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  1. News>> Internet Drug Dealing A New Worry
  2. News> Bill Targets Cough Syrup Drug Abused By Teen
  3. News>> A New Way To Abuse Otc Cold Medicines
  4. News>> Lsd Trial Hears Claim Of Drugs For Missiles
  5. News>> Debate On Recreational Drug Web Sites
  6. News>> 5-meo-dipt & Amt To Be Scheduled Soon
  7. News>> Dude! You're Getting A Cell!
  8. News>> Dxm Age Restriction Bill Proposed
  9. NEWS>> Feds Weed Out Drug Paraphernalia Sites
  10. News>> 2 Kids Die From Overdose Of Cough Syrup
  11. News>> Cough Syrups Ordered Off Market
  12. News>> Bill To Regulate Dxm Sales - Rejected
  13. News>> Possible Tampering In Dxm Death
  14. News>> Schering-plough Shareholders Bash Ex-ceo
  15. News>> Doctors Can Testify In Dxm Attack Case
  16. News>> Dxm Carrying Tourists Set Free
  17. News>> Message From Dr. Shulgin
  18. News>> Warning Issued Over Anti-ulcer Medication
  19. Drug News>> Spores To Target Indoor Growers
  20. News>> Quick Test Can Detect Coricidin Addiction!
  21. News>> Dxm-related Stabbing Trial Starts
  22. News>> Rapper Beanie Sigel A Dexer?
  23. Illegal Drug Probe Linked To Online Dxm Supplier
  24. News>> Dea: Cough Syrup Chemical Is No Safe Elixir
  25. Two Od On Cold Medicine In Merrill
  26. Dxm Related Death In Sweeden
  27. Cmu Student Arrested On Drug Charges
  28. Multiple Dxm News Updates
  29. News>> Neurodex(tm)
  30. News>> Baby's Death Ruled A Homicide
  31. News>> Possible Dxm Related Assults
  32. ****man Convicted Of Murder While On Coricidin****
  33. 7 8th-graders Punished For Possessing Coricidin
  34. Bellingham Teens Sent To Hospital After Coricidin
  35. News>man Who Drugged Teen Loses Rehabilitation Bid
  36. Dangerous Hallucinogenic Sold In Grocery Stores
  37. 'skittling' And The Dea's Latest Warning About Dxm
  38. News>> Dxm To Treat Patients With Voice Spasms
  39. News>> Dxm Found In Drug Abuser's Hair By Gc/ms
  40. News>> Another Legal Drug Adapted For Abuse
  41. News>> Youth Sentenced For Pharmacy Break-in
  42. Former Students: Drug Use At West Underestimated
  43. Local Teens Abusing Cold Medicines
  44. *****dxm News: "dxm Death In Mclean County"*****
  45. Schering-plough Statement
  46. Two News Stories
  47. News>> Four Expelled From Alternative School
  48. Dxm Zine 16 Is Out!
  49. Seoul American Warns Of Cough Syrup Abuse
  50. Dxm News:"father Enters Plea In Children's Deaths"
  51. News>>more Violence Possible For Edwardsen
  52. News>> Coroner's Jury Rules Man's Death Accidental
  53. Over-the-counter Drug Subject To Teen Abuse
  54. Teacherís Tip Leads To Drug Investigation
  55. Dxm Helps Control Pseudobulbar Effect
  56. 'robotripping' Hits Mainstream Media
  57. ***dxm News: Usa Today:"youths Risk Death In Lates
  58. Warning: Teens Overdosing On Cough Medicine
  59. Ephedra To Be Banned
  60. A.M.A. To Study DXM "abuse"
  61. Warning On Us Drugs Craze
  62. An Over-the-counter High
  63. Teens Still Getting High On Cough Remedy
  64. Kid Drugs
  65. Syrup Shooters
  66. CORICIDIN DANGERS- A Message to Parents
  67. 18 year old on Coricidin responsible for death?
