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Posted by: drdĒv€ Jul 16 2007, 04:22 AM
EVERETT - Christine Lewis realizes she made a mistake in March when she handed out over-the-counter cold tablets to a friend at Everett High School.

The friend came back for more of the remedy, Coricidin, and swallowed them.

Later, the friend went to the school nurse, feeling ill.

The trail led back to Christine, 14.

Just handing out the pills is against school policy, and Christine at first was expelled. The punishment later became a suspension for the rest of the school year.

Now her father doesn't think she got a fair shake, and he's asked a federal court judge to rule that the high school and Everett School District violated Christine's rights.

The state is required to provide students with an education, and the school didn't offer some less severe punishment, Robby Lewis said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

"Her constitutional rights were trampled on, and other students, too, because other students have been suspended for the same thing," said Lewis, a Seattle resident who works as a legal assistant for an administrative law judge.

Not only is dispensing over-the-counter medications to other students against Everett School District policy, but it also is against state law, district superintendent Carol Whitehead said.

"It's against the law to have medications at school unless they are prescribed," Whitehead said. "If a doctor prescribes it, it has to be kept in the office."

What has Lewis upset is the process through which his daughter was suspended. Among other things, he said his daughter was wrongfully detained in the school office while Everett police were called, and that he was not allowed to question witnesses during the hearing that led to his daughter's lengthy suspension.

Neither his daughter nor his ex-wife are enthusiastic about the lawsuit.

"I don't know why he has a lawsuit out," said Janeane Bradford, his ex-wife. "Christine doesn't want to be involved in it. It's her dad who's pursuing it. She just wants to go on."

Christine said she was aware of the district's policy when she gave her friend the cold medication.

"I wasn't thinking and when (the other student) asked me for it I gave it to her," she said. Christine said she will have to attend summer school or an alternative school to make up credits.

So what does she think of the lawsuit?

"I just think it's not worth it because I did something I wasn't supposed to and (the school) did what they were supposed to do," she said.

Her father said that Christine doesn't understand her constitutional rights and how he believes they were violated.

"The reason why I'm handling the lawsuit is because I understand what's at stake," Lewis said. "I struggled with my education to get where I am."

In the suit, Lewis alleges that the hearing process that led to the final punishment was flawed partly because a taped recording of the hearing was incomplete, and the hearing officer didn't have a chance to review that part of the discussion while contemplating the case.

Whitehead, the district superintendent, said she can't talk about any specific case.

"People don't think it's fair sometimes if they don't get the answer they want," Whitehead said. "We have worked with the hearing officer for a long time and we know he's competent."

Lewis said he has no beef with the hearing officer, just school policies and what he believes are violations of his daughter's rights that resulted in the suspension.

He can't get lost school time back for his daughter, "but you can get justice," he said. "For me, it's a matter of what the law says."

Posted by: Psychotic Break Jul 16 2007, 12:28 PM
Wait, what? She knew the rules, she broke the rules, she pays the price. Correct? Where are her rights 'being trampled on'?

Posted by: hpi Jul 17 2007, 03:56 PM
Theres an exact same story as this except it was over 1 tylenol.

Man the schools here you can bring tylenol or dxm or something?

Posted by: projectlucky Jul 18 2007, 07:00 PM
my friend got suspsended for giving her friend mydol. now thats frikken retarded.

Posted by: hungerpuppy Jul 19 2007, 12:35 AM
lol my friend stacy420 didn't get expelled when they found empty cough syrup bottles in the school trash and he admitted they were his, then they searched his car and found two full max strength bottles.
I wasn't expelled when I puked robogels all over the bathroom and left them there and was later caught by cameras.
We're lucky though.

Posted by: faustus Aug 19 2007, 01:13 PM
There are these things most towns have called public libraries. Also there's the internet, Barnes and Noble, Amazon. Nobody needs school to learn.

School is an almost complete waste of time. The purpose of school is to assimilate kids into mass culture. If they get some education, that's a bonus, so long as it helps them contribute to the economy.

The purpose of public education is not to make renaissance men and women, boys and girls, or to teach anyone to think critically.

The only useful things I learned in school were how to play "kill the pig; spill its blood", a bit about misanthropology; this has nothing to do with the curriculum.

I got kicked out of school and forced to go to an "alternative", meaning "no alternative" school for a year and a half. During that time, no curricular education took place. The classes were meant to be at a level at which the very most ignorant and disinterested students could learn a little (and some of those students were really inept). The teachers weren't competent to teach anything above a fifth grade level at a high school. The school building was a dump that would have been torn down if not for the cost of removing the asbestos. Yet they claimed that it cost more per pupil to educate students in this manner than for the general population. No doubt that extra money went to the salaries of burly male teachers' assistants who were only there to assist if one of the kids flipped out. Some wound up with broken bones. Nowadays they probably get tazered.

In spite of this, I scored in the top percent on the SAT and ACT.

Oh, and college was a waste of my time, too, except that the library was superior, and Cine Club was alright.

So fuck it. Public education amounts to child abuse, as far as I'm concerned. It's almost as bad as church.

Now kids, for tomorrow, I want you all to finish act one of "Death of a Salesman", and, whatever you do, DON'T READ AHEAD. Then we'll dicuss the importance of being well liked.

Posted by: dextromancer Aug 19 2007, 03:37 PM
Lewis has some unsettled beef from when he was in high school.

Posted by: Criptin Nov 22 2007, 03:56 PM
I dont know, my principal has given me advil when I had a headache (without parental consnt), I dont understand why these schools are persuing pointless expulsions for nothing. Trying to make examples out of them?

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