth plateau"), and these are not far removed
from the known fatal human dose of DXM. Such high dose use may have been a
significant factor in his death.
  On a personal note, I am deeply saddened by the loss of "Ed". Although he
frequently argued with me on the bulletin board, I considered him a friend,
and we even exchanged a number of e-mails. Ed was very intelligent, had read
thoroughly about the use of this drug, and was very knowledgeable. This is
not a case of someone unfamiliar with the drug, its usual doses, or effects.
Even if one is an experienced, knowledgeable user, DXM is NOT by any means
safe. I have posted numerous times on the Internet over the last two years
about this drug, including frequent warnings of the dangers and needed
safety precautions. In particular, the reason that I am the one publicly
announcing this tragic news on an international medium (the Internet), is to
bring further awareness to all of the dangers of DXM to the Internet. I have
no desire to "sweep this under the rug" and try to ignore it. As far as I
know, this tragic death has not previously been publicly reported by any
news agency. The death in fact was brought to my attention by a family
member who posted at the Third Plateau Bulletin Board that DXM killed her
brother. Her concern was simply to warn others that DXM is not as safe as
some incorrectly believe. Had I not heard her plea for the truth to be
known, likely the connection of DXM to this death would not have been widely
known, The truth here DOES matter. Although scoffed at by some as just
another troll, I specifically posted that if there was evidence to prove
this, I would review it. After such was provided, and confirming this with
the coroner, I indeed found that in fact a death related to DXM use had
occurred. As someone who moderates a bulletin board available worldwide that
deals with the topic of recreational use of this drug, my desire is for the
truth to be known about it. My hope in calling this death to attention is to
serve as a warning to all who use DXM recreationally of the dangers that
they are risking. My desire in the past has been to prevent any deaths, and
my hope for the future is that this report will prevent any further ones
from happening.

Posted 11/14/1999

Vancouver, British Columbia

Investigators say a 13-year-old boy from Vancouver, Washington, may have
died after overdosing on over-the-counter cold medicine.
  Clark County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sergeant Steve Shea said Adam
Estrada was found dead in his bedroom early Thursday morning. An autopsy
was conducted, but results had not yet been released. Shea said empty pill
packets were found near Estrada's body. Authorities say the boy had been
taking Coricidin, which contains antihistamines that slow the body down.
  Doctors say the drug can give a feeling of being high, but taking too
much can be dangerous. School officials say the cold medicine is becoming
more popular with students.
  Estrada's father, Patrick, said he had talked to his son about the
medication but the boy swore he wasn't taking it. Investigators believe the
medication may also be linked to the suicide of a 15-year-old late last month.
  Shea said that boy's use of Coricidin and other drugs may have contributed
to his state of mind.

Posted 12/7/2000

Bellingham, Washington

  I have confirmed direct with the coroner specifically what the
recreationally abused over-the-counter cold medicine is that is mentioned in
the following press release by Western Washington University. I am reposting
that press release here. My news report based on that incident appears

  Whatcom County medical examiner Dr. Gary Goldfogel and Western
Washington University's chief of police James E. Shaw have released some
details of the circumstances surrounding the death early Sunday morning of
18-year-old freshman Joshua Davis of Oak Park, Ill.
  "This was a tragic loss," said Western's President Karen W. Morse. "Our
hearts go out to the family and friends. The University is doing everything
in its power to assist Josh's family in this time of terrible tragedy."
 Whatcom County medical examiner Dr. Gary Goldfogel said, "Preliminary
autopsy results indicate that an adverse reaction to recreational abuse of an
over-the-counter cold medicine complicated by marijuana use by Davis resulted
in acute, excited delirium. Intervention on the part of two friends who were
with him and a restraining struggle with pressure on the chest and neck led to
manual asphyxiation and death. In view of the circumstances, the manner of
death is certified as homicide."
  The University Police Department, with assistance from the Bellingham
Police Department, has conducted a very intensive investigation of this
incident, according to Shaw. "Review of the investigation reveals that the
intent of the friends' actions was only to protect their friend. It is
important to note that the fact of classification of homicide does not
require intent to harm," he stated.
  Shaw said that according to two friends who were with Davis early Sunday
morning, he suddenly became highly agitated and attempted to harm himself. An
intense physical struggle ensued during which Davis stopped breathing.
  University police are awaiting toxicology results before closing their
  "Some very bad choices by young students led to a tragic series of events
that resulted in a student's death," said Bob Edie, vice president for
external affairs. "We share the grief of family and friends."
  University officials declined to identify the two friends because the
inquiry is still in process. In addition, while they are not on campus at
this time, the two friends are still classified as Western students.
University officials are, therefore, subject to privacy laws that place
strict limitations on the release of information about students.
  University police say there have been three student deaths on the Western
campus in the last three decades, the most recent in the mid-l980s.
  Counseling is being provided to students and residence hall staff through
Western's Counseling Center and the Dean of Students Office, according to
Eileen Coughlin, vice president for student affairs.
  "The Davis family has requested me to express their concern for their son's
two friends. In addition, the parents would like to express their appreciation
to the many students who have written cards and notes and to the Emergency
Medical Team and police," said Coughlin. "They hope that their son's death can
help educate students about the unpredictable nature of taking over-the-counter
medication for non-medicinal purposes."
  "We will strive to intensify our efforts to educate young people about the
grave risks of these behaviors," added Morse. Western has a model drug and
alcohol abuse prevention program, which is recognized as a national model. One
of the key elements is a group of 150 volunteer lifestyle advisors who counsel
their peers to avoid damaging behaviors related to drugs and alcohol and make
sound and healthy choices now and in the future.

My news report based on the above follows:

   This is a brief news report, as at this point I only have one relevant
fact to add. I just spoke with Whatcom County medical examiner Dr. Gary
Goldfogel by telephone about this death. He stated that the over-the-counter
cold medicine being recreationally abused which Joshua Davis had an adverse
reaction to, and was involved in his death, was Coricidin. This is now the
second death from recreational Coricidin abuse that I have been able to
confirm. The news report about the first recreational Coricidin abuse death
can be found in the "Known recreational DXM use deaths" section of my website
at http://www.rfgdxm.f2s.com. At my website is another news report where it is
mentioned a 15 year old boy committed suicide and that may have been related
to Coricidin abuse. Another death which involved only DXM (not Coricidin,
which contains 30 mg DXM combined with 4 mg of the anticholinergic drug
chlorpheniramine maleate) is also reported on my website. (Note: In the case
of this death involving only DXM, I was the sole public reporter of it as
being from a DXM overdose. The death certificate lists the cause of death as
being "accidental" and due to "ingestion of a lethal amount of
dextromethorphan". Thus, officially it is listed as a recreational DXM use
death.) There is a fifth possible DXM death that someone else reported also
mentioned on my website. Although I have not been able to confirm that, I
consider it highly probable that the person mentioned did indeed die of a DXM

Another News Report:

A Western Washington University freshman suffocated to death when he was held
down by two friends who were attempting to restrain him after he had an
adverse reaction to a combination of over-the-counter cold medication and
marijuana, campus police said.
  Joshua Davis, 18, of Oak Park, Ill., who had been at the university for two
weeks, was found dead early Sunday morning in Delta, a residence hall that's
part of the Ridgeway Complex.
  Whatcom County Medical Examiner Gary Goldfogel said Davis ingested -- for
recreational use -- a number of tablets of Coricidin, an over-the-counter
antihistamine and cold medication, as well as marijuana. Goldfogel ruled the
death a homicide.
  Campus police will pass on the results of the investigation to the Whatcom
County Prosecutor's Office to determine if any charges connected to the death
would be filed.
  Coricidin, in large doses, can produce the same effects as narcotics,
Goldfogel said. The attempt at such a high is apparently increasing in
popularity. Goldfogel said he's talked with emergency room physicians who have
recently seen an increased incidence of adverse reactions such as Davis' that
result in psychotic episodes.
  Campus Police Chief Jim Shaw said Davis and the two other men in the room
took nine to 11 tablets of the cold medicine each.
  When Davis became delirious, he attempted several times to jump from the
dorm's third-floor window and eventually pulled the window from its hinges,
Shaw said.
  The two men in the room got into a struggle with Davis, with one suffering
a bloody nose as they attempted to restrain him, he said. Both men refused
medical attention at the scene and were cooperative with police, Shaw said.
  Davis was asphyxiated when one man had his hands around Davis' neck and
another was applying pressure to his chest while holding him to the floor,
Goldfogel said.
  There are conflicting reports about when the men called 911, but Shaw said
they called five to 10 minutes after the struggle ended.
  "Review of the investigation reveals that the intent of the friends'
actions was only to protect their friend," Shaw said.
  Campus representatives -- including University President Karen Morris, Vice
President of External Affairs Bob Edie and Vice President for Student Affairs
Eileen Coughlin -- held a press conference Thursday afternoon to detail the
events that led to Shaw's death.
  "Some very bad choices by young students led to a tragic series of events
that resulted in a student's death," Edie said. "We share the grief of family
and friends."
  University officials refused to identify the two men who were in the room
with Davis, but said they are currently not on campus and are between 18 and
20 years old.
  Coughlin said university officials have not yet discussed the men's future
at the university. Coughlin said the Davis family, which visited the campus
Wednesday, is concerned about the two men.
  "They hope that their son's death can help educate students about the
unpredictable nature of taking over-the-counter medication for nonmedicinal
purposes," Coughlin said.
  Counseling is still being provided for students at the university, she

Posted 10/11/2001 & 10/12/2001
Bob Edie
Ericka Pizzillo ([email protected])
Bellingham Herald

Clark County, Washington

Teen-agers in Clark County may be abusing over-the-counter cold pills to get
high, officials said, and a 13-year-old boy who was found dead in his
bedroom Thursday morning may have died of an overdose.
  Adam Dorris, a student at Frontier Middle School, was found dead in his
home east of Orchards, said the boy's stepfather, Patrick Estrada. Deputies
found an empty package of Coricidin-brand cold-medication pills in Adam's
room, Estrada said.
  "He took too many of those pills and overdosed on them," he added. "I
don't know where he got them. Spread the news and tell all the parents to be
checking for this drug."
  Brian Miller, an investigator for the Clark County Medical Examiner,
said experts hoped an autopsy Thursday night would reveal whether Adam died
of a cold-pill overdose. Results were unavailable late Thursday.
  "This is something new for us," said Miller, who added he was unaware of
any Clark County deaths so far this year officially attributed to such
  But Clark County Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Shea said he is discovering it's
the latest thing at the high schools.
  Deputies became alarmed when they learned of Adam's death and then
recalled that a 15-year-old boy who committed suicide by hanging Nov. 28 is
believed to have been abusing Coricidin, Shea said.
  Deputies believe the boy's use of Coricidin and other drugs may have
contributed to his state of mind, Shea said.
  Coricidin HBP is a cough and cold medication especially for those with
high blood pressure. It and some other brands contain a chemical called
dextromethorphan, also known as DXM and DM, that may cause problems.
  In a Web site apparently designed for Coricidin abusers, the bright-red
pills are referred to as "Skittles."
  Deputy Cindy Bull, the school resource officer at Heritage, said she
first heard talk of students abusing Coricidin last September. She said she
hasn't caught any Heritage students with the pills but has found students
acting strangely.
  "We've come in contact with kids obviously under the influence of a
substance," Bull said. "We just weren't sure what it was. Sometimes they are
very lethargic, groggy, their pupils very dilated. We've had some reports
they are confused and can't remember their name."
  Bull said she talked with a man about 19 who said he was introduced to
cold-pill abuse earlier this year in Seattle. He moved to Clark County and
told his friends including some high-school students about it.
  "It's apparently a widespread problem, but we didn't know about it until
recently," said Heritage Principal Nancy Bush-Lange. "Obviously, it has an
impact in the death of a student. We sent a letter to all our parents, and
we called some parents. Our counselors are going into every classroom next
week to talk about what's going on.
  "It's easily available. You can buy it or steal it. They think because
it's over-the-counter, you couldn't possibly be hurt by it. Our kids got a
real message," Bush-Lange said.
  At Evergreen School District, which includes both Frontier and Heritage,
spokeswoman Carol Fenstermacher said officials only recently heard of the
problem and plan to warn parents.
  "It seems like there's always something new that kids experiment with,"
Fenstermacher said. "This seems to be the new thing. . Our main concern now
is helping our students get through this."
  At Frontier Middle School, counselors will be available today, even
though school is not in session.
  Kris Shutt, public information officer for Vancouver School District,
said officials were aware of no incidents where students were reprimanded
for abusing cold pills.
  "Apparently kids are out there talking about it," Shutt said. "The
concern is they don't think it's harmful because it's a legal drug."
  It is difficult to judge how widespread the alleged cold-pill abuse is.
  Vancouver police Officer Patrick Johns said he first heard about teen
cold-pill abuse late last month when a security guard at the Fisher's
Landing Fred Meyer said young girls were shoplifting cold pills to get high.
  At Hudson's Bay High School, resource officer Steve Rhodes, who works
closely with students, said, "I really haven't heard anything about
over-the-counter medications being abused."
  Doug Keck, a data systems manager at the Washington Health Department in
Olympia, said DXM was listed on Washington death certificates 13 times
between 1989 and 1998, not as a sole cause of death but as a possible
contributing factor.
  While medications containing dextromethorphan are the subject of many
drug-abuse Web sites, some actually warn teens away from Coricidin. It's not
worth the pain and trouble, said several former users.
  One Web site noted what has happened to some ex-users while walking
through a pharmacy: They happened to see a box of Coricidin, and just the
sight of it made them throw up.

Posted 12/8/2000
John Branton
Tom Vogt
The Columbian

Robert F. Golaszewski can be reached at [email protected]

by Dr. Noel Huntley, Ph.D.; gravol

This article provides very important information to DXM users. I, myself,
have witnessed the information contained therein to be of great value to
anyone who uses DXM. To ignore it may prove to be a costly mistake. I would
not be so adept to these changes if it weren't for messages from a
Greater Reality being sent to me. These occurred both on and off DXM, most
of the time off - and the majority of people who have experienced the
visions I have do NOT use psychedelic drugs - it's just that, for me,
DXM proved to be a valuable shortcut in understanding certain universal
and cosmic principles.

The Golden Nebula

By means of satellite instrumentation, astronomers in 1961 discovered
what appeared to be an unusual nebula. We normally understand the
nebula phenomenon as a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. This one,
however, appeared to have anomalous properties and was named the
Golden Nebula. The public's attention was not drawn to this unusual
revelation until much later, presumably when it was realised that
this nebula's location was coincident with the projected orbit of
our solar system. Around the early 1980s a radio announcement in
the U.S. was made (heard by the author) that our solar system was,
in fact, going to collide with an 'electromagnetic cloud' in the not
too distant future. This incredibly important statement of astronomical
and historical significance was expressed in the usual casual and
indifferent manner as though of little consequence--just as was,
about that time, the announcement that the FDIC (bank-depositor's
insurance) was penniless! Follow-up data was then suppressed and
another government cover-up was contrived for the typical purpose
of exploiting where possible natural events to camouflage contrived
  What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes
referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs? Its more universal
designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', consisting of many
bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognised by extra-
terrestrials as of great import. It is in fact referred to by
more enlightened ETs as a 'planetary trouble shooter'.
  Let us outline the mechanics of this anticipated encounter of our
solar system with the photon belt. The whole universe is held
together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy--
with their associated electromagnetic fields--like whirlpools on water,
within larger whirlpools (this is the machinery behind Einstein's
spacetime topology of general relativity). These spiralling energies
give rise to natural spacetime orbits: satellites around planets,
planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex
centres, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but
our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section
of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years.
  Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 24,000
years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture
several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a
toroid or doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star
systems. It is also described as an amoeba-like cloud of particles
but most of its frequencies are invisible. This is the photon belt,
or photon band. This means our solar system goes through the belt
twice each cycle of 24,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The
thickness of the photon cloud is such that technically it takes
about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore
about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 10,000
plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years). Nevertheless, some sources state that
the period in the band could be much less: 25 to 37 years, depending
on man's resistance to change.

2012 - A Space Odyssey

When will this interaction occur? Scientists around the globe in 1992
predicted that the encounter would occur within months to a year;
with significant disagreements. A particular source of Pleiadian
extraterrestrials indicated that it would not occur until just after
2010 and that it was difficult to predict since the belt was
oscillating randomly. There have been in fact huge discrepancies
in channeled material regarding the date of this revelatory
occurrence, ranging from 1987 to 'definitely before the end of
this century' to 2003 and finally about 2011-2012. Other Pleiadians
tell us that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in
1987, then contacted it for over a week in the following year,
increasing the degree of entry each year, and then the Sun went
in fully in 1998. The information indicates that Earth does not
enter fully until 2012. At the present time we are being informed
that the Earth is in the belt (for the period December, 1998 and
June, 1999). The belt does, however, have an outer aura which we
enter first, and we are not expected to experience the full-blown
effects until 2012.
  [Editor's Note: In Dec. of 1998, the first photon belt encounter,
was when I first started experiencing 'messages' sent to me via
a set of synchronicital coincidences, centering around the 11:11
phenomenon. That is when I put out Issue 9 of the Zine and you can
see this energy I was experiencing through my own words in that

Electromagnetic Energy

What does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on
the life on our planet, positive or negative? Also what is its
purpose, if any? The radio announcement used the term 'electro-
magnetic' to describe the phenomenon--this is the same as photon,
which is a particle of light or electromagnetic radiation.
  The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating
intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum
and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including
some x-ray spectra. It is part of a magnetic flow of light throughout
the galaxy. Reference has already been made through the media to
huge increases in intensity of 'dangerous' radiation entering through
the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet.
Nevertheless it appears that for mankind on this planet the photon
belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience--but this
really depends on man. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time,
great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to
the high-frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is,
possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions,
we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there
will be a natural spiritual selection. In the initial stages of
photon-belt encounter only sensitives will detect anything strange
but when we enter fully, even the most hardened individuals will
receive the full effects. Both great illumination of consciousness
will occur and great resistance to new ideas. The photon belt will
reduce the veil stopping us from seeing who we are. It will remove
some of the barriers around cells and DNA making them more reactive
or responsive to new energies. Psychological characteristics of
entering the belt are the effect of uprooting hidden, secret, or
withheld material, bringing it to the surface for transmutation.
This means psychological and physical disease patterns will be
forced to the surface, that is, the conscious mind. This will
give tremendous opportunity to make advancements but also where
there is too much to handle will cause illness, depressions,
disease and death.
  More advanced viewpoints see the photon band as a being, a
consciousness, which essentially has a 'personality' for change
and action. It presents opportunities for change on a planet by
adding new energies. It increases the flow of energy in the
magnetic grids of Earth, attracting new ideas and energies.
People will feel the need to transform but those who consider
this physical reality their only expression will dwindle into
greater fixations, blocks and negativity. Nevertheless it aids
eradication of a species' self-destructive tendencies, which might
mean wiping out the civilisation. Even the most dense person will
be accelerated into a higher state of consciousness, causing
possible havoc in their mind and body if they are not prepared.

The Effects on Earth

The effects on the Earth's body are expected to be quite dramatic.
The photon belt enables the planet to repair herself. She will,
for example, protect her oil. Too much is being drawn off by man
and cannot all be replaced--not dissimilar to drawing off man's
cerebral spinal fluid. Mother Earth will harden the crust under
the surface and pull in the oil, also gases, coal and ores, deeper
into the centre, shifting harmlessly also benevolent races into
protected regions. The photon belt will not apparently leave
until humans utilise surface resources only, including water.
  Scientists will find that sub-atomic particles will become more
evident and easier to detect. Electricity will be reduced and become
less available in the next 50 years--this represents an energy
depletion of the planet. Earth is taking on a new energy and
scientists must find new ways of working with it. They will even
give more attention to how love affects life and its chemistry.
New diseases will arise and abnormal heart rhythms for the
descending group but expansion of the heart for the ascending group.
  Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, were
expected prior to the recognition that Earth intended to receive
the photon belt as gently as possible as our Sun system moves into
it. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the
Sun and behind in its linear translation towards the belt.
Consequently, either the Sun or our planet would enter first.
Scientifically it would have been impossible to predict which,
since, as stated, the photon belt is expanding and contracting
randomly. If the Sun reached the photon cloud before Earth it
had been channeled that darkness would ensue for about three to
five days. It would have been expected to be pitch dark with probable
cancellation of electrical power sources. If, however, Earth went
in first then the darkness would have been avoided.
  We were told by one source of ETs that as our planet enters the
bands, which would be at a relatively high velocity, we would
experience an immediate electric shock, lasting about one tenth
of a second, but not dangerous. This appears unlikely now as we
are moving in very gradually. Apparently it could have been
sufficiently sudden to destroy the civilisation and to heal the
planet quickly, but Earth requested a very gradual repair.
  Another spectacular feature given in earlier reports but not high-
lighted so much in the present ones, will be the effect of the
intense photon activity on matter. High excitation of atoms will
occur, causing fluorescence of all objects, and as a result there
will be no normal night time during the period of interaction.

