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  Posted: Sep 20 2004, 06:52 PM


What you NEED to know

An Essential Before-you-start-posting FAQ

Firstly, welcome to the Dextroverse Message boards! We have a very large, very active community and we're glad to have you. This document is important because it answers all the questions that newbies inevitably ask.

Please take the time to read this, it may keep you from getting warned or banned!

Q: What do people talk about on the forums?

A: Practically anything they want!

We have three forum groups: Dextroverse News, Psychoactive Compounds, and Other Discussion. Look around, lurk and read a little bit, then go nuts! You are free to talk about whatever you wish, as long as you post it in the correct forum, and it is not a subject which is specifically prohibited.

Q: OK then, what can't I talk about?

A: Several things. I'll go over them one by one.

Prohibited Topics:
(1) Drug buying or selling
(2) Promoting Coricidin as safe to use
(3) "Suicide Notes"
(4) Personal Threats
(5) Vicious Personal Insults
(6) Sharing Copyrighted Material

Q: Why can't I talk about drug buying or selling?

A: Because the Dextroverse is a place to discuss drugs, not to buy or sell them.

There are many, many other sites on the internet which allow this kind of discussion, but the Dextroverse chooses not to be one of them. If you want to find a place where you can discuss those things, try using Google.

Q: Why can't I say Coricidin is safe?

A: Because it is not.

Abuse of Coricidin is not as safe as that of DXM-only products, because Coricidin contains an antihistamine which can have possibly disastrous effects on a user. While taking Coricidin is not a death sentence, it's definitely nowhere near as safe as other products.

Q: "Suicide Notes" - what the hell do you mean?

A: In the past, people have made posts saying they will commit suicide.

This is a legal problem for the Dextroverse, because we can't always be here to call 911 when someone does this. Therefore no posts about a member about who may commit suicide, wanting to commit suicide, or planning to commit suicide are allowed or will be tolerated.

Q: Wow that really happens?

A: Yes.

Q: What constitutes a personal threat?

A: That should be obvious.

If you're joking around with someone, it should be plain that you are.

Q: No insults? This is the internet! It was made for insulting people remotely! What gives?

A: Playful insulting is fine, vicious insulting is not.

You can jab at other users all you want, just be careful not to go over the line that divides "insulting someone" from "being a vicious, harassing jerk." The Dextroverse Staff will decide when you cross that line. Basically, the only way to break this rule is if you seriously torment other users on a regular basis.

Q: What about copyrighted material?

A: Don't ask where you can get movies, songs, 'warez', or anything of that kind.

Discussion of file-sharing programs (Kazaa, Soulseek, etc) is fine.

Q: Who runs the Dextroverse?

A: The DV Administrators and Staff.

The Dextroverse Admins are PeoplesMind, VaeSolis, and Void. The Dextroverse staff are divided into two groups, Forums Moderators who police the message boards, and IRC Operators, who run the chatroom.

Q: Cool! A chatroom? How do I join it?

A: Look here:;=9&t;=541

Q: Do all the same rules from the forum apply to the chatroom too?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens if I break a rule?

A: You will either be warned, banned, or deleted.

Warnings are exactly what they sound like. If you get enough warnings, your account will be deleted. Being banned means your account is put in read-only mode on the Dextroverse, and after a specified period of time, you may be able to post again. Being deleted means your account is removed, and you may not open a new one.

Q: Some people have cool titles under their Avatar, how do I get one?

A: By making posts.

You start off as a "First Plateau" user, and you advance through the Plateau titles as you make posts. When you reach 1000 posts, you become a "Dextroverse Guru" and you can set your title to whatever you want! Don't make tons of small posts just to increase your postcount though, as this really annoys the Staff.

- - -

Enjoy the forums, friends.

-rudine- (And the DV Staff)

This post has been edited by PeoplesMind on Feb 12 2005, 03:41 AM

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