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Guest Services, About Dextroverse Guest Services
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Posted: Jul 21 2003, 12:58 PM

People's Mindless Games

Group: Lead Administrators
Posts: 4448
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Joined: 2-June 03

DV Guest Services
An Quick-Question FAQ

Firstly, welcome to the Dextroverse Forums! We have a large and active community, and we're glad to have you here. This short document is about Guest Services.

Q: What's this about a 200-word introduction?

A: It's a short intro required for registration!

To register, we require you post a 200 word introduction about "What's your intrest in DXM?" and "Why do you wish to be a member of the Dextroverse?" Once you've filled out the inital username/password forms, just log-into your account, post your intro, and you'll be approved as soon as possible!

Q: What is this forum?

A: A forum to help out guests before registration!

This forum is made for guests to post questions about registering, the introduction registration system, or for the staff to help them out with the registration process.

Q: I already have an account! I lost my password! What do I do?

A: Use the 'Recover Password' option!

Security is a big feature on this board, and to that end, all passwords are encrypted when you register. This means that we cannot email your password to you as we hold no record of your 'uncrypted' password. You can however, apply to have your password reset. To do this, click on the Lost Password link or go to:;=10

Q: Was my account deleted for inactivity?

A: No!

If you have written an introduction, then your account hasn't been deleted. If you are having problems accessing that account, make a post for some assistance, and we'll help you out as soon as we can!

Q: What forums do I get access to when I'm fully registered?

A: Over 15 different forums!

We have over 15 active member-only forums. The forums are divided into two main sections :

Psychoactive Dicussion (drug-related)
- DXM Dicussion (Sub-forums: DXM Combinations, Extractions Questions, & Advanced DXM Discussion)
- Other Psychoactive Substances (Sub-forums: Smart Drugs Supplements and Steroids & Advanced Other Psychoactive Substance Dicussion)
- Drug Culture
- Trip Reports (Sub-forums: Best Trip Reports)

Other Dicussion (off-topic)
- General Dicussion (Sub-forums: Peer Help and Support)
- World Affairs & Law
- Artistic Expression
- Philosophical, Spiritual, and Technical Discussion (Sub-forum: The Socratic Seminars)

And another forum to reply to DXM in the News, comments linked on the main page of the Dextroverse!

Q: I have another question before I register...

A: Feel free to post your questions!

Feel free to post any more questions not answered here in the Guest Services forum!

- The DextroVerse Staff

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Fascism & Education: Ron Jones & The Third Wave.
Nitin (Forum PM, IRC)
Dextroverse Administrator

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