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View Full Version : News> Bill Targets Cough Syrup Drug Abused By Teen

07-20-2003, 07:13 PM
"Popular cough medicines that contain an ingredient used as a recreational drug by teen-agers would become harder to purchase under a bill filed this week by San Antonio Rep. Carlos Uresti.

Abuse of over-the-counter medications such as Robitussin DM and Coricidin Cough & Cold, which contain Dextromethopan, known as DXM, sends about 1,000 teenagers a year to the Palmer Drug Abuse Center in San Antonio, Executive Director Will Brown said. "

"The measure by Uresti would make it a Class B misdemeanor to sell or deliver products containing DXM to anyone under the age of 18. House Bill 340 also would outlaw DXM abuse by minors.

Uresti's proposal would require medications containing DXM be kept out-of-reach. Customers would need assistance from store employees to get them. His bill would punish businesses that don't comply."

READ ARTICLE : http://news.mysanantonio.com/story.cfm?xla...=180&xlc=917548 (http://news.mysanantonio.com/story.cfm?xla=saen&xlb=180&xlc=917548)