I remember it well. It was a rainy October afternoon, and I had just gone on break with a friend at the discount grocery store where I work. After being clocked out, we grabbed our coats and headed outside, anxiously wanting to get to the record store across the street and check out the latest techno recordings. While we were walking along the soaken pavement outside the storefront, he suddenly stopped me and pointed out a bloody mess just beneath our feet. I stood back for a moment, amazed at what I was seeing. It simply said DXM, and had a box drawn around it. And it was all written with blood ...


Issue 1.  November 1997.  Updated Version.
A Symposium of Articles Pertaining to DXM Use      
(c)1997, 2002 Jeffrey Sothen/gravol

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Edited by gravol, with article contributions by fellow DXMers.

DISCLAIMER : The authors of this zine do not condone the use of dextromethorphan in any way. This text is simply used as an informative guide to issues relating to dextromethorphan use and should be used for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any actions taken by anyone reading this text.

WARNING : While the authors of this zine do not condone the use of dextromethorphan in any way, a strict warning also is warranted here regarding the dangers of Coricidin Cough & Cold. Each year, the rate of death of individuals who overdose from this dangerous medication increases, and for this reason this zine will no longer publish trip reports involving this medication, nor will we publish any information that may cast Coricidin Cough & Cold in a positive light. Anyone still using this medication should stop immediately, because of the dangers of the secondary active ingredient, chlorpheniramine maleate.



1  DXM and Creativity
2  Streetlights and Other Electrical Phenomenon
3  The Nightmare of Coricidin
4  Recipe for Getting Pure DXM Powder
5  Info on Ordering Pure DXM Powder (updated 7-02)
6  Delsym...A Whole New Trip
7  DXM is Here to Stay
8  Schering-Plough's Reply to a Consumer Complaint on DXM Abuse
9  An Ode to DXM
10 DXM Music Reviews
11 Various DXM Sources (please see http://dex.kenton.org/new/sources2.html )

by gravol

There have been numerous reports of LSD spurring creativity, artistic ability, etc., so I decided to look into the creative aspects of DXM. First of all, as we all know, DXM gives you a whole new perspective on things. It totally alters your state of consciousness and can introduce things that were once covered up in your unconscious mind, but now flashing before your very eyes. That alone should tell us that DXM can cause a heightened creativity because we are obviously tapping into our own consciousness. Also, DXM gives us a new experience in life by tripping. It can change your artistic viewpoint. It can change political views, your attitude and views on life, etc. DXM can alter practically anything, but not always everything. So each trip varies immensely. Perhaps if you are a writer or poet you should try to compose poems or written thoughts while on DXM and compare them to sober writings. Here are two examples, the first while I was sober, the second while under the influence of this powerful drug:


Her dreams unlying, dying and true
Into night she calls to you.
Silent dreams and untold lies
Softly spoken beneath starlit skies.


The echo of distant shores
Drifting away, pain no more.
Velvet blue moonlight dwindles
On earthly laden starlit swindles.

That is only a fraction of what I composed on DXM, and since this is a DXM zine and not a poetry zine, I will conclude there on the poetic benefits of DXM. But we mustn't leave out artistic abilities. Many of us are artists and should work under DXM to see what may come about. Perhaps DXM can enhance your artistic ability. Perhaps it just changes it to a unique form. Since this is an electronic zine, however, I cannot post any examples of artwork drawn under DXM. There are other areas of creativity that we aren't touching on right now, but I'm sure you'll find your knack at what DXM does for you. What I am basically getting at is that instead of just laying in bed, listening to music and tripping, you can actually try writing or drawing and perhaps be amazed at what you've composed while under the influence of DXM. Of course, your mileage may vary, but have fun!

