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View Full Version : News>> Possible Tampering In Dxm Death

07-20-2003, 07:34 PM
"One of two siblings killed by a cold medication overdose last summer might have been moved after he died and before his death was discovered by his mother, medical experts said yesterday at preliminary hearing in the case.

Robert "Raffie" Henderson, the 29-year-old man charged in the Aug. 8 deaths of his two young children, appeared in Arapahoe County Court yesterday.

He faces two counts each of child abuse resulting in death and second-degree assault and is being held on a $250,000 bond. Henderson turned himself in to Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputies shortly after midnight Feb. 27.

Police believe he administered lethal doses of adult cough and cold medicine to his two children, Robert "Killian" Henderson, 5, and Rhapsody Henderson, 4."

"Levitsky, who has worked in his field in the Colorado Springs area since 1971, testified that he found elevated levels of dextromethorphan and three other chemicals commonly found in adult cough syrups in the fluids and tissue samples taken from the children."

READ ARTICLE : http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=...id=168657&rfi=6 (http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=7718401&BRD=1947&PAG=461&dept_id=168657&rfi=6)