The Ascension

The photon-belt encounter will play a significant role in the
(biblical) Transformation of man. Our interaction with it has been
referred to in channeling as the Christus. Moreover, the event is
supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well
known in the prophecies of Christianity. The term 'Christus'
apparently expresses the Second Coming of Christ. (Christ is a
state of being/consciousness --some ETs refer to it as the
'Christ office'. Jesus was not Christ but he could attune to
this state--which in turn then paradoxically means he was.)
There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will
divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a
3rd density (frequency density) Earth and a 4th density Earth.
This will not be perceived physically; the planets will be in
different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative
to the other. Earth has many parallel bodies: one around 3.0; we
are about 3.5, then 4.0 and 5.0, etc. (the 4th is apparently
relatively unoccupied except for some animals having left us
and are waiting).
  (Note that serious books on physics cover parallel-universe theories--
there is nothing particular weird or new about this. It has been
channeled that we sometimes move into parallel-universe planes and
back, which are sometimes virtually identical. A further example is
that an advanced civilisation exists in the centre of the Earth but
this particular civilisation is in a parallel plane which is reached
by entering 'electromagnetic' corridors near the openings at the
poles and certain other regions.)
  Possibly the only sad event will be that some families will be split
up by the natural spiritual selection of the photon-belt encounter.
Some individuals will go with the more evolved Earth, referred to as
4th density, and others with the 3rd density Earth, which could
permanently separate their evolution by several thousands of years
(in rare instances one person taking the more evolved path may
suspend progress to wait for the other).

The Great Cycles

Now the photon-belt cycle is synchronised with the end of a number
of greater cycles, for example, 225 million years (the Reptilian
cycle), 26,556 years (precession of the equinoxes), and 104,000
years (a prominent evolutionary peak after four cycles of 26,556
years), culminating in a harmonic convergence at about the time of
the encounter, 2012. It is also recognised that this point in time
coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion.
Synchronisation of such nodes would be expected to open up the
dimensional strata for the influx of new energy and the subsequent
  The photon cloud has a high density of electrons and positrons
(positive, anti-electrons). When an electron and a positron collide
they are annihilated and the mass is converted into radiation--
photons. The presence of these positrons, however, has been
predicted to interfere with electricity, of which the latter is
due to the flow of electrons. It has been indicated that before
this event occurs it would be possible to redesign the present
polarity system, giving a reversal of our polarity to compensate
for this problem (we haven't noticed any effect yet). The photon
energy as a result of the collision of electrons and positrons
will become a major source of free energy (and at this time the
NWO will be unable to suppress its use).
  According to channeled information, the Galactic Federation will
be aiding our transition during this photon-belt event. It is
stated that they altered (years ago) the basic polarity of the
Sun to allow it to maintain the integrity of the Sun's planetary
system. At a later time, however, NASA's space probe Ulysses
detected that the magnetic field of the Sun no longer has a
north and south pole! The Sun's magnetic field was found to
have changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. No scientific
explanation was given, and of course it has been withheld from the
public. Furthermore, the SOHO satellite more recently revealed that
the Sun responded abnormally to the impact of cosmic bodies causing
an eruption of some 30 to 35 solar flares, which is unprecedented.
(Note that unknown to present physics the Sun and planetary bodies,
etc. have powerful high-frequency electromagnetic fields which would
be expected to form the basis for the solar system integrity,
despite interference and jeopady from magnetic pole variations.)
  The photon-belt encounter is intended to be a positive experience
but only man with sufficient discipline to improve and elevate his
consciousness can ensure that the anticipated Golden Age will

by Dr. John Grey, Ph.D.; Jose Arguelles

The Mayan civilization of Central America was and is the most
advanced in relation to time-science knowledge. Their main calendar
is the most accurate on the planet. It has never erred. They actually
have 22 calendars in total, covering the many timing cycles in the
Universe and Solar System. Some of these calendars are yet to be

The Age of Aquarius

So what is it about 1998 to 2012? All the prophets of the past have
pointed to this time. The Indigenous People of the World, The Native
Americans (The Hopi & the Taos Pueblo), The Hopi - The White Brother/
Sister,The Zulu Tribe in Africa believes in the coming change.
The Mayan believes by the prophecy of their elders and the "Sixth Sun".
The Seventh Sun is coming. The Japanese with the prophecies of
"Amaterasu" returning to earth at this time. Nostradamus and his
predictions. Edgar Casey and his prophecies - probably he is the
most detailed and descriptive in his prophecies. He said there
would be a new earth pole in the winter of 1998. Even the United
Nations believes that within that period of time the earth will
double it's population, and most of the earth will die - a change
that the UN is trying to stop. The message of the Flower of Life
is that the "change" will happen during the next 15 years.
  And it should also be noted that the Age of Aquarius begins in
December of 2012 and the Age of Picses, which we are currently in,
will thus end.

The Quickening

There is a pulse coming from the centre of the galaxy (galactic core),
which has now been measured and discovered by astronomers to and is
known as the Photon Belt. There are also other sources of energies
entering our Solar System such as Cosmic and Gamma rays. The Solar
system itself follows a 26,000 year orbit around the galactic core
and we enter this "Photon Belt" of energies every 13,500 years.
Scientists are now measuring Pk readings that have increased six-
fold and we are also experiencing massively increased solar flare
and Coronal Mass Ejection Activity.
  This pulse, cosmic events and the entrance into a place of higher
consciousness and energy, is causing our Sun to expand and become
unstable. The increased solar emissions are absorbed by the Earth
creating severe weather; an increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, heat
and pressure through induction which is released later as an increase
in earthquake and volcanic activity. These alluvial energies are
actually levitating the plates and the change on all levels, often
referred to as "The Quickening" is HERE.
  These areas will undergo massive earth changes in the near future.
The smoke from these fires will be seen throughout much of the world.
The increase in UV rays is also causing the mutation in frogs, sala-
manders, fish and the overall transmutation of all life. (Scientists
have discovered massive evidence in the Cascade Mountain Range of UV
damage to frogs, salamanders and fish breeding in shallow water.
There is also evidence coming in from around the world concerning
this event.) La Nina is the Earth's attempt to balance herself with
the cold water from the melting of the poles. (10,000 miles of
iceshelf have disappeared last year alone, more than the last
15 years). This, by any means, does not mean the changes are over.
More severe weather and massive flooding in areas which once had
drought will be caused by a change in the jetstream. These changes
will continue.  

Looking To The Past To See The Future

These Grand cycles are well known throughout ancient history and
are recorded in India, Native American, Tibetan, Mayan, Egyptian,
and other cultures as well. These higher orbital energies creating
the CMEs and solar flares have a direct impact on Earth not only
physically but socially and economically. According to research
published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, sunspot activity
is directly related to historical events such as wars, epidemics and
mass changes in consciousness. (Latest discoveries have shown more
virulent airborne virus and bacteria on the rise.)
  Soviet scientist's research and Kirilian photography shows the
electromagnetic fields of the human aura flare in conjunction with
the solar flares and CMEs. This influx of energy creates a vibrational
lifting, excitability and jump in frequency. The Earth has its
electromagnetic fields as well and the base resonate frequency of
Earth has nearly doubled from 7 to 9 and jumped to 14 occasionally
in recent years. Just like resistance in a wire under electrical
current creates heat, the denser aspects of our self and the Earth
are heating up, vibrating faster, creating a release and change.
  The stormy personal relationships, business relationships and our
relationship to Earth and the Creator are also going through immense
change. There is a polarity created where some move into more exalted
states of Love, Joy and Bliss, a reunion with the creator, and others
take the downward spiral into fear, anger, separation and control
often blaming and projecting in emotional outbursts. In the latest
tests at Stanford, monkeys, when exposed to magnetic field
fluctuations, showed behaviour from comatose to self mutilation.
Our magnetic fields have been undergoing fluctuations as well. Do
we have to behave like monkeys? Well if we choose the monkey mind
often referred to as reactionary mind or the ego, yes. If we align
ourselves with love and compassion, divine mind, the answer is an
emphatic NO.

The Magnetic Significance

On a scale of 1 to 10 in field strength the Earth's magnetic fields
are now at around 1.5. This also increases the possibility of meteor
impacts with two large meteor showers scheduled in the near future.
This drop in field strength is often a precursor to a magnetic pole
shift. If we match the higher consciousness and energy flowing with
it releasing the lower vibrational attitudes and emotions, our
frequency will rise beyond the effects on the lower mental and
emotional levels.
  But what of the physical? There is a lot of discussion in these
areas. Some say consciousness creates reality and if I believe it
will not affect me, it won't. This is indeed ultimately true, yet
spiritual ego, attachment and denial sometimes elevate us far beyond
our present abilities. There are many teachers caught in this trap.
Although the raising of the Earth's frequency will lesson the severity
of upcoming social, economic and physical Earth changes, the key word
is CHANGE. There must be a change in consciousness and action according
to universal law for divine intervention to be granted. Who is to say
the Earth Changes are not divine intervention and an answer to the
prayer of millions? There is a little flaw in this theory as far as
physicality many teachers seem to miss. You have a physical body
which is subject to the physical changes and the laws of nature
unless you have mastered levitation or turned yourself into a light
principle. A good test of where you are at is to take a few steps
back from a great tree. Meditate and wish it away, say it doesn't
exist, it is an illusion. Now run real fast straight at it. This
will show a slight flaw in this theory and Nature, the tree, just
delivered a powerful lesson in humility. NOTE: "We are not to be
held liable or responsible for anyone foolish enough to attempt
this experiment. Trees, although they are 90% water, are quite
solid to the human body." Another easier test is to go to the
ocean and tell the waves to stop or the wind to cease.

Earth Changes

There will be places which will undergo severe change in Earth's
transition, a cleansing and healing process and it is best to remove
yourself without attachment and denial from these areas. The coasts,
major fault lines, low elevations along rivers and flood planes are
places where it would be wise to find a new location. It is time for
all to re-evaluate their lives, get their priorities and values in
order and replace separation and arrogance with a strong reverence
for Nature. Go out into Nature; sit upon the land and ask it if it
is safe to be there. You will feel it in your body. If there is
nowhere to go in your present environment to be with Nature chances
are your environment is going to change.

The Hopi Indians

The Hopi tradition talks about the fourth world now ending through
spiritual purification and moving into the fifth where Humanity must
make their spiritual connection, regain their integrity and closeness
to the Earth. These ancient prophesies speak of the spider webs in the
sky, "CHEMTRAILS"; how plague and disease follows, which is a direct
manifestation from the chemtrails, followed by the purification.

The Tale of Atlantis

Even the ancient legends of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria speak of
these cycles. Their demise came when the warlords and scientists
took control in their lust for control and power over the individual.
Technology without love and compassion almost completely destroyed
the Earth, making it almost uninhabitable, forcing everyone to start
over as primitives. It was a split between the Sons of Belial in
their lust for power and wealth who wanted to dominate, be served,
and rule over everyone and the Law of One, those who wanted to serve
those less fortunate, saw the God in everyone and all life. The Sons
of Belial won and look where that took their civilisation.
  Sound familiar? They were polarised just as we are today and allowed
the warlords and scientists to seize control. Some of the black
projects today are playing with the same energies which annihilated
other previous civilisations. "HAARP" and particle accelerators can
open a hole in space turning the Earth into a super nova.

Where We Stand Today

If we continue business as usual as a civilisation, we will be led
blindly by Multinational Corporations, hypocritical leaders, and
various institutions, like lemmings into the upcoming social,
economic and environmental collapse. It is time for the individual
to awaken, regain their power and find the courage to make a stand.
  Armageddon or Planetary Ascension are options. Cosmic Spiritual
forces through Nature are going to insure that we choose one or
the other. Love is the one law that supersedes all law, love of God,
Humanity in all its diversity and Nature, the sacred circle of life.
It will be as if the law of love is enforced in the days to come due
to the nature of love, which is the ultimate power in the universe,
causing all that which is not love to rise up and greet it. The
action/reaction principle or karma will be accelerated and even
the physical bodies will fail if we do not allow love to flow
through each seal or Chakra without resistance. That is what
the body was truly designed for. To be a channel of love. Now is
the time to choose selflessness and service, thus ending the false
belief in separation.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men/women to
do nothing."                            - Edmund Burke

by gravol

It has been long said that DXM raises your awareness of your surroundings.
Just as LSD is an exploration into your own mind, DXM is an exploration
into the universe surrounding you. In previous issues we have discussed
how opposite LSD and DXM are.
  I came across the information on 2012 through a mysterious set of
circumstances, but it stands to reason that much information relating
to 2012 is a very real phenomenon. It may be the most significant year
in the history of mankind. And if you are in doubt, it is possibly because
you still exercise 3D logic. You were born and raised in a world that
accepts Newtonian physics as a harsh reality, and science does not bend
easily to new discoveries that would hint at something otherwise. It is
the job of the individual, you, to see the world for what it is, and see
the universe for what it truly is.
  There is so much information regarding 2012 that it is impossible to
print here, but I will make for you the connection it has to DXM, and how
it has totally changed my life. Let's start with the 11:11 phenomenon and
my own experience with it.

My Experience With 11:11

In Dec. of '98 I started talking to this girl on the phone which
I met ultimately through a wrong number.  I quickly fell in love
more than I could have ever imagined and I have never experienced
such an intensity of love since.
  That month I started experiencing coincidences, which started
with 11:11 on digital clocks and soon moved to many other facets of
life. Everywhere I went... phone numbers, clock readings, etc. kept
showing 11:11. I thought God was trying to tell me something and I
thought it had to do with my relationship. In fact, I had never
fallen so hard for anybody in my entire life.
  As the months progressed, the coincidences slowly started to fade
and this girl moved away (I never did get to meet her physically).
  I forgot all about it until early in 2002. Once in a great while,
the coincidences would spring up again and then disappear. Well,
early that year they started coming again with such an intensity
that it totally took me by surprise and grew more frequent than
even in December of '98. I'd experience this phenomenon several
times a day, as well as with double digits and triple digits
(i.e. :33, :44, :55, and 333, 444, 555, etc.) and palindrome
numbers (12:21, 10:01, etc.). That is when I got on the Internet
and learned that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people all
across the world were experiencing the same thing.
  Then my grandmother died. I felt I should go up to Ohio to help
spread her ashes for closure, but as I got into my parents' car
(I'm 24 and they decided to go up; we both live here in Florida)
I felt this strong urge not to go. It turns out that not only did
a semi hit their car (they were very close to death and if any
factors or variables in the wreck been different... who knows),
but that night I also had a spiritual experience.
  I was reading many reports of people who experienced 11:11, and
suddenly decided to try and find my biological mom's birthday (I'm
adopted and met her only 3 times before she passed at age 42 of
breast cancer) so I went into an old shoebox of letters to see if
she had ever mentioned it to me. Well, as I started to pull out the
only 2 letters she ever wrote me, a third fell out, from my biological
sister (it was the first time she had ever written me) and was dated
Nov. 11, '00.
  (An interesting note about my biological mom... I was born in
Phoenix, AZ and was adopted there. I grew up in Ohio, and after
moving to FL I decided to search for her. I found out she lived,
along with the rest of my family, only minutes from where I grew up
in Ohio... of all places!)
  Stunned, I made my way back to the computer and read further into
the ample posts on 11:11 experiences. Then I began to realize the
significance of this number in my life. At one point, in 2000, I was
put on probation for a drug-related offense and the Dept. of
Corrections assigned a DOC number to me (the same as what prison
inmates get, since the DOC runs the probation office here in Florida)
and that number was 11111. In fact, the people at the probation
office thought it was a mistake because they had never seen such a
rare occurrence. That is when it hit me that a Greater Reality was
trying to send me a message, perhaps coded into my cellular memory
banks, and that it was finally time to accept who I am and not
question my existence here (being anaylitical in nature, I had
long questioned these "coincidences").
  So, that night, I took a vow that I would never doubt myself nor
what I was experiencing as pure grandeur, and accept the mission
that I was brought on this earth for: to spread light, to open up
others minds and hearts, and to do good for the sake of humanity.
And from that moment on, the coincidences seemed to fade in
frequency (now I mostly get 444 and 555, reminiscent of the 4th
and 5th dimensions, respectively), and I realized I had reached a
crescendo in my life. I felt like Tim Robbins in the Shawshank
Redemption as he stood with his arms outstretched towards the
heavens in the pouring rain. It was that revealing of an experience.
  And since then, so many doors have been opened in way of
opportunities and people coming out of the woodwork (total strangers)
and offering me help and material things. Things from my childhood
are finally starting to fit in (I had the perfect childhood but
always felt that I didn't belong here on earth or fit in with
society) and as each day passes, I realize new things about myself
and my past. It is a total spiritual experience, and I am finally
being able to shut the doors to my past and get beyond the duality
of everything known to man (ie, good and evil, night and day) and
become One with myself. For if you break 11:11 down, that's all it
is.... a bunch of ones.
  Now that I've finally learned to accept myself and grow away from
material things (and I've always been a material person) I am
experiencing more energy and opportunity than ever before. I am
reaching new heights each day, and life has suddenly taken on a
whole new meaning, because I no longer question things nor doubt
  William Blake once wrote, if the doors of perception were
cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is... infinite.
Well, that infinity (and connectedness that every object on this
earth has) is starting to reveal itself to me and for that I am
greatly appreciative.
  In case any of you are still doubting the synchronicity and
importance of 11:11, consider this quote by Kurt Vonnegut:

  I will come to a time in my backwards trip when November
  eleventh, accidentally my birthday, was a sacred day called
  Armistice Day. When I was a boy...all the people of all the
  nations which had fought in the First World War were silent
  during the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of Armistice
  Day, which was the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
     It was during that minute in nineteen hundred and eighteen,
  that millions upon millions of human beings stopped butchering
  one another. I have talked to old men who were on battlefields
  during that minute. They have told me in one way or another
  that the sudden silence was the Voice of God. So we still have
  among us some men who can remember when God spoke clearly to

The Connection

I can say with extreme assurance that if it weren't for DXM, I would
never have been so keenly aware of my surroundings as I am now. Basically
what happened on March 9 was that I surrendered to the universal flow
of energy and coincidences abound.
  DXM, when used in the proper way (for me it was regular use of
2nd plateau dosages over a course of years) can lead to true
enlightenment, not a drug psychosis that is often times attributed
to LSD "enlightenment" - the enlightenment which I have experienced
is quite real, and to this day I still receive messages through
synchronicities and coincidence.
  This is nothing new to me. I have always felt something major on
the threshold of mankind for my generation and beyond but DXM has simply
made me more aware of it. For all those who use DXM to explore their
own spirituality and the mysteries of the universe, I salute you. For
if it weren't for people breaking out of the mold, we would always
be locked into that same place and never be able to evolve.
  There will be future articles on the 2012 phenomenon in future issues
as well as other phenomenon such as the 12th planet, Nibiru, and a more
in-depth look at ET channelings on DXM and the message they're trying
to convey to us as a whole. And DXM is not only a great psychic
tool, it can be a great channeling tool as well for those of you who
use it for higher-plateau journeys and come in contact with ET's. Please
pass the information along, and I will publish it in future issues.
  For more information on the Photon-Belt, the Mayan Calendar, and
other great mysteries, please visit these websites:

www.greatdreams.com/2012.htm - All About 2012
www.cosmicmajority.com/htmlversion/faceonmars.html - New Face on Mars
www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/new.htm - Latest 2012 Info
www.nvisible.com/1111/1111.html - What 11:11 Means
www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~noelh/index.htm - Dr. Huntley's Website

by Vaesolis

Hello fellow spirit-travelers! I'd like to share with you all a meditation
method that, when practiced on DXM can cause some pretty amazing effects.
It is called 'the kundalini awakening'.
  The 'kundalini' is known in Eastern religions and in yoga to be a well
of untapped, dormant energy that exists at the base of the spine, and when
you are able to awaken this well of energy- your chakras charge, including
your 3rd eye- and your energy will then exist in a state called tantra.
Further charging of the aura can create amazing inner vision and out-of-body
experiences, even when practicing the meditation without the aid of an
entheogenic sacramental (without drugs).
  The method is based on Osho's 3-part audio meditation. For our first
practice, we will use step 1, and we will add to it the Monroe Institute's
Hemi-Sync audio, which produces theta brainwaves. This combination increases
the 2 main effects of DXM: the 'body' feeling (which makes us want to dance,
jump, walk), and the visual aspect (where the 3rd eye is what is responsible
for mindsight and closed-eye-visuals). If you practice this meditation at
around the 1 hour mark after dosing DXM, I guarantee you that your trip
will be enhanced- perhaps even dramatically or to a divine spiritual level.