by gravol, DarkElf

Shortly after my first experiences with DXM, I started to notice strange occurances of streetlights either going on or off as I would pass them. Sometimes I would just simply look up at a burned out light and it would flicker a few times, then come on. Usually it would be the same couple of lights, night after night. You may think, what does this have to do with DXM? Well, I didn't really think much of it until I talked to two other people, each reporting the same phenomenon, convinced that it is tied to something beyond our regular grasp of technology. What causes these strange episodes of electrical malfunction? Some may point out that the lights are on sensors and as you pass them, they detect headlights, but that theory is often shot down due to the fact that you may have already passed the streetlight when it lit up, or you may not even be in a car at all. On one night, I had just been walking out of the movie theater with my girlfriend when right as I passed under it, a theater light (affixed outside the movie theater) shut off, while the one just before it continued to glow. We both noticed it. It's to the point that now everytime I'm out somewhere driving after dark, I notice some strange activity with streetlights either turning on or off,
flickering, or both. Also, from what I've heard it may not just be limited to streetlights. Other electrical devices such as radios and anything else you can imagine may also be effected. Some say it has to do with supernatural forces, since it has been noted that in some cases ghosts like to mess around with electricity. Others may point out it would be something inside our mind controlling the devices. And yet others may scoff and call us insane.
  Now, after talking with the two other individuals that have reported this, I realized I may not be crazy after all, and I'm also not discounting this as a simple case of paranoia. I do not know the intricate workings of a streetlight. If you do, on the otherhand, and know what may cause this disturbances please feel free to email us. I am passing along the insight of one of those individuals below:

The first time I experienced anything strange was with a group of friends. We were on DXM swimming in my pool, with music on the radio playing. Suddenly, the radio just shuts off. As I start to get out of the pool to see what happened, it comes back on again. So, I shrug it off and continue with the joyous DXM-swim fun. Later on, it shuts off again.  I then ask my friends if they know what's going on.. of course, they don't. Then it just starts up again. This happened about 4 times that night. At the time, I just attributed it to a short somewhere (it was not
the electricity -- the pool light was on the entire time.) Strangely, though, this never happened again while we were sober. At another time, my current gf and I were both on fairly high doses of DXM talking on the phone. Close to the peak of the trip, she says (for whatever reason) "show me you're here." So, believing that I indeed could, I start trying to vision myself there. Immediately, the phone goes dead. There was no hangup, no click.. just an instant dialtone. So I hang up the phone. A couple seconds later, the phone rings and I pick it up. I then thank her for calling me back, and she says she didn't -- HER phone rang. Just another strange incident.
  Now, the previous two odd occurances I just figured were coincidences until this happened -- at night, random light poles on my right side starting turning off (a few turning on) right before I passed them, usually while driving. At some point, I started to notice this
happened a bit too much, so I started to count them. Since March of this year, I've counted 33 light poles doing this. Also, I've noticed the circumstances under which this apparently occurs:

1. I'm in a good mood
2. I'm NOT thinking about it (I've tried many times to consciously turn them off. All attempts were unsuccessful)

After reading a few books on NDEs (near-death experiences) I've found a few things that fit together. It turns out that people who have experienced NDEs report a threefold increase in paranormal phenomena. Two drugs are mentioned as being able to induce NDEs: morphine and
ketamine. DXM is not listed (probably because it isn't known), but obviously fits because it's a morphine analog that is very similiar to ketamine in high doses. Furthermore, a certain doctor (I forget the name) that supposedly took ketamine for a hundred days straight says he came into contact with "cosmic coincidence control." A strange thing for him to say, considering all of the coincidences that have occured since I started DXM. So IS it all a coincidence? Am I just being superstitous? I don't really know, but every time I'm driving down the street and a light pole on my right side goes out right before I pass it, the more convinced I am that this is something paranormal.