  68. DXM News: "Experts: Coricidin Dangerous In High...
  69. Major LSD Criminals Sentenced
  70. News >> Plain cold medicine becomes 'new high'
  71. Pilot In Fatal Crash Failed To Disclose Meds
  72. Avanir Releases AVP-923 for Pseudobulbar Effect
  73. Abuse of over-the-counter drugs posing danger for
  74. DXM In People Magazine
  75. Cold medicine calamities
  76. Teens getting drugs from stores' shelves
  77. Deadly 1970's Teen Fad Returns
  78. What Every Parent Needs to Know
  79. 4 New News Stories within the last 24 hours...
  80. DXM News: "Couple: Restrict DXM, save lives"
  81. Kids getting over-the-counter high
  82. Poison Center issued warning
  83. Teens turning cough medicine into 'new high'
  84. Proposed CA Law could make CCC Prescription Only
  85. Over the Counter Overdose
  86. Ricki Lake features DXM
  87. Cold-medicine use gains among teens
  88. Lawyer Using Robitussin-Induced Insanity Defense
  89. Abuse of Cold Medicine on Rise
  90. The Life Sentence of Kevin Young
  91. Dangerous Drug Taken By Teens
  92. Lou Gehrig's Disease Sufferers Turn to DXM
  93. Authorities look for cough syrup abuse
  94. 12 Investigates Dangerous Drug Taken By Teens
  95. DXM Special on CBS
  96. "Green Hornet" Warning
  97. Teens Getting High Off Cough Medicine
  98. Robitussin, used in the manufacture of Meth
  99. Kids Taking Cough Medicine To Get High
  100. 4 girls treated for drug abuse
  101. 'Robo-Tripping' Students Called
  102. Dextromethorphan -- A dangerous trip
  103. Health Fair warns of health problems
  104. Teens Abusing Coricidin
  105. New Assembly bill to combat 'robotripping'
  106. Teen Abuse Of Cold Medicine On The Rise
  107. Bill Would Ban Minors Buying Cough Medicine
  108. DXM: Legal Substance Abused
  109. Controversial DXM death case
  110. Dateline NBC Does DXM Special
  111. DXM threat to community
  112. Robitussin refferenced in a ban
  113. "It hurt me more than anything ever before"
  114. Concern grows over drug deaths
  115. Parents need to know
  116. Drug deaths raise red flags
  117. A Bad Trip That Kills
  118. Legislator pushes for cough syrup sanctions
  119. Teens find high in cold remedy
  120. Crowd learns hard facts about drugs
  121. Police warn of cough syrup abuse
  122. FDA warns of 'safe high' products
  123. Teen Drug Use On The Rise
  124. FDA issues warning
  125. Drug industry acting to curb DXM abuse
  126. Anti-Cough Ingredient Abused
  127. Get Psyched!
  128. Young Addict's Advice: Don't do it!
  129. Students at DHS Middle School overdose
  130. Drug Industry Acts to Stem Abuse of Cold Medicatio
  131. Students abuse cold medicine
  132. Abusing Triple C
  133. Assembly Panel Kills Cough Syrup Proposal
  134. Latest drug of choice is over-the-counter
  135. DXM News: "Lab tests varied in deaths of children"
  136. 2 charged after overdosing
  137. DXM News: "Teen abusing DXM + AMT still in coma"
  138. Teen In Coma
  139. Cold Medication Abuse Rising Among Kids
  140. Internet a new drug source
  141. Arvada Man Overdoses On Cold Medicine
  142. 5 Loudoun, NH Students Treated
  143. 16-year-old Boy Overdosed
  144. Oakland teen charged in wake of suicide
  145. Coricidin overdose raises concerns
  146. Beware Serotonin Syndrome
  147. "Robo-Tripping"