- Download Osho kundalini meditation stage 1 - this is a music mp3 file,
 with 15 minutes of high-quality audio. The file size is not bad at 13.5mb,
 which should take most dial-up users about an hour or so to d/l. Just do it
 now and get it over with, trust me, it's worth it! [Editor's Note: To
 download this, goto dex.kenton.org/stage1.mp3.]
- Open a java-enabled browser window and open Hemi-Sync feed. Don't start
 your mp3 yet - hold on!
- Dim the lights in your room to near darkess, leaving just enough light
 to see. With your Hemi-Sync feed playing, lay down on your bed or on a
 comfortable floor. Begin taking long, slow deep breaths in through your
 nose and out through your mouth (a good rule of thumb is to count 8
 seconds for the inhale, hold for a 2 count, and exhale 10 seconds).
 Listen to the Hemi-Sync, feel the energy that you hear tingling in
 your body. Imagine as you take each breath that when you inhale, you
 are drawing in positive, healing energy... and when you exhale, you
 are discharging all the negative energy in your aura field. Do this
 for about 10 minutes, breathing in and out and charging your mind and
 aura to the sound of the Hemi-Sync. You will become very relaxed, but
 your aura will now be charged. You may feel tingling and vibrations all
 over your body. Try to control these vibrations- and imagine that you
 are drawing up energy that flows in through your feet, coils up the
 body and out through the top of your head. Try to feel the vibrations
 from head-to-toe.
- Turn on your mp3 and lay back down (you may need to adjust your sound
 settings so that the mp3 volume doesn't overpower the Hemi-Sync.
 I know that if using windows media player, it's best to turn the mp3
 almost all the way down, and your speakers up so the music is the
 same volume as the Hemi-Sync. play with it beforehand to get it ready).
 Now that your aura is charged, it is time to attempt the beginning of
 kundalini awakening. Listen to this hand-made Tibetan instrumental.
 The 'dancing particles of sound' you hear represent the energy particles
 in your aura, which when tuned in to these tones will help unlock the
 hidden kundalini. As you listen, you will feel the energy particles
 twisting and coiling through your body- especially in your stomach
 and abdomen. Imagine where the base of the spine is-right between
 your legs. This is where this untapped energy exists. Feel your
 energy loosen-up as it mixes and flows with the sounds you are hearing,
 and imagine a point of light, what you might imagine a star being born
 to look like, opening up and releasing the energy trapped at the base
 of your spine. the kundalini is named for the serpent, which coils.
 This kundalini energy will emit from the base, coiling it's way up
 the spine like a snake, activating each chakra along it's way.
- Now that you have a strong aural field, kundalini awakened, and
 chakras charging- you can do a couple of different things...first,
 try to focus as much of the energy you are feeling to the third eye,
 the chakra that lies in the middle of your forehead just above your
 common visual field. it is responsible for displaying dreams, hyper-
 dimensional mindsight, and CEV's. Use mindsight to view the astral plane.
 Once you see the astral plane, you can try to move your energy there
 by attempting an OBE (out-of-body experience). The most popular methods
 for attempting OBE are to either lift out by directing your energy upwards,
 as if there were a giant magnet on the ceiling attracting the energy from
 your body, or the roll-out method- where since your energy is already
 flowing in a circular motion like a whirlpool or vortex, you use that
 motion to roll the spirit out of your body. once you have disconnected
 the spirit from the host, explore and travel freely, experience many
 great adventures, and above all- learn new things-understand-know.

I hope everybody gets a chance to try the meditation. This one is only
step 1 of 3. I will upload the others soon, including some other great
meditative audio including tibetan mantras and soundbowls.

Blessings all, see you on the other side!

"She opened her mouth to speak to me, but I could not make out what she
was saying. She had a small trickling of red syrup run down out of the
crevice of her mouth, but on closer inspection I saw that it was blood..."

by DrDXM

[Editor's Note: The following letter was sent to me by an individual who
recounts his experience with Death and beyond. Usually trip reports are
not published as articles, but I am making an exception in this case.
It is my whole-hearted assumption that you will find something intriguing
from this curious case of overdose.]

At the beginning of Febuary, I think.  My powder came in the mail.  WOOT!
25g.  Couldnt wait.  Well, I tripped once or twice pretty good off it.
Sat around and decided I wanted a hardcore trip.  One night at a friend's
house, we decided to do it.  He measured out the amount of powder and put
it in the gelcaps.  He told me he had 500mg a cap.  Lied to me about the
ones I got.  And so it began.  I believe the first few he gave me were
500mg.  I tripped hard.  I dont remember much from the first day.
  I remember that night.  It was dark, so very dark.  And you know how it
is when its dark and you're on DXM.  Darker the better.  Darker the harder.
Well, I was trippin pretty damn well. Fuckin around on the computer and
fuckin around on the PS2.  Queen of the Damned Soundtrack is kick ass
trip music, by the way.
  I had all sorts of colorful patterns in front of my eyes.  Mostly blue
and purple.  We played Tekken Tag which I was completely uncapable of at
the time.  I just quit and let them play. We walked over to Jim's house
which is right accross the street.  Gave Jim some.  I redosed.  I thought
it was just going to maintain the level I was on or set me a little higher.
  I was trying to hit Plateau Sigma.  The legendary 5th. Only hit it once
before this time.  Jim lives in a nice mobile home.  Decent size, but a
shitload bigger on DXM.  Walking from his living room to the bathroom in
his parents room seemed like a journey.  And you ever seen those large
bathrooms with carpet in them?  They had one of those.  It was gigantic.
His house seemed like a city.  And even though there was only like five
of us, I thought there were people everywhere.  It was like every time I
turned and look there was someone there.  I couldnt ever be alone.  It was
odd.  I felt like there were thousands of peeps in the house.  Insanity.  
  We tried and tried to hook up the PS2 to Jim's VCR, but its an old piece
of shit and just didnt work too well.  We gave up, popped in the Queen of
the Damned soundtrack and a custom CD.  "E", my friend's sister,  dosed.  
Was not my decision.  Had it been, she wouldnt have.  She is too young and
her brain is still too undeveloped to handle a dissociative.  Still pisses
me off that I didnt keep my hands on my shit that entire night.  Anyway,
she dosed.  
  We thought she was gonna die.  The bad vibes began to rise.  She was
laying in Jim's bathroom.  Sick, couldnt move. She said she was in pain.  
Couldn't really tell.  Hard to.  Thats all I remember from that night.  
  The next thing I remember is waking up in Jim's recliner with a blunt
on my lap.  I looked down and was like "WTF?"  Everyone else was there.
They said they thought it would be interesting if I just saw it there.  
I didnt see the joke.  Not a big weed person myself.  As for "E", she
was gone. Didnt know WTF happened to her.  I thought she was gonna die
the night before.  She probably sustained some brain damage.  Which, I am
not happy about.  She is like family to me.  Anyway, I was still trippin
very hard that morning.  We sat around Jim's till bout 12 then headed
back to my friend's house.  Sure enough, he offered another pill.  
  What can I say?  I had to take it.  I hadn't hit plateau sigma yet,
and I wasnt going to stop till I did.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention earlier
that Jim's carpet is blood red and I swore up and down it was blood.  Didn't
matter to me, I knew I was trippin, was cool.  
  Anyway, I popped the pill.  My friend had already come down.  He was
afterglowing.  I went with him to run some errans.  I thought he was
swerving all over the road.   According to the other people with him, he
was driving straight.  We ran by my grandmother's (The place I was living
at the time) to get me some more clothes. I stumbled into the house grabbed
some clothes and CDs.  We left.  Thats all I remember of that day.  That
night, (For some reason, dont really know why, but the night experiences
are easier to recall.) I remember laying on the couch watching "Kiss of the
Dragon".  I dont think the shit I saw was happening. Seemed like characters
in the movie would turn and say things to me.  Which is not right at all.  
My vision was pretty slow.  Everything trailed.  Have you ever puked from
powder?  Its an interesting experience.  
  I was given another pill.  I took it.  I remember sitting on the steps
at either my friend's house or Jim's house puking.  But not really puking.  
It was like I would have convulsions but puke wouldnt come up.  Eventually,
something came up and it was stomach acids, saliva, and powder.  Bah, I
didn't really care, there was spit and powder all over my fingers.  
I licked it off.  I have no idea what prompted me to do that.  Probably the
fact that powder costs money.  
  Jim went and got me a towel and something to drink.  I cleaned my hand
up and drank some water.  Water tasted insanely good.  Thermometer outside
said it was like 50, but it sure as hell felt like 150.  Metabolism must've
been pretty high.  When I drank the water it was as if I hadnt drank water
or had liquids in weeks.  Next thing I remember is being inside of my
friend's house.  Jim's friend came over and he wanted to buy some powder.
Sold him 9 pills.  He hung around a bit, then left. I got online and was
talking to people all fucked up.  I posted on here "Fuck, holy fuck I am
tripping" or some shit similar.  I don't recollect ever posting it.  
  My friend and I were talking about love.  Oh wow, you know how
dissociatives can be.  Well, they are like that with me at least.  
They increase my emotions.  I got all depressed.  Started wallowing in
my own self pity.  Next thing I remember is waking up at like 3 in the
morning in the middle of my friend's floor in the living room.  I couldn't
stand up to go to the bathroom in fear of stumbling and knocking something
over.  I decided to crawl.  I got bout to the bar stools and lamp and I was
laying on my stomach and it suddenly felt like I was in a war.  Ya know,
the publics interpretation of "low crawl."  I heard things all around me,
but nothing was there.  
  I crawled to the hall way and grabbed the bookself there and picked
myself up.  I stumbled to the bathroom at the end of the hall.  I stepped
in there, turned the light on and fell.  The light was painfully bright.  
My pupils must've been huge.  The bathroom looked like a cartoon.  I
suspect from the light being so bright and my pupils being so large.  
I pissed and turned the light off.  When I turned the light off, the
darkness really hit me hard.  I couldnt see anything at all.  
All I could see were the patterns of color infront of my eyes.  
  Oh yeah, forgot to mention the 3grams of Morning Glory seeds I ate
that night.  They probably had quite an affect.  Mixed with DXM anyway.  
I dont really remember much more other than being back in the living room
and rolling around on the floor because it felt so fuckin cool.  
  The next morning, I burned a custom CD with my friend's help.  Was
hard to operate software that fucked up.  Got it burned and tried so
very hard to write the name of the songs in the papers.  Wrote on the
CDs.  Fuckin gelpens fucks CD up.  Had him reburn them.  Grabbed them,
went to E's room.  Started listening to the music.  Magnificent.  Music
euphoria was like an orgasm ten fold.  Made sex look like a joke.  I was
laying in the middle of her floor then climbed up on her bed and the
"Satan" ran in, that would be one of their dogs. Ah, yes, Satan.  He's
the shit.  Felt unusually cool.  My friend ran in there and laid down
on the bed beside me.  We were talkin bout the dog and realized how smart
he is.  I swear to this day he started talking.  And he began to theorize.
  We came up with that this dog was evolving.  He had became a dog-human.
The most advanced k-9 to ever live.  We had it figured that his race would
take over the world one day.  I blacked out again.  I woke up in her closet
somehow.  Dunno how.  Got out and went to the living room.  
  Was night, finally.  Time was so slow.  Seconds seemed like hours.  
Dont really remember much.  So hard to remember.  I know we fucked around
on the computer.  Had tunnel vision like hell.  Everything seemed so far
away.  It was hard to type. I probably talked to some of you guys.  if I
did, you probably couldnt understand me.  I remember at some point we found
a car beside the road and knocked the window out of it to pop the hood.  
My friend needed a battery for his.  So, we stole the fuck out of it.  
I closed the door of the car on my ankle some how.  How the fuck...
  Anyway,  I remember going to fill out an application for a job, not
the smartest thing to do on DXM.  Ah, I had no choice.  Long story.  I
could barely walk, I had sweaty palms, light was bright, handwriting was
messy.  When I walked out after getting the interview, I couldnt see.  I
had to hold on to the walls.  Needless to say, I didnt get the job.  The
next thing I remember is being at my friends house again.  I couldnt sleep.
  Sleep was impossible.  I rolled, tossed, turned.  Fuck.  Couldnt sleep.
Got offered another pill, popped it.  Got up that morning and took a shower.
Showers are weird on DXM.  So very weird.  Then went to the living room.
Fuck... his mother was home.  
  She started screaming and yelling about drugs.  I freaked.  I was so
fuckin scared.  I curled up in the recliner and just sat there.  We finally
left.  Dont remember anything after that.  The next thing I remember is
being at my grandmother's.  On her front porch.  DJ, Kurt, Dad, my brothers,
and Danielle were there.  I asked for a cigarette and got one and smoked it,
I thought.  They later told me that I would ask for one then hold my hands
like I had one and hit air.  Then say that it felt good to have nicotine.  
Evidently, I was hallucinating like hell.  I remember at some point I was
at the complete anesthetic level (AKA 5th plateau, Plateau Sigma).  
Don't remember much though. I honestly think I passed it.  
  How the fuck thats possible?  Fuck if I know.  I remember trying to
sleep that night at my grandmothers and rolling around and not being able
to sleep.  I tripped 3 days at my grandmothers.  After I wasnt tripping
anymore, my father told me I had been gone for 4 weeks.  I was like WTF?  
I thought I was gone for like a week.  I remember taking a shitload of
showers for it to be a week though.  So I suppose he was right.  I
afterglowed for a week and havent done DXM since.  Well well well,
there's a bottle of syzurp right beside me, no powder because I don't
have the money to spare right now. Guess I should get to work.  Hahaha.  
  Do not try what I did.  I didnt want to, but people lie sometimes.  
And I was trying to die from a depression. Learned my lesson, found out
some truths I already knew and was running from. DXM is always a self-
exploration and you always better learn yourself as long as you know
how to explore.  Death isnt what anyone wants.  NO matter how depressed
you are.  You must remember that.  Death is an end to every worldly sore.
Geoffry Chaucer said that.  And that it is, but there is so much to do
and so little time to do it in.  Make the world a better place, dont
eliminate youself and hang around and do something to make a difference.  
  I am Dr.DXM the one and only.  I have defied science.  And beleive me,
I don't want to try again.  Take care everyone.  Peace.

The Controller of Insanity and Darkness

[Editor's Note: You may contact this person at [email protected]]

by Lucidity

This is a simplified acid/base extraction of DXM.

Materials Needed

- Clear Ammonia (non-sudsy)
- Naptha (Ronsonol, Zippo, or Red Devil Cigarette Lighter Fluid)
- Gallon-size Ziploc Baggies
- Cough Syrup containing only DXM or DXM/Guafenisin
- Scissors
- Pin or needle
- A 2-liter jug or gallon jug with lid
- Microwaveable bowl or glass pan for stove - boiling
- Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed, or ReaLemon, or one of those plastic lemons
 you find in the produce section) or Countrytime lemonade mix with SUGAR,
 not aspartame.
- Toothbrush and toothpaste


- Determine how much Cough Syrup to buy.  Assume you will lose about 10%
 of the DXM.  Wal-Mart sells 8oz Equate TussinDM for $2.49, which is the
 best deal I've found.  They also sell everything else you need, so its
 the ideal place to obtain materials.  There are 475mg of DXM in one 8oz
 bottle of Tussin DM. Do not extract more DXM than you will be taking that
 day unless you want to trip on DXO.  The product will gradually turn into
 DXO if left overnight or for a period of many hours.  You might like the
 but I dont.
- Pour cough syrup into your gallon jug or 2-liter.  Add an equal ammount
 of ammonia.  Shake for 30 seconds.
- Add Naptha equivalent to about 10% of the volume of cough syrup/ammonia.
 These measurements dont have to be exact,the only thing I would advise is
 not to use too much ammonia (no more than an equal amount to the cough
 syrup) if you are using a syrup with guafenisin.  An excess of ammonia
 will turn the guafenisin into a slightlyoily layer, which will take a
 few hours to separate, rather than a fewminutes.  It sucks when this
- Shake your ammonia/naptha/DXM for at least 4-5 minutes.  Shaking it
 longer won't hurt.  Each molecule of DXM must touch ammonia, then Naptha,
 in order to be extracted.  Each that doesnt will be lost.
- Pour the mixture into a ziploc baggie and hang it up on a nail by one of
 the top corners.  You will see your mixture begin to separate and should
 befully separated in just a couple of minutes.  Ammonia/Guafenisin/coloring
 will be on bottom, a clear layer of Naptha containing your DXM freebase
 ontop. You should see a perfectly clear line of separation without bubbles.
 If there is a bubbly layer in the middle after 5 minutes, you've gotten
 oily guafenisin and you'll just have to wait it out.  I've noticed this
 happening more with certain brands of ammonia, but the Wal-Mart Equate
 brand ammonia always works great for me.
- Rinse out your shaker jug very well, you're going to need it again in a
- When you have a clear separation, you're going to snip a SMALL hole in
 the bottom corner of the baggie, and drain out all the red stuff on the
 bottom. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area, outside is best.  
 Otherwise go into a bathroom and drain it down the sink, holding the  
 baggie close to thedrain, with the tap running.  
- As you see the Naptha/DXM layer getting closeto the hole, get your jug
 ready.  Let a tiny bit of the Naptha out the hole,to be SURE youre not
 getting any ammonia in your final product, then drainthe rest into your
 jug. If you are using a colored 2-liter bottle, I'd suggest draining the
 Naptha into a clear or white bowl first.  Inspect it for any reddish
 bubbles.  If youre using a gallon water jug, you'll be able to spot them
 in the jug.  If you see any, it means you got ammonia in your product.  
 AMMONIA IS TOXIC. You must remove it before proceeding with the next step.
- Do this by pouring your Naptha into another baggie, hold by a top corner.
 You'll see the reddrops settle to the bottom corner.  
- Prick the corner with a pin and let the ammonia drop out. Then return
 the product to your cleanly rinsed jug.
- At this point you can either evaporate the Naptha using a blowdryer, in
 a glass pan or bowl to produce DXM freebase powder, or proceed with the
 instructions below to produce DXM hydrocitrate, which I recommend over
 the freebase form.  Neither form contains bromide, making both a much
 healthier form of DXM than DXM HBr.
- Add an amount of lemon juice equal to the ammount of Naptha, or 3 oz,
 whichever is more.  If you are using freshly squeezed, strain the pulp.
- Shake the lemon juice/Naptha for 5 minutes or so.  
- Pour into a Ziploc baggie.  Hang by a corner.  This will take a while
 to separate, at least anhour.


- Use Countrytime lemonade mix, the kind WITH sugar, not aspartame.  The
 first 3 ingredients will be sugar, fructose, citric acid.This method
 works fine, and separates instantly, cutting your extraction time from
 over an hour to about 20 minutes.  
- Use about 3 tablespoons of mix to 4 oz of water, a much stronger mixture
 than if you were actually making lemonade to drink.  The problem with
 this method is that if you dont use a strong enough mixture, you will
 recover alot less DXM than with lemon juice. Don't worry about it being
 too strong to drink.  It tastes pretty bad, but it's actually a lot better
 than the lemon juice product.  Either way, you're only drinking a couple
 of ounces, so it beats chugging syrup anyday.
- Be sure not to get the Countrytime with aspartame.  If you are not used
 to consuming aspartame, using this much at once will most certainly cause
 a nasty headache, which will ruin your trip.  The headache lasts for 2-3
 days. If you do regularly consume aspartame, read www.dorway.com to save
 your brain and health while there may still be time.
- When your product has separated, your DXM is now in the bottom layer, snip
 the corner of the baggie and allow your product to drain into a microwave-
 safe bowl or glass pan for boiling on the stove.  Don't lose too much
 product worrying about the Naptha layer getting into it, try not to get
 any Naptha, but if you end up with a drop or two in there don't worry.  
 When you boil your final product, the Naptha will immediately rise to the
 top and evaporate cleanly.
- Boil the lemon juice/DXM for about 5 minutes, in the microwave or on the
 stovetop.  Be careful microwaving, as the product tends to boil up and
 over like noodles on a stove do.  Make sure your bowl is large enough
 that you don't lose half your lemon juice over the side.  You'll be
 extremely pissed if this happens.  I suggest a bowl larger then your
 normal sized cereal bowl, or a very tall microwaveable glass.
- Chill the lemon juice, there's less of a gag reflex that way.  Have
 toothbrush and toothpaste handy, this stuff tastes like ass.  Effects
 kick in in about 30 minutes, peak around 2-2.5 hours.  Some feel this
 is a farcleaner and more spiritual trip than using syrup or powder.

In case you're wondering where DXM hydrocitrate gets its name, this is it,
courtesy of Kid:

DXM (freebase) + HBr = DXM HBr = Dextromethorphan HYDRObromide
HBr dissociates into H - Br
DXM (freebase) + citric acid = DXM (citric acid) = DXM (hydro)citrate.
 Now, there's more than one listing for the citrate ion: C6H8O7 and C6H7O7.
When citric acid dissociates and loses on H+, it becomes C6H7O7, which is
 DXM (freebase) + citric acid = DXM (H+)citrate ion = DXM (hydro)citrate.
However, since there are two listings for the same name (H+)citrate is also
known as, the citrate ion. So either one is fine.
 I prefer DXM citrate because most people think that DXM hydrocitrate
means DXM + C6H9O7.  Which isn't the case.