by Anonymous

At first I would take Robitussin and always tripped good. But the taste eventually got to me so I had to switch to pill form. I managed to find Drixoral Cough Caps, which are no longer available for retail sale (despite what you may have heard or think) and took those. Eventually, however, I had to revert to plain old Coricidin Cough & Cold. At first I thought it was great, except for the nasty candy-coating taste of the pills. But I was obviously blindsided by the terrible antihistamine it contained: Chlorphenaramine Maleate, 4mg in each pill. Eventually, at large enoughdoses it really managed to fuck up my vision and disrupted my concentration. The worst was yet to come though...
  Some months went by without any serious incidents. However, it eventually got to the point that it hurt my eyes and my optical nerves during the trip. I would lay in bed awake for hours, hallucinating, and each CEV would put strain on my eyes and practically felt that a needle was ripping through my tender eyeball. Ouch!! I tried to get off it but I couldn't go back to the nasty taste of syrup. And furthermore I had so many wonder experiences on DXM that I couldn't just altogether forget about it.
  So I stopped DXM altogether, just forced myself to let go and found a decent job. Some time went by until I once again had the urge to get a good buzz going and I desperately wanted to do DXM again. So I tried Coricidin, but this time the bad effects weren't present. Great, I thought, as I tripped over and over again... gradually becoming addicted again like I once was. Then one night I made the mistake of redosing (the buzz wasn't lasting long enough and I wanted to prolong the trip...let me tell you, big mistake!).
  Anyway, from that night on whenever I did Coricidin I got excruciating pain in my eyes, pin-prick feelings and general pressure until it felt like my eyeballs were going to pop. I just couldn't take it anymore... the antihi-histamine was ripping me apart, and my health soon went downhill. I thought I could handle the sober scene for awhile, but I was quickly proved wrong when I started to have nightmares night after night and slight headaches, maybe these were withdrawal symptoms... or maybe aftereffects of Coricidin, I dunno... but it eventually went away after time. But I still wanted to trip. Finally I managed to find some Delsym cough syrup (which is not nearly so bad tasting as Robitussin) and Sucrets 4, which I'd recommend either of those ten times over Coricidin. Or even if you can, just use pure DXM. I never realized how much Chlorphenaramine Maleate was hurting my trips and my health. Now I do, and I would caution anyone strongly against ever taking Coricidin Cough & Cold. It's just not worth it!

by melph

This is the recipe for obtaining pure DXM powder from a bag of Sucrets Four(tm). Each Sucrets contains 15mg of DXM, and this recipe is preferred over swallowing each one whole or trying to chew them. A bag of 20 (approximately 300mg DXM) costs only $2.19. Also, it should be noted that the time it takes for the DXM to kick in after consuming the powder can last up to 3 hours in some individuals. Here goes:

1. OPTIONAL: Crush up Sucrets so they dissolve faster
2. Place smashed Sucrets in hot water
3. Microwave at 1 minute intervals on high power, stirring in between intervals. Do not boil.
4. When finally dissolved in water, filter through a little stack of coffee filters. This goop is your DXM.
5. At this point, if you are Hercules and have a titanium tongue and stomach, go ahead and eat it. I am not going to bullshit you though, it is the most disgusting thing that you can put in your mouth. And i mean it. A dead dog's ass would probably taste better. I'm not kidding.
6. Place the coffee filters with goop on them on a paper plate and microwave until dry. Don't scorch it.
7. Take the crusty coffee filters and crunch them up so you get the powder off them, chop with a credit card or something so it's fine, then load into capsules or press a pill or whatever.
8. Eat and enjoy! Might wanna take some bread and milk with it if you are taking a big dosage. I might add that this method works quite well! Enjoy tripping!

compiled by gravol

There are only two reliable sources for obtaining dextromethorphan powder for research purposes. One is Chico Chemical and the other is LTK Research Products. Neither of these companies are affiliated with the Zine. Information, taken from their website, follows.
  If you are a company that sells DXM powder and would like to be noted in this section, please contact the Editor. Unfortunately, we've had many cases of fraud in the past years so we're only posting the most credible sources.