  148. Medication abuse gets attention in Cheyenne
  149. Teens use 'legal' cold medicine to get high
  150. Teen Misuse of Cough Suppressant Rising
  151. Getting Teens Off a Legal Drug
  152. House Seeks Restrictions On Legal Drug
  153. Teens abusing cold medicine containing DXM
  154. Now at Your Drugstore: A Cheap and Dangerous High
  155. Abuse of Cold Medicine Rising
  156. The drug risk no one talks about
  157. Cough syrup abuse rises
  158. News: "Cough Suppressant Abuse in American...
  159. Cough Suppressant Abuse in American Children Rises
  160. A Prescription for Danger
  161. Shoplifting CCC's
  162. Teen's grisly last hours
  163. Wyeth Reports Earnings
  164. Ferrari suicide mystery
  166. DXM News: "Father Sentenced For Children's Deaths"
  167. DXM News: "Mother warns of harmful teen use of...
  168. Group targets cold medicine
  169. S.C. retailers target cold pill abuse
  170. Cold-product ingredient DM may do little for cough
  171. Novel Drug Delivery Hopes to Strip Away Colds
  172. Cough syrup ingredient deadly if misused
  173. Cold relief an easy-access high
  174. ***20 year old man reported dead of DXM OD***
  175. DXM News: Calif. man confirmed dead of DXM...
  176. Eriksen pleads innocent to inducing suicide
  177. Two friends, too many questions
  178. "Some local students getting high on Coricidin."
  179. California Man Dies of Drug Overdose
  180. "DXM Dangers" A Quiz & Story
  181. Young teens getting high
  182. Kids find they can start high at a store
  183. FYI on DXM
  184. Long Trip For Psychedelic Drugs
  185. Drug Stores Removing OTC's
  186. Teens turn to OTC drugs for a high
  187. Wyeth Swings to Profit on Revenue Growth
  188. Parents sue company over death of ISU student
  189. DXM News: Lab finds DXM in Arkansas ovedose death
  190. CADCA Issues Casting Call for Next Satellite Broad
  191. Teens and Drug Use, new drugs & trends
  192. Phase II Data on Neurodex for Neuropathic Pain
  193. Charlotte alliance encounters paradoxes
  194. Getting high over the counter
  195. DXM News: "Amarillo man found guilty of..."
  196. man guilty of intoxicated manslaugter
  197. OTC meds can be abused
  198. Preventing assault
  199. More than 'Just say no'
  200. Roundup: Decongestant Ingredient Could Be Dangerou
  201. Chocolate Could Be Cough Medicine
  202. Child Taken From Home After Drug Test Mistake
  204. New council to wage war on drugs
  205. CADCA to fight DXM abuse with satellite broadcast.
  206. Mother speaks out after fire
  207. Five Lynnwood teens hospitalized for drug overdose
  208. School Board Focuses on Drugs
  209. Suicide assist charge dropped against Oakland teen
  210. 1 Student Expelled, 5 Suspended
  211. Fatal DXM Combo Reported
  213. 3 teens overdose on cough remedies
  214. Officials warn, teens misuse medications
  215. Man from '93 homicide case found dead
  216. Drug companies donating supplies
  217. Court rejects teen driver's Robitussin defense
  218. A Prescription for Teen Danger
  219. Abuse of cough syrup, Ritalin new problem in
  220. THS programs warn of "Skittling"
  222. Herbal Ecstacy?
  223. Cadets cited for theft
  224. Alcohol, drug use rampant among area teens
  225. Officials fear over-the-counter drug abuse
  226. DXM Dangers
  227. Site Downtime
  228. Will Smith "Swigs" Robo in 'Hitched'
  229. The Easy High
  230. Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67
  231. New Drug Trend Surfaces Among Tri-State Teens
  232. CCC OD?
  233. Use by school kids a nightmare for parents
  234. Lawsuit challenges effectiveness of cough syrups
  235. CCC's involved in murder trial
  236. Triple C use a scary experience
  237. DXM News: "Kids and Cough Medicine--Part II"
  238. DXM News: Some DXM websites promote abuse
  239. DXM News: "Online drug purchases not regulated"
  240. Triaminic is world's first Kosher Cough Syrup
  241. Attorney General Gonzales cancels teatime
  242. DXM News: "Governor calls for tougher drug laws...
  243. In Our View: Crowded shelf
  244. A Prescription for Teen Danger
  245. Syrup heads
  246. DXM News: "Thomas' condition at time of..."
  247. DXM News: "Coricidin Maker Condemns DXM websites"
  248. DXM News: "Jurors hear from Thomas' brother"
  249. DXM News: "Newspapers blamed for
  250. DXM News: DXM abuse popular in South Korea