If you have any questions about this extraction technique, you can contact
lucidity at [email protected]

by Kid

Much controversy has arisen from mainstream psychedelic drugs users over the
meaning of "psychedelic" itself.  The controversy is not one which revolves
around the definition of "psychedelic" which, is a fuzzy, free floating
definition in itself, but over which drugs are the right and wrong ones to
use when applying the term "psychedelic."
 In this context, psychedelic discourses by mainstream users, are about
Enlightenment as the idealized outcome of using a psychedelic drug.  Less
bold claims speak of "learning something" from a psychedelic, but this is
synonymous to "Enlightenment", except it posits to be more factual.
 An analysis of the discourses of LSD as the "Right Psychedelic" to
achieve the supposedly natural end of psychedelic use show the internal
contradictions of the processes by which Enlightenment is achieved, the
resitance of "Enlightenment" (and thus, by implication, "psychedelic") to a
stable definition, which can later be contrasted to the construction of DXM
as the "Wrong non-Psychedelic".
 Typical descriptions of the LSD induced thought process, which are
considered universal by virtue of them being expressed by mainstream
psychedelic users, and also therefor the natural (and "correct") reaction to
ingesting LSD are that it is "analytical."  LSD's natural action is assumed
to accelerate the intellectual process.
 This description goes hand in hand with the hypothesis that LSD 'opens the
flood gates' of the mind.  Biological models which back this hypothesis, on
the basis of no physical evidence whatsoever, speak of LSD's chemical action
removing the natural filters of the brain.  This discourse can be traced
back to Aldous Huxley's description of his experience with mescaline, which
serves to legitimize its "Truth".
 Thus, LSD provides the human subject with more information while
accelerating analytical thinking.  Enlightenment is the climax of a
biochemical technology's effect on the human brain.
 Contradictions are easily found within the standard discourse.
Enlightenment, which is the product of analytical (and thus verbal) thought
is not an experience (or object) capable of being verbalized.  The verbal
thought process produces a meta-experience.  It is considered to be a
meta-experience because it ideally cannot be signified by any language, even
though "normal" experiences are.  However, common discourses do frequently
verbalize the Enlightenment experience (typically as "beautiful" or
 Also contradictory to the notions that it is the analytical process which
brings about the Enlightenment experience is that pleasurable aesthetic
experiences signify the approach of a subject to enlightenment.  As one
experiences more aesthetic pleasures, outside the realm of "everyday,
normal" experiences (namely "pseudohallucinations", to use the medical
term), one becomes aware that they are getting closer to Enlightenment.
This is a common trope of "trip reports."
 Thus, Enlightenment is the end result of a pleasurable aesthetic and
intellectual experience.  This however, flies in the face of another
commonality in the discourse of LSD as the "Right Psychedelic", which is
that one may "learn the most" from a bad trip.  This is contradictory not
only in that it is not signified by increasing aesthetic and intellectual
pleasure, but by the opposite.
 It also contradicts descriptions of the ("indescribable") Enlightenment
which results from a good trip: that Enlightenment does not occur to a
subject.  Enlightenment is universal, neither subjective nor objective.
With the "good trip", Enlightenment is not subjectively experienced as
"Enlightenment" at the time but is only understood as "Enlightenment" after
the subject has come back to his normal ego.  The Enlightenment of the "bad
trip" is the result of the ego refusing to "let go", thus it is
Enlightenment which is forced into subjectivity.  Thus, the "good trip"
Enlightenment is ideally an uncapturable experience (it is only remembered),
and the "bad trip" Enlightenment is brought back as trauma, such as; fear;
nightmares; flashbacks; symptoms.
 The logic of the "exposed nerve" human subject position which LSD causes,
where ego boundaries are dissolved and the subject becomes one with the
universe, has two options: the ideal is the "good trip", the "True"
Enlightenment where the Universal subject transforms into nothing: a
non-subject yet object (the universe).  The Universe is thus seen as
Enlightenment itself; an object ideally without subjectivity but containing
subject positions within it.
 Now, with the discourses of LSD as the "Right Psychedelic" analyzed, one
can understand the discourses and context by which DXM is constructed as the
"Wrong Non-Psychedelic" (and probably to the relief of the reader, in a much
smaller space).
 The mainstream psychedelic user (as understood above, meaning that this
subject position is also the normal, natural and "right" kind of user)
produces discourses which construct DXM as the "Wrong Non-Psychedelic" begin
with reporting DXM as causing subjective feelings of being a "broken robot".
This is already a step in the wrong direction, as made implicit by the logic
of LSD as the "Right Psychedelic".  DXM is considered to be causing, on the
basis of subjective experience only, an analytical failure.
 Not only is their analytical failure but there is an inhuman subjectivity
which occurs.  The inhuman subjectivity implies that the natural path toward
enlightenment is a hyperhuman path.  What constitutes human, according to
the discourse, is hidden in many trip reports: a primary one is sexual
pleasure.  A recommendation made by Timothy Leary is to have sex under the
influence of LSD.  Leary, who has guru status among mainstread psychedelic
users, considers Enlightenment to be a biological, evolutionarily destined
process (see esp. "The Psychedelic Experience").  Thus, according to this
logic, anything which does not fit into human identity is not the natural,
evolutionary way of acheiving Enlightenment.  DXM use, for humans, renders
sexual activity either uninteresting, impractical, or simply impossible.  It
is undeniable that sexuality is central to human identity (including
sex/gender identity, and enjoying sexual behaviour).  Therefor, the logic of
the "robot" experience produced by DXM being biologically wrong for humans
is considered self-evident.  This has implications for DXM users; that the
standard discourses consider it self-validating that those who enjoy DXM
are, by definition, a marginal population.
 An analytical description of the DXM-induced experience in mainstream
psychedelic discourses is that it reduces awareness and is "self-indulgent."
The subject merges with and only experiences itself from within a system
which is too complicated to understand.  The broken robot is having troubles
performing a self-diagnostic.
 The implicit logic is that there is a singular and universal way of
experiencing "being human" which DXM fractures.  By dividing universal human
subjectivity into subjective fragments violates what naturally
(biologically) allows one to understand the world.  Thus, these subjective
fragments end up only refering to one's human subjectivity in an
unintelligable array of symbols.
 Where LSD induced Enlightenment stresses unity, the DXM-induced experience
is considered to naturally produce fragmentation.  Therefor, not only in DXM
not a psychedelic, but is an "anti-psychedelic"(1).  With DXM one is
considered to naturally be moving further away from the universal
non-subject (Enlightenment) by breaking down into many sub-human,
dysfunctioning subjects.
 The main contradiction of the logic within this discourse is that it
ignores the possibility that DXM could cause the singular human subjectivity
to be divided infinitely, thus dissolving into a non-subject, non-object.
This represents a unity, just as a gas evenly distributed over the universe
is analgously in equilibrium with the universe.  The implication here is
ignored because it disrupts the idealized Enlightenment: a non-subject,
non-object (a singular subjectivity divided infinitely) represents not only
("True") Enlightenment but also a nothingness.  Medicine has another name
for this "Enlightenment", which cannot be remembered: anaesthesia.

(1) Once, Murple stated that DXM was "anti-psychedelic", so I owe him a debt
of gratitude for this term.

by gravol

Several methods of testing ESP have not changed since the 1930's. They are
simple enough to be tried at home as well as in the laboratory. The most
important rule to remember is that there is nothing to be gained from
tampering with the results.

Anyone who would like to participate in this study, since we obviously
can't do it in a lab, is welcome to - simply perform any of the following
tests on yourself, once while on DXM and another time off it (for the
control part of the experiment). Include the dosage you took. For best
accuracy, repeat several times. These are simple tests and could provide
insight into the vast potential of DXM to enhance extra-sensory perception
  One of the greatest mysteries of DXM is that many people believe it
does enhance ESP and psychic phenomenon, but without proper scientific
testing this can never be proven. So I hope you will take the first steps
in helping us conduct these experiments. Results will be posted in future

Test A - Deck of Cards

In any deck of playing cards, half are red and half are black. The aim of
this particular test is to predict which cards are red and which are black.
If you try this 100 times, the odds are that you will be correct 40 to 60
times by chance alone; so if you are accurate in more than 60 of the trials,
it may be that you have shown psychic skill.
  Try guessing the cards in groups. Place 10 cards face down and look at
the back of each card in turn. If you think it is red, put it to the right.
If you judge it to be black, put it to the left. After you have used the
10 cards, turn each pile over and count your successes. Put the cards back
in the deck, reshuffle and try again.

Test B - Deck of Cards, Elimination Process (Multiple people)

A group of people can attempt to detect their extrasensory powers by playing
a game that is rather like a spelling bee. Participants stand in a line
facing the tester, who shuffles a deck of cards and selects one. The first
person in the line is asked to say if the card is red or black. If the
player is correct, he or she stays standing. If the player is wrong, he or
she sits down. The tester continues to ask each player in turn to guess the
color of a card, putting each card back in the deck and shuffling after every
go. The cards must be returned to the deck so that there is always a 50-60
chance of a correct guess. The last person standing is the winner and may
be tested further on an individual basis.
  A variation of this test is for players to try and guess the suit of a
card rather than the color. In this instance there is a four-in-one chance
of being correct; so by chance alone the group as a whole should be correct
25 percent of the time. It is worth keeping a written record of your results
to see if the overall group average is higher than chance.

Test C - Visualizing Images (Multiple people/Internet)

In 1930 the writer Upton Sinclair and his wife, Mary, published a book about
their telepathic experiencies called "Mental Radio." In the book Mary
Sinclair recorded experiments for those hoping to test their own ESP. These
have been adapted from her book, especially for Internet users.
  Try to visualize something pleasant, familiar, which does not arouse
emotional memory trains. Keep attention steady, just seeing the color or
shape of the object and nothing else. Have the other person, whether it
be over the Internet or in person, try to visualize the object. This should
ONLY be done if BOTH people are on DXM - this is quite a successful
experiment and has shown surprising results in the past using color
visualizations, so you should perhaps start with a color and work your way
up to an object.
  She also suggests an experiment in which you try to visualize images
that have been drawn on paper:
  "Ask someone to draw a half-dozen simple designs for you on cards or slips
of paper, folding them so that you cannot see the contents. Each paper should
be folded separately, so that it can be handled one at a time...My exp-
erience is that fragments of forms appear first. For example, a curved line,
or a straight one, or two lines of a triangle. But sometimes they are so
vague that one gets only a notion of how they look before they vanish."

Test D - Ganzfeld State

To create a Ganzfeld environment, you have to put a subject into a state of
almost total sensory deprivation, in the hope that when the brain is no
longer processing information affecting the five senses, the subject may
have a better chance of detecting ESP.
  The equipment needed to put someone into the state is relatively simple.
Cut a pair of table tennis balls in half, smooth down the edges on the
halves without the manufacturer's name, and then carefull place a half ball
over each of the subject's eyes. Add cotton wool around the edges of the ball
to block light from showing through and tape gently in place. Put a lamp
with a red/orange bulb near the subect so that all that he or she can see
is a soft red glow through the table tennis balls.
  Place headphones over the subject's ears. The sound provided should be a
hissing sound rather like a far-off waterfall, a sound known technically
as white noise. One way to generate this sound is to use the steady hiss
found between radio stations.
  The subject lies in this relaxed state for up to an hour. The experience
should be a pleasant one, and subjects often report feelings of floating
and deep relaxation EVEN WHEN THEY'RE NOT ON DXM. After about 10 minutes
in the Ganzfeld state, the subject may well have insights or impressions
to record - some people see powerful visual images or hear imaginary voices
and music - so it is useful to have a tape recorder ready.
  The experiment may be taken further by having the "carer" try to send
a mental picture to the person in the Ganzfeld state, but for reasons of
space I have omitted this - if you would like additional information, email
the editor.
  One can also put themselves into this state without a caretaker but it
is probably not advisable since the extreme visuals that people experience
sober can be powerful enough by themselves.
  There is also computer software that can aid individuals trying this
experiment on their own, which is discussed in detail in the article
Altered States of Consciousness, also in this issue.

Test E - Telepathy Trial (Multiple people)

For this test involving two people, one experimenter sits behind another,
with both facing in the same direction. The person at the back is the sender,
and he or she looks at playing cards, one at a time, and tries to send
messages to the receiver in front by thinking red or black as each card is
revealed. The person in front says out loud what he or she thinks is the
color of the card (Please note that for best results, both individuals should
be on DXM).
  If the receiver guesses red, the sender should put the card in a pile
to the right. If the receiver guesses black, the sender should put the card
to the left. It is best to work on batches of 10 cards at a time, adding
up and recording a score at the end of each batch.
  A receiver guessing correctly more than 60 percent of the time may be
showing telepathic skill, and should attempt further tests in order to
clarify the results.

I hope these five tests help provide some insight into how you can test your
own ESP on DXM. Even if the results are less than spectacular, I hope you
will pass them our way so we can get a better understanding of the overall

by Reduced

Eight ounces was a good start. It was kind of my baptism into the new
psychedelica doctrine of the Church of the Brain Damage. I had taken hits
of acid before, but it wasn't often; like most nowhere towns, it took months
to get here and in hours was bought up. And acid, well, wasn't really
anything like this. I couldn't get ahold of the dosage a serious acid trip
demanded, having to settle for "pretty" but unfulfilling visuals. But a
heavy, transcending Robo experience was under twenty dollars, and was
available in all major drug and grocery stores. In most places it sits
low on the shelf, begging to be brought home and consumed in unrecommended
doses. So, about three months ago, I did.
  My spiritual guide for the rest of that month was a misshaped blur I began
to affectionately call Jesus. I explained it to myself this way: "Jesus is
the light. I dunno what the darkness is called, but him and the darkness
fight. If it's daytime Jesus wins and when it's nighttime the darkness wins,
so you have to have them fight during the day." This grew from the fear I
developed from tripping at night. I just felt more comfortable during the
day, having an entity protecting me from harm while I lost my body.
  After this I felt like I needed to be going to the church every other
week if I wanted to strengthen my faith. I felt like every trip was just
short of something, too, so I progressed to the next sacrament. I had doubts
about the church, but twelve ounces of RoboEucharist turned me into a true
believer. It was a miracle I experienced when I jettisoned my body for the
first time, and became part of the air. I could go on about it, but I don't
think I have the words to describe it, and even if I did you couldn't
understand unless you've ever been to the church. Thats one of the downsides
of the religion; anything beautiful you experience is yours alone, no matter
how hard you try to share it.
  The hours away from the church really begin to add up quickly. I usually
go on Sunday, and I'll be okay in the glow of the ceremony through atleast
Tuesday or Wednesday, but as the week ends every thought I have ends up
back at DXM. I've tried to save up the money to order the powered communion,
but it's hard holding on to money when I only need $15 for three overpriced
4 ounce bottles. I feel like I've been locked into a habit. I can't imagine
what it would be like to go a month without it. I remember this feeling from
when I smoked a bowl every day. It seemed impossible that I could survive a
week without a little thc. But the church is different. I go for the right
reasons, I think. Other addictions came from the needs of my mind and body.
The urge to pray weekly comes from the needs of my soul.
    I haven't really told anyone about the Church of the Brain Damage.
Not even other Dexers, because I think it might spoil what they might or
have already decided about their experiences. But I still consider all of
them members, because we're united by the best kept secret in the world:
the chemical equivalent of spiritualism. I'll risk psychosis, imprisonment,
and Onley's lesions for eight more hours of harmony, understanding, and

[Editor's Note: You can contact this person at [email protected]]

by Rhd. Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D.

Recently, a rather interesting document came my way that shed whole new
light on the alien conspiracy theory. One such group, known for its out-
landish theories on various factions of aliens, did a breakdown of DXM
and the supposed aliens one can contact through a dextromethorphan
experience. The following is an excerpt of that document. One can find
the entire piece at www.brotherblue.org/libers/csh.htm.

CSH - Cough Syrup Hypothesis

The definition of CSH is the so-called space alien abductions which are
merely vestigal hallucinogenic artifacts; side-effects of dextromethorphan-
induced psychosis.

Cough Syrup/Space Alien Connection

How is it that we initially embarked upon such obscure research? And
without the funding of L. Rockefeller or B. Bigelow, how could we even
think of pursuing such a monumental task as this? Well, it all started
with a rather nasty case of the flu, you see. That, and the Helpful
Aliens of the Third Plateau!
  From the DXM FAQ (www.frognet.net/dxm/contents.html) we witness the
following subspace briefing:

  Contact with Alien and Spiritual Beings

  Many people report contact with alien and spiritual beings, deities,
  and free-floating consciousness during upper plateau trips, notably
  during out-of-body experiences and the dissociative spiral. It has
  been suggested by Jaynes, Persinger, and others that these entities
  may be fragments of one's own subconscious mind that one is suddenly
  perceiving consciously. Curiously enough, deities seem to be more
  commonly female than male. I have no clue why this is the case.
     There is also a more complex dissociative effect involving a
  unique, consistent set of beliefs about, for lack of a better term,
  an alien conspiracy.

  Cosmic Coincidence Central and the Alien Conspiracy

  Many people who have frequently used DXM or other dissociatives begin
  to develop consistent contact with "aliens." Regardless of the cause,
  one particular subset of these aliens seem to have surprisingly
  consistent behavior and intentions. Here, basically, is the message
  that can be pieced together from dissociative users.
     There are numerous groups of entities or aliens, but two in
  particular are relevant. One group, the "helpful aliens," are attempting
  to guide humankind towards societal and spiritual progress with the
  ultimate intention that we become so far advanced that we can leave
  behind the Earth (and possibly the physical world), and join a vast,
  intergalactic federation of other races. In order to keep us from
  blowing ourselves up or slipping into societal chaos, these helpful
  aliens do what they can to keep us on the right track. [Editor's Note:
  according to most ET channelings, which are not DXM related, we arrive
  at the name of these helpful aliens as being the Pleiadians.]
     Then there are the "not-so-helpful aliens." Not necessarily evil,
  but totally unconcerned with our race, and unconvinced that we are
  worth the trouble of helping. Some would say that they view us as we
  view ants, and would have no qualms about exterminating us if they felt
  it wise to do so. They too are restricted to operating primarily
  through coincidence. [Editor's Note: the names of these aliens have
  been depicted as the Zetas or Greys.]
     Some people have developed surprisingly complex theories about these
  aliens and their goals and methods. Sometimes the aliens give their
  names. One person was contacted by an alien named Calsutmoran who said
  he was from "very far away," and explained the Cosmic Coincidence Theory.
  What is surprising is that someone else, who had never heard this story,
  also reported contact with an alien of the exact same name.
     In conclusion, while I don't necessarily think we're pawns in some
  weird game of the aliens or spirits, I do think there's a part of the
  human mind that we don't understand, that may be receiving, and trans-
  mitting, information in ways we do not recognize. This doesn't necessarily
  require any ESP or other psychic powers; it could be as simple as
  gestures, tone of voice, and other factors that we use in communication
  that we are not directly aware of. I expect the next decade or two will
  see some truly rigorous investigation of these topics, and I eagerly
  await the results.

So we see that in the interstitial realm of the otherwise elusive Cough
Syrup Aliens, there exists the same rather Manichean model of idealogies.
We have the "helpful cough syrup aliens" vs. the "not-so-helpful cough
syrup aliens" just as the magickal community has their Great White
Brotherhood vs. The Black Lodge, the Judeo-Christian camp sports their
God vs. Satan model, the saucer nuts root for the Sirians and Pleiadeans
to win against the Reptoids and Draconians and the Hollow-Earthers cast
their lots with the Eros as opposed to the Deros.
  Light vs. Darkness, Good vs. Evil, Service-to-Others vs. Service-to-
Self, Robitussin vs. Laudanum - no matter the model, the same Manichean
dynamic seems to be at play, perhaps just as Thoth/Hermes informed us
was the case.

The DXM Experience

For individuals who use dextromethorphan, empathy is a common trait.
Sometimes, everything makes sense. Connections can be seen throughout
everything. If a person remembers these connections after the trip,
they will make even greater connections when applied to everyday (sober)
  As far as Close Encounters of the third kind go, we observe some
fairly standard Third Plateau phantasmagoria in the journal of the
Swedish researcher/experiencer Agaton Sachs XIII:

  With my eyes closed, I'd usually get either something resembling
  computer generated repeative patterns in 3 dimensions (like you
  can get quite easily from ketamine), and sometimes I'd feel like I
  levitated and as I did this, I saw a blurry image of a globe
  disappearing in the distance, and as I lost my connection, I'd
  slowly return by the same path closer to the globe.
     Another common visual effect would be the feeling of being inside
  the movie tron (another effect more prominent from ketamine), and
  seeing weird 3-dimensional stuff, almost like inside the big alien
  mothership in Independence Day. Once I also felt like I was floating
  above the water outside a big city late at night, with lots of sky-
  scrapers with small lights in every window, which, however, seemed
  a bit unrealistic.