Chico Chemical

Chico Chemical is a chemical reseller based in Winston-Salem, NC -offering fine chemicals and bulk actives with a market focus on small research entities that require special attention and personalized service. We purchase only the finest quality product in bulk enabling smaller customers to get the product they need at an affordable price.
  Our inventory is growing, and options for payment are being added everyday so feel free to email us about how we can be of service to  you.

Mail: 353 Jonestown Rd. - Suite 169 - Winston-Salem - NC - 27104
Email: [email protected]

       25 grams  $45
       50 grams  $79
      100 grams $139
       * $5.00 S&H on all orders                                                
Most orders will ship within 48 hours.     
Avg. Delivery Time 2-3 Days in the USA           
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration regulates the sale and use of these chemicals. Chemicals are sold only for use as approved by the FDA. The use of these chemicals may be further limited or regulated by federal, state, or local government. Buyer is responsible for compliance to applicable laws and regulations. Buyer expressly warrants that they will use chemicals purchased in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances.   
1. Delivery
All sales are FCA Seller's shipping point. Seller's delivery to the carrier constitutes delivery to Buyer and Buyer assumes all risk of loss or damage during transit. The purchase price of all products includes shipping via United States Postal Service Priority Mail, however, Seller reserves the right, in it's discretion, to determine the method of shipment. Upon receipt of all goods, Buyer must immediately inspect the material and make a claim to Seller in writing for all shortages or defects.  All claims must be made to Seller within five days of receipt by Buyer. If no claims are made within the five days, it will bedeemed that the goods conform to these terms of sale, and have been irrevocably  accepted by the Buyer.  If  Seller determines that the products named in Buyer's claim are defective, inadequate, or otherwise incorrect, the Buyer is eligible  for a full refund of purchase price or a replacement of the product. Buyer must return products to Seller in the accordance with Seller's instructions.

2. Warranties
Seller warrants that its products shall conform to the description of such products as provided to Buyer by Seller through Seller's catalog or other literature. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE, AND SELLER MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Warranty is  ineffective if Seller determines that Buyer has misused the products in any way, has failed to use the product in accordance with industry standards, or has failed to comply with any applicable regulations regarding the use of the material.

3. Buyer's Use of Products
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration regulates the sale and use of these chemicals.  Chemicals are sold only for use as approved by the FDA. The use of  these chemicals may be further limited or regulated by federal, state,  or local government. Buyer is responsible for compliance to applicable laws and regulations. Buyer expressly warrants that they will use chemicals purchased in accordance with all applicable laws and  ordinances.

To order by mail with a check or money-order:

1. Print, sign and date a copy of the Terms of Sale Agreement.
2. Print and fill out an Order Form.
3. Photocopy your valid state ID or drivers license. **
4. Mail the signed Terms of Sale, Order Form, and the copy of your ID
along with a certified check or money order for the amount of order
(made payable to Chico Chemical) to:

353 Jonestown Rd - Suite 169 - Winston-Salem - NC - 27104

* There is a $10 S&H fee for mail orders.
** ID needed for age verification only. Name on ID should match
signature on Terms of Sale Agreement.

LTK Research Products

LTK Research Products is a research chemical company located in Minot, North Dakota . We currently offer Quality research chemicals  at a low competitive price. We are now offering our products over the web as well as by mail
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Please send your order to :

LTK Research Products LLC
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 LTK Research Products
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Orders by Check or Money orders: If the web page ordering system does not fit your needs you can order anything from this site by
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LTK Research Products LLC
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LTK Research Products is in the process of creating a web page to direct researchers to interesting and exciting developments occuring
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Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide-USP Grade
This chemical is currently used in investigations for preemptive use on postoperative analgesic requirements.
See Sanoa A. K.Helmy, MD, Ayham Balij, MD; Anesth Amalg 2001;
*All Refunds / Credits will be Issued within three business days
upon receipt of  the returned product.

