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View Full Version : Former Students: Drug Use At West Underestimated

11-04-2003, 07:15 PM
WAUKESHA - Keith started using marijuana in ninth grade, with the belief, "You should try everything once."
His drug use increased and soon Keith, a former Waukesha West High School student, was experimenting with mushrooms, dextromethorphan and anything else offered to him.

Other students at West are doing the same thing, Keith said. He and his friend Adam, both 18, contacted the Freeman on Friday to elaborate on two articles recently written concerning drug use in the high schools. The articles said about 2 percent of Westís student body take drugs on a regular basis.

Adam and Keith, who graduated last year from West, said the number of students using drugs regularly is much higher than that.

"Rich kids have money from their daddies and buy drugs with it," Keith said. "Everyone there looks like preppies, but as soon as they get out of school they are using drugs. The goal is to get out at lunch and get stoned."

Police recently discovered DXM, found in many over-the-counter cough suppressants, was being sold by two brothers at West High School.

Adam said he purchased the drugs on the Internet for the brothers, who were reportedly selling it for $5 a pill to students. Police were unable to charge anyone because the drugs, technically, are legal.

Adam said there are four levels of DXM affects. The first is a body buzz, which comes from taking about 200 milligrams of the drug.

Next, the person begins feeling intoxicated, then hallucinates, and by level four, which comes after taking 1 gram to 1 1/2 grams of DXM, the body is in a "vegetablized" state.

The drugs took a toll on Adam and Keith. Adam is on probation for battery, and Keith said his parents gave up on him after two failed rehabilitation stints.

Adam said over the summer he took two grams of DXM and canít remember what happened for almost two days.

"I couldnít sleep," he said. "Basically, I just sat on my couch the entire time."

Keith said many teens have stopped using DXM because of the effects the drugs have on the body.

"What you think you are doing when you are on that stuff is different from what you are actually doing," Keith said. "There may be 100 pills out there still, but other than that weíre not buying it anymore." The drug is too strong, he said.

While DXM use has declined, they say, the use of other drugs - including cocaine - has not, according to the two. Marijuana also remains popular, they said.

"Itís not addictive if you donít think it is," said Keith. "In Waukesha there isnít a whole lot to do. So you just do drugs."

READ ARTICLE : http://www.gmtoday.com/news/local_stories/...11032003_04.asp (http://www.gmtoday.com/news/local_stories/November_03/11032003_04.asp)

11-05-2003, 12:20 AM
We really need one of those rolling eyes smilies for shit like this.

11-05-2003, 02:17 AM
I don't see the big deal here with drugs...godamn government....

11-05-2003, 01:03 PM
It's a national tragedy.

Pass the syrup :chug:

11-09-2003, 02:01 PM
Is it me or is this the only "okay" version of every generic DXM report in existance? It didn't show blatant ignorance (like the normal) nor did it show abrupt pro-DXM usage...