For Close Encounters of the fourth kind, which constitutes an abduction
of an individual by an alien being or race, we find that in recent years
abductions have, because of their spectacular nature, received a great
deal of publicity, and they constitute only a small proportion of all
UFO reports, just as there are fewer reports of the 4th(+) Plateau DXM
  Like DXM experiences past the Third Plateau, this area remains largely
uncharted scientifically, and is therefore subject to such contaminants
as experiencer confabulation and "mythological overlay" - a clearly un-
scientific situation which arises when the scientist attempts to super-
impose a schematic of his own cosmological Weltanschauung upon the exp-
eriences of another. It is for these reasons that the 4th(+) Plateau and
CE4(+) experiences, which exceed the constraints of the approved scientific
models of Dr. Hynek and the eminent B. R. Human (et al), are subject to
differing classification criteria imposed by differing researchers, and
may therefore mean different things to different individuals.
  As far as Close Encounters of the fifth kind, researchers have used this
classification for strange beings that have been reported, but without
the obvious presence of a 'craft.' These beings are generally seen in the
witnesses' house at night. Their description is similar to the beings seen
associated with UFOs in abduction and contactee cases. Sometimes they
are called 'bedroom visitors,' the same set of reports have been classified
as CE0 (zero) and CE9 by other groups of researchers


As further proof of the validity of the proposed CSH, we offer these
experiences [omitted for space] which prove beyond a reasonable doubt that
it is unnecessary to emply Swann's Remote Viewing, Puthoff's ZPE Antigrav
Propulsion, Greer's patented Koch/Kyborg Pyramidal Visualization, Boylan's
HotTub Hypnosis or even Hubbard's Xenu Auditing Technologies to invoke
contact with the aliens. In fact, one need go no further than the corner
7-11 to secure a reliable comm-link with the space alien intelligences.

by MeLo YeLo

When I decided to do DXM, I had no clue what it was.  I did not know what
it was in Coricidin that got me high, but I did not care.  My cousin said
to me one night, "here, take this, it is fucking awesome, man! As he
handed my eight small, red, circular tablets with a delicious candy coating.
  I asked them if they would hurt me and he said it was perfectly safe.
It is about as harmful as weed.  I believed him.  He knew what he was
talking about, after all, he was 17, I was only 15, and I wanted to be cool
like him.  If only I had known what a fool I was.  When I asked him what
it was in these magical little pills that got me high, he replied simply,
the high blood pressure medication.  It's only in Coricidin Cough and Cold
  I did it with him five more times in the last two weeks of my vacation
in Las Vegas.  They were the best two weeks of my life.  I continued to do
them for eight more months, usually stealing them from the local Rite Aid,
sometimes I would steal 3-4 boxes at once, and down them all in five minutes.
I believed everything he told me until I went to school one day and decided
to look up Coricidin on the internet.  The search engine returned a link to
Erowid.org, entitled, The DXM FAQ.  I clicked over to it, and all I could
see were warnings about Coricidin.  It also said that doing it once or
twice every two weeks was not horrible for you.  Therefore, I continued to
do them.  Until I moved to Texas, that is.
  I was bored at school one day, so I decided to go get some Coricidin.  I
walked to the Kroger across the street, grabbed some Coricidin and some
Kroger Brand Clear Tussin DM.  I walked back to school, downed the Coricidin
in class, and then went to the bathroom and chugged the four-ounce of cough
syrup I had.  After class, I felt like I was going to puke.  I went back to
the same bathroom stall that contained my box of Coricidin, the empty pill
containers, and the empty four-ounce bottle of cough syrup.  I did not want
to puke.  I stayed over that toilet for a total of five seconds before I
puked up my lunch, and blood.  It was the most horrible site I've ever
seen, but then I looked at my hands, and saw some of my stinking vomit on
my hands, and wanted to lick it off to get every last bit of DXM in me that
I could.  I then looked at myself, humped over a blood-filled toilet with a
box of Red Devils that seemed to laugh their evil laugh at me when I stared
at it.  That was the last time I ever did Coricidin.  I know many people who
have horrifying stories about their experience with Coricidin.
  The makers of Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold Medicine, Schering-Plough
Health Care, have been criticized by many people who do DXM responsibly.  
Many people have sent letters to them to tell of the hurt and pain their
product is causing.  When they reply to the letters however, they always
mention DXM, but never the real killer in Coricidin, Chlorpheniramine
Maleate.  Chlorpheniramine Maleate is the other active ingredient in
Coricidin Cough and Cold.  The maximum recommended dosage of Chlorpheniramine
Maleate in any one 24-hour period is 24mgs.  Each Coricidin pill contains
4mgs of Chlorpheniramine Maleate.  Therefore, the maximum number of pills
anyone should take is six.  I used to take up to 30 at a time; some people
have been reported to take up to 50 over the course of the day.  
Chlorpheniramine Maleate has caused many health related problems.  These
can range anywhere from vomiting blood to eye and rectal hemorrhages.  
It is fatal if taken enough in high enough doses.  There have been documented
deaths caused by recreational use of Coricidin.
  Schering-Plough has refused to admit to this.  They instead use DXM as
a scapegoat to lay blame upon from Coricidin-related injuries.  This must
stop.  Schering-Plough states in their letters that Coricidin is safe when
used properly as labeled.  This is true.  Nevertheless, anyone can see that
people are not using Coricidin as intended.  Schering-Plough must take
action to prevent more deaths and injuries.  They need to be more mature
than the teenagers abusing their products are.  They do not necessarily
need to remove it from stores all together.  They do need to do something
however, like make people show I.D. and only sell to people 18 and over,
for instance.  
  As a teenager who has abused Coricidin, and has now learned the real
dangers that comes with it, I know now that something must be done about
Coricidin.  Anyone who knows about the true effects of Coricidin abuse will
agree with me.  If you know anyone who is abusing Coricidin, do whatever it
takes to make him or her stop.  Any amount of Chlorpheniramine Maleate is
bad for you.  Their life is not worth 6 hours of fun.

[Editor's Note: You can contact this person at [email protected]]

by Robert F. Golaszewski

Those researchers who use DXM HBr powder bought from chemical supply
houses to dose up their lab animals in experiments have long had the
problem that once they obtain the powder, they need an accurate way of
measuring doses. Of course, if the researcher has an accurate scale
sufficiently precise to measure doses, no problem. However, what is a
researcher to do if he/she has no scale, or their scale is broken, and
they need to measure accurate doses of DXM for their research? The
answer to this is Psychedelic Booze. The concept of dissolving chemicals
in solutions to dose is an old one. I just adapted it to DXM, and have
come up with the most effective and cost efficient technique of producing
a solution containing DXM HBr suitable for ingestion by lab animals that
will also keep the DXM stable literally for decades if stored properly.
  The idea behind Psychedelic Booze is to dissolve DXM HBr powder in
booze available from your local liquor store. Once you have made Psyche-
delic Booze, you can then accurately dose lab animals by measuring out a
dose by a specific VOLUME of liquid in a suitable measuring container. No
need to worry about weighing it. Just start with the dose of DXM HBr you
want, quickly calculate how much Psychedelic Booze is required to deliver
that dose, measure it out, and then give it to your lab primate to ingest.

OK. To make DXM Psychedelic Booze, you need the following:

A known amount of DXM HBr powder. If you order from a chemical supplier,
the amount should be clearly listed on the bottle/package it came in. The
truly anal would insist on weighing this on at least a crude scale just in
case the supplier sent 100 grams instead of 50 mg, to see that weight is
at least close to accurate. However, most would find trusting the supplier
adequate. Also, when dosing DXM, dead on accuracy isn�t needed. If a bottle
is labeled 50 grams and really contains 52 grams, this 4% error in the
real world with DXM doesn�t matter. Also, most researchers would notice if
it the amount was substantially different than labeled, like 100 grams
instead of 50 grams.
  An ethanol/water solution. Ethanol is the proper name for the type of
alcohol sold for human consumption. Vodka is basically ethanol and water
mixed together, without anything added to give it flavor. Thus, since
vodka is the purest alcohol (and, usually the cheapest) it is the preferred
form of liquor for this technique. However, essentially any hard liquor
should do. In theory, some might worry about the flavorings in other types
of liquor (Scotch, gin, etc.) interacting with DXM, but I really doubt this
is a concern in the real world. However, it never hurts to be paranoid
about safety. Vodka is usually the cheapest liquor sold, so probably it
is the best to use that. Also, it makes NO difference what brand of vodka
you use. Just get the cheapest you can and use that.
  Now, it is necessary to calculate the amount of vodka to add to your
DXM HBr powder to make Psychedelic Booze. Given that vodka costs money,
and isn�t cheap, it makes sense to make the solution as concentrated as
possible, as doing this will use the least vodka, and thus cost the least.
Based on my laboratory testing, the realistic maximum concentration using
100 proof vodka is 50 mg/ml of DXM. Maximum possible concentration of DXM
scales down with lower proof liquors (as while DXM is highly soluble in
ethanol, in water it is relatively insoluble.) If you use 80 proof vodka,
then the maximum DXM concentration is 40 mg/ml. With 60 proof vodka, it is
30 mg/ml.
  Now, you are ready to make Psychedelic Booze. If you are using 100
proof vodka, you�ll need about 20 ml of vodka for each gram of DXM HBr
powder. For example, if you have 50 grams of DXM HBr powder, you�ll need
1000 ml (1 liter) of 100 proof vodka. With 80 proof vodka, you�ll need 25
ml of vodka per gram of DXM HBr. If the vodka is 60 proof, you�ll need
33.3 ml of vodka per gram of DXM HBr. Thus, for the lower proof vodkas,
if you have 50 grams of DXM HBr powder, you�ll need 1250 ml (1.25 liters)
of 80 proof vodka. If the vodka is 60 proof, you�ll need 1,667 ml of vodka.

The specific formulas for the different proof strengths are:

M= The number of grams of DXM HBr powder.
V= The amount of liquor in ml of that strength needed to make Psychedelic

100 proof: V=M * 20
80 proof: V=M * 25
60 proof: V=M * 33.3

OK. Now you�ve got your DXM HBr powder and vodka, you are ready to make
Psychedelic Booze. The most precise way is the following:

- Dump the DXM HBr powder in a clean metric calibrated measuring container
 large enough to hold the full amount you will make.
- Add vodka until it reaches the mark that is equal to V in the above
- Keep stirring until the DXM HBr is completely dissolved. FREE HINT:
 It'll dissolve faster if the vodka is warm, so placing the vodka in the
 microwave for a short time to warm it up will speed the process.
- Once the DXM HBr has completely dissolved in the vodka, CONGRATULATIONS!
 You have made your first batch of Psychedelic Booze. CAUTION: If for some
 reason all the DXM HBr refuses to dissolve in the solution (you�ll know
 because it settles to the bottom), you have done something wrong. If this
 happens, warm the solution in a microwave, then stir or shake, and let
 cool down. If DXM HBr is still not dissolved or precipitates out, then
 something is amiss. Either you used too much DXM, or too little vodka. If
 this happens, you�ll need to add more vodka until it totally dissolves
 (or, filter it out).

Alternative Technique

If you lack a sufficiently large metric calibrated container, you can
just measure out the total volume of vodka according to the formulas
above using a measuring cup, and add it to any convenient clean container
until you reach the total needed. Then, just toss the DXM HBr powder in,
and let dissolve. The added DXM HBr powder will increase the total volume
of the Psychedelic Booze made, and slightly lower concentration will
result, but not enough that it is a concern in terms of measuring real
world doses. It'll be a little weaker in concentration than expected,
but the error is so insignificant that it is close enough for real world
  Now, how to measure DXM doses. Easy as pie. The concentrations produced
using the above formulas are as follows:

100 proof: 50 mg/ml
80 proof: 40 mg/ml
60 proof: 30 mg/ml

Thus, to use, first start with the dose of DXM in mg you wish to administer
to your lab primate. Then divide that by 50, 40 or 30 (depending on which
proof the liquor you used to make it was). This is the number of milli-
liters of Psychedelic Booze you need to give your lab primate. For example,
if you used 100 proof vodka and made a 50 mg/ml solution, and the desired
dose you wanted to give this animal was 400 mg, then 400/50 = 8 ml. You
just measure this out using a metric calibrated measuring container. If
you happen to have an old Robo shotglass around, this is more than
adequate. Just add Psychedelic Booze until it contains 8 ml, and that is
a 400 mg. dose. Eyeball approximation using a Robo shotglass should be
accurate to within 1 ml, which represents a 50 mg margin of error in
dose. This is the same accuracy as the cheap scales most DXMers use,
like the under $20 ones you can by from online merchants like
www.balances.com. In the real world, this 50 mg error is close enough
for safeties sake with dosing DXM. You don�t have to be absolutely
precise. If you happen to use 60 proof vodka and make a 30 mg/ml solution,
and you measure your dose to within 1 ml, the DXM dose is then accurate to
within 30 mg, which is significantly better than cheap scales with a +/-
50 mg accuracy.

Note for those truly anal about accurate doses

If you want to hit DXM doses even more precisely, and want to be as
accurate as possible, this can be done by diluting Psychedelic Booze with
water. So long as the alcohol content is at least 40 proof (20% alcohol),
no bacteria can grow in the solution, and thus it will be safe to store
indefinitely. Thus, if you made 1000 ml. of Psychedelic Booze using 80
proof alcohol (a 40 mg/ml solution), if you added 1000 ml. of distilled
water to that, this would result in a solution that was 40 proof (20%
alcohol). This diluted solution would have a DXM concentration of 20
mg/ml. Thus, a dose measured to 1 ml. accuracy is accurate with 20 mg.
Thus, precision in dosing is doubled if you dilute this way. WARNING: Do
NOT dilute below 20% alcohol content (40 proof), or you risk the
possibility of bacterial growth.


DXM HBr is totally stable dissolved in vodka. DXM will stay stable in
Psychedelic Booze as long as it will if stored as a powder. The only
important thing about Psychedelic Booze is it MUST be stored in a dark
place. Exposure to light can break down DXM HBr in Psychedelic Booze
(and, by the way, DXM HBr powder also needs to be stored in the dark,
as it too can break down exposed to light.) As far as temperature,
nothing particularly special is needed for Psychedelic Booze. It will
remain stable for decades if stored in the dark at ordinary room
temperature (20 degrees Celsius). So long as you aren�t storing your
Psychedelic Booze in a metal shed in the Gobi desert, temperature isn�t
really a concern. WARNING: Make DAMN SURE that whatever you store your
Psychedelic Booze in is CLEARLY labeled, and will not be mistaken for
ordinary alcohol by someone. Best to use containers other than the
liquor bottles, and clearly label them. If you must use the vodka
bottles, than rip off labels, and place a clear label as to the fact
it is a DXM HBr solution. A big red POISON written on it might help
avoid accidents. Keeping Psychedelic Booze locked in a safe place might
be a good idea if children might ever come across it (the same is true
for DXM in ANY form.)

Comment about taste

DXM tastes bitter, and it doesn�t get any better in Psychedelic Booze.
Given the small amount of Psychedelic Booze you need to consume, it
usually isn�t much of a problem. Just quickly swallow, and chase down
with something else. I'd also recommend some sweet drink, and eat a
little sweet food, to get the taste out of your mouth. All things
considered, in terms of unpleasantness, I�d say Psychedelic Booze is
better than swilling a couple of 118 ml. bottles of Robo Max Cough,
since with Psychedelic Booze it is over with in one quick gulp. Whereas
with Robo Max Cough syrup, it is a matter of downing lots of foul tasting
liquid. If one wanted to avoid the taste of Psychedelic Booze, they could
add it to very large gelcaps, and swallow those. Psychedelic Booze can
also be added to any other beverage, which you then drink. However, most
find that nothing covers up the taste, and this just means more of
something bad to drink, so not an improvement.

[Editor's Note: You can reach this person at [email protected]]

by gravol

Recently a new DXM-containing product hit the market. The product,
DexAlone, contains 30mg of pure dextromethorphan hydrobromide per
capsule. Although it is expensive ($12 a box), each box contains
30 gelcaps I believe, totalling 900mg per box. Not since Drixoral
Cough Caps were on the market has such a DXM-only containing product
been available to the general public.
  Even though this product was generally made for hospitals due
to the large amount of gelcaps per box, it has recently become
available to the general public. I personally believe it was put on
the market and made accessible to the general public because the
manufacturers are well aware of Coricidin and DXM abuse in general.
Why do I think that? It's difficult to believe any company that
produces DXM-containing products nowadays would not be aware of the
tremendous press DXM has obtained as of late. The makers of Coricidin
and Robitussin are well aware of abuse - even employ certain individuals
with a sole job of tracking the abuse of their product across the
  So the timing is kind of odd for a new company, DexGen Pharma-
ceuticals, to come out with a new product that's been well-sought
over ever since Drixoral was taken off the market in the late 90's.
  Nevertheless, I wrote to the company when the product first hit
the shelves and asked for more information. They sent back the
following letter, along with 10 free 30mg gelcaps attached. I inserted
my own comments in brackets:

  Dear Patient,

  Thank you for your call, and for your interest in DexAlone
  (dextromethorphan hydrobromide) Cough Caps, 30mg. We are pleased
  to send you this complimentary box for your use [or abuse].
     We believe you will find DexAlone to be safe, effective and
  easy-to-swallow, with no wasted dosing [LOL] or unpleasant cough
  syrup taste [yes, very important for dexers!]
     We are sorry that you have had some trouble finding our product
  on the shelves at your local pharmacy. Please know that we are
  working as hard as possible to give every patient easy access to
     For your convenience, DexAlone is available at drugstore.com.
  If you have internet capability this is a convenient way to obtain
  the product.
     If you prefer to shop at a local store, please ask you pharmacist
  to call us toll-free at 877-DEXGEN1 and we will help them place an
  order so that you can purchase DexAlone wherever you shop.
     Visit us at our website at www.dexgen.com, or feel free to call
  us anytime. Again, thank you for trying DexAlone.

                                               Very truly yours,
                                               DexGen Pharmaceuticals

I called my local pharmacy, some mom-n-pop's store, and had them order
it. They now stock it on the shelf. I have yet to see it in any other
pharmacy, local or nationwide.
  The trip is quite different. Very similar to Drixoral Cough Caps but
unique all in its own rite. I would generally take about 450mg (half a
box) at a time. It's good to start out at a low amount and gradually
work your way up. It's quite different from a syrup trip... kicks in
differently, and the overall feeling is different. It's hard for even
an avid dexer to describe. But it's very pleasant and long-lasting.
Hopefully I will get more trip reports from people describing the Dex-
Alone experience in the future I can publish.
  Now, more information about this new product. The full-page adver-
tisement they sent me in the mail contained some interesting information
as well. It lists the advantages of using DexAlone as:

  - A single-agent cough suppressant in easy to swallow gelcaps
  - Free of alcohol, antihistamine [I wonder if they know about
    Coricidin abuse and that's why they mention this here] and lactose.
  - Safe for a wide variety of patients
  - Economically priced compared to liquids and compounded capsules

What's also odd is that in the product information sheet, under Dosage,
they list the maximum recommended dosage as being anywhere up to 120mg.
That is a rather high dosage - definitely a first-plateau trip for most
  Well, I hope this informs the general DXM public about what this
product is all about. It won't exceed infamy like Drixoral Cough Caps
until it becomes more widely available, and when it does, you can remember
that you heard it here first!

by Anonymous

During a bad stretch of luck a few years back, I pretty much went on
a little tantrum and decided to blame DXM for all my bad luck. Actually,
I wasn't blaming DXM for my bad luck, but I felt that if I wouldn't had
stumbled onto DXM my life would be probably a lot better than what it
had become.
  I had maxed out credit cards, become an opiate addict, become too
lazy to make a living, all because I wanted to stay home and trip and
lament my life. I was out-of-control.
  Well, I'll now admit things aren't much better as far as material
possessions go, but I've found a newly realized state of bliss and
spirituality which only a long time of tripping can give you. Yes, you
could say I've sacrificed everything material to obtain a special
spiritual enlightenment. But that's a whole different story, my friends.
  What I am here to tell you about is the time that I decided to
take out my troubles with Whitehall-Robins, the manufacturer of Robitussin.
I wrote them a brief letter and blamed them for everything bad that had
happened in my life and said (rather jokingly) that they needed to re-
imburse me for making an addictive product and marketing it, and
ultimately getting me addicted! Hah, I was a case back then.

The Call from Robitussin

  Some time went by and I forgot all about it, then one day I got a
mysterious call from a man named Bob D'Alessandro of Whitehall-Robins.
He said he was gainfully employed by the company to track Robitussin
and DXM abuse across the country. That was his sole job working for them.
  I was in utter amazement that the company was actually calling ME.
Wow. That's a helluva lot more than Schering-Plough (the evil makers of
Coricidin) ever did.
  I told him my life story (we must've talked about 2 hours) and then
he related his progress of his studies to me. He mentioned that he only
discovered 3 people that were physically addicted without a doubt to
DXM, and they were all bipolar (manic-depressive). Perhaps this is
somewhat significant in the field of DXM research, but I assured him
that I was physically addicted myself and was definitely NOT bipolar.
He was so sure of his findings he wanted me to go and get professionally
diagnosed; he felt he was onto something groundbreaking.
  I eventually did and was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive-compulsive
disorder), but definitely not bipolar. Anyway, back to the conversation,
he mentioned he had done quite a bit of studying on the Internet concerning
DXM abuse. He was familiar with William White (he had talked to him on
the phone several times), the DXM Zine (he read all the issues), and other
DXM publications and individuals.
  He then gave me a toll-free number with an extension and told me to
call him anytime I find the time, or email him.