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by gravol

I decided one day to try something new, so I got back into the syrup routine. Instead of getting that awful-tasting Robitussin, I bought some Delsym at the local drugstore. Delsym is a cough syrup with a decent-tasting orange flavor and contains DXM Polistirex, an extended- release suspension form of DXM. They come in 3oz bottles supplied by Fisons Corporation... the brand name is Delsym Cough Formula. It can be quite expensive, totalling $6.56 before tax for me.
  Anyway, the first night I downed one of those nifty 3oz bottles and didn't feel a thing for two hours straight. Then it kicked in, very subtle, but still got that tripping feeling I often get from syrup. It felt normal to walk around, but I could lay down and with a little concentration get a floating feeling going. So the next time I tripped I decided to down two bottles instead, which equals over a gram of DXM polistirex (which is much less powerful than a gram of DXM HBr, keep in mind).
  This time, it only took an hour to kick in, and got quite intense. But after a while I got up from the computer and it still seemed pretty normal to walk. I didn't have much trouble speaking, seeing, or walking in general, and it didn't feel very characteristic of a DXM trip except for the mindset. Also didn't get any visuals, like I always did on Coricidin. I must say overall I am a little disappointed in Delsym, but I realize it is a different form of DXM, so I'm not really that disappointed with the cough syrup brand but more or less with the drug itself. From now on I think I'll be sticking with plain ol' DXM HBr or pure DXM.
  Other members on #dxm reported good reports with Delsym, like ZMalloc, who talked very optimistically about it. I didn't have a bad experience, it just wasn't as intense as I was expecting. So from now on I think I'll stick to melting down Sucrets (which are only $2.19 at that same drugstore) or taking pure DXM (I ordered some from Wanman last week).
  So remember, when taking DXM polistirex it's not like regular DXM. It's pretty much a whole new trip. Still the same mental screwiness, but less intense and powerful as an equivalent dose of DXM would be. But it still fucks you up :)

by Kevin Brosien, Night Child

Many people have asked, "how long until DXM becomes illegal?" First of all, DXM is a very safe cough suppressant and is depended on by thousands for its relief of coughs, mild congestion, etc. Its medical benefits are well-documented and are without a shadow of a doubt.
  William White (author of DXM faq) does not forsee the drug companies pulling DXM off the shelves. "They're making too much money off it," he says.
  Carol Dornbush, director of public affairs for A.H. Robins Consumer Products, the manufacturer of Robitussin, says it would not be ethical to pull DXM off the market.
  "The products are safe when you use them as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says to," Dornbush says. "It (cough syrup abuse) is of great concern to us because we are here for people's health and quality of life...but you're talking about a small number of people who abuse
the drug."
  Most people only have a vague notion that "cough syrup can get you off" and in their minds eye they see it as a "drunk" or "high" type of thing, not the powerful psychedelic that it is. This could change in the blink of an eye though if some show like Dateline did a piece of scare "journalism" (I use that word loosely) on it. This is becoming more likely now that it is starting to move from cough syrup form to the pure powder that is going around. Look at what happened when Rohypnol became the "date rape drug". Now the focus is on GHB, the "new date rape drug". It is being demonized by CNN, who like to show young girls with blacked-out faces describing how the only possible purpose of this drug is to rape women. GHB is well on its way to being banned.
  Ythan, the creator of The Shroomery (http://www.shroomery.org/), was arrested/expelled for distributing DXM powder among his dorm. This is scary, considering he got busted for "dealing" a legal substance. He will probably beat that charge, but his life is still fucked up for it.  His mistake was he forgot to tell a girl how much to take, so she took way too much and freaked out. Just think if this story had hit the airwaves. On the plus side, DXM is the best cough suppressant on the market, and the companies that rely on it aren't going to give it up. But the more scrutiny it gets, the harder it is going to be to get the powdered stuff. Chemical wholesalers are already getting very restrictive about who they'll sell it to.


[ Editor's Note: Schering-Plough is the manufacturer of Coricidin and Drixoral.]

