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View Full Version : Drug News>> Spores To Target Indoor Growers

07-20-2003, 07:43 PM

"A product that spells death to marijuana grow-ops is about to go on the market in B.C. The product, a powder made from hemp pollen, turns budding pot to seed."

"For $39.95 a month, No Grow will spray the powder into a customer's furnace once a year as a deterrent to people renting a house to grow marijuana. The spores are circulated through the house. The spores fertilize any female marijuana buds -- the prized part of the plant that is dried and smoked -- which then produce worthless seed."

"But Douglas Justice of UBC's Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research says it's unworkable. He says the pollen would have to be so thick it would cover the furniture. Justice says not only would it create a real mess, but he believes it's a waste of money."

"'My concern is for the safety of our emergency personnel, especially the firefighters,' he said. 'It's only a matter of time before one of them will be seriously injured or killed because of a grow operation.'"

READ ARTICLE : http://www.canada.com/vancouver/news...67-F866E3E5BB8A (http://www.canada.com/vancouver/news/story.asp?id=2D2D3800-F59D-4F5A-8367-F866E3E5BB8A)