The Mystery Deepens

  Some time went by and I suddenly had the urge to call him. A year or
so had passed since that one mysterious conversation with him, and I
wanted to relate to him how I was diagnosed with OCD and other DXM updates,
along with finding out what was new with his research.
  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the piece of paper with his phone number
anywhere! So I called Whitehall-Robins main office and asked them to
transfer me to his office. They told me they had nobody there by that name.
So I called the administrative office that holds ALL employee information
and they looked up his record. No such individual. In fact, no such
individual of that name had EVER worked for that company.
  To this day I have no idea where he is, but I have a feeling he still
works there. It's hard to fathom they would have closed down his office
because DXM abuse is only escalating. Perhaps he's a secret agent man.
  To those of you who think that it may have been a prank caller, I can
assure you the call was quite real and so was the caller. I was only
contacted AFTER I wrote Whitehall-Robins and included my phone number in
the letter. They always reply to you in one form or another. I never did
receive a letter... just a phonecall.
  Finally, as a last resort, I decided to write them, telling them I had
been contacted by Mr. D'Alessandro about DXM abuse and wanted to get back
with him about his research. I received this form letter, from Wyeth-Ayerst


  Case Report ID: HQ1354818MAR2002

  Dear [Name ommitted]:

  Thank you for contacting Wyeth recently to discuss or report an adverse
  event with Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough.
     We are interested in learning as much as possible about the adverse
  events that have been reported with our products; therefore, we would
  like to contact your physician(s) and/or healthcare provider(s).
     Please complete the enclosed form that identifies your physician(s)
  and/or other healthcare provider(s) and gives him/her permission to
  share this information with us. All patient identifying information that
  is provided is regarded as strictly confidential by our company and by
  health authorities worldwide. A postage paid return envelope is enclosed
  for your convenience.
     Your cooperation in providing this information is greatly appreciated.

                             Global Safety Surveillance and Epidemology

Enclosed was an authorization for release of medical records form and
a healthcare professional information form.
  Unfortunately, they seemed to overlook my original request in writing
them - to get put in touch with the mysterious Bob. Ah well, I guess this
will just go down as another mystery in the world of mysteries that seem
to shroud DXM.

by John E. Masters

I am a pharmacology student and recently noticed a rather interesting
entry in a Basic Pharmacology textbook, published by Glencoe.
  It lists dextromethorphan as a Narcotic Antitussive. It lists it in
the same category as codeine, hydrocodone and hydromorphone. Very odd,
isn't it? Afterall, DXM is constantly mentioned by all its manufacturers
as a non-narcotic replacement to codeine. But is this just a cover-up?
  As we should all know by now, DXM is a morphine-analog. It is derived
from levorphanol (a Schedule I drug) and does have painkilling effects
in large doses. I don't think anyone can dispute this. In fact, DXM's
action on the brain is like that of any other narcotic, only much more
complex. That is where all resemblance to typical narcotics cease to
exist. Before we move off the subject of DXM being a narcotic, it is
in my professional opinion that DXM is a true narcotic. This is backed
up by several pharmacological texts and doctors.
  For instance, the Basic Pharmacology text states:

  Among the narcotic antitussive drugs, codeine, hydrocodone, hydro-
  morphone, and noscapine are natural derivatives of opium whereas
  dextromethorphan is a synthetic product. Among these narcotic drugs,
  dextromethorphan or very small amounts of codeine have a recognized
  therapeutic value associated with a low addiction potential when used
  in recommended doses for short periods.

I think the fact that the manufacturers of DXM list it as a non-narcotic
is simply a cover-up, trying to make consumers believe that they are
purchasing a non-narcotic cough suppressant. Well, let me tell you -
there is no such thing! From the induction of heroin over 100 years ago
in cough syrups to dextromethorphan 40 years ago, there is yet to be
a cough suppressant that doesn't get you high at high-enough doses.
But the case with DXM is for it to really take on a narcotic action,
there would be other effects present such as an alteration of reality
for the user and hallucinations that make the efficacy of DXM as a
narcotic painkiller very difficult to perceive.

DXM as a Psychedelic

Many people still refuse to acknowledge DXM as a true psychedelic or
hallucinogen. I think the evidence is clear that this drug, while
classified as an antitussive narcotic, should also be classified as
a psychedelic. There is no need to even quote a dictionary on what
a hallucinogen or psychedelic is. It is very apparent to me that DXM
exhibits all the qualities that a psychedelic such as LSD contains:

  - Sensory distortions and the distortion of time
  - Pseudohallucinations and other hallucinations (CEVs in the case
    of DXM, though OEVs have been reported as well)
  - Irrational thoughts and a feeling of coming in contact with some
    sort of Greater Reality, etc.
  - Perceptual distortions in the size of objects and parts of the body,
    or failure to recognize a part as one's own body also occur (if
    you still are in doubt of perceptual open-eye distortions, try
    redosing ... you have a total breakdown of perception and view the
    world as 2-dimensional)

The only major difference between DXM and most other psychedelics is that
it is not a CNS (central nervous system) stimulant. However, there is
another class of psychedelics/hallucinogens known as the tryptamines,
which can cause very dreamlike states of mind.
  People that refuse to accept DXM as a true psychedelic are simply
twisting the truth around and making something more of the true meaning
of a psychedelic drug, which is simply a drug that causes hallucinations
and causes the person to think and behave in a very different manner.
They obviously have a problem with DXM that is personal and can't fathom
that an over-the-counter drug could reach psychedelic status. These
are often the same people who overlook DXM as a true narcotic as well.
Beware of them and their anti-DXM propaganda. What they say about DXM
is simply not the truth - and in all reality, far from it.

DXM as a Dissociative

DXM is also classified as a dissociative - that is another correct assumpt-
ion. The effects of DXM are very similar to ketamine and PCP. In fact, it's
widely known in some subcultures as "Poor Man's PCP."
  Perhaps large doses of DXM may resemble PCP intoxication, I really don't
know because I've never taken PCP and try to stay away from larger DXM
doses. However, the assertion that DXM is similar in effect to ketamine
(a cat tranquilizer) is very true. Users on K often report going into a
"K-Hole" which is similar to the state of mind that people who use DXM
can get into, which consist of multiple peaks, and existing consciously
in a whole 'nother plane of existance. As far as LSD is concerned, the
user explores one's own mind; however, I believe DXM enables you to explore
the outer universe.
  DXM is clearly dissociative in nature. This is the least-argued point
of classification for DXM. Everyone seems to agree that it is a dissociative.
But I really wish people would wake up to the fact that DXM is so much
more than a simple dissociative. It's also a narcotic painkiller/antitussive,
and a psychedelic/hallucinogen. In fact, it's currently being studied in
high doses as an alternative tool for pain management in post-surgery
  I personally have remembered times when I was sunburnt or had some
incredible pain inside of me for whatever reason, took DXM, and was quite
relieved to find that the pain would subside ... and it would subside a
lot longer than if I would've taken codeine or another narcotic painkiller.
We all know that the effects of DXM are quite longer than the typical

So What is DXM?

The final classification that I would put DXM in is as follows:

  A Narcotic Psychedelic Dissociative.

I can't honestly think there would be any reason for anyone to doubt
DXM's narcotic status, hallucinogenic effects, or dissociative nature.
So with this I hope all the arguing and bickering cease about what DXM
truly is.
  But we all know it won't, because the world is full of insecure people.
People who don't want to realize the true nature of DXM's magnificence.
I guess, even though they may have never actually experienced these effects
due to faulty metabolism, that is no reason to discredit the drug as a

by gravol

Lately there has been much controversy on Usenet as to what is truly meant
as CEVs (closed-eye visuals) and what they mean or where they come from.
I am writing a full explanation of what I have experienced in the form
of CEVs and some interesting ideas about how they manifest.
  For one thing, they are very mysterious in nature. To this day, nobody
has been able to induce them consciously on-demand. They're either there
or they aren't. Yes, you can manipulate them, but you can't induce them
if they're not already present.
  In past articles we noted some progress in this field of research. It
was found that table salt (sodium chloride) and grapefruit juice (containing
naringin) may intensify these CEVs, however the actual mechanism for
making them appear has yet to be found. One question that has consistently
and repeatedly haunted and daunted me is: How can the same person take the
same dosage of the same drug and constantly get different effects?
  Well, that is the nature of DXM. I went months seeing very intense CEVs
(they seemed to get more intense with each trip, finally culminating in
an experience which as I closed my eyes I could see someone else's living
room late at night, with the moon coming through the window - every detail,
every shadow from the furniture, the sliding glass door panels - everything,
but it clearly wasn't an OBE because I could open my eyes and be in my
body). The CEVs eventually subsided (I had been taking Coricidin at the time
and still believe the antihistamine plays a large role in the CEVs) and
simply ceased to exist.
  Years went by and I'd occasionally, on syrup, see very amazing and
complex CEVs, but predicting which trips these would occur was next to
impossible and they seemed to go as mysterious as they came.
  When they are present, it's a very fascinating experience. Kinda like
watching TV with your eyes closed. I saw people, doing random things,
all the time. For example, a man walking his dog; a woman taking a book
off the shelf of a library, and so on. The background was dark, these
were far from 3-dimensional images... they were simply lines drawn against
the backdrop of the darkness of my eyelids... but they were in constant
animation. These people were not real, but actual hallucinations that I
could manipulate consciously.
  Yes, manipulate. I could think consciously, "Jump out the window," and
the woman with the library book in hand would walk over to the window,
open it up, and jump out. Very intriguing.
  Now this is the difficult part to explain. These were simply inner
manifestations of my subconscious mind taking on a life of their own and
being viewed as a totally outward hallucination! I could control them
through conscious thought. I could tell the man in the CEV to do something,
wait a moment, then he'd do it. I didn't MAKE him do it or manipulate him
in any conscious way. The best analogy I can give is like watching TV
and telling the person on the TV screen to do something, and having that
person do it! But the person on the TV screen is a figment of your own
subconscious mind, which is amazing.
  I've yet to find another psychedelic drug that has been able to do this.
In a way, it's like digging up subsconscious thoughts and throwing them
out into the subconscious as entities that take on their own form.
  Now here comes another perplexing question: Why do I always see people
walking around doing ordinary tasks, while others might see geometric
shapes flying by, or other things? I guess the answer lies deep in each
of our subconscious minds. It's just amazing to me that of all the thoughts
or things "thoughts" that could be hallucinated as CEVs, they'd always
be imaginary people. Or geometric shapes (which sounds a little more
conceivable and a lot less outrageous).
  LSD simply alters your perception of reality by visual distortion of
everything you see, but DXM tends to create its OWN reality from your
subconscious mind! I truly believe this drug should be studied in a
laboratory, similar to what Vaesolis and the good folks at the Dextroverse
are doing, but not only for brain damage, but other, more psychic
experiments. I think that our minds are without limit, because they are
tied in somehow to a universal flow of energy and knowledge. If we can
simply tap into this knowledge database we might realize something both
about ourselves individually but about all mankind.
  And I think DXM is a good starting point. DXM is growing increasingly
popular with the Internet and all the recent publicity (the more publicity
it gets the more people will find out about it since the brand names of
the products to abuse are always printed in the newspapers) and at some
point it's going to match that of LSD. It's a growing phenomenon that
has to be addressed. Perhaps, one day 30 years down the road, it will
grow so popular and have such a culture of its own (not like it doesn't
already have that!) and become even a household name. With another
Timothy Leary to promote it. What we need is someone with the credentials
willing to put their career on the line and do research with this
drug. There are many willing participants - we just need the funding.
  With that said, I hope you enjoyed this article - CEVs can be a fun
experience, but I believe they are windows into our own subconscious
mind. However, they are simply a stepping stone to more prolific experiences
such as ET encounters and out-of-body travel.

by Stephen Greene, et al.

[Editor's Note: Recently, a curious exchange was witnessed on Usenet
concerning DXM's effects to prevent morphine and opiate withdrawal,
along with possibly preventing tolerance. The first part of this
extensive article covers this exchange of postings between DPLerr
and several others.]


In the DXM FAQ's and also in various articles in Medline it says that
tolerance to morphine and other opiates can be prevented in many cases
by taking dextromethorphan with it, but after searching through the
web and Deja News I have found very little talk about this. On the web
I found some studies regarding it's use for medical purposes, and on
Deja News I found some but not much talk about this either besides
the DXM FAQ that says this. In various Opiate FAQ's it also isn't
brought up. What is the truth about this? Why aren't people who are
using morphine or any other opiates for recreational purposes using
dextromethorphan to prolong the euphoric effects to any amount of time
they choose to? Is it that what the studies in Medline are alluding to
is that dextromethorphan prevents tolerance and withdrawal in regards
to it's use for pain in medical problems but it doesn't prevent
tolerance to the euphoric effects?


The big joke is that is seems the DXM doses it takes to curb morphine
and H tolerance are actually recreational themselves.  At least this
has been my experience and others I have spoken to.  So I seriously
doubt you'll be seeing doctors prescribe 400mg DXM pills to go along
with patients' morphine... heheh..As for people using opiates for
recreational purposes, DXM will just save them some money smack and
give them a new psychedelic buzz.  The problem with lacing H bags with
DXM is that it is very dangerous because of the sudden drop in
tolerance and the OD that could result. I don't know why you assume
that people aren't using DXM with their H already. Are you seriously
into the heroin junky culture?  I'd assume most of them don't read the
studies in Medline.  But those who do are almost certainly trying it.


I'm not into any heroin junky culture, but I didn't know it would
necessarily have to be termed a junky culture. I was just wondering
about the tolerance factor, it has always intrigued me. I myself don't
take any drugs (or at least illegal ones), (or at least not yet, hehehe).
Since I'm not reading everywhere "Take DXM with opiates! you won't
develop tolerance and you can be euphoric 24 hours a day!" I thought
maybe it was a myth about the prevention of tolerance (for the euphoric
effects that is). Now that you refer it to being a 'junky culture' it
makes me think it wouldn't be the ideal drug to be on in the sense of
being better in all aspects of personality, like confidence, happiness,
etc., sort of like a much better version of Prozac. I gotta admit I am
very naive about drugs, that's the reason I ask these question.


Its a disassociateve best compared to ketamine and PCP, I think it
might in smaller doses have something of a CSN effect with opiates but
I don't know,though this is what I think you are referring to. High
doses of DXM to me are similar to what I have only read about DMT, as
regards interacting with hallucinations and/or lifeforms that are hard
to describe, as in climbing infinitely rising Mayan temples, techno-
elfin spinning aliens, death experiences, space travel, your mind
splitting into a million different trains of thoughts, and so on.
Fights a cold too!


To those in the alt.support.chronic-pain group. I had cross-posted
the original post to many groups, and in one group some people replied
with posts which you didn't get. Someone posted that mixing these
drugs can be very dangerous due to overdosing from the potentiating
effect dextromethorphan has on the opiate, so I just wanted to warn
you. Below is what the person said, if you want to see where this post
was gotten from go to alt.drugs.hard and look for the same subject of
this post, you can also see replies to what he said.Bradley Speers
said: Firstly, euphoric and analgesic components of opiate tolerance
are notnecessarily the same thing.. But to answer your question more
to the point... a) people don't know about it, b) mixing DXM and
opiates can very well result in overdose, particularly when you don't
know howmuch shit you are shooting. In the research I HAVE read, DXM
potentiates opiates, as well as inhibiting the mechanism required for
tolerance (and even possibly reversing the tolerance already present).
BUT the catch is from what I can gather is that DXM must be present
when the opiate is taken, otherwise DXM does not prevent tolerance
development (although there is conflicting evidence here).. the whole
area is still very much based off rats and mice, but I do know it has
been suggested in Goodman and Gilman's textbook to use NMDA-antagonists
along with morphine in cancer treatment for example. The only thing I
have read for sure relating to humans is that a batch of dope called
homicide (which had heroin and DXM among other active ingredients)
resulted in 116 heroin overdoses in one day in 1996 (i believe).. it
was believed that after 3 or 4 hits of this combination, tolerance had
dropped (and perhaps DXM potentiation) to a level where overdose could
occur... this certainly would argue against using DXM and opiates
together, particularly if you don't know the dose you are taking or
if you already have tolerance. Using that combination may well be
useful in minimising withdrawal and reversing opiate tolerance, but
the opiate dose must be reduced as time goes on, otherwise overdose
can occur.. I hope this kinda explains why. DXM and opiates are
dangerous together, they synergise to cause respiratory depression,
plus DXM potentiates opiates while reversing tolerance. The result is
potential dead people. Telling those who can't appreciate these facts
that "DXM will make you almost non-tolerant to opiates" is a dangerous


Well people, I too have been experimenting with DXM, but unlike
Jennifer, I've been experirncing some marked effects. First, I'm taking
100mg methadone and following with 45mg DXM (Benylin) Park-Davis.
Within 45 min., I start to really recognize the effects of the methadone.
In that I've been on methadone for 22+ years, I have quite a tolerance,
and often notice little effect from methadone other than a feeling of
"returning to normal." I also have noticed that at about the 14 to 18 hr.
mark, that I still feel a marked effect and that my eyes are in miosis
  Jennifer may not be feeling an effect because she might not have
developed a significant tolerance at this point inthe relatively short
time that she has been on morphine. One other question that I ponder is
what may be the psychotropic effects of DXM itself? Could I possibly be
misinterpreting those effects? Anyway, I'mgoing to continue this experiment
for 2 more days and stop so that I can make another objective interpretation
of the effects after the cessation of DXM. I am also interested in the
effects of Tagamet (cimetidine). There is conciderable information in the
literature on the potentiating effects of cimetidine on narcotics (although
no reversal of tolerance).

Morphine Tolerance Reversal

I was surfing the net and came across a very interesting research paper
By Stephen J. Greene It is entitled Morphine Tolerance Reversal.  It's a
labratory study of how a tolerance to Morphine or any opioidagonist can
be reversed using of all things DXM (dextromethorphan) which is the
antitusive ingredient found in most OTC (over the counter) cough
preparations. I have only been posting to this newsgroup for about
two(2) weeks now and I recall some talk about DXM. I did a power
search using dejavue and reviewed numerous articles in this NG and several
others but I could not find one that actually talked about how DXM had
this effect of reversing opiod tolerance. What makes the paper even more
interesting is that besides having the tolerance reversing effect it
also potentiates opioids. Imagine that. As the paper is way to long to
include in this posting, I have provided you with this direct link
<http://www.coulbournist.com/mortol.htm> I do want to quote several
sentences from the preface though. Many physicians are reluctant to
prescribe morphine to patients, even those patients with chronic and
severe pain, because morphine canproduce tolerance and physical dependence.
Physicians do not want their patients to become "addicts."
  What if a patient could take morphine, receive the full effect, and
never become "addicted?"  Would physicians be less reluctant to prescribe
morphine for their patients? Dextromethorphan can potentiate morphine
analgesia and can simultaneously prevent the development and expression of
morphine tolerance!
  When dextromethorphan is coadministered with morphine roughly half the
dosage of morphine is necessary to achieve the same level of pain relief.
This paper presents experimental evidence that dextromethorphan can
reverse analgesic tolerance to morphine, can prevent the development of
respiratory frequency depression tolerance to morphine and can lessen
withdrawal severity when coadministered with morphine.  The ability of
dextromethorphan to enhance morphine analgesia and to reverse tolerance
has potentially valuable medical applications for chronic pain patients.
Please don't attempt taking DXM with any opiate until you have read and
have understood  the study in it's entirety. <http://[email protected]>

[Editor's Note: What is being reported here is rather groundbreaking in
that it produces some pretty amazing claims regarding DXM's effect on
morphine tolerance and withdrawal. Below is the report in which Tom is
referring to. However, due to space limitations, most of it is not
reprinted here. However, you can access it at the following link:

Morphine Tolerance: Prevention of Respiratory Frequency
Tolerance and Reversal of Analgesic Tolerance with
Dextromethorphan and Morphine

Author: Stephen J. Greene


 I. Preface
 II. Abstract
 III. Introduction
 IV. Methods
     A. subjects
     B. drugs
     C. rectal temperature (RT) measures
     D. respiratory frequency measures
     E. hot plate latency assay
     F. dependence measures
     G. tolerance protocol
     H. data analysis
 V. Results
     A. Rectal temperature measures
     B. Respiratory frequency tolerance
     C. Analgesic tolerance
     D. Withdrawal severity
 VI. Discussion
 VII. Conclusions
 VII. Acknowledgments
 VIII.  References  
 IX. Appendix - Theoretical formulation of human dextromethorphan dosage
     application to morphinetolerance  


Many physicians are reluctant to prescribe morphine to patients, even
those patients with chronic and severe pain, because morphine can produce
tolerance and physical dependence. Physicians do not want their patients
to become "addicts."  What if a patient could take morphine, receive the
full effect, and never become "addicted?" Would physicians be less reluctant
to prescribe morphine for their patients?  Several non-clinically available
drugs have been proven effective at preventing and even reversing morphine
  The clinical usefulness of most of these compounds is unlikely because of
their clinical toxicity and potential neurotoxicity in animals.  One compound
capable of attenuating and reversing morphine tolerance is clinically
available however, and is sold as an over-the-counter cough medication.
This drug is dextromethorphan.  Dextromethorphan has been used safely for
over 40 years as a cough suppressant with few complications and little or
no abuse potential [Editor's Note: This statement is rather inaccurate,
but if you look at the large picture, DXM does have little abuse potential
compared to other narcotic analgesics.].
  Dextromethorphan can potentiate morphine analgesia and can simultaneously
prevent the development and expression ofmorphine tolerance (34, 35).  When
dextromethorphan is coadministered with morphine roughly half the dosage of
morphine is necessary to achieve the same level of pain relief (35).  Not
only is half the morphine dosage necessary to achieve the desired level of
analgesia, but the dosage of morphine that is administered does not produce
the level of tolerance or physical dependence (in rodents) as does the same
dosage of morphine alone (34, 35).  This paper presents experimental
evidence that dextromethorphan can reverse analgesic tolerance to morphine,
can prevent the development of respiratory frequency depression tolerance
to morphine and can lessen withdrawal severity when coadministered with
morphine.  The ability of dextromethorphan to enhance morphine analgesia
and to reverse tolerance has potentially valuable medical applications for
chronic pain patients.  Application of this protocol must proceed with
caution however because there does exist a potentially life threatening
complication.  Any patient who continues to take high opiate dosages
while their tolerance is being reversed is subject to the very real poss-
ibility of overdose.  The potential for overdosing exists in both highly
tolerant chronic pain patients as well as opiate drug abusers.  Dextrometh-
orphan should never be used by these groups of patients without first
determining tolerance level, adjusting opiate dosage and informing the
patient of the signs and complications associated with increasing opiate
efficacy.  Further study needs to be done to address the many problems
associated with dextromethorphan and opiate administration to highly
tolerant patients.  In the meantime, physicians who deal with chronic
pain patients andaddicts alike should be made aware of the two drugs
possible intractability and proceed cautiously.  