May 6, 1997
RE: Coricidin Cough & Cold Tablets/Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps

Dear [name removed]:

Your letter addressed to our Liberty Corner office has been forwarded to me for further handling. Kindly address all future correspondance to my attention to facilitate our response.
  Schering takes all complaints received about its products very seriously. We are interested in learning more about your experience and would appreciate your assistance in providing documentation for us to review and properly evaluate your claim. If you sought medical attention, kindly request your treating physician(s) forward a copy of their medical records.
  The wording contained in the labeling for our Product Information sheet for Coricidin and Drixoral is in accordance with the federal Food and Drug Administration's regulations for over-the-counter medications. The warnings which limits the dose and duration of use has been classified by the FDA as being "safe and effective" when used within the recommended guidelines. Based upon the information provided in your letter, we cannot consider your claim until further documentation has been received.
  Please feel free to contact me. My direct telephone number is 908/298-2938 or you can reach me via E-Mail at [email protected].

         Very truly yours,
         Maxine B. Freedman
         Senior Claims Specialist

May 7, 1997
RE: Coricidin Cough & Cold Tablets/Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps

Dear [name removed]:

Thank you for your quick response to our E-Mail.
  Again, we regret the incident you experienced with both our Coricidin and Drixoral products. However, the action of any drug or medicine is governed by a number of factors and a product may not always react with the same degree of effectiveness for everyone under all circumstances. Although the formulation and recommended dosage are chosen to provide satisfactory results for the vast majority of users, it is recognized that there may be an occasional individual whose system reacts to a particular medication. We want to assure you that these products have been on the market for many years and is used by thousands of people with great satisfaction. According to your letter, you did not use these products in accordance with the labeled guidelines.
  As we indicated in our previous letter, we are requesting your assistance in providing medical documentation substantiating your injury in order to evaluate your claim and request for compensation. As you can well understand, a Corporation cannot pay claims without proof of a product reaction and medical records establishing causation. Should you decide to litigate, any court will require you provide the requested documentation. Until medical records are furnished, we cannot consider your claim. We trust you understand our decision.

         Very truly yours,
         Maxine B. Freedman
         Senior Claims Specialist

by Ackers

Behind my eyes I see
Everything that time could ever be
The vastness of space like the minute atom
All this I see in my inner sanctum.
This sacrament of bitter white
Can destroy your ego and give you new light
Consciousness freed from the flesh
The infinite voyager, imagination at its best.
I have seen the future and the past
At times I wish it would forever last.
This magical substance, this mystical gem
Is in your local drugstore, it's name is Dxm...

by ZMalloc, gravol, Anonymous

First off, this music is all awesome high or not. But under the influence of  Dextromethorphan this music flows through you like pure energy, the life force in side your veins. Also, you want to invest in a pair of good headphones. Listening through the speakers is nice, but you feel sort of numb to the music. Listening with good headphones is a mindblowing experience, I love audio shit so i spent quite a bit on my headphones, seventy dollars, this got me Sony MDR-V600 headphones. These headphones are fucking great, buy em' if you can.
  Here is the music, grouped by Groups, Album, and Rating. Also includes some information for each.

Group : Utah Saints
Album : Something Good
Rating : *****
Info : An incredible cd on or off DXM. Generally fast techno. Some singing,but done well. I may be a little biased towards this cd since it is the
first cd i listened to on dxm :)

Group : Aphex Twin
Album : Richard D. James
Rating : *****
Info : Very fast noisy music. Lots of banging and fast clanking noises, very cool. I find it a little too overpowering on dxm. I prefer stuff that is more flowing, but an excellent cd.

Group : Aphex Twin
Album : I Care Because You Do
Rating : *****
Info : More fast noisy shit. Excellent music, this cd is awesome on or off dxm. I find it again sort of overpowering on DXM, I like fast bassy shit, this is fast noisy shit. Excellent music.