Dextromethorphan (DXM), an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist,
has shown promise at preventing the development of morphine (M) tolerance
and dependence. Male CD-1 mice were made tolerant to the analgesic effect
of M.  Antinociception (analgesia) was assessed using hot plate latency
(HPL) and respiratory frequency (RF) was measured using a plethysmograph.
After 3 days of M (80 mg/kg)administered three times per day s.c., tolerance
was seen as a 5-fold decrease in M-induced analgesia, but no tolerance was
observed in RF.  The coadministration of DXM (0 (saline),2, 5, 15 or
30 mg/kg) and M (80mg/kg) t.i.d., s.c. for the next 3 days reversed
analgesic tolerance onday 7 (M-only challenge dose 80mg/kg) in a DXM dose-
dependent manner.  The 30 mg/kg DXM group showed nearly a 2.5-fold increase
in HPL over day 3 and a 3-fold increase in HPL over the M-only group on
day 7.  DXM (5, 15 and 30 mg/kg) prevented the development of tolerance
to the respiratory frequency depressant effects of M observed in the M-only
and the M+DXM (2 mg/kg) groups.  The expression of M tolerance and dependence
was then examined using naloxone-induced withdrawal to compare withdrawal
severity between groups.
  Withdrawal severity was assessed by counting jumps, wet dog shakes and
defecations.  Withdrawal symptoms were lessened in a DXM dose-dependent
manner.  The 30 mg/kg DXM groupexhibited less than half the withdrawal
severity as the M-only group.  These data show that morphine tolerance
and dependence can belessened while M is being coadministered.  
Coadministration of DXM with M, which under certain conditions could
produce overdoses, may enable a weaning process from high M dosages by
lowering tolerance prior to lowering M (or other opioid) dose, thus
minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal.  

[Editor's Note: Again, a very statement was made in the Abstract: DXM
has shown promise at preventing the development of morphine (M) tolerance
and dependence. I hope further research will be done on this and followup
information will be posted in future issues of the Zine.]

by MMX

[Editor's Note: Even though I try not to publish too many trip reports,
this one was just too good to pass up. Another incredible tale of
how one man cheated death. Enjoy!]

Disclaimer: Although I may or may not have been here to live through
this, this may or may not be true.  If you are a law enforcement
officer or if you are in any way affiliated with a law enforcement
agency, then this is a fictional account and all similarities to any
person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  Otherwise, this may
serve as a sobering reminder to many dexers out there to check
themselves before they wreck themselves.

In order to better organize the story, all facts will be presented in
chronological order.

      I - The driver
Reinhart - The driver's friend

January 7, 2002


I met Reinhart in the hallways of school, and I asked him what he was
doing later in the day.  Reinhart responded affirmatively by confirming
that he was in fact available for some recreational post-learning drug
use.  It began to snow.

09:30 - 14:25

Patiently awaiting the end of the school day, I monotonously droned
through my work, anxiously awaiting the dismissal time.


Reinhart and I leave and proceed to Reinhart's house so that he can
finagle money from his parents.  The snow continues to fall unabated
by the warm weather that caused it to immediately melt upon contact
with the road.


Reinhart emerges from his home with a fistful of cash and a smile.
We are dexing indeed.


I reach under my seat and reveal a small pharmacy style pill bottle
containing roughly 20 pills, each pill containing 333mg of 99.5% pure
DXM HBr.  We cut an end off the pill in order to speed delivery of the
chemical and swallow the small vessel.  After this, we consume a half
can of Diet Pepsi, and then eat a small chocolate baked good.  My,
was that baked good delicious.  Today was going to be a great day to
do dex.  Dex is always fun when you're in the right mood.  Dex will
take you wherever you want to go.  The problem is, most people think
that they want to go one way, but subconsciously, they really want to
go another, and these people end up disliking their dexperience much
more frequently then a dex pirate such as myself or Reinhart.  The
trick is to maintain a positive mental outlook on the trip -- your
trip will be positive if you are positive.  The ignition is now on
again, and we head for the thruway.


A quick lap around "the local route", also known as Rockland County's
famous "Tweed Boulevard," allows us to also add some THC to the
concoction flowing through our veins.  We emerge from Tweed Boulevard
onto US 9W, where we subsequently proceed north onto the New York
State Thruway (I-87/I-287).  As soon as we enter, I make a passing
joke about the movie "The Fast and the Furious", specifically the
scene when a small Honda Civic flies under a tractor trailer.  A
tractor-trailer was in the middle lane, and I was in the right lane,
and I jokingly screamed out "I can make it!"  Little did I know the
trucker would test my attentiveness by immediately switching into my
lane without signaling or checking his mirrors.  I was run off onto
the shoulder.  Although I was supposed to get off at the next exit, I
decided it would be more fun to flip off the trucker and try to piss
him off.  So, after some unsafe passing and lots of gratuitous use of
the middle finger, we exited onto the Palisades Parkway headed
northbound, where the now angry trucker was unable to follow us due
to truck restrictions (smirk).  I note to myself that this is most
certainly not my usual route.  My usual route is calculated to be the
safest route, which will take us past the fewest number of speed traps,
traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and other road hazards.  Risk
minimization is my game most of the time, so it is hard for me to
believe that I was as brazen as I was not more than an hour later.


We arrived at Rockland Lake State Park after our extremely long
detour.  We did a quick lap around the lake while we smoked our
cigarettes and noted the layer of unremoved snow that existed along
the park roads.  Finally the snow was beginning to stick, but we
found it to be quite bizarre, seeing as how Rockland Lake has such
experienced and well-trained personnel.  My car has a mere 208000
miles on it, so I decide that the best thing to do in order to keep
it in top condition is to immediately accelerate and e-brake while
cutting the wheel.  BUT WAIT!  I exclaim, "Get the video camera in
the back seat and we'll tape it!"  This may seem silly, but I was
reminded of the fact that my physics teacher had promised me extra
credit if I made a tape of various spinouts and wheel locks, provided
that I could calculate a few basic things about what I was taping.  
Reinhart notices that the time is 4:20.  Indeed.  We drive back and
forth taping our spins and rough stops along with the sound of our
laughter, permanently frozen in time on that video tape.


It's time to do just one more, and then we'll go.  This one has to be
one for the road.  My speedometer reaches 50 miles per hour on the
park road, speed limit 20, and the snow has already lined the ground
for hours.  With growing anticipation I wait for the right moment to
pull the emergency brake, and finally as we pass the entrance for
parking field 5 the ratcheting action of the hand brake is heard.  
The car begins to slide left, so I have to compensate by turning
right -- but I cut the wheel too hard.  Although it seemed like a
split second, I spun twice in place before falling into the drainage
culvert, at which point the front of the car hit a tree stump, sending
my car spinning again, only to land at its final resting spot, in its
dying position -- surrounded by motherfucking prickerbushes.  When I
finally did escape from my car, it was practically on its side.  If
you went out the driver's side, you ended up in a thick prickerbush,
and I have the cuts all over my hands and arms to prove it.  If you
went out the other way, though, you had to be prepared for the fact
that you were not exiting the car horizontally like normally -- you
were exiting the car while it was at a 30 or 35 degree angle -- not
as easy.  I first tried just putting the car in first gear and seeing
if I could free myself, but no luck there.  My wheels only spun and
spun, as they were hardly making any contact with the ground anyway.  
My trip was just reaching its peak, and then the harsh reality of
everything set in.  Not when I saw the damage to the car, or when I
realized that I would need a tow, but when my mother called.  My
mother called my cell phone and asked where I was, as if her psychic
"mom alert" pager had gone off.  I knew that I needed a wrecker to
pull me out, so I called my stepfather and asked if he could call
someone he knew.  Fortunately, my family is pretty involved in the
auto collision business, so I got the tow dispatched to me for free.  
They told me that because of the storm, I would have to wait a little
bit, as they were really busy pulling people out because of all the
accidents that were happening.  For the next two hours, Reinhart and
I sat next to each other in the car, asking each other what the fuck
was going on.  Was this really happening?  COULD this really happen?  
What happens if a cop comes by and sees the single vehicle accident?  
They'll want a blood sample for sure and then they'll find the weed in
my blood, and when they find the weed in my blood I'm gonna go to jail
because I'm already on probation and then I'll lose my license until
I'm 21 and I'll never be able to travel to Canada if I have a DWI on
my criminal record!  But wait I still have drugs in the car so what
if the cop wants to search me or even worse what happens if my parents
want to search me, for the love of god I'm surely afraid of my father
more than some stupid cop.  What do I do?!  I hid the drugs in the
brush across the street and covered it with some of the still falling
snow.  I got back in the car and sat listening to the "ding dong"
reminder to remove my key from the ignition because my driver's side
door was 'open', even though it would not close.  We tried and tried
to extricate the car, but we did not succeed.  Many cars passed by,
and all but one -- a Jeep Grand Cherokee -- stopped to ask us if we
were ok.  One person offered to get the police, but I turned them
down.  Upon hearing my response I think the person became a little
bit weirded out, and they immediately tried to terminate the
conversation and drive away.  Finally the wrecker arrived after
waiting for two hours.  One problem though -- the guy wanted $50 to
keep his mouth shut about the skid marks that were all over the road.  
For $50, it was well worth it to keep the truth from my parents.  
Kind of silly, considering that a tow costs about $50, and I was
supposed to have gotten the tow for free.  Anyway...
  I arrived home and found out that there was $3000 of damage done to
my car, including the cost of a frame straightening, a new hood, a
new front bumper, a new nose, new headlights, a new radiator, a new
A/C condenser, new cornering lights and new parking lamp covers.
  You might think that the moral of this story is to not mix dex and
weed.  You might think that the moral of this story is to not do drugs
and drive.  Hell, you might even think that the moral of this story is
to live life like every day is your last because we could have died.
  You might think any of those things.  If you do, you are wrong.  The
moral of this story is to not to physics extra credit work!  You will
suffer the same fate I did!  My teacher wouldn't even let me show the
class the tape because throughout the entire thing you hear "AWWW MAN,
  Ok, seriously, I stopped dexing and driving.  I personally have
conducted micro-studies into the effects of marijuana on driving
ability, and without going too deeply into the experimental design,
my sample size was 15 and my findings were that results were
INSIGNIFICANT against an alpha of .1.  In other words, my study does
not PROVE anything, it merely demonstrates that I was unable to prove
that marijuana affects driving ability, allowing me to make the
logical conclusion that I believe there is no serious issue.  Most
subjects performed reasonably well and could probably have passed a
New York state-mandated driving exam, which was one portion of my
experiment.  HOWEVER - those subjects that responded poorly responded
extremely poorly, most notably one girl in particular who on a small
dose became extremely panicky and pumped the pedals and turned very
abruptly leading me to believe that my experiment would end and I
would be in a body cast for the next three months.  That being said,
dex definitely affects your driving abilities.  I was dexing and
driving because I got a rush from the sheer fact that I was terrified
every time I had to turn or change lanes.  I ended up getting the work
done on my car, and I only paid $500 to get a new nose from a junkyard
and $41 for a bottle of Remy Martin.  A few days after this all
happened, I realized that, coincidentally, my insurance had lapsed
before I had the accident and my license was suspended the entire
time.  At that point I realized how lucky I was that a police officer
didn't arrive.  Let's see...  single vehicle accident, car is on the
wrong side of the road, tire tracks everywhere, dilated pupils,
suspended license, no insurance, smell of marijuana.  Everything
looks in order here.

Conclusion: An expensive high.  Driving is contraindicated with DXM.  
Driving is contraindicated with snow.  No extra credit for physics.  
My car made it to 210000.  As of today, 5/10/02, my car is at 213000
and the piston ring in the #4 cylinder is totally shot, so it looks
like while the car may have escaped death briefly, it is well on its
way to meet its maker.

[Editor's Note: You can reach the author at [email protected]]

by various authors

Since we are lacking in this department I've decided to republish some
of the best poems from past issues, along with a new one I wrote just
after I got out of rehab. We also have poems from some of the members at
the Third Plateau Website, for which I am forever grateful. All these
poems were written under the influence of DXM and they are just that,
poems. So I hope you enjoy.

                       The Afflicition of Addiction

                       A Contemplation in Three Parts.


On the way it truly is,
It's how we perceive it.
The Truth will always be out there,
That's not what makes us who we are.
Who we are is how we see
And how we've come to believe
That the Truth will set us free.

As to me, the Truth is much different than to you,
But it's still the same Truth thru & thru.
We are not here to define what Reality is,
Leave that to the doctors & scientists.
It's how we see our Self,
It's how we see our peers,
It's how we feel when that Great Hour nears
And we slip into the Great Abyss,
Only then to realize what the Truth really is.


This affliction of mine,
Like a dormant beast it lay,
Has suffered & degraded me
And until it finds its way
I tell it to leave,
But it does not,
And I'm left to rot
Beneath my own broken dreams.

My future like rain falls
Upon my own tormented flaws,
And it is too much to bear;
To change now, I must swear
To dig deep into my Mind
And uproot all that I might find,
For Satan has found a fertile garden
In which to plant the Seeds of Crime.

To live with it is to die with it
And die of it is to live of it,
But when I reach that door to the Great Evermore,
I shall cast it out upon Hell's Fiery Shore.


They talk of the Science of Disease;
I will show you, if you please,
That the soul has been around long before birth,
It is not an invention of this earth.
For the land from whence we came
Is perfect, not filled with shame
Like the world we are in,
A world that gave us sin.

If perfection in this world does not exist
Then why does every newborn strive for it?
And we dream our dreams in hope
Of a better place, beyond our scope?
Of disease, it is not a sin, but a demon from within;
One of Satan's handiworks for men.
For a Mind possessed is not a soul deprived
Of God's Eternal Sunrise,
For we must leave our Possessors behind
For another soul in which to bind.

They talk of the Science of Disease,
But I talk of the Disease of Science;
The measurement of everything known to man,
And what will it achieve, when there is no reason to believe
Who we really are, & for what we stand?

by robofreak

i lay awake and dream.
dream of what could be,
or of what should of been.
meybe if i lay awake for ever
i will never leave this place.

the music is another place.
a highway to a distant world
where only thought can survive.
meybe if i lay awake forever
i can stay in this place.

we all gave what we had.
there was nothing left to give.
there was nothing left at all.
meybe if i lay awake forever
nobody will find this place.

it was everybody for themselves.
that world of reality was crashing
down like the evening tide.
meybe if i lay awake forever
i can die in this place.

by meddle420

The light is shining through me.
The light has come into me.
In D-Space, everything is infinite,
The stars sine like eyes in the fabric of the sky.
And as I rise into the depths,
Into the depths of space,
The sun envelopes me
And I begin my journey without a face.
Stars explode,
Stars explode,
raining showers of planet debris.
Red giant,
White dwarf.
Supernova explosions
into cosmic flowers that spin
and rotate into the melting vortex.
Black hole of time,
ripped apart and
blown to pieces,
in a whirlpool of chaotic harmony.
The Floyd knew the secret:
It's in the ECHOES of the sounds.
And light is the answer,
cure for AIDS?
Light is the answer,
cure for cancer?
Maybe maybe
I don't know.
Could anybody know?
In D-space, the mind is taken on a journey into the inner depths of
But what we don't realise, is that the inner space we explore, is
actually an inner mapping of the universe(s) we are trying to understand.
Just ask a question, and the answer will come in due time.

Mexican Winter
by gravol

What if it were to snow in Mexico?
Upon the fields, up high & low.
Leaving a white blanket of chill,
Frozen delight, to let people know
That Winter's not forgotten you
Nor has it changed avenues.

It grows, encompassing a town so small,
So much tonight, a star must fall,
And when it does, what will take hold?
A triumph so great, a night so cold.
And when we gaze upon that starless sky
So many generations will wonder why
Did it ever snow in Mexico?

by various authors

The following are various CDs and music that is a personal favorite
of the Editor. I decided to include these in the reviews to provide
a bit of variety as to some of the music that is awesome to listen
to on DXM. A lot of these titles are enjoyed by millions both on
and off DXM, but being a bit older and growing up in Ohio, I was
introduced to more mainstream music than the younger part of my
generation. At any rate, enjoy!

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

Probably the best astral album of all times. One of the first things
I ever heard about doing DXM was that by putting your headphones on,
turning this album on, and turning off the lights and laying down
you'd totally go on an astral adventure. Even to this day, after
listening to it countless times, my mind still drifts off and gets
lost in the energy this album produces, culminating up to its two
climaxes, the Great Gig in the Sky and Brain Damage/Eclipse.

The Beatles, Abbey Road

A lot of you are thinking Beatles, wtf? There's a lot of good Beatles
tunes but only ONE Beatles album has ever actually enhanced my DXM
trip. This is an EXCELLENT album for laying back and listening to
during your peak of DXM. In fact, the most intense experiences I've
EVER had were from listening to this album.
  It starts out with many good songs like Here Comes The Sun, and
a few others I can't name right now... then halfway through the album
you get to She's So Heavy - this is the song that does it for me!
It lasts a good 7-8 minutes, and gradually builds up and becomes
more intense, more intense, more intense until right before it cuts
off into total silence within a split second, I found myself within
a mere nanosecond of leaving my body. This is the ONLY song that has
ever built up my kundalini energy (see Vaesolis's Meditation Technique)
to become so intense that it felt like I was going to have a true
  At any rate, the entire album is good, but the middle of it is
definitely the first peak (just like DXM has multiple peaks) and then
again at the end, which is a medley of songs.

Pink Floyd, Echoes (Best of)

This is a new album that was just released, so I figure I'll review it
here. It's a 2-part CD, with both CDs totaling 79 minutes each. Definitely
worth the money. You get a blend of their old shit with their newer shit.
Probably one of the best songs on this entire CD that nobody's ever heard
before is Echoes (originally on their Meddle CD) - the original song lasted
23 minutes but they've cut this one down for a broader audience to listen
to. It's long enough that you can just lay back and get lost in the words
and imagery.
  One Disc 2 there's also a previously unreleased song from The Wall.

Classical Musak

Okay, the following is a list of my all-time favorite classical pieces
to listen to on DXM. I chose the more vivacious, energetic pieces like
1812 Overture - I find these pieces can naturally raise your energy levels
while on DXM. A lot of people don't like classical music, I don't know
why (I think their ego stands in the way of enjoying new experiences),
but many more do enjoy it, so that's why I'm reviewing these here for you:

Brahms/Hungarian Dance - Very energetic piece, full of life and energy
Strauss Jr/Emperor Waltz - Another wonderful piece; if you like the
                          Hungarian Dance you'll like this one
Offenbach/Orpheus Overture - I believe this is the best piece I've listened
                            to, even more energetic than the 1812 Overture -
                            if you find that hard to believe, give it a
Tchaikovsky/1812 Overture - Anything Tchaikovsky does is gold - for instance
                           the entire Swan Lake suite, and of course this,
                           probably being the most popular song by dexers.
Schubert/Unfinished Symphony - Another loud, in-your-face classical piece.
Mozart/Symphony No. 40, 1st M. - My favorite Mozart piece, a wonderful melody
Bizet/March of the Torreadors - Another very vivacious piece
Strauss Jr/Blue Danube Waltz - Probably the most infamous and beautiful
                              waltzes of all time

If you know of anymore classical pieces to add to this, send 'em my way
and I'll publish them here.

Kraftwerk - The Mix

Even though this is oldskewl it's still some very awesome music! I don't
know if this is where techno originated, but this is one of the oldest
such bands/albums than I can think of. My favorite is probably the

Radiohead - OK Computer

This album won a grammy for best album back in '97, and I fell in love with
it the instant I first listened to it. The whole album is very deep,
dramatic, but like, and almost whimsical in the same sense. There are so
many songs I enjoy off it it's impossible to name here because that would
consist of nearly the entire album!