Group : Speed Limit 140bpm+
Album : The Joint
Rating : *****
Info : Lots of fast bassy jungle, it rocks on or off DXM. I recommend you buy this CD. Also its a good buy, its 72min long :) Overall a great CD. Excellent synthesized bass, flows right through ya!

Group : Orb
Album : Orblivion
Rating : **
Info : Blargh, get the single of Toxygene or whatever, its the best track on the cd. I don't find it to be a good cd on or off dxm. Get some other orb cd's, they are good, this one isnt.

Group : Orb
Album : Adventure Beyond The Ultraworld
Rating : *****
Info : This double cd is fucking awesome. Little Fluffy Clouds is the fucking coolest track. I love this cd high or not. Dude this is Orb at there best in my opinion. Excellent ambient techno.

Group : Orb
Album : U.F. Orb
Rating : ****
Info : Good cd. If you already have Adventure Beyond The Ultraworld get this cd, but Ultraworld is better. Generally ambient techno.

Group : Orbital
Album : Orbital 1
Rating : *****
Info : Orbital is incredible, all of they're cd's rule. This is no exception, this cd is mostly ambient techno, with one track remixed by moby which is faster than the rest. This cd is awesome on DXM.

Group : Orbital
Album : Orbital 2
Rating : *****
Info : Orbital rocks and this is no exception, no lyrics just spaced out ambient techno that puts you on a different plane of reality. Good Stuff.

Group : Orbital
Album : Diversions
Rating : *****
Info : Orbital 2 is a little better on DXM, but this CD is incredible yet again. All orbital cd's are similar yet different in they're own special ways. Orbital knows how to make awesome music. This music can put you on a different mental state. Listening to this on like a high second plateau can knock you up onto third plateau, excellent cd. Trance drum beats and shit with all sorts of good stuff thrown in.

Group : Orbital
Album : In Sides
Rating : *****
Info : This is an incredible deal. 2 Orbital cd's for the price of one. I love you Orbital. Buy this cd for it rules. Awesome in every way, extremely trippy ambient techno. Long and fucked up, just the way I like it.

Group : The Crystal Method
Album : Vegas
Rating : *****
Info : This cd is awesome. Alot like Chemical Brothers, but much much better. This cd is awesome on dxm and off dxm. Some singing (track 5) but it is done well. When I got this cd I took it home and listened to it for like 3 weeks straight :)

Group : Photek
Album : Modus Operandi
Rating : *****
Info : Awesome music, deep bass drums and fast banging clanging drums. People into jungle will love this shit, get the Ni Ten Ichi Ryu single, its expensive (import) but an awesome cd. Look for Squarepusher if you like this stuff.

Group : Future Sound of London
Album : Dead Cities
Rating : *****
Info : Awww shit jea. Excellent fucking excellent ambient techno. Not very fast but incredible all the same. This cd is good, i hear good things about Lifeforms but i have not heard it yet. Also, get the We Have Explosive single, it is excellent.

Also good:

Bass Jamz - Maximum techno bass mix;
KMFDM - kmfdm;
Skinny Puppy - Brap;
DJ Keoki - Disco Death Race 2000;
Prodigy - Music for the jilted gen.;
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the moon;
FSOL - We Have Explosive single
Front 242 - Up Evil;
Front 242 - Front by Front.
Thats it. Look for more reviews next issue!

gravol wrote:

I like a lot of the techno mentioned above, but I also enjoy classic rock like Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother Suite being my favorite PF song on DXM), The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, some rap such as Beastie Boys, and even a little classical and ragtime such as Scott Joplin (The Entertainer can be very entertaining on DXM). I also like Kraftwerk and Download.

Anonymous wrote:

I _highly_ recommend the Shostakovich #5 for DXM trips. The music has a real dramatic Russian flair, and is alternately dreamy and very intense. Being a 'modern' classical piece, it is strange enough to sound like it is from another world when on DXM. The Bernstein recording of it should be less than 10 bucks).



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