Reduced did the following reviews:

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol 2

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? This double CD is a step
in the right direction. "Saw 2" is a collection of some of the most
beautiful and alien minimal tracks ever, and definitely Aphex Twin's
greatest moment. The songs alternate between lush and harsh, fluid
and heavy, calming and creepy. On a cozy third plateau, this is the
closest to outer space you can get without a rocket.

Merzbow - Tauromachine

Dex and Merzbow will be able to tell you how brave you actually are.
This assaultive "music" actually resembles dying machines and canyons
of static more than anything. Aggressive loops are piled onto each
other building a wall of sound like nothing you've heard before.
This is literally "noise" thats been collected from various equipment,
some of it broken, on dat tapes and mixed together and turned up as
loud as possible. It takes some getting used to, but whats the fun
in that? If you've never heard any music from the noise genre before,
find this cd, or the mp3s, or whatever, and wait for your dex peak.
Then turn the volume down real low, and press play, and turn off the
lights. Welcome to the machine.

Since we are obviously lacking in the department of dance/trance/
techno music we welcome any reviews you'd like to do of MP3's and
albums. Just don't blame me for not posting more than I did, because
I certainly put the word out... but an unfortunate aspect with any
drug community, you have a lot of lazy people. So the ones who are
disappointed by this aspect should get off their tushes and contribute
what they want to be seen.


Okay folks, there are several movies to mention here... some of you
may disagree that a few of these are good DXM movies because they may
totally alter your trip for the worse (depending on how seriously you
take the movies or how much you are moved by them) - keep in mind that
some of these movies are being mentioned because they are wonderful
cinematic achievements and most, if not all, should be enjoyed with
or without DXM - but I'll give warnings for the films that you might
wanna reconsider dexing to.

Requiem for a Dream, Edited/Unedited versions

I have yet to see the Unedited version - the Edited version is graphic
enough. Many of you have seen this already and have very mixed opinions
of it - it is a cinematic masterpiece, however can be very disturbing
in some scenes. If you get uneasy over having to shove tubes down someones
mouth to feed them, or get queasy over watching someone shove a needle
into an arm full of gangrene and and a dark-purple mangle of veins and
mucuous, then you might wanna reconsider watching it tripping.
  However, the movie can be very light-hearted at times (okay, maybe
not "light-hearted," but kind of satirical and humurous) like when the
mother (played by Academy-Award Winning Actress Ellen Burstyn) dances
around her kitchen and cleans her entire apartment in hyper-mode after
first taking some amphetamine pills, or when the refridgerator comes
alive and tries to devour her, are just classic scenes.
  The movie is basically a portrayal of four drug addicts' lives as
they spiral downhill in the neighborhoods off of Coney Island. Very
graphic. Very demented. Very disturbing. Not for the faint of heart.
Very excellent.... yes, very fucking excellent!
  I hope someone will write in and give a review of the Unedited version!

Taxi Driver (DeNiro)

A classic film, the one where Robert DeNiro get his start in, has a cab
driver who witnesses a bunch of sleazes pimp out a 12-year-old prostitute
(Jodie Foster) and decides to shave a mohawk and do some street justice
of his own.
  Slow start, but it builds up into a bloody climax. A classic by director
Martin Scorcese.

Bringing Out The Dead (Cage)

Another masterpiece by Martin Scorcese - again, not for the faint-of-heart,
shows some very intense and gory scenes of needles, hospitals, drug addicts,
etc. Nicholas Cage plays an ambulance driver in the streets of New York
City, the midnight shift, and all the menacing nature of the streets
sort of creeps out at you in this dark film - however, it does have its
highlights and very humurous parts. Like when Nicholas Cage eats heroin
(yes, eats it) and starts tripping out - a very good portrayal of what
it must have been like for someone in his shoes to experience that.
  Again, unlike Taxi Driver, and like Requiem, this movie can severely
alter or distort your DXM trip ... so be ready for it!

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Depp)

As Requiem is for the dark side of drug use, Fear & Loathing is for the
lighter side. The true story of Hunter S. Thompson (played by Johnny Depp)
and his attorney (Benecio Del Toro) and their adventures in Las Vegas
with a trunk-full of drugs. The book is even better I heard.
  Many of you have already seen this so I won't get into detail about it -
if you haven't seen it, it's definitely a must-see.


Another light-headed yet somewhat disturbing look at the drug culture,
this time heroin abuse in the UK. Some very funny moments (like when
one of our characters struggles with his girlfriend with some bedsheets
covered with feces, and splatters his entire family, sitting at the
kitchen table, with it). Very well put-together, but enough disturbing
scenes to alter your DXM trip, probably for the worse.

A Clockwork Orange

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, who did The Shining, this is the all-time
whacked out movie. It centers around a character who plays merry pranks
on people and gradually moves up to rape, violence, and murder.
  The movie gets slow at times, like when he goes to prison, but it's
always an unpredictable farce of a total 180-degree turn thanks to the
ugly merits of karma. An amazing movie, it won several awards when it
first came out.

Jack Nicholson Movies

Jack plays in several good DXM movies, so I'll just mention them all
together here. Of course you've all seen The Shining, and if you haven't,
you're probably too young to be doing DXM in the first place!
  But besides that movie, there's several other of his movies which I'm
sure you haven't seen, and should only be watched by die-hard Nicholson
fans because they are long, intense, and dramatic.
  The Postman Always Rings Twice is a dead-ringer of murder, revenge,
violent love, and trying to elude the authorities (which Jack is good
at). Ironweed is a look at what being an alcoholic during the Depression
was like, but I can't really recommend this piece to many people I know
because again, it's a rather disturbing, dark look at life (be glad you
live in the era you live in!)... and of course One Flew Over The Cuckoo's
Nest, a good DXM movie because it takes place in a mental hospital -
however, can be disturbing at times so you are warned!

Virgin Suicides (Dunst)

If you are a female dexer, you'd probably enjoy this great film directed
by Frances Coppola, a look at several young girls (played by Kirsten Dunst)
in suburban Michigan in the 70s, and how they all commit suicide together.
The film has some highlights, like the school prom and her hip boyfriend
that reminds me of John Travolta from Grease. But definitely not a guy-movie.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (Welles)

Orson Welles narrates this documentary on Nostradamus. After the 9/11
attacks, Nostradamus was the most searched name on the Internet and
this video was always sold out at Blockbuster.
  It's interesting that even for 1981, when this movie came out, it
predicted that within 20 years there'd be the start of a new war
that would involve an attack on NYC. They name this war to be WWIII,
but our current War on Terrorism could easily escalate into such
an event - afterall, world wars have been started on a lot, lot less.

If you have any movies you'd like to review please send them in and
I'll be happy to publish your reviews. Until next time, I hope you
enjoy these many wonderful songs and movies that we've highlighted here.

"Confused, I looked around. The LSD was gone. The morphine was gone. All
of the prescription drugs were gone. Then I realized, in one horrified
fragment of thought at a time, that I had ingested all of it in a frenzied
attempt to conceal it from the cop that had just pulled me over."

compiled by gravol

There are only two reliable sources for obtaining dextromethorphan
powder for research purposes. One is Chico Chemical and the other is
LTK Research Products. Neither of these companies are affiliated with
the Zine. Information, taken from their website, follows.
  If you are a company that sells DXM powder and would like to be
noted in this section, please contact the Editor. Unfortunately, we've
had many cases of fraud in the past years so we're only posting the
most credible sources.

Chico Chemical

Chico Chemical is a chemical reseller based in Winston-Salem, NC -
offering fine chemicals and bulk actives with a market focus on small
research entities that require special attention and personalized
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Chemicals are sold only for use as approved by the FDA. The use of
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laws and regulations. Buyer expressly warrants that they will use
chemicals purchased in accordance with all applicable laws and

1. Delivery
All sales are FCA Seller's shipping point. Seller's delivery to the
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Upon receipt of all goods, Buyer must immediately inspect the material
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All claims must be made to Seller within five days of receipt by Buyer.
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3. Buyer's Use of Products
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug
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Chemicals are sold only for use as approved by the FDA. The use of
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Orders by Check or Money orders: If the web page ordering system
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Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide-USP Grade

This chemical is currently used in investigations for preemptive
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See Sanoa A. K.Helmy, MD, Ayham Balij, MD; Anesth Amalg 2001;

*All Refunds / Credits will be Issued within three business days
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Execptions: Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept
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by Erowid; gravol


For those who choose to use DXM recreationally, it is extremely
important to pay attention to the active ingredients list of the
brand they choose to use. Ideally, only products containing DXM alone
(sometimes listed as 'Dextromethorphan hydrobromide') in the Active
Ingredients list should be used.
  The Active Ingredients list on the side of pharmaceutical products
will include all ingredients which may have a strong effect on the
mind or body. While some ingredients shown in an Active Ingredients
lists may have recreational potential at higher-than-recommended
dosages, others may be deadly. It is extremely important to know
which is which. Never use a product recreationally which contains an
Active Ingredient which you are not familiar with. Users should be
familiar with each ingredient's possible side-effects, likelihood of
allergic reaction, dose range, and overdose symptoms.

Below are two lists. The first describes some of the most common
ingredients found in combination with DXM in over-the-counter
products, and lists possible side effects and health hazards from
ingesting high doses of these ingredients. Second is a list of more
than 80 non-prescription medications containing various forms of DXM.
Listed are the active ingredients and any relevant notes or cautions.

Special Warnings

There are many over-the-counter products which contain DXM. Most
contain additional active ingredients which are best avoided at high
doses. The higher the dose, the more likely problems are. One product
which has caused problems for many people is Coricidin Cough and Cold
which contains DXM and Chlorpheniramine Maleate. We have collected a
few reports specifically about peoples experiences with Coricidin.


Acetaminophen - High doses of Acetaminophen can cause serious liver
damage and possibly death. Symptoms of overdose may include bloody,
black, or tarry stool; bloody or cloudy urine; pain in lower back and/
or side; sores, ulcers, or white spots on lips or in mouth; sore
throat; or unusual bleeding or bruising. We have seen recommendations
that no more than 4000 mg of acetaminophen be taken in a day (and no
more than 2600mg/day for long-term use).

Aspirin - Symptoms of overdose may include rapid breathing, difficulty
swallowing, ringing in the ears or loss of hearing, bloody urine,
diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, fever, swelling of eyelids, face or lips,
and convulsions. Toxic Aspirin overdoses can be seen beginning at
150-300 mg/kg (10,000 mg for a person weighing 160 lb).

Chlorpheniramine Maleate - High doses of Chlorpheniramine Maleate
(CPM) can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms including
seizures; shortness of breath or troubled breathing; weakness; loss
of consciousness; severe dryness of mouth, nose, or throat; bleeding
from skin, mouth, eyes, rectum, and vagina; and possibly death. We
have seen recommendations that no more than 24 mg of CPM be taken in
a day.

Guaifenesin - High doses of Guaifenesin can cause severe nausea and

Pseudoephedrine (Hydrochloride) - High doses of pseudoephedrine can
cause irregular heartbeat, headaches, difficulty breathing, anxiety,
and seizures. Though some people use pseudoephedrine recreationally,
there is too much pseudoephedrine in these products to use them as a
source for DXM.

DXM Containing Products (Over-The-Counter)

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine
by Miles Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Aspirin 325mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Phenylpropanolamine Bitartrate 20mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.
Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its soluble ionic form,
sodium acetylsalicylate.

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine Liqui-Gels
by Miles Consumer
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 250mg.
Notes: Not recommended because of Acetaminophen. The Chlorpheniramine
Maleate is an antihistamine and the Pseudoephedrine HCl is a nasal

Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine
by Miles Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Aspirin 500mg,
 Doxylamine Succinate 6.25mg,
 Bitartrate 20mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.
Notes: In water the aspirin is converted into its soluble ionic form,
sodium acetylsalicylate. Doxylamine Succinate is an antihistamine.

Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine Liqui-Gels
by Miles Consumer
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 10mg
 Doxylamine Succinate 6.25mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 250mg.

Benylin Adult Formula Cough Suppressant
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Benylin Expectorant
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 5mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg.
Notes: Guaifenesin may cause nausea in high doses.

Benylin Multisymptom
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg.

Benylin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 7.5mg.

Buckley's Mixture [DM]
by W.K. Buckley
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 12.5mg
Note: In Canada, Buckley's DM contains DXM, their main product
"Buckley's Mixture" does not contain any DXM in Canada. Note: in
a sugar-free base. Buckley's Mixture [DM] contains several herbal
ingredients which may not be appropriate for high-dose use. Ammonium
Carbonate,Potassium Bicarbonate,Menthol, & Camphor.

Cerose DM
by Wyeth-Ayerst
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 Phenylephrine HCl 10mg,
 Alcohol 2.4%.

Cheracol-D Cough Formula
by Roberts
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 Alcohol 4.75%.

Cheracol Plus Cough Syrup Multisymptom Cough/Cold Formula
by Roberts
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 20mg,
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 25mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 Alcohol 8%.

Children's Vicks NyQuil Cold/Cough Relief
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Comtrex Multi-Symptom Cold Reliever Tablets/Caplets
by Bristol-Myers Products
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Comtrex Multi-Symptom Cold Reliever Liqui-Gels
by Bristol-Myers Products
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Comtrex Multi-Symptom Cold Reliever Liquid
by Bristol-Myers Products
Active Ingredients (per fl. ounce):
 Acetaminophen 1000mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg.

Comtrex Multi-Symptom Non-Drowsy Caplets
by Bristol-Myers Products
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Comtrex Multi-Symptom Non-Drowsy Liquid-Gels
by Bristol-Myers Products
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg, 12.5 mg.

Contac Day & Night Cold/Flu Caplets
by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
Active Ingredients (per day caplet):
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg.
Active Ingredients (per night caplet):
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg,
 Diphenhydramine HCl 50mg.

Contac Severe Cold and Flu Formula Caplets
by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 Phenylpropanolamine 12.5mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Acetaminophen 500mg, DXM HBr 15mg.

Contac Severe Cold & Flu Non-Drowsy
by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 325mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Coricidin Cough & Cold Tablets
by Schering-Plough HealthCare
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg.
Note: This is one of the more problamatic products as some people
have very strong reactions to chlorpheniramine maleate. There have
been several reports of significant negative reactions (including
fatalities) to this product when taken in high doses.

Cough X Lozenges
by Ascher
Active Ingredients (per lozenge):
 DXM HBr 5mg,
 Benzocaine 2mg.

CVS Tussin Maximum Strength Cough
Active Ingredients: (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Alcohol 1.4%

CVS Tussin Maximum Strength Cough & Cold
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg

Delsym Extended-Release Suspension
by Fisons
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM Polistirex
Notes: DXM Polistirex is a different form than DXM hydrobromide.
Contains DXM Polistirex equivalent to approx 30mg of DXM HBr.

by DexAlone
Active Ingredients (per gelcap):
 DXM Hydrobromide (30mg)
Notes: Manufactured by DexGen

Dimetapp DM Elixir
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Brompheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Dorcol Children's Cough Syrup
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 Guaifenesin 50mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg.

Drixoral Cough + Congestion Liquid Caps
by Schering-Plough HealthCare
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

Drixoral Cough + Fever
by Schering-Plough HealthCare
Active Ingredients (per softgel):

Drixoral Cough + Sore Throat Liquid Caps
by Schering-Plough HealthCare
Active Ingrediens (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Acetaminophen 325mg.

Novahistine DMX
by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

PediaCare Cough-Cold Liquid
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg.

PediaCare Night Rest Cough-Cold Liquid
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 DXM HBr 7.5mg.

Pediatric Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Pediatric Vicks 44e Chest Cough & Chest Congestion
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg.

Pediatric Vicks 44m Cough & Cold Relief
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.

Robitussin Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Guaifenesin 200mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough & Cold
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Formula
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 7.5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.

Robitussin Pediatric Cough Suppressant
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 7.5mg.

by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Robitussin Honey Cough
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Robitussin Maxiumum Strength Cough
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Robitussin Maxiumum Strength Cough & Cold
by A.H. Robins Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg.
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Sucrets 4-Hour Cough Suppressant
by SmithKline Beecham Consumer
Active Ingredients (per lozenge):
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Sudafed Cold & Cough LiquidCaps
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Acetaminophen 250mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Sudafed Cough Syrup
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Pseudophedrine HCl 15mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg.

Sudafed Severe Cold Formula Caplets
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Sudafed Severe Cold Formula Tablets
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Theraflu Flu, Cold & Cough Medicine
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per packet):
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 Pseudophedrine HCl 60mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 DXM HBr 20mg.

Theraflu Maximum Strength Nighttime Flu, Cold & Cough Medicine
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per packet):
 Acetaminophen 1000mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Pseudophedrine HCl 60mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg.

Theraflu Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy Formula Flu, Cold & Cough Medicine
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per packet):
 Acetaminophen 1000mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

Theraflu Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy Formula Caplets
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Pseudophedrine HCl 30mg.

Triaminic AM Cough and Decongestant Formula
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 7.5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.

Triaminic Nite Light Nighttime Cough and Cold Medicine
for Children
by Sandoz Consumer Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg,
 DXM HBr 7.5mg.
Notes: In a palatable, grape-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.

Triaminic Sore Throat Formula
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Acetaminophen 160mg,
 DXM HBr 7.5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
Notes: In a palatable, grape-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.

Triaminic-DM Syrup
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 6.25mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg.
Notes: In a palatable, berry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.

Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Cold Tablets
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 12.5mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Relief
by Sandoz Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Phenylpropanolamine HCl 6.25mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg.
Notes: In a palatable, cherry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.

Children's TYLENOL Cold Plus Cough Multi-Symptom Tablets
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet):
 Acetaminophen 80mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 0.5mg,
 DXM HBr 2.5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 7.5mg.
Notes: Chewable cherry-flavored tablets.

Children's TYLENOL Cold Plus Cough Multi-Symptom Liquid
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 Acetaminophen 160mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 1mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg.
Notes: Cherry-flavored, alcohol-free liquid.

Maximum Strength TYLENOL Flu Non Drowsiness
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Acetaminophen 500mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Multi-Symptom TYLENOL Cold Complete Formula
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet/caplet):
 Acetaminophen 325mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Multi-Symptom TYLENOL Cold Non-Drowsy
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablet/caplet):
 Acetaminophen 325mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Multi-Symptom TYLENOL Cold Severe Congestion
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 Guaifenesin 200mg
 Acetaminophen 325mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Multi-Symptom TYLENOL Cough Medication
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg.

Multi-Symptom TYLENOL Cough Medication with Decongestant
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

TYLENOL Cold Multi-Symptom Hot Medication Liquid Packets
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per packet):
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 Pseudoephedrine Hcl 60mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg.

TYLENOL Cold Medication No Drowsiness Formula Caplets and Gelcaps
by McNeil Consumer
Active Ingredients (per caplet/softgel):
 Acetaminophen 325mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Vicks 44 Dry Hacking Cough
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 15mg.

Vicks 44d Dry Hacking Cough & Head Congestion
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

Vicks 44 LiquiCaps Cough, Cold & Flu Relief
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg,
 Acetaminophen 250mg.

Vicks 44 LiquiCaps Non-Drowsy Cough & Cold Relief
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

Vicks 44e
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per tablespoonful/15mL):
 DXM HBr 20mg,
 Guaifenesin 200mg.

Vicks 44m Cough, Cold & Flu Relief
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM HBr 7.5mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg,
 Acetaminophen 650mg.

Vicks DayQuil Liquid
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per fluid ounce):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg,
 Guaifenesin 200mg,
 Acetaminophen 650mg,
 DXM HBr 20mg.

Vicks DayQuil LiquiCaps
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg,
 Guaifenesin 100mg,
 Acetaminophen 250mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg.

Vicks NyQuil Hot Therapy Adult Nighttime Cold/Flu Hot Liquid Medicine
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per packet):
 Doxylamine Succinate 12.5mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 1000mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Vicks NyQuil LiquiCaps
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per softgel):
 Doxylamine Succinate 6.25mg,
 DXM HBr 10mg,
 Acetaminophen 250mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 30mg.

Vicks NyQuil Liquid
by Procter & Gamble
Active Ingredients (per fluid ounce):
 Doxylamine Succinate 12.5mg,
 DXM HBr 30mg,
 Acetaminophen 1000mg,
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 60mg.

PediaPressin Drops
by Quintex
Active Ingredients (per drop):
 Pseudoephedrine HCl 15mg,
 Guaifenesin 50mg,
 DXM HBr 5mg.

Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free DM
by Scot-Tussin
Active Ingredients (per teaspoonful/5mL):
 DXM 15mg,
 Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg.
Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.

Scot-Tussin Sugar-Free Cough Chasers Lozenges
by Scot-Tussin
Active Ingredients (per lozenge):
 DXM 2.5mg.
Notes: This contains pure DXM, not DXM HBr.

Suppressin DM Caplets
by Quintex
Active Ingredients (per caplet):
 DXM HBr 15mg,
 Guaifenesin 200mg.

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"Athos" reportedly a name brand of DXM-only tablets in Mexico (